82 Photos of Rainbow Hair Ideas to Consider for 2024

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Rainbow hair is hair that’s colored with hues found in a real rainbow. Rainbow colors often include a mix of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, the seven colors that make up a rainbow. These fashion colors create a bold but beautiful hairstyle.

Everyone is going wild for rainbow hair colors, so I’ve put together some of the most creative and popular ones!

Whether you go bold and vivid or soft and subtle, using hair chalk or a box dye, this color trend is hands down the coolest way to have hair that is truly unique to you.

Tips and things to consider:

  • These colors can fade fast. So invest in high-end color-preserving shampoo and wash your hair less often.
  • If you have dark hair, it will first require a bit of bleaching to lighten your hair. This creates the perfect blonde canvas your colorist needs to bring out the colors. This may require multiple appointments.
  • You’ll want to focus on keeping your hair extra moist afterward. Invest in a good Moroccan Oil and treat your hair with coconut oil, giving it a beautiful and healthy-looking shine.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these popular photos of rainbow hair.

Stunning Long Rainbow Hairstyle with a Half Up Ponytail
Instagram @vividlyliv

#1: Stunning Long Rainbow Hairstyle with a Half Up Ponytail

If you want to make a colorful style change, a long rainbow hairstyle with a half-up ponytail is a nice choice. To ensure the colors stay vibrant, use a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner. Try Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner Duo to keep your hair healthy. Remember to give your stylist details about what you’re trying to achieve. For example, what colors look best around your face to compliment your skin tone? That way, they can create the exact look that you want.

Short bob with hidden rainbow color peekaboo style

#2 Cute Colorful Rainbow Peekaboo

This playful short bob cleverly conceals a vivid rainbow panel under a sleek dark top layer, perfect for those looking to surprise with color only when they choose. Ideal for straight, medium-density hair, the sharp lines of the bob enhance the dramatic reveal of hidden hues. While this style offers an element of fun, maintaining the brilliance of such colors will require frequent touch-ups and color-safe care. It’s a great choice for someone seeking versatility without constant public color commitment.

Rainbow deep violet hair color

#3 Deep Violet Shadow Root with Rainbow Streaks

This luscious, long hairstyle features a vibrant deep violet shadow root that fades into rich blues and purples, ending in magenta tips. Perfect for thick hair, the color transition enhances the curl’s depth and volume, offering a dynamic look that turns heads. Ideal for those willing to commit to maintenance, as these shades require regular touch-ups and color-safe products to maintain their intensity. A balayage technique is used here to blend the colors beautifully, which is great for adding texture and dimension to your natural curls or waves.

Candy hologram rainbow hair color

#4 Candied Rainbow Hologram with a Hidden Undercut

This chic bob hairstyle showcases a stunning prism-inspired color blend, perfect for someone eager to make a statement. The medium length makes it manageable, while the spectrum of colors will require regular salon visits to maintain the vibrancy. Great for straight to wavy hair types, this style uses a sophisticated blending technique that ensures a smooth transition between shades, making it ideal for showcasing a bold, artistic look without the commitment of longer hair.

Short rainbow hair earthy

#5 Bright, Earthy Stones of the Rainbow Color

Feast your eyes on this dazzling mid-length bob featuring an array of electrifying rainbow colors woven into a dark base. A meticulous application of vibrant streaks in blue, green, teal, yellow, and magenta creates a visually stunning contrast that pops with every movement. This style is ideal for those looking to express their vibrant personality without committing to a full head of bright colors. The dark base eases maintenance, allowing natural growth without frequent salon visits, while the rainbow accents demand attention and frame the face beautifully. Remember, maintaining such vivid colors will require using color-protecting products to keep the hues as lively as they appear.

Hidden unicorn rainbow hair

#6 The Hidden Rainbow Unicorn

Check out this ethereal hairstyle showcasing a subtle yet enchanting unicorn rainbow! This look gently incorporates pastel rainbow streaks tied into a half-up style, letting hints of turquoise, pink, lavender, and a striking teal peek through the natural ash blonde base. It’s a low-commitment introduction to vibrant colors, perfect for someone experimenting with fun hues without a full dive. This style benefits from minimal root maintenance and blends beautifully as it grows out, making it a fantastic option for those new to vivid colors or looking for a low-maintenance yet playful look. Remember, using color-protecting products will keep these soft tones fresh and vibrant!

Eye candy rainbow hair color

#7 Eye Candy Rainbow Hair

This vibrant “Eye Candy Rainbow Hair” features a breathtaking spectrum of colors, blending seamlessly from fiery reds into sunny yellows, lush greens, deep blues, and rich purples. It’s perfect for those looking to make a bold statement and willing to commit to high maintenance. This style requires regular touch-ups to maintain the saturation and brilliance of the hues. Ideal for individuals with a daring fashion sense, it needs meticulous care, including the use of color-safe products and cold water washes to ensure longevity. While stunning, this look demands commitment both in salon visits and daily care routines to keep those colors vivid.

