22 Best Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas (Pictures for 2022)

Strawberry blonde hair color ideas

Strawberry blonde hair is a hybrid of light red shades and warm blonde hues. Shades of strawberry blonde range from light, medium, and dark red. This red-blonde hue typically looks best on fair skin and light eyes. The most popular way to get this hair color trend is by getting strawberry blonde hair with highlights, an ombré, or balayage.

Are you torn between being a blonde or being a redhead? Then these strawberry blonde hair color ideas are your answer!

Some of today’s biggest celebrities who are wearing this gorgeous reddish-yellow hue include Amy Adams, Rachel McAdams, Nicole Kidman, Emma Stone, and Blake Likely.

To get a natural-looking strawberry blonde, “leave some of your original color as your roots and mix in gold,” says Tiffanie Richards, an expert blonde hair colorist in N.Y.C.

L.A. hair colorist Toyomi Ishikura, says, “once you get your new strawberry color you’ll want to get touch-ups every 6 to 8 weeks.”

The best skin tone for a strawberry blonde hair dye is light warm, explains Jackie Summers of Matrix.com.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of the most popular shades of strawberry blonde hair.

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#1. Sun-Kissed Strawberry Blonde Hue

A sun-kissed strawberry blonde hue displays a more orange-y tone but with a golden finish. Hair colors like this make any woman look like a natural redhead on the strawberry blonde hair color spectrum. It has depth and dimension that both work great with loose curls.

#2. Delicious Dark Strawberry Blonde Locks

Delicious Dark Strawberry Blonde Locks
Instagram @maeipaint

Delicious dark strawberry blonde locks work best on a thick density. The soft dimension that it offers removes the illusion of thickness. Added waves and texture are perfect for styling hair like this. They can intensify the dimension and the haircut.

#3. Delightful Strawberry Blonde Ombré

Strawberry blonde ombre hair color
Instagram @stylistcharlottefinck

Here’s delightful strawberry blonde ombre hair that’s ready to serve a chic, flirty hairstyle! This short hair features a soft and fresh vibe that younger ladies love to wear. To enhance the color’s dimension, a wavy texture can be useful. Hairstyles like that need to use hairspray to give it a hold that lasts a day.

#4. Strawberry Peachy Blonde

Strawberry peachy blonde hair
Instagram @hairbyemmil

Strawberry peachy blonde is your go-to hair hue this spring. When consulting with a hairdresser, ask for some strawberry blonde highlights all around with brighter ends on the bottom. It’s a perfect alternative to doing an all-over bleach and tone. It will also create a soft grow out meaning lesser time at the salon.

#5. Strawberry Blonde Highlights on Light Blonde Hair

Strawberry blonde highlights on light blonde hair
Instagram @marianna.at.oraclehairstudio

Putting strawberry lowlights on light blonde hair is a great way to add color variation to a full beach blonde highlight. It helps to give contrast and draws interest directly to the beautiful locks and its dirty blonde roots.

#6. Strawberry Blonde Hair with Blonde Highlights

Strawberry blonde hair with blonde highlights
Instagram @kristin_does_hair

Ask for strawberry blonde hair with blonde highlights to give warmth of color against a pale skin tone. The light copper babylights against the blonde hue give a multi-tonal effect that only works if you’re already a blonde. Ask your stylist for an all-over color gloss to add the stunning strawberry tone.

#7. Strawberry Blonde Curly Hair

Strawberry blonde curly hair
Instagram @sarakirstynhair

Pulling off strawberry blonde curly hair is one part. Adding multi-tonal colors will take your appearance to another level. Working with two to three different tones in highlights is very creative. It adds extra depth and definition to your curls.

#8. Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye for Blondes

Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye for Blondes
Instagram @its.me.mel.dee

The strawberry blonde hair dye for blondes provides warmth and shine to tresses, perfect for the summer season. The honey undertones create a trendy and chic result. What makes this look more dramatic is the waves that accentuate the dimension. The depth at the roots also makes the color pop even brighter!

#9. Sweet Strawberry Reddish Blonde

Sweet Strawberry Reddish Blonde
Instagram @ashleytisdale

A sweet strawberry reddish blonde suits lighter and neutral skin tones the best. It’s sure to make the blue eyes pop! The thing about this color that ladies need to understand is that it’s high maintenance. It fades quickly under the sun, so wash your strawberry blond mane with purple shampoo to gloss it up.

