Top 61 Burgundy Hair Color Shades of 2024

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Are you considering a bold and beautiful hair color change? Look no further than burgundy red! A burgundy hair color blends brown and purple, creating a deep burgundy red wine hue. Like a fine wine, deep merlot, cabernet, oxblood, and Bordeaux hair color hues shimmer at the slightest hint of light. This rich and vibrant hue is a great way to add drama to your look without going outside the box. But before you take the plunge, there are some important things to consider. In this article, I’ll give you expert advice from myself and other hairstylists on getting the perfect shade and some picture ideas to inspire your new look.

Meet The Expert

Rachel Lucia
Rachael Lucia
An independent hairstylist in Tewksbury, MA

Burgundy is a beautiful hair color. However, as with any hair color, it’s important to know what you’re getting into before taking the plunge. I spoke with hairstylist Rachael Lucia to get her expert advice on everything you need to know before getting a burgundy red hair color.

Lucia’s first tip is all about at-home care. “You must have great at-home care in place or be willing to invest,” she says. “Any red color fades very quickly and easily. So investing in a quality salon with professional color-safe shampoo, conditioner, and heat protectant at minimum is extremely important in my eyes!”

If you’re considering burgundy hair and currently have a different hair color, Lucia’s advice is to be prepared for the maintenance that comes with it. “Just know the upkeep in maintenance with at-home care and salon frequency may increase to keep it looking fresh,” she says. “Also, make sure your skin tone, eye color, etc., will complement this color. Also, note that I highly recommend trying out a demi or semi-permanent in this type of color before jumping to permanent. This color doesn’t lift out of the hair as easily if and when you decide you don’t want it anymore, so by trying a non-permanent option first, you could save yourself a lot of time and money in the long run!”

One of Lucia’s most common mistakes when maintaining burgundy hair is letting the color fade too much. “Often, if this color is past due to get done, it can get very dull and faded and can show through as brassy as it is a very warm color, to begin with,” she says.

Finally, when talking to your stylist or colorist before getting burgundy hair, Lucia recommends asking about non-permanent options and returning to your usual color if you decide you don’t want your hair color burgundy anymore. “Again, make sure they are recommending high-quality products as well to maintain at home!” she says.

Get ready to swoon over these stunning burgundy hair color ideas that will have you reaching for the phone to book your next hair color appointment!

Wine colored burgundy hairstyle
Instagram @hairbydamian

#1: Popular Dark Red Wine Burgundy Hair

This dark burgundy wine-colored balayage blends into the naturally dark hair.  Use a violet toning conditioner if you’re a wine-haired lady. The violet brings out the purple tones in the color. For that, use Blonde Angel by Kevin Murphy.

Red Velvet Burgundy Hue for Tapered Bob with Bangs on Ladies with Round Faces
Instagram @hair_by_hopie_

#2: Red Velvet Hue for Tapered Bob with Bangs

Try a red velvet hue on a tapered bob with bangs. With red, you want a shade that works well with your complexion. Try a blue-violet red for cool skin tones with a pink undertone. Face-framing bangs with a tapered bob look great on pear and round face shapes.

#3: Neutral Burgundy Tones on a Lob

The perfect way to change your usual lob is to try a neutral burgundy tone. This shade of violet brown is rich and vibrant, and it looks like what some might refer to as cherry cola. Use shampoo once every 2-4 weeks to keep the tone looking fresh.

#4: Burgundy Red Hair with Soft Layers

Burgundy red hair with soft layers is a beautiful choice. Adding layers to your shape will encourage movement so your hair won’t hang limp. Layering will also soften your features and give you a more feminine hairstyle. If you choose a vibrant red, it will certainly add spice to your cut. Try blowing out your style with a medium round brush, under and backward, to show off the layering.

#5: Shoulder-Length Deep Red Hair

Turn to burgundy for a deep red option for your shoulder-length hair. Burgundy can add warmth and richness to your locks, making them appear shiny. Blow-dry with Aquage SeaExtend Silkening Oil Treatment and use a straightener for sleek hair.

#6: Cool Burgundy Tone on Medium Wavy Hair

Wear a cool burgundy tone on medium-wavy hair. For a stylish color, try a reflective burgundy. A shade showing purple and violet will be perfect for the edgy and sassy woman. For the shade to show on dark hair, pre-lighten your hair. Or use a high-lift color that deposits color at the same time.

