25 Surprisingly Trendy Yellow Hair Color Ideas in 2024

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Yellow hair is a fashion color that is bright and bold. Yellow hair colors can be the sunnier shade of blonde or darker like a mustard shade. Opt for yellow hair because this cheery shade is trendy right now.

Yellow tinges in dyed hair used to be a nightmare for many, but expert stylists and celebrities are now embracing this atypical hue and straying far from the usual blondes. Hailey Baldwin is one of the first trendsetters of mustard strands, and she wore it in neon!

Fashion color expert Jaymz Marsters displays in his IG-famous feed how stunning and creative you can be with yellow hair. Sticking with warmer yellow hues like this zesty shade, fortunately, it goes impeccably on any skin tone.

As far as maintenance goes, a yellow mane only requires a little compared to other vibrant fashion hues. Although, quality products are still required to keep the vibrancy and care for your hair’s health after bleaching. Beware that yellow hair will only be set for some people, and many bleaching and toner color treatments will be needed. You will also need to use products that protect against color fading to maintain the color.

If you’re all set to give this unique shade a go, scroll down below for the trendiest photos of yellow hair color shades on Instagram right now!

Long hair with dark brown to yellow ombre
Instagram @hairbykelseyxo

#1: Yellow Ombre on Long Hair

This sunflower yellow ombré hair was created using a seamless blend of foil application and the perfect saturation of yellow for vibrancy and shine. Notice the transition of the natural dark hair into the yellow. Style your hair smoothly for a lot of movement to show off the transition, but have the yellow hair dye be as dramatic as it looks!

The lightening process can be more low maintenance if you choose to do an ombre yellow hair color like this. Anything with natural hair blended in with it will be easier to maintain and require a color refresher between the lightening service. Keeping your yellow hair natural, hydrated, and healthy will always make your vivid hair look amazing!

Curly Hair with Ombre from brown to yellow
Instagram @carlajimenez_d

#2: Dark Yellow Curly Hair

These dark yellow strands are something fun without being dramatic. The yellow color and the fusion it has at the end create a certain hairstyle. Make sure your hair is in good condition and make a good discoloration. It’s important to wear this dark yellow hair safely, and at home, you should be very careful with specific products, especially dry shampoo.

Dark roots with yellow tresses
Instagram @mermeg.hair

#3: Dark Yellow Hair Color

This is a beautiful ray of mustard yellow! Its warmth and vibrancy are a plus, as well as its all-over color. Be sure you can take care of it at home! Especially if going from such a drastic change, you need to be sure that all the work put in at the chair doesn’t go to waste at home. Ask your stylist to send you home with the Joico Defy Damage masque to maintain the superb integrity of your yellow hair colour after bleaching.

#4: Bright Neon Lemon Yellow Mullet

This daring and dramatic hue will boldly impact with its choppy ends and short bangs. This vivid yellow color will capture your attention if you want something eye-catching.

Wavy tresses in yellow hair color
Instagram @rootsandspells.studio

#5: Bright Sunflower Yellow Hair

Go bold with bright sunflower yellow hair! The trick to achieve realistic sunflower-yellow hair is a subtle root melt. Tell your stylist to avoid applying the yellow color to the scalp. Instead, request a soft melt from brunette to red.

Long Mustard Yellow Hair with dark pink roots
Instagram @isthatpat

#6: Thick and Long Mustard Yellow Hair

If you want to make a bold statement, consider a thick, long, mustard yellow hair color with fiery root melt. Wear your locks with this color combo; it will draw attention to your tresses, making you stand out in a crowd. One of the most asked questions with such a vibrant hair color like this is how to care for it. To get the most out of your new hair color, shampoo it with color-protectant and conditioner. And always rinse in cool water.

medium-length haircut with mustard yellow balayage
Instagram @rachalpractices

#7: Dark Rooted Mustard Yellow Hair

If you want to add brightness to your hair, ask for a shadow dark-rooted mustard yellow balayage. Dyeing your hair with this bold color can give your tresses a unique and eye-catching look. This hue works best for those with warm skin tones. Keep in mind that this pure pigmented color fades quickly. So rinsing with cool water helps prevent it from coming out as quickly. Be prepared to stay bright and beautiful. Pre-book with your stylist for touch-up appointments every four to six weeks.