#10. Warm Strawberry Blonde

A warm strawberry blonde shade makes the hair seem healthier. The warm blonde hue appears natural for ladies with a neutral skin complexion and even green eyes! For maintenance, a Davines Alchemic Silver Shampoo is a great product to use. It cancels out the brassy tones from a blonde shade like this.

#11. Dark Blonde Hair with Strawberry Highlights

Dark blonde hair with strawberry highlights offers a rose gold tone that gives off a super girlish vibe. This is perfect for women with a bubbly personality and a glamour taste. Styling the strawberry hair with beach waves is a smart choice. The whole style gives off a modern finish.

#12. Sweet Auburn Strawberry Blonde

Sweet Auburn Strawberry Blonde
Instagram @colour.jade

The sweet auburn strawberry blonde on long tresses looks like one fiery hair trend! The dimension in this ginger hair is marvelous, which adds a lot of texture to a wavy hairstyle. Strawberry blond hair like this needs a shine spray or oil to reinforce the gloss. It would look great under the sun!

#13. Natural Golden Strawberry Blonde Hue

A natural golden strawberry blonde hue offers warmth and richer tones. The best thing about it is how it can flatter most skin complexions. Another great feature of this hair color is the money piece. It doesn’t only brighten the face but gives the style a romantic touch, too!

#14. Cool Pink Strawberry Blonde with Champagne Highlights

Cool Pink Strawberry Blonde with Champagne Highlights
Instagram @luka_val

A cool pink strawberry blonde with champagne highlights is so soft and flirty! The combination of shades, the platinum finish, plus the long-length cut creates a romantic hairstyle. It does a great job with fine and thin locks, making this strawberry blonde hair with highlights even more luscious.

#15. Yummy Red Strawberry Blonde With Dark Roots

The yummy red strawberry blonde with dark roots radiates a trendy, lived-in vibe! This hair color works on a lighter skin tone. This is perfect for ladies who are natural brunettes. It features darker roots, making it low maintenance.

#16. Vibrant Pink and Strawberry Blonde for Curly Hair

Vibrant Pink and Strawberry Blonde for Curly Hair
Instagram @hairromance

What vibrant pink and strawberry blonde for curly hair offers is a “fun glam girl” style. The curls help the color have that movement and texture. Such tresses tend to get dry quicker compared to other hair types. So, a moisturizer would be perfect as it also adds shine.

#17. Rich Strawberry Blonde with Copper Tones

Rich Strawberry Blonde with Copper Tones
Instagram @georgeeblancoo

A combo of rich strawberry blonde with copper tones has an edgy shade that enhances light skin. It makes a fierce color that most women can pull off, no matter how young or old they are. This shade makes a perfect pairing with a layered haircut. The layers add dimension, for sure.

#18. Lovely Pastel Strawberry Blonde Color

Lovely Pastel Strawberry Blonde Color
Instagram @harriakerberg

A lovely pastel strawberry blonde color like this has a subtle pinkish tone, and it suits fine hair! By jazzing up the locks with waves, the dimension comes alive. If you have naturally black hair and want to pull this off, ask for shadow roots. They are the key to a low-maintenance color.

#19. Light Strawberry Blonde Shade

Light strawberry blonde hair brings out a very feminine vibe. Keeping the roots a little bit darker creates a soft melting effect. This brown and blonde hair color appears stunning on long waves. They add volume, movement, and texture so that the mane won’t look dull.

#20. Stunning Brunette Hair with Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Stunning Brunette Hair with Strawberry Blonde Balayage
Instagram @igorkhonin

Stunning brunette hair with strawberry blonde balayage serves up depth and dimension. It’s perfect for dense tresses as the combination of colors can break up the thickness. For brown-haired women who want to try blonde for the first time, this is a great choice as it gives brighter ends that are low-maintenance.

#21. Subtle Strawberry Blonde Tint

Subtle Strawberry Blonde Tint
Instagram @colorby_katie

A subtle strawberry blonde tint has a cool tone that complements women with fair skin. This strawberry-dyed hair has a color that isn’t too loud, but it sure can catch the eyes. What’s great about the shade is it can flaunt on any occasion if worn with the right hairstyle.

#22. Tasty Medium Strawberry Blonde Tones

Tasty Medium Strawberry Blonde Tones
Instagram @colour.jade

Tasty medium strawberry blonde tones on tresses create a radiant, golden effect. The shade is enough to brighten the area around the face. It can be an easy, go-to look for busy ladies when straight. Yet, this beauty can also turn out a chic, glam style when wavy to attend parties.

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