Burgundy Long Hair with Subtle Layers and Bouncy Waves
Instagram @ojhair

#7: Burgundy Long Hair with Subtle Layers

This is a long subtle layered burgundy style. Depending on skin tones and hair textures, you will want to match a red to complement your hair. Set your hair in pin curls for bouncy waves after using a round brush to make a curl. After cooling your hair, remove the pins and set it with a hairspray for hold.

Short Wavy Hair with Blended Black and Burgundy Highlights
Instagram @michellegcole

#8: Short Hair with Blended Black and Burgundy Tones

For dark chocolate hair, you will want to pre-lighten it to go lighter and add dimension to the hair. A rich burgundy will show in the sun more than indoors. You can pick a shade of red that represents your style, whether edgy, classy, feminine, or sophisticated.

Very Long Dark Burgundy Hair with Layers and Waves
Instagram @jmzbeauty

#9: Very Long Dark Burgundy Hair

Ask your colorist for a long, dark, reflective burgundy hairstyle. This gorgeous color is perfect for naturally dark bases of level 4 and under. Using a solid color over some pre-lifted areas, you can create a reflective color with the dimension. Aftercare will play a big part in maintaining the burgundy color. Make sure you use color-safe cleansers like Hairstory’s New Wash.

#10: Fiery Burgundy Red Kinky Hair

Fiery burgundy red kinky hair is perfect for darker complected ladies who want to rock a daring look. This hair color is a deep, rich hue with cool undertones. To add dimension, try foiling in lowlights of dark brown, almost black, and maroon for a unique style. For burgundy hair, I recommend using Pure Blends Hydrating Color Depositing Shampoo. It will keep the color vibrant right now so that you won’t have to visit your colorist as often.

#11: Cherry Highlights on an Angled Long Bob

Cherry highlights add a beautiful touch to dark-haired women with long bob haircuts. The burgundy hair pops next to the dark pieces. These deep, vibrant hues leave the hair looking shiny and dimensional. Opt for a few small highlights around your face for an even more subtle look. If you want to make a dramatic impact, a full head of highlights is the way to go. To get the best results, visit a professional colorist to guide you and create a custom look.

#12: Vivid Burgundy Balayage with Money Pieces

A burgundy balayage with a money piece highlight is the perfect look for long hair with mid-length layers. The balayage is highlighted thicker and lighter around the face. It has a deeper hue throughout the rest of the hair. If you want to try this color, it’s best suited for someone with an olive skin tone. If you are ready to add some extra bend to the style, grab your 1 1/4-inch curling iron and bend the ends. Finish with a shine serum to add some smoothness and separation.

#13: Burgundy Balayage with Mid-Length Bouncy Waves

A burgundy balayage on mid-length hair styled with bouncy waves is such a cool hairstyle. If you’re looking for a fall makeover, ask your stylist if this would suit your skin tone! A good colorist should be able to match what shade fits you best.

Dark-Rooted Burgundy Babylights for Long Hair with Face-Framing Layers
Instagram @eorganicsalon

#14: Dark-Rooted Burgundy Babylights

Dark-rooted burgundy babylights bring dull hair to life. Silky and smooth, this style will surely bring a load of shine to your tresses. Bring this photo to your next hair appointment if you need the inspiration to try a deep red color.

Purplish Burgundy Hair Color on Sleek, Straight-Haired Women
Instagram @detangledsalon

#15: Purplish Burgundy

Purplish, burgundy hair is underrated. Whether you prefer more or less purple, the subtlety of it shining in the light is gorgeous. You can also color your roots and ends in different tones. Your roots are more of a natural burgundy to blend with your natural tone.

#16: Deep Side Part Burgundy Hair

For burgundy, that will be true to tone on dark hair colors; you must pre-lighten your hair first. And then toning to a shade you like. Getting to level eight can be a little work if you want the burgundy to show up with a dimensional contrast. Looking for a color specialist will set you up for success.

#17: Wavy Lob with Subtle Burgundy Highlights

Try a wavy long with subtle burgundy highlights. Burgundy is shades of red and brown mixed. Any hair color can be burgundy. Consider your style and skin tone to find the best shade for you.