Bright color melt rainbow hair

#8 Bright Color Melt Rainbow Hair

This stunning color melt hairstyle showcases a vibrant spectrum from fiery red and orange to deep violet, embodying the true essence of a rainbow. Perfect for those who love to stand out, this color technique blends seamlessly, creating a fluid transition between hues that enhances the hair’s natural waves and adds an extraordinary depth. This look is high-maintenance, requiring regular touch-ups to maintain its brilliance and prevent fading. Ideal for those with a bold personality, it’s essential to use color-safe products and avoid excessive washing to preserve the vivid colors. This hairstyle is a commitment but rewards you with a dazzling, head-turning appearance.

rainbow hair with braids

#9 Rainbow Braids

Showcasing a vibrant tapestry of braided rainbow colors, this hairstyle merges artistic flair with playful charm. From deep purples to fiery reds and lush greens, each strand is meticulously colored to flow seamlessly into the next, creating a stunning visual impact. This style is perfect for those wanting to express their vibrant personality without commitment, as braids allow for both flexibility and temporary enjoyment of vivid colors. While the look is high-maintenance, requiring frequent touch-ups to maintain its brilliance, it’s a dynamic choice for anyone looking to stand out at special events or festivals.

Hair styled into a top knot with hidden vivid rainbow colors transitioning from natural blonde to bright red, yellow, green, blue, and pink tones.

#10 Hidden Neon Rainbow Underneath

This eye-catching hairstyle features a playful top knot with a hidden rainbow burst of colors, seamlessly transitioning from natural blonde to a vivid spectrum at the back. The rainbow blends bright shades of red, yellow, green, and blue into a soft pink, creating a stunning visual effect. Ideal for those seeking a statement look that combines subtlety with surprise, this style demands high maintenance to keep the colors vivid and blended. It’s perfect for thick, straight or wavy hair. Regular touch-ups and color-safe products are essential to maintain the vibrancy without causing damage to the hair.

Peacock rainbow hair coloring

#11 Peacock Rainbow

This enchanting hairstyle blends rich, peacock-inspired hues into a stunning cascade of waves. A base of deep blue and black gives way to vibrant streaks of green, teal, and a hint of purple, mimicking the luxurious colors of a peacock’s feathers. This coloring technique is ideal for those seeking a dramatic yet sophisticated look. It’s particularly suited to thicker hair types, as the dark base enhances the hair’s natural volume while the brighter colors add dimension and movement. Maintenance involves using color-protectant products and possibly more frequent salon visits to keep the colors vivid and the hair healthy.

Vivid underlights rainbow hair color

#12 Vivid Rainbow Underlights

This vibrant long hair showcases a striking braided crown that transitions into a cascade of rainbow colors in a free-flowing style. The rainbow starts with a natural brown at the roots, offering an easy grow-out phase, which transitions into a vivid spectrum including blue, green, yellow, red, and purple. It’s perfect for someone looking to express creativity without a full-color commitment, blending into a vivid display at the ends. Ideal for thick and wavy hair, this style is high-maintenance, requiring frequent touch-ups to maintain the brilliance of the hues. Protect and prolong vibrancy with color-safe products and minimal heat styling.

Opalescent rainbow tones in long hair styled with a half-up ponytail, featuring a transition to cool platinum ends

#13 Opalescent Rainbow Tones

This breathtaking long rainbow hairstyle showcases an exquisite array of opalescent tones transitioning through vibrant pastels. It’s styled with a half-up ponytail, adding a playful twist while allowing the colors to flow beautifully. The hues range from deep purples to sea greens, fading into peach and pink, culminating in a cool platinum at the ends. The light-reflecting colors enhance the voluminous waves, making this a high-maintenance but stunning choice for those bold enough to stand out. Ideal for medium to thick hair, maintaining this color requires regular salon visits to keep the opalescence vivid. Opt for color-safe products to protect and prolong the vibrancy.

Edgy asymmetrical short haircut with vibrant rainbow colors and creative buzz-cut pattern

#14 Rainbow Hues on Edgy Short Hair

Dare to be different with this bold, asymmetric rainbow cut that’s a piece of art in itself. The longer, side-swept top bursts with warm shades of a sunset, complementing heart-shaped faces and fair skin. The closely shorn side showcases a creative purple buzz-cut pattern, a low-maintenance area that adds an edge to the overall style. Ideal for fine hair, the vivids give an illusion of thickness. While the longer top will require color upkeep, the patterned undercut is a grow-out friendly touch for the busy individual.

