21 Best Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Strawberry blonde hair colors

Strawberry blonde hair is a blend of light red and warm blonde hues. Shades of strawberry blonde range from dark, medium and light. The most popular ways to have this color is by getting highlights, an ombré or balayage.

Are you torn between being a blonde or being a redhead? You don’t have to choose! Get inspired by these photos of popular shades of strawberry blondes before your next color appointment.

For example, it can range from strawberry blonde to rosy red color and enriching the golden color can fuse into an amazing rose gold hair color.

This is why light golden, honey, and champagne hair colors are extremely popular. Ombré, highlights, and red undertones are also excellent choices in strawberry blonde hair color combinations. You can find many celebrities rocking these reds.

Here are inspiring pictures of the best strawberry blonde hair ideas of 2020. These are done in different techniques and shades including full on red-pink color to simple strawberry highlights on a normal color.

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Strawberry Blonde Ombré

A strawberry blonde ombre hair color
Instagram @stylistcharlottefinck

This popular subtle strawberry blonde ombre blends unique, which is created by a painted beige blonde.

Here it goes from dark red at the roots to a soft golden blonde at the ends where people can see your hair from top to bottom.

It helps to get this from a lighter red base color since dark hair takes longer to lighten.

Wavy Strawberry Reddish Blonde

Ashley Tisdale's strawberry blonde dye
Instagram @ashleytisdale

These lived-in medium length waves are made perfect with reddish blonde or weakened lighter shared paired with a red blonde hue and pale skin.

What is great about combining wavy hair with a red strawberry blonde color is multidimensional. That means the color changes  from the movement of the hair.

Strawberry Blonde with Blonde Highlights

Strawberry Blonde Hair with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @ryleelovelace_

Style creator, Rylee Lovelace
Level 2 Stylist @ Edge Hair Design & Spa in North Canton, OH

The best thing about this particular strawberry color is that if you’re going from blonde to strawberry.

Adding in peachy highlights to it will give it a more natural hair color and lightens it a bit.

It may even make you think that the hair is more like blonde mixed with red, with its sun-kissed hue.

Coloring your natural dark roots, which determines if your hair is going to result in a harsh line when it grows out, and your ends will need to have touch-ups every so often as well.

Warm Strawberry Blonde on Straight Hair

Classic Strawberry Blonde
Instagram @myguiltycrown

Style creator, Gilad Goldstein
Hair Designer @ Ulta Beauty in Harrisburg, PA

If you had natural red hair color as a child, then you’ll love this warm strawberry blonde that will fade into pale wheat blonde color.

Having straight hair will really bring about the strawberry blonde tones. Blonde and red colors make a good combination for light skin tones and complexion.

This color looks stunning on ladies with fair skin tones. Try asking your hair colorist for a bright color that’s more blonde than copper with subtle golden babylights.

Dark Blonde Hair with Strawberry Highlights

Shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair
Instagram @mia.lynn.hair

Style creator, Mia Morris
Hairstylist/Barber @ Brian Graham Salon in Minneapolis, MN

This is a shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair with balayage streaks with a layered, long angled bob.

I love the seamless finish of a reddish strawberry blonde dye job that creates a sweet berry blonde shade.

Shades of red hair color can be tweaked here for preference from lighter to darker.

This color is great for women with a skin tone that could pair with natural strawberry blonde hair.

Light Strawberry Red + Platinum Blonde

A platinum strawberry blonde for short hair
Instagram @s2hairstories

Style creator, Stefania Saraili
Colour Expert & Owner @ S2 Hair Stories in Korydallos City, Greece

This is a very light strawberry shade matched by a youthful bright blonde.

I know a lot about blondes who are wanting strawberry blonde hair color with a pixie. Getting layers in the pixie will give you an amazing holographic effect.

Women should get more information about strawberry blonde maintenance before dying their hair.

Blonde and strawberry red tones can get brassy and lose their color without proper care.

Auburn Strawberry Blonde

A dark strawberry blonde auburn hair color
Instagram @lglasbey

Style creator, Lou Glasbey
Senior Stylist @ Material in Bath, Somerset

This is a multi-tonal red that’s a hint more cherry than strawberry with a tiny bit of blonde running through with a textured finish.

For women wanting to add strawberry red hair to their strands, consider that it is high maintenance, as red can fade pretty quickly, especially if the sun decides to make an appearance again!

Golden Strawberry Blonde Lob

golden strawberry blonde lob
Instagram @sarakirstynhai

Strawberry hues are so feminine that you’ll love it on a long bob haircut. This golden strawberry blonde lob will look fuller when it goes a few inches past the shoulders. Style it with loose curls, and you’ll appear with a whole glamorous vibe. Since shades of strawberry red and blonde need more upkeep, purple shampoo can be your friend. That’s how you maintain the glossiness of a lovely strawberry blonde hair like this.