#18: Burgundy Mulled Wine Hair Color

Ask for burgundy mulled wine hair color if you love a deep red palette. This will be perfect if you like tons of shine and deep yet bold color and can take care of a high-maintenance tone. I always tell clients that an all-over burgundy is one of my favorite colors, but it does require some extra TLC. Always use a color-safe shampoo and expect to come in for regular salon visits.

Muted Burgundy Red Hair with Soft Waves on Medium-Length Haircut
Instagram @killackybeauty

#19: Muted Burgundy Red Hair with Soft Waves

Here’s a red muted burgundy with soft waves. Add a burgundy to your new style if you want to feel out red hair. The right shade that compliments your skin tone is key. Having more red (warm skin tones) or a blue (cool skin tones) base will determine the shade to use.

#20: Long Middle-Parted Burgundy Waves

A long wavy burgundy style with a middle part is gorgeous. For a flawless red, go to a colorist who specializes in reds. You can show off the color and work with the right dimensional color for your skin tone. This color is more red-based for warmer skin tones. Use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner to maintain at home. Glossing treatments can help to bring out more color and shine to your hair.

Dark Wavy Bob Hair with Burgundy Crimson Ombre Highlights Parted on the Side
Instagram @hair.byabby

#21: Dark Bob Hair with Crimson Ombre Highlights

Consider a dark crimson ombré bob. For brunettes, a crimson red stands out with the dark color of base levels 1-4. For the most contrast, have your stylist do strands of lighter pieces. It will create the most dimension, and then use a lighter red over the pre-lightened hair. Consider using a hair mask to maintain your dark hair color. Extra moisture is important when doing any pre-lightening.

Bright Red Burgundy Balayage for Dark Hair and Wavy Style
Instagram @hiuskissoulu

#22: Bright Red Balayage for Dark Hair

A bright red balayage for dark hair is trendy right now. If you want a modern color, try a color melt of a darker made into a lighter red over your balayage hair—a perfect choice for edgy women or those not afraid to stand out.

Bright Burgundy on Sleek Neck-Length Bobbed Hair for Straighter Locks
Instagram @matisse_salon_

#23: Bright Burgundy on Sleek Bobbed Hair

Opt for a sleek and bright burgundy bob. To create an eye-catching red for burgundy hair, do chunkier pre-lightening to the hair. Use a couple of different shades to create contrast and dimension. For warmer skin tones, ask your stylist for a blue base burgundy. It has a cooler tone and will complement your complexion.

Face-Framing Burgundy Highlights for Black Hair Styled with Center Part and Waves
Instagram @dye.aanaa

#24: Face-Framing Burgundy Highlights for Black Hair

A face-framed burgundy highlight on black hair is sultry. To transition from a dark base color to lighter shades, stay within a few levels of lift. Try a violet-based tone, too, at first. Create a lighter money piece that frames the face for a nice face-framing effect on round face shapes. Place lighter pieces through the end of the hair to elongate the face and neck.

#25: Wavy Layers with Dark Purple Burgundy Accents

A layered wavy dark purple color with burgundy accents. For dark purple color, the right shade will complement your skin tone. Ask your stylist to help navigate what works for you. Adding burgundy highlights for dimension and a pop of extra color will suit those in an edgy style.

Very Long Glossy Burgundy Deep Wave Wig on Black Women
Instagram @rawlove_hair

#26: Glossy Burgundy Deep Wave Wig

Try a glossy burgundy deep wave wig for a glamorous look that oozes with shine. Are you someone that wants a way to explore the deep red vibe? But you don’t want to color your natural hair? A burgundy wave wig is for you! Look for a hairdresser that specializes in wigs to make things more simple. This way, you can enjoy your new color to the fullest.

#27: Deep Red-Violet with Silver Face-Framing Highlights

Fashion hair color is so fun and so gorgeous. This deep, red-violet coloring with a summer silver money piece is one of a kind. The shade of red-violet contrasting with the silver, lilac blonde is stunning.

Gorgeous black and burgundy balayage
Instagram @jayvonriedel

#28: Gorgeous Black and Burgundy Balayage

If you’re thinking of classing up your black mane with pops of a dark wine color, go for it! Get that dazzling, natural-looking result with a black and burgundy balayage. This subtle burgundy style will keep your straight, fine locks from appearing unexciting. When styling, curl the mid-lengths but leave the ends out for a softer touch.