Pretty Rainbow Ombre on Long Hair

#15 Pretty Rainbow Ombre on Long Hair

Honey, this sunset-inspired ombré is a head-turner, taking you from a midnight blue to a fiery orange tip. It’s a high-maintenance look requiring regular salon visits to keep the sunset colors vivid. Great for those with a bit of sass who aren’t afraid of the spotlight. While this palette radiates warmth, keep in mind, the lightened ends might require extra TLC. To protect this masterpiece, cold washes and color-safe products are your new best friends, doll.

Long wavy hair with split-dye from sunny yellow to aqua green, evoking a spring-into-summer transition

#16 Half Pastel, Half Rainbow

This half pastel, half rainbow hair is like a breath of fresh spring air, with sun-kissed yellow melting into a cool aqua green—it’s fresh, it’s bold, it’s playful! This look is a fabulous choice for someone who loves to embrace change, just like the seasons. Remember, to keep these hues vibrant, it’s not just about the dye; it’s a commitment to protecting your investment with the right aftercare—color-safe products are your best friends here. It’s a balance of brightness and depth, just perfect for making a statement while keeping those locks healthy.

Rose-colored rainbow hair

#17 Rose and Lilac Pastel Rainbow Tones

This medium-length cut, darling, is styled in soft waves, kissed with the most delicate rose and lilac pastels. It’s a whimsical choice, fantastic for adding a touch of fairy-tale elegance to your look. Ideal for lighter complexions, it can suit a range of styles from boho to chic. Keep in mind, pastels may fade gracefully, yet frequent salon visits will be key to maintaining this magical hue.

Long layered mermaid hair with a gradient from deep blue to teal and green

#18 Colorful Rainbow Mermaid Hair

Darling, this mermaid hair is a deep dive into ocean hues, with layers flowing like waves in a sea of blues and greens. Long and luscious, this style is sure to turn heads, but remember, color like this can be as high-maintenance as the tides. Regular salon visits are a must to maintain the depth of these cool, aquatic shades. Ideal for thick tresses, this look stays vibrant with color-safe products and cool water washes, making it a commitment but oh-so enchanting.

Long wavy hair with vibrant electric rainbow shades of pink, blue, and green.

#19 Electric Rainbow Hair

This Electric Rainbow Hair is a tropical sunset come to life, with its long layers cascading in vibrant pinks, blues, and greens. A perfect blend for those young at heart, wanting to make a splash with a bold, but not overbearing statement. It’s a high-maintenance color, requiring touch-ups to keep the hues vibrant. This dreamy look is best maintained with cold water washes and sulfate-free products to extend the color’s life.

Medium-length wavy lob with a blend of pastel and deep metallic rainbow colors.

#20 Medium-Length Metallic Rainbow Hair

Darling, this medium-length metallic rainbow creation is perfect for a playful yet sophisticated look. The strategic layers amplify each hue’s depth, from deep violet to soft peach, tailored for a vibrant yet low-key appearance. Perfect for those desiring a dash of fun without the upkeep of a full spectrum. It’ll require some TLC with color-safe products and might need refreshing as these shades can subtly fade, yet it’s an absolute gem for all occasions, love.

Long silver-based hair with layered waves featuring rainbow colors

#21 Moonstone Rainbow Hair Color

Honey, this silver-based rainbow hair is a show-stopper. Blending in vivid hues like a moonstone catching light, this look is for my adventurous ladies who want to turn heads without the full commitment—benefits? The silver grows out gracefully, and those pops of color frame your face like a dream. Maintenance is a bit high; you’ll need color-safe products and salon touch-ups. But it’s a small price for hair that’s pure joy in every strand, as unique as you!

Long wavy hair transitioning from dark roots through silver to metallic light brown lowlights

#22 Rainbow Oil Slick on Black Hair

I describe this dark rainbow hair as an oil slick because it was inspired by the colors in oil when the sun hits it. I recommend a cleansing conditioner such as Pureology Cleansing Conditioners in Hydrate, Smooth, or Strength Cure for the upkeep. The gentleness of the formulas helps make the color last and keeps the hair healthy. My biggest tip for extending the life of this color and style is to use a heat protectant! The heat from a flat iron or curling iron will fade color rapidly, so a good heat protectant like Paul Mitchell’s Hot Off The Press is a must.

Holographic rainbow hair

#23 Holographic Rainbow Hair

Holographic rainbow hair is unique and exciting and could brighten up any head in the room. With the exact application process to create holographic colored hair, expect to spend several hours, if not multiple sessions, with your stylist to perfect the holographic look.

#24: Neon Rainbow Colored Hairstyle

A neon rainbow-colored hairstyle is a stunning option for the eccentric lady. If you desire a rainbow or prism-like color application, ask for a Vivid Specialist. To achieve this, you need a global blonde base with a clean canvas and the creative skills of a stylist. Although these tones will fade within a few weeks, some shades may stay longer but with less vibrancy. This hairstyle maintains its cool factor as the colors gradually change, offering a variety of looks within several months.