Brown Hair With Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Strawberry blonde with blonde highlights
Instagram / @staceybaxterhair

Style Creator Stacey Baxter
Master Stylist @ Maison de Cheveux in New Orleans, LA

This is a golden hue base with a brighter strawberry blonde. It’s a great color inspiration if you’re already blonde with some rich lowlights. And if so, it’s perfect for blondes without overwhelming brunettes.

Having brown hair with strawberry blonde highlights throughout your hair looks better when they are concentrated around your face and the top.

Pink Strawberry Blonde with Champagne Highlights

Strawberry Blonde Champagne Highlights
Instagram @paintnpassion

Bubbly colors mixed of strawberry pink hair with blonde towards the bottom creates a dimensional look.

Hair colorist Cristina added a shade of strawberry blonde balayage that accents a cool blonde, that takes the natural color darker.

Red Strawberry Blonde With Darker Roots

A strawberry blonde with darker roots
Instagram / @mooreunikahair

Style Creator Nika Forsythe
Hairstylist – Hair by Nika @ Rebel Rebel Hair Salon in Oceanside, CA

These are flattering ginger tones with hints of strawberry blonde that are reminiscent of the timeless beauty, Rita Hayworth, the red and blonde without strings.

This strawberry blonde is as light as blonde hair so it is perfect for women with very pale skin.

Strawberry Blonde Curly Hair

strawberry blonde curly hair
Instagram @hairromance

Brighten up your long natural curls with this strawberry blonde shade! Here’s a strawberry blonde curly hair that shows a flirty edge. A combo of red and blonde hues creates magic, for sure. If you have pale skin tone, it’s the best strawberry blonde hair that will look attractive on you.

Strawberry Copper Blonde

Rose Blonde hairstyle
Instagram @alexnliggett

Style creator, Alexandria Liggett
Independent Stylist @ Studio BK in Clarksburg, WV

I would describe this vibrant color as a rose blonde or coppery strawberry blonde hair dye. It’s a great combination of gold, copper, and red on this mane.

This deep color came out the most perfect strawberry blonde style.

This is similar hair color like when Ariel Winter’s made she headlines about how she dyes hair strawberry blonde as Modern Family ends.

Pastel Strawberry Blonde Short Hair

pastel strawberry blonde short hair
Instagram @hairby.jil.marie

In the search for a look that will catch people’s eyes? This pastel strawberry blonde short hair is what you want and more! Either straight or wavy, it makes a chic strawberry blonde hairstyle. The thing about these pastel strawberry hair colors is that they fade fast. Thus, applying glosses can preserve the richness of the tone.

Light Strawberry Blonde Shade

Style creator, Erika Gingrich
Master Colorist @ High Fidelity Hair in East Vancouver, B.C.

This is a very soft and subtle strawberry with white blonde.

A light strawberry blonde hair color complements olive and lighter skin tones.

Strawberry Blonde Balayage

A gorgeous strawberry and blonde with highlights
Instagram @korielance

Style creator, Korie Lance
Hairstylist & Salon Owner @ The Mae in Indianapolis, IN

This look is sunkissed strawberry blonde hue radiance at its finest!

I’m obsessed with how naturally beautiful the shade of blonde without any hint of an orange hue.

If you go with blonde towards the ends, it will help the strawberry highlights pop and blend at the same time.

Strawberry Blonde Tint on Long Brown Hair

strawberry blonde tint on long brown hair
Instagram @womensspasalonmn

A strawberry blonde tint on long brown hair creates a graceful look. Added with soft waves, it can complete your chic and casual style. These strawberry red and blonde tones look amazing on porcelain and fair skin tones and really make blue eyes pop!

Sunkissed Strawberry Blonde Hue

Sunkissed Strawberry Blonde
Instagram @allyson_m_

This a great hair hue for girls who have had blonde throughout their childhoods and want to try a strawberry tint.

Dark Strawberry Blonde

Soft Strawberry hairstyle
Instagram @lizziebs3.hair

Style creator, Elisabeth Simpson
Advanced Stylist & Educator @ Stephen and Burns Salon and Spa in Burlington, VT

I love that the long strawberry blonde hair throughout that looks like there are no solid lines.

The highlighting gives a little pop of color without being a drastic change with high maintenance.

Subtle Strawberry Blonde

Elegant blonde with subtle strawberry reddish tones
Instagram @mobilehairbyclaire

Style creator, Claire Major
Mobile Hairdresser @ Mobile Hair by Claire in Leicester, England

I love this warmer color because it gives subtle reddish-bronze color rather than a full head block of color.

These strawberry blonde locks with blonde towards the tips are not overpowering, giving an elegant and subtle overall color.

The strawberry blonde hair trend is not a low-maintenance color for women, as you’ll need to keep the red tones in the hair.

Medium Dark Strawberry

Dark Strawberry Blonde
Instagram @amandanichole_dbsalon

When searching for dark strawberry blonde hair colors to wear, this Ginger locks à la Ginny Weasley is seriously hair goals! Waves and layers radiate a sunset glow on this brown base.