17 Best Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas Right Now

Best strawberry blonde hair colors

Are you torn between being a blonde or being a redhead? Then a strawberry blonde hair color is your answer!

Strawberry blonde hair is a hybrid of light red and warm blonde hues. Shades of strawberry blonde range from light, medium, and dark. This red-blonde hue typically looks best on fair skin and light eyes.

Get inspired by these photos of popular shades of strawberry blonde hair colors before your next color appointment.

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#1 Delightful Strawberry Blonde Ombré

Strawberry blonde ombre hair color
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This popular subtle strawberry blonde ombre blends uniquely, with a painted beige blonde neutral tone.

Notice how it goes from dark red at the roots, blends through the mid-shaft, to a soft golden blonde at the ends where people can see your hair from top to bottom.

#2 Sweet Strawberry Reddish Blonde

Strawberry blonde hair dye

The best part about combining wavy hair with a red strawberry blonde color is it’s multidimensional. Which means the color changes from the movement of the hair.

#3 Warm Strawberry Blonde

If you had a natural red hair color as a child, then you’ll love this warm strawberry blonde that fades into a pale wheat blonde color.

This strawberry hair color looks stunning on ladies who are fair skin toned.

#4 Dark Blonde Hair with Strawberry Highlights

This shoulder-length dark blonde hair with strawberry blonde highlights and balayage streaks look great on this layered, long angled bob.

The seamless finish of a reddish strawberry blonde dye job creates a sweet depth of berry blonde shade.

#5 Sweet Auburn Strawberry Blonde

Check out this auburn strawberry blonde hair! It’s a multi-tonal red that’s a hint more cherry than strawberry and a tiny bit of blonde running through with a textured finish.

#6 Natural Golden Strawberry Blonde Hue

Strawberry blonde hues, such as these rose gold ones, are so feminine that you’ll love it on a long bob haircut.

Since shades of strawberry red and blonde need more upkeep, purple shampoo can be your friend.

#7 Cool Pink Strawberry Blonde with Champagne Highlights

This color is a pink strawberry blonde with champagne highlights. It’s a color mix of strawberry pink hair with blonde towards the bottom. It definitely creates a dimensional look.

Ask your stylist to add a shade of strawberry blonde balayage that accents a cool blonde and makes the natural hair colors darker.

#8 Yummy Red Strawberry Blonde With Dark Roots

These are flattering ginger tones with hints of red strawberry blonde with darker roots.

This strawberry blonde is as light as blonde hair so it is perfect for women with very pale skin.

#9 Vibrant Pink and Strawberry Blonde for Curly Hair

This is a bright strawberry blonde for curly hair that will brighten up your long natural curl.

A combo of red and blonde hues creates magic, for sure.

#10 Rich Strawberry Blonde with Copper Tones

Go for a vibrant color such as this rose blonde or strawberry copper blonde hair dye. It’s a great combination of gold, copper, and red on this mane.

#11 Lovely Pastel Strawberry Blonde Color

This is a gorgeous pastel strawberry blonde for short hair.

Whether you style your hair straight or wavy, it makes a chic strawberry blonde hairstyle.

Pastel strawberry hair colors fade fast. So apply a gloss to preserve the richness of the pinkish tone.

#12 Light Strawberry Blonde Shade

This color is a light strawberry blonde shade. It’s a very soft and subtle strawberry with white blonde.

Did you know that a light strawberry blonde hair color compliments olive and lighter skin tones?

#13 Stunning Brunette Hair with Strawberry Blonde Balayage

This color is called strawberry blonde balayage, and it features a sun-kissed hue.

If you want to go with this shade of creamy blonde towards the ends, it will help the strawberry highlights pop and blend in at the same time, all without an orange hue.

#14 Sun-Kissed Strawberry Blonde Hue

If you’re a girl who wants to add a strawberry tint to your blonde hair, try this sun-kissed strawberry blonde hue.

#15 Delicious Dark Strawberry Blonde Locks

This long dark strawberry blonde hair excludes solid lines and is an inspiration for women who want something different.

The highlighting option gives a little pop of color without being a drastic change with high maintenance.

#16 Subtle Strawberry Blonde Tint

Subtle strawberry blonde tint is a warmer color because it gives subtle reddish-bronze color rather than a full head block of color.

#17 Tasty Medium Strawberry Blonde Tones

When searching for a medium strawberry blonde hair color to wear, considering adding ginger tones to give it more depth and richness.