#25: Rainbow Ribbons on Black Hair

If you’re looking to add a fun and vibrant touch to your hair, consider rainbow ribbons on dark hair. This playful hair color trend involves adding strips of vibrant rainbow hues throughout your dark locks. These colorful strips can create a striking contrast against your black hair. The combination of these bold and vibrant shades against the dark base will give you a unique and eye-catching look. Whether you want to go for a subtle touch or make a statement, rainbow ribbons on black hair can add a fun and youthful element to your overall style.

#26: Rainbow Butterfly Cut

Looking to stand out? Request a rainbow butterfly cut! This dramatic style wonderfully merges unique vibrant colors with the popular butterfly haircut.

#27: Straight Prism Hair

If you’re looking to add a pop of vibrant color to your hair, straight prism hair is the best choice. This unique hair color features a stunning array of rainbow hues that create a mesmerizing prismatic effect. Your colorist will expertly mix and blend different shades of the rainbow to create a seamless and eye-catching result. Straight prism rainbow hair is a fun and playful way to express your personality and make a bold statement. It works best for those who embrace their adventurous side and stand out from the crowd with a creative and eye-catching hair color.

#28: Short Bob with Prism Tones

If you want a unique and vibrant touch to your hair, ask for a short bob with rainbow prism tones. This colorful blend of tones will make a statement and give your hair a playful and eye-catching look. Rainbow prism tones comprise bright and bold colors. These colors create an impressive prism effect similar to a rainbow. This hair color works best for those looking to express their creativity and individuality through their hair. Shades like vibrant reds, yellows, pinks, blues, greens, and purples from the rainbow can achieve a mesmerizing and dynamic hair color!

Pink Rainbow Tresses
Instagram @kayla.blkhrt

#29: Pink Rainbow Tresses

Consider rainbow-colored tresses for your next color transformation. The bright neon tones need more than one salon visit. Make sure you ask about the schedule. Also, ask about the best products you can use at home.

#30: Perfectly Placed Rainbow Tones

Wearing your hair in pastel hues from a rainbow palette can be beautiful and playful. This hairstyle includes pastel pinks, blues, yellows, and greens to create a shining effect. You need your hair light enough for you to get this hairstyle. If your natural hair is light or uncolored, that would be helpful.

#31: Chunky Rainbow Streaks

Bright rainbow-colored hair may cause envy because of its chunky rainbow streaks! This striking color requires lots of regular salon maintenance to keep it refreshed. Try to wash your hair less and avoid using excessive heat if possible. Heat and overwashing can lead to color fading.

Rooted with Rainbows Hair Color
Instagram @tk.colorss

#32: Rooted with Rainbows

The term ‘rooted with rainbows’ refers to a color style. This color style will display creativity, ideal for those who love vivid colors. The ‘rooted in rainbow’ color style achieves an effect where the roots carry the colors of the rainbow, transitioning into vibrant colors like blue, pink, and purple.

#33: Rainbow Hair for a Rave Party

If you want to make a statement at your next rave party, try a brave, bold rainbow hair color. This style mixes bright, vivid colors like bold reds, oranges, electric blues, and purples. Whether you pick neon or pastel tones, the color change will wow others. It is an ideal hairstyle for rave parties. Rainbow hair is versatile. You can be subtle or go bold.

Mid-Length Rainbow Prism Hair
Instagram @stylingshears

#34: Mid-Length Prism Hair

If you desire bright colors for your hair, think about mid-length hair color, like the rainbow prism. This unique style uses vibrant hues, creating a multidimensional and glowing effect. Tell your hair professional to add colors like purple, blue, pink, and green. This will help you create a rich mix of shades. People who like bold and playful looks will love this hair color. It also suits a variety of skin types. Choose softer pastel shades for a gentle effect. If you want a powerful statement, select intense and rich colors.

#35: Face-Framing Rainbows

Try a super bright face frame style that incorporates rainbow colors! The placement of neon tones in this style makes the color look like it’s glowing. You can wear this color straight or wavy for versatility. You will need to use a color-safe shampoo at home. Also, plan on salon visits more often for color refreshes to prevent color dullness. Bright colors are great, but they are fast to fade.

#36: Crimped Rainbow

Try a vibrant crimped rainbow style for your next hair transformation. You need to bleach your hair until it becomes uniformly blonde to achieve this look. At your next appointment, discuss this style with your stylist to better understand the care and maintenance required for this look.

Sweeping rainbow bob for straight hair
Instagram @nichole.thibeault

#37: Sweeping Rainbow Bob

Try a sweeping rainbow bob if you’re looking for show-stopping hair. Give your stylist several reference pictures. This way, they know which colors you love and can better create a custom vivid color for you. Ask about maintenance and what products you should use to keep your color looking great for as long as possible.