#8: Neon Green Yellow Hair Color

This is a real statement of hair and a color that stands out. To dare to have yellow hair is an empowering thing. Be prepared to turn heads. The bright neon orange roots give the hair depth and complement the neon yellow hair. Your hair must be in good condition for a bold color like this. The hair needs to be bleached beforehand to be colored yellow, and not every hair can handle that process. That’s why a blunt cut complements the color. Almost like a wig!

#9: Shaggy Mullet with Mustard Yellow Ombre

When everyone is scared of yellow in their hair, you should try embracing it. Nothing is more eye-catching than a bright yellowish tone that is unique and fun. Don’t rush. Spend time letting this color process for the best effect and long-lasting results.

layered hair with a mix of yellow and black color
Instagram @shearfabulous

#10: Black and Yellow Ombre

With this hairstyle, your yellow hair will instantly be that stand-out fashion piece for when you need more time to update your wardrobe.

#11: Brassy Yellow Hair Color

A lot of shades of yellow can look like failed bleach jobs. Luckily, this one hits the perfect spot of not too yellow and blonde.

black and yellow wavy bob
Instagram @theodoraraptis

#12: Black and Yellow

Black and yellow hair has the right balance of lemon yellow, orange highlights, and ebony color to create a freshening look on your face! The pop of color stands out and brings your wavy bob to another level.

Long platinum blonde hair with yellow color at the ends
Instagram @donnabellahair

#13: Yellow and Platinum Blonde Hair

When all else fails, make that yellow bright by partnering it with a platinum blonde.

medium length pink hair with splashes of yellow color
Instagram @john.n1115

#14: Pink and Yellow Hair Color

Have you ever dreamed of having cartoon-colorful hair? Now you can wear bright yellow lemons and pinks in reality!

Blue punk hair with yellow tips
Instagram @hairgod_zito

#15: Blue and Yellow Hair

Yellow hair is a bold choice, and golden yellow will brighten your style. This blue and yellow hair was achieved using Trillion Tones as a one-step lift and deposit fashion color. Choose a yellow-blue combo, as they complement natural tones in most skin and eye colors.

Having bright color can grab a lot of attention! Most hair types can be a candidate for yellow hair since the hair will naturally lift to a yellow tone when lightening.

Depending on how dark your natural color is will determine the process it will take and how light/bright the outcome will be. Having vivid colors in your hair will require a strict home care routine. Only shampoo once or twice a week with cold/cool water, and conditioning and rinsing thoroughly on other days or using dry shampoo will help, too.

The longevity of your bright yellow hair color depends on your care at home, so it is best to use the products recommended for your hair by your stylist so it is catered to your hair’s exact needs.

#16: Long Bob with Pastel Yellow Hair Color

Usual takers on two-colored hair try the ombre or balayage technique. This cutting-edge dip-dye job takes on a whole level of sunny yellow dyed hair.

yellow pixie haircut
Instagram @ryanerwin_hair

#17: Pixie in Bright Yellow

There is no room to be mellow when your hair is this yellow! The neon shade on punk short hair embodies ride or die attitude.

Grey to yellow long hair
Instagram @amber.cuttinup

#18: Yellowish Grey Hair

An unlikely combination but one that works! A dusky color that blends into yellow hair with canary ends is a surprisingly good pair.

#19: Red Hair with Yellow Highlights

This red hair with yellow highlights shows off those dragon flames!

#20: Yellow Highlights

This may be your first step to having yellow hair colors. Ease into it by having it first as highlights and make your caramel locks brighten up.

Shoulder length cut with yellow colored ends
Instagram @hairby.bk

#21: Yellow Sunlight Blonde Hair

Swiping on streaks of yellow on short, blonde hair is a vibrant surprise.

#22: Orange, Red, Yellow Ombre Color

Here’s one for the undecided ladies out there. Partner your dyed yellow hair with a lovely orange and get ready to wear the sunset all day long.

Curly bob with greenish yellow color
Instagram @hairbynakishac

#23: Green and Yellow

This yellow hue has you lookin’ like heroes straight from the comic books!

Long hair with purple to yellow ombre
Instagram @haironesalon

#24: Purple and Yellow Ombre

The right pastel yellow shade for both colors, blended properly, complements each other very well.

#25: Yellow and Pink Balayage

For a bold color choice, consider yellow and pink balayage. This vibrant color is a showstopper. Remember that fashion colors such as this require much time to achieve and can be costly. If budget is a concern, there may be better choices for you. Talk to your stylist about options for you and your lifestyle.