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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A pastel pink hair color is a soft and delicate version of pink that’s usually fused with other lighter fashion colors like blonde and even purples or worn on its own. It pairs with absolutely any type of hair and skin tone and is super wearable! All you need is the confidence to flaunt it!

Pastel Pink Hair Coloring Tips

Fantasy color specialist Emma Jean of Porte Noire Salon in Central Florida is inspiring lots of gals with her pastel hair color ideas and masterpieces!

Note that blonde would be the perfect canvas for this color to show its highest potential, so pre-lightening must be considered. To rock this gorgeous pale pink hue to the fullest, you need to give your strands some love!

Like any other unnatural colors, pastels wash out quickly, but using color-safe products regularly will guarantee the longevity of your beloved cotton candy mane. There are some hair dyes great for adding a touch of pink at the tips or in some highlights but for the best results visiting a hair colorist for some chemical treatment is the best option for pastel pink tresses.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these inspiring photos of popular pastel pink hair color ideas!

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#1: Candy Coated One-Length Bob

If you’re looking to test the waters of fashion colors, try rocking a candy-coated one-length bob. Gorgeous shades of pastel pink are totally trending and are great for women who already have blonde locks and wants to spice it up. Pastel shades only last a few weeks before fading back to blonde even with great at-home care. Be prepared to make frequent trips to the salon to upkeep your beautiful mane.

Muted Pastel Pink Wavy Hair
Instagram @lanhhair

#2: Muted Pastel Pink Wavy Hair

Any blonde getting bored with the same old tone should consider diving into pastel. Pastel hairstyles have been hitting the runway and streets and have no sign of slowing down! This is great for a change without commitment as it fades flawlessly. Plus, it will not compromise the blonde underneath tone.

#3: Pastel Orange and Pink Messy Hair

If you’re looking to add some fun bright colors to your hair, allow your stylist to get creative with pastels. The colors can warm up your skin tone. The placement can highlight or contour your face shape. Your stylist will know best. Pay attention to warm temperatures when washing. Lighter colors tend to fade faster.

Glossy Pastel Pink Blowout with a Middle Part
Instagram @jhair_stylist

#4: Glossy Pink Blowout with a Middle Part

When in doubt, go with pink! Pastel hues have been hitting the mark with trends as of late. The best part is they are actually low-maintenance as they fade beautifully. You might want to pick up a pink toning shampoo or conditioner to prolong that fade out. This is because pastel tones will wash out in 6 weeks.

Gorgeous Pastel Pink Waves
Instagram @nichole_tran

#5: Gorgeous Pastel Pink Waves

Blush pastel waves that will have everyone envious of your new style. I would choose to tone this using a demi-permanent line as opposed to direct color. This is for longevity, as you would gain a few more weeks. Wear your hair curled to show off the different hues with this look and be sure to use a shine spray at the finish.

Dark to Light Pastel Pink Ombre
Instagram @lestatty_

#6: Dark to Light Pastel Pink Ombre

Steal that perfect pastel pink ombre balayage with this long and rich colored hair inspiration! Add beautiful beach waves halfway towards the end of your long delectable locks.

#7: Pastel Bubblegum Pink

Bubbly and sweet, this vivid pastel pink hair coloring is a millennial’s dream. The right waves hit the sweet spot of cuteness. This is your sign to get your hair light and switch to brighter colors.

Pink Hair Dark Roots
Instagram @jhair_stylist

#8: Pink Hair + Dark Roots

Pink hair with dark roots is definitely a vibe. This vivid color accents a medium-length textured bob as it adds a cool, punk rock edge. The dark root allows the pink to grow out without any harsh lines making it a low-maintenance style. To add some beachy texture to this hairstyle, simply blow-dry in some I Want Body Texture Spray by ELEVEN Australia and you’re good to go.

#9: Baby Pink Hair Dye

Baby pink hair dye is a creative way to punch up those baby blonde locks if you’re feeling a bit sassy. This fun, youthful color compliments a short textured bob beautifully. Be sure to ask your stylist to create a custom color conditioner for you if you want to keep that baby pink color from fading. Add a bend in your locks with a three-barrel curling iron for that extra punch. Amika carries a fantastic one.

#10: Hints of Rainbow on Pink Hair

Hints of rainbow on pink hair are perfect for women who want some subtle pops of rainbow against their current bright hair hue. To get this color, ask your colorist for pastel pink hair and rainbow babylights.

pastel pink hair color with dark roots
Instagram @bangmyhair

#11: Pastel Pink Hair Color with Dark Roots

Get a wild pastel pink color on dark hair by using semi-permanent dye at home. Or, if you’re feeling pretty brave, go ahead and have a professional do a permanent pink on your hair.

#12: Pastel Pink and Purple

Dare to try this exuberant pastel pink and purple shade? Colorist Jessie slayed this unicorn hair from root to tip.

Pastel pink highlights on brown hair
Instagram @laurencolors

#13: Pastel Pink Highlights on Brown Hair

Ever thought strawberry pink brunette would be a thing? Stylist Lauren shows you how you can mix and match these highly different colors to create harmonious pastel pink highlights on brown hair.