Gorgeous Rainbow Hair with Rainbow Roots for long wavy hair
Instagram @whitstodyefor

#38: Gorgeous Rainbow Hair with Rainbow Roots

To rock a truly stunning and vibrant look, wear your hair with a gorgeous rainbow hue and rainbow roots. This trend allows you to showcase your creativity through a kaleidoscope of colors. The rainbow roots add depth and dimension. This creates a transition from your natural hair color to vibrant rainbow shades. Wear your bright rainbow hair with pride, as this style embraces your unique personality.

Dusty Rose with an Interior Rainbow Panel for girls with long lived-in hair
Instagram @k.s.colors

#39: Dusty Rose with an Interior Rainbow Panel

Ask for a dusty rose with an interior rainbow panel. You will want to start with a global blonde for this all-over vivid color. Typically, levels 6 and above are easier to achieve because the hair is naturally lighter. Your colorist will be able to place the color in the places that create a prism effect with your rainbow. Don’t forget a super gentle cleanser like Hairstory New Wash Original. It helps to maintain the color as long as possible.

#40: Bleached and Rainbowed Hair

Consider a bleached and rainbowed hair color. A global blonde will create the necessary canvas to match the hidden rainbow hair color. Lifting to level 9 will eliminate the orange and red from your hair. Tone to balance out the rest of the blonde with a cool/gold. Your stylist will separate the rainbow colors with mesh or foil so it won’t bleed on the rest of the blonde. One of the best ways to protect hair while lifting is with Olaplex Bond Multiplier No.1 and Bond Perfector No.2, maintaining the bonds in the hair.

#41: Pastel Unicorn Hair Color

Embrace your inner unicorn with a unique pastel rainbow hair color. Pastels are one of the best color choices when venturing into the world of vivid hair. They fade easily into blonde, so it’s easily undone if you don’t like it. Pastels show the truest on a clean canvas and light to the lightest blonde. They will look muddy or not show up on hair darker than that. I advise all of my vivid clients to wash their hair with cold water to increase the longevity of their hair color.

Neon Pops of Rainbow on White Hair for women with an vibrant, edgy style
Instagram @tk.colorss

#42: Neon Pops of Rainbow on White Hair

Wow! If you’re feeling bold, try these neon pops of the rainbow on white hair. Best styled with a curling iron for dimension. Ensure you wash your hair in cold water to protect these vivid tones.

Candy Swirled Rainbow Hair for ladies with an edgy vibe and style
Instagram @artistic.aestheticss

#43: Candy Swirled Rainbow Hair

Candy-swirled rainbow hair is an excellent choice to add a playful and colorful twist to your hair. This vivid hair color is a vibrant mix of blues, purples, and pinks, creating an exciting and unique look. With so many bright shades, you can customize your hair color to your liking. This will ensure you’ll stand out if you want to. This hair color works best for those with warm complexions and neutral undertones. To make sure the colors pop, ask your colorist to lighten your hair to a level 9 or higher.

Flawless Rainbow Hair with perfectly placed colors for ladies with long hair
Instagram @cozmic.color

#44: Flawless Rainbow Hair

Are you looking to add a pop of color to your long luscious locks? Consider flawless rainbow hair with strategically placed ribbons of color. This fun and playful look can brighten any outfit and add fun to your everyday routine. Make sure to consult with your colorist to find the perfect mix of colors. They should complement your skin tone and bring out the best in your features. You will wear your hair with excitement!

Mint and Coral Rainbow Hair color ideas for ladies with short hair
Instagram @guy_tang

#45: Mint and Coral Rainbow Hair

Try mint and coral rainbow hair to add fun and flair to your short hair. This playful color features cool green and warm pink tones. It creates a unique and eye-catching look. The pastel hues are perfect for those who want to add a whimsy to their style and work well with various skin tones. It’s important to ask a stylist to mix the colors and create the perfect balance of light and dark shades. So, if you’re ready to make a colorful statement with your hair, this may be what you’re looking for!

#46: Light Rainbow Hair

Light rainbow hair is a playful and vibrant choice if you want to make a bold statement. The mix of pastel shades creates a whimsical and dreamy effect reminiscent of a rainbow. Light rainbow hair is the perfect option if you love experimenting with your hair. The soft and muted tones add a subtle and ethereal touch to your look. However, maintaining light rainbow hair requires regular touch-ups and proper hair care. But only if you want to keep the colors looking fresh and vibrant.

#47: Long Neon Rainbow Hair

If you love bright colors, try this long neon rainbow hair. Ask about the proper products to use at home. Remember, this will require more visits to the salon.

#48: Rainbow Split

This rainbow split color is a beauty! Plan to be in the salon more often to keep this color refreshed. Ask for the proper at-home styling products at your next salon visit. They help to maintain this color as long as possible.

Rainbow Colors on Long Lived-In Hair for women with a creative side
Instagram @tk.colorss

#49: Rainbow Colors on Long Lived-In Hair

Ask for a long lived-in style with rainbow colors when you effortlessly meets a unicorn. Ask for a rainbow money piece if you want rainbow hair dye ideas. And for pieces of peek-a-boo rainbow throughout the mids and ends of the hair. Try extensions with rainbow pieces already in the hair for an easier process. Consult with your stylist about what the best options are for your hair.

#50: Vivid and Vibrant Mix of Rainbow Colored Hair

Consider a vivid and vibrant mix of rainbow-colored hair. If your hair is a good candidate for global blonding, you must create a blank canvas for vivid colors. The best vivid tones are Pravana and Matrix. They are interchangeable and have a lot of color variations to choose from. They last longer in the hair than other brands. Invest in color-safe cleansers suggested by your stylist.

#51: Vivid White Hair with Rainbow Highlights and Money Piece

Ask for global blonde white hair color with vivid rainbow highlights and a money piece. One of the best things you can do to prep your hair for vivids is to get your hair as pale blonde as possible. This will create the best canvas for vivids. Doing a rainbow spectrum creates a beautiful blend of colors that will stay bright for 6-8 weeks. Use Hairstory’s New Wash Rich. It’s hydrating on bleached hair and gently protects your color investment.

Holographic Rainbow Bob with a Side Part
Instagram @georgeeblancoo

#52: Holographic Rainbow Bob with a Side Part

Here’s a holographic rainbow bob with a side part. Let your stylist formulate the perfect tones for your vivid shades. Giving them parameters is great. But, depending on your canvas, it will determine the flexibility in shade choices. Avoid overwashing or using hot water when you get vivids done. This will fade them quicker by roughing the hair shaft and releasing the pigments.

Bold Rainbow Hair on a Blunt Cut Bob for Straight Hair Without Bangs
Instagram @hair_by_love

#53: Bold Rainbow Hair on a Blunt Cut Bob

Vibrant rainbow vibes are coming in hot with this one! Your hair colorist should be well-experienced with fantasy colors. Your hair must be lifted and pre-toned, and then you start painting and blending the tones. Let the rainbow tones process as long as possible. Wash with cold water to preserve and keep coloring from bleeding into each other.

Goth-Inspired Rainbow Hair
Instagram @blowdrydreams

#54: Goth-Inspired Rainbow Hair

If you’re looking for a bold, daring hue, this goth-inspired rainbow color could be perfect. However, the number one drawback of this style is that it requires frequent touch-ups. Maintenance is needed to keep the bright colors vivid. I recommend telling your colorist exactly what kind of look you want. Let them know if shades should be added to the mix that complements each other.

Inverted Straight Bob with Vivid Rainbow Colors
Instagram @kelsey.mtl

#55: Inverted Straight Bob with Vivid Colors

If you want to make a statement with your hair, an inverted straight bob with rainbow colors is the perfect look. Vivid hues add dimension and depth to any style, making this cut stand out. To achieve this dramatic look, talk to your colorist. They may suggest using semi-permanent dyes in multiple shades to create unique colors. For vivid tones that last between touchups, use a quality toning shampoo. Verb’s Ghost Shampoo is specifically designed for colored hair. Regular trims will ensure your bob stays intact while helping keep its shine!

Pastel Rainbow Hair Colors
Instagram @john.n1115

#56: Pastel Rainbow Hair Colors

If you’re looking for a perfect take on rainbow tones, pastel-blended rainbow hair colors are the way to go. I recommend creating an ombré effect with lighter hues at the crown and darker ones at the ends. To achieve this look, ask your colorist for highlights in shades like lilac and baby blue. And don’t forget to ask about the upkeep of toners after bleaching so that all those vibrant colors stay true! Be sure to use products specifically designed for colored hair. Try Redken Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo & Conditioner.

Perfectly Placed Rainbow Highlights
Instagram @kelsey.mtl

#57: Perfectly Placed Rainbow Highlights

Adding rainbow highlights to your hair is a great way to express yourself. If you’re ready for something bold, I suggest block coloring. Your hair will look vibrant with contrasting colors against your base color. It helps provide some extra dimension that will surely get compliments from everyone who sees it. To achieve this style, tell your colorist exactly what you want. That way, they can create the perfect pieces of color for you. If you want lower maintenance, do block coloring like a peek-a-boo. Any blocking on the top will show regrowth the fastest. Frequent toning treatments are important in keeping vivid, colorful hues looking bright. Use a high-quality brand like Oway “Color Protection” shampoo and conditioner to maintain your color longer.