Faded pastel pink tresses
Instagram @beeblondor

#14: Faded Pink Tresses

If you’ve got a vivid hair color and you want to switch it up, try fading it to get a different pastel pink hue. Champagne strawberry hair looks gorgeous, especially on kinky or medium curly hair.

Silver and pastel Pink Balayage
Instagram @lana.mai.hair

#15: Silver and Pink Balayage

Ashy pink looks equally luscious as any bold hair color. Colorist Lana has the hands of a master with this gorgeous pastel pink paint job!

#16: Soft Pink Shade

This is a stunning pastel pink hair color. Colorists did the impossible and created a shimmering pastel hair color on a shorter haircut.

#17: Cute Light Pink Hue

Carnation pink straight out of the garden! You’ll look blooming no matter the weather with this beautiful pastel pink hair color.

See more light pink hair colors

Pink Pastel on Edgy Short Hair
Instagram @snippydesigns

#18: Pink Pastel on Edgy Short Hair

Popstar Pastel Pink would definitely be proud of this pixie pink style on short hair! Women who have a fair complexion with warm undertones can pull off a pastel color like this better.

#19: Dusty Pink Hair Color

Gorgeous pastel pink-sprinkled hair on blonde and black-streaked hair. Full, blunt bangs on a mid-length cut make the look more excitable.

Light Cotton Candy
Instagram @hairbylindal

#20: Light Cotton Candy

Partner the delicate pastel pink color with a bold and chic jaw-length, straight bob. The contrast makes the look even more enticing and interesting.

#21: Petal Pink on a Braided Style

This stylish pastel petal pink hair is delicate and sweet. “My favorite thing about this is definitely the pale pink color,” style creator Eileen Rindal states.

The Norway-based stylist shares a few tips before adopting this hair color.

“The hair needs bleaching to a white-ish color, which could damage the quality of the hair. This shade will not be sustainable in the hair for a long period of time. One would need a color shampoo/conditioner to use at home, so the budget is something to consider, too,” Rindal notes.

When it comes to skin tone, the light pink will suit most ladies. It contains both warm and cold pigments. And as long as the roots are a little bit darker, it will not give a flat impression.

#22: Pastel Rose Gold Pink Hair

This is a cute pastel pink color in rose gold shade that doesn’t need to be maintained very often. “The best thing about this color is that when the rose gold hues fade from the hair, you can have it blonde for the rest of the time and does not have to worry about growing roots,” stylist Hanna Paananen of Finland explains.

Paananen warns that pastel pink hair needs to be maintained frequently, these pastel tones fade very easily. This color isn’t the best if you don’t want to waste your time in the shower, maintaining the color, or the money that you can easily spend on the hair products.

Due to its short-lasting lifespan, this is good for women who want to try something new but want a more subtle look!

#23: Pastel Blue and Pink

A fantastic pastel blue and pastel pink hairstyle is bold while still being very feminine and flirty. The best part about it is how it shines in the light and as it moves, it gives off an iridescent effect.

Colorful hair is becoming more popular and it’s common for women to assume that they are easy to achieve and maintain, but in reality, it’s more difficult than it appears, and that goes double for pastel pink hair color.

Prepare for multiple sessions and find a stylist that can get you to a healthy platinum blonde before trying out pastels. Also, color depositing treatments such as overtone and Joico color butter will become your best friend to help refresh the color in between appointments.

#24: Pastel Pink Highlights on Light Blonde Hair

Here’s a light-hearted pinky pastel by colorist Danon Christoffers. This is a fantastic spring color on blondes that want a little fun change. Its fade-out will look pretty until it’s gone.

The Illinois-based colorist has a few recommendations. “Know that fashion pink pastel colors fade within 25 washes, so tread lightly and gently. Cool water, put money into your color-safe/sulfate-free shampoo, don’t shampoo daily. Make dry shampoo your friend,” Christoffers points out.

As far as the tone, it’s beautiful on most already light blondes! It’s just has a kick of fun to it without being too out there and fades really soft & pretty. The shadow root makes the outgrowth easier to manage too.

Smokey Pastel Pink
Instagram @hairbygienny

#25: Smokey Pastel Pink

A smokey pastel pink hair color offers the best of both worlds. If you can’t decide on which tones would look better, get this color. If you want darker hair but with a twist, this is a must-try!

Made by stylist Gienny Nguyen of Canada, it has a blend of cool tones, which gives it the smokiness, and the warmth to bring in and catch the light. Similar to makeup in the highlight and contouring aspect but for hair! Coloring your hair pastel pink creates a really shine effect because the shade comes out more.

Her advice? Do lots and lots of research. “Save all the pastel pink hair color photos that catch your eyes and show it to your hairstylist. They should notice a pattern and see the tones you like. Don’t wash your hair, do use dry shampoo or go as long as you can, and wash in cool water,” Nguyen notes.

#26: Light Pink Metallic Pastel

This is the prettiest pastel metallic pink with a tinge of silver. Hair colors like light pinks will make you shine in a different light!

pink root on blonde hair
Instagram @nothingobvious

#27: Pink Roots on Blonde Hair

Blonde hair is beautiful, but add pink roots to spice it up. This unique look is perfect for you if you’re looking for a small change that isn’t permanent. Your stylist will use a color melting technique to get this seamless blend from pink to blonde.

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