Sunset-Inspired Long Rainbow Hair
Instagram @xcellent_kevin

#58: Sunset-Inspired Long Hair

Rainbow hair trends that will have you glowing from the inside out. Colors like this are not only a commitment in the salon but at home as well. So before you jump into this beautiful look, ask about all maintenance tips at home too. My advice is to use all professional color-safe products. Wash your hair with cold water to help maintain the color longer.

#59: Long Kaleidoscope Hair

Vivid fashion hair color is mesmerizing! Long hair offers many coloring possibilities, but don’t let the maintenance fool you. Vivid colors like in this layered rainbow hair need a retouch every 4 weeks.

Rainbow Prismatic Short Bob
Instagram @lyndadidit

#60: Prismatic Short Bob

Brilliant rainbow tones will have a different look in every view and light. Take inspiration from a prism in the light. Now, apply it to painting your hair. Don’t forget to ask your colorist for color-protecting products. From the shampoo and conditioner to your heat spray to help the longevity of your color.

Brick-Layer Rainbow Pattern Hairstyle
Instagram @georgeeblancoo

#61: Brick-Layer Rainbow Pattern

This color is eye-catching by, placing the different hues in a brick-layer pattern. By offsetting the placement of each tone, you can capture each color. You must be cautious with your at-home hair routine to get the most out of bright hair color like this. And be sure only to shampoo sparingly and rinse with cool water instead of hot. A quick tip: dry shampoo, such as Perfect Hair Day by Living Proof, will be your best friend!

Amazing Rainbow Tresses
Instagram @snowcon3hair

#62: Amazing Rainbow Tresses

Don’t be scared to try amazing prismatic rainbow colors on your long wavy tresses. If you must show off your true colors, find a colorist specializing in prismatic color techniques. I like to remind my guests that these colors are semi-permanent and will need to be refreshed after about 6 weeks.

Long Black Hair with Rainbow Prism Streaks
Instagram @keracolorhair

#63: Long Black Hair with Rainbow Prism Streaks

Long black hair with rainbow prism streaks is sure to be a showstopper. My best advice is to opt for a rainbow balayage if you have black hair and want vivid colors. Otherwise, you can do colored hair extensions, so you wouldn’t have to lighten your hair. Plus, the rainbow color won’t fade on extension hair. If you don’t want to do hair extensions, I recommend finding a hairstylist that specializes in fantasy hair colors.

Rainbow Babylights with a Shadow Root
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#64: Rainbow Babylights with a Shadow Root

Rainbow babylights with a shadow root are a great hair color idea for women wanting vivid hair colors without coloring all of their hair and women who want soft pops of color throughout their hair but aren’t ready for the commitment of a full head of vivid colors. Rainbow hair is super alluring and one of the best hair dye ideas for clients who love colorful hair. You’ll want to invest in good hair products and heat protection. It’s best to shampoo 1-2 times per week instead of every day to keep your hair color as bright as possible for as long as possible.

Incredible Medium-Length Rainbow Hair
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#65: Incredible Medium-Length Rainbow Hair

Be boldly unique with incredible medium-length rainbow hair. Rainbow hairstyles are wearable art that will make your hair look incredible. I highly recommend going to a fashion color specialist for a customized creation. Fashion colors are big maintenance and money, so be ready for the commitment.

Vivid Blunt Cut with Rainbow Colors
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#66: Vivid Blunt Cut with Rainbow Colors

A vivid blunt cut with rainbow colors is inspiring and perfect for the right type of creative person. Adding color blocking with a design can add interest to a solid color. I encourage vivid tones for guests that are okay with upkeep. Remember, you’ll have to retouch the vibrant tones every 4 to 6 weeks for maximum results. You can also find ways to maintain the vibrancy by using shampoos that don’t contain sulfates.

Rainbow Tie Dyed Hair
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#67: Rainbow Tie Dyed Hair

Rainbow tie-dyed hair will surely turn heads. Rainbow hair can be a little more maintenance, but so worth it. Alternatively, you can opt for a few rainbow, tie-dye, and peek-a-boo pieces to keep it more conservative and easy to take care of.

Rainbow-Inspired Neon Candy-Colored Hair
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#68: Rainbow-Inspired Neon Candy-Colored Hair

Consider neon hair if you’ve tried other vivid hair colors in the past, but want something new. One of my favorite ways to wear these colors is a section on top of the head melting down into the ends. You can leave the underneath of your hair in whatever shade you want. Just add a rainbow on top for a waterfall of neon candy. If you want extra fun with your hair color, change the color around your face. This will get your face to pop out more with your hair color.

#69: Stunning Cosmic Rainbow Hair Color

Coloring your hair with a stunning cosmic rainbow color will revitalize your appearance. Remember, with complementary colors (blue/orange, purple/yellow, red/green). You will want to be extra cautious when shampooing. It helps to try and keep your colors as separated as possible, and you can do so by clipping up different colored sections of hair and rinsing one section at a time. You’ll want to avoid shampooing frequently and be ready to say goodbye to relaxing hot showers for a while.

Silver to Rainbow Ombre
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#70: Silver to Rainbow Ombre

A silver to rainbow ombré is such a unique color. One of the best ways to keep your color bright and vibrant is to use dry shampoo to go longer in between washes. Avoid using hot water when shampooing. Instead, opt for a cooler water temperature to keep the color from fading.

Wavy Rainbow Lob Cut
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#71: Wavy Rainbow Lob Cut

A wavy lob cut is for women that want to show off their love for bright colors. The vivid colors are very high maintenance, be sure to ask your colorist what the upkeep will be like. It’s best to wash your hair less frequently and use cold water to keep the color fresh for longer. Using hot tools at a lower temperature will keep the color from fading and keep the hair healthy.

#72: Unique Rainbow Roots

Unique rainbow roots are a fun way for a blonde to have even more fun. Since hair grows from the root, expect to see your stylist every 4 weeks, minimum, to keep the natural color from being exposed and to keep the rainbow roots looking tip-top shape.

Dip-dye rainbow hair color
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#73: Dip-Dye Rainbow

Dip-dye rainbow hair is easy for a blonde to switch up her look. Multiple colors placed throughout the bottom of the hair are super eye-catching and can also easily be hidden, if need be, with a bun or ponytail. Applying color to the ends of the hair is the best way to keep the integrity of the hair.

Fun Crimped Underlayer Rainbow Colors on Dark Hair
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#74: Fun Crimped Underlayer Rainbow Colors on Dark Hair

Striking crimped rainbow colors is exactly what ash black hair needs. Dyed rainbow hair like this is always exciting!

#75: Vivid Rainbow Shades

Bold, vivid rainbow hues make all the work in the salon chair worth it.

Bright Rainbow for Shoulder Length Hair
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#76: Bright Rainbow for Shoulder-Length Hair

The harmony of colors in these rainbow locks gently reminds you that unicorns exist! This short hair with brighter rainbow tones is undoubtedly pretty and cute!

#77: Tropical Sunset on Long Wavy Hair

I would describe this look as a tropical rainbow sunset. My best tips for recreating this look are to take your time and separate each section so none of the bottom colors touch each other and to wash in the coldest water your client can handle. It’s super important to saturate with vivids, so you’re better off using more product and oversaturating than under. Use low temperatures while styling, as well as a heat protectant.

To maintain this color, wash in the coldest possible water and explain to your clients you get 7 washes. It’s up to you to use them all in 1 week or over the next 7 weeks! When styling, give the rainbow some waves to emphasize all the hues.

Perfectly Painted Rainbow
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#78: Perfectly Painted Rainbow

This blonde hair with rainbow highlights looks amazing when paired with a modern shag with curtain bangs. Use a gentle, color-safe shampoo and Pravana’s Silk Degrees Shine Serum to offer protection and radiant shine to show off those vivid colors!

creatively rainbow-colored hair
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#79: Creatively Rainbow-Colored Hair

Opt for rainbow-colored hair if you have long hair. The downside to many fashion colors/rainbow hair is that the hair must be lightened to a pale blonde. However, this specific type of fashion color must only be lifted to a dark blonde. This allows women with naturally darker color hair to enjoy fashion colors without all the damage of over-processed lightened hair.

#80: Rainbow Unicorn Hair

This look is called unicorn or mermaid hair, my favorite new rainbow hair trend. The ideal hair for these types of colors is light brown to blonde hair. The hair must be pre-lightened to pale blonde before applying pastels. Naturally, light-haired women pull this color off best. Darker-haired women may need more than one session to get light enough for pastel colors.

The best way to preserve and not get rid of rainbow hair color is to always wash with cold water and a sulfate-free shampoo. Avoid washing your hair every day if possible. Vivid colors fade quicker than natural colors, so I recommend a 4 to 6-week appointment with your stylist to keep the colors fresh.

gorgeous rainbow highlights
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#81: Gorgeous Rainbow Highlights

Bright rainbow colors work as well as any other hair color. Wear that pride anywhere you go!

#82: Black Hair with Rainbow Ombre Balayage

Try out black hair with rainbow ombre balayage if you have always wanted rainbow hair but were too nervous about coloring your whole head. The rainbow pieces underneath make it easy to hide when you want a subtle look or show off when you want a pop of color. Keeping the rainbow colors underneath the black also makes it so that it’s not so noticeable when your roots start to come back in. Always wash vivid colors with a sulfate-free shampoo and in cold water to maintain the color.