#29: Sangria Burgundy on Long Wavy Hair

This is one of Guy Tang’s classic color transformations on Huda Kattan’s long wavy hair. It’s a gorgeous combination of burgundy purple hair with hints of light nutmeg and chestnut hues.

Mid-Length Burgundy Shag
Instagram @hirohair

#30: Mid-Length Burgundy Shag

A mid-length burgundy shag is a fabulous way to add soft color to an ultra-trendy cut. The layered cut gives the dark brown burgundy hair an elegant style that doesn’t try too hard. You can incorporate a co-wash into your hair. For example, use New Wash to promote volume and texture at the ends of this haircut.

#31: Curly Burgundy Hair

A curly burgundy hair has all the flare. Beautiful and complimentary on warmer skin tones. If starting with a darker base, you may need to pre-lighten it to achieve a bright burgundy tone. So consider what after-hair care you need to keep those colored curly locks hydrated—definitely oils, deep conditioners, and anything your stylist prescribes for your specific texture.

#32: Seamless Burgundy and Magenta Balayage

A seamless burgundy and magenta balayage with dark, blended roots allows for better growth and works best with balanced skin tones. Ladies of any age can pull off these fun, bold hair colors.

Dimensional Red Violet Burgundy Tones
Instagram / @glossarysalon

#33: Dimensional Red Violet Burgundy Tones

In this red-violet burgundy wine hair color, the tones become vibrant in natural lighting. The color is deep and professional, but it really pops when you see it in natural light. Try the Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair System. Their shampoo, conditioner, and Triple Rescue Thermal Protection Spray are infused with quinoa. It keeps your color vibrant and prevents fading for up to nine weeks!

To maintain the vibrant burgundy tones of this color, I recommend you go in for a gloss or topcoats using Paul Mitchell PopXG Burgundy every four weeks and touching up the new growth every six to eight weeks. Thermal protection and washing with color-safe and sulfate-free products like Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair System are necessary.

Sweet burgundy pinot noir with bangs
Instagram @bescene

#34: Sweet Burgundy Pinot Noir with Bangs

Doesn’t this remind you of a wonderful bottle of wine, maybe Pinot Noir? This burgundy (color) bob haircut looks nice with bangs to make beautiful eyes pop. These colors fade, but this specific color line allows it to fade to a beautiful mauve color. Avoid washing daily, and use dry shampoo for in-between days to achieve this desired wine hair color.

Shiraz Wine LOB
Instagram @c00lidc

#35: Shiraz Wine LOB

This Shiraz lob’s depth of burgundy color allows for a nice fade out since reds fade quickly. Though the color is dark, reds fade quickly, so most colorists will only recommend reds for women who can be in the salon every 6-8 weeks to refresh their toner.

#36: Purple Burgundy Balayage for Long Hair

This shade of purple-red burgundy balayage is perfect for fun, bold, adventurous women. It’s warm yet cool, making it suitable for many skin tones. The pink violet tones are flirty and fun; the cut creates fullness and bounce.

I recommend you use lukewarm to cool water when washing. Use a sulfate-free shampoo, alternating with a red color depositing shampoo or conditioner to keep the color vivid until your next appointment. Shampooing about 2 times a week would be ideal. Re-toning would be about every 6-8 weeks.

Amazing Dark Burgundy Pixie Cut
Instagram @djrcolor

#37: Amazing Dark Burgundy Pixie Cut

This mesmerizing dark burgundy hair is a red pixie cut with sharp edges that couldn’t be any bolder without a stunning plum color hue. Though it requires maintenance if you want to keep the cut and color for a long time, this short burgundy hair is a worthy head-turning look to own.

#38: Layered Boysenberry + Burgundy Locks

This shade of burgundy red hair looks gorgeous on lengthy waves and pale complexions. Try this ombre hair with your natural black hair with burgundy if you want to taste this sweet, rich color.

Beautiful Dark burgundy with magenta highlights
Instagram @_beautybybree

#39: Beautiful Dark Burgundy with Magenta Highlights

Rich and luscious dark burgundy hair suits any skin color, warm or cold, so the only thing you need to rock this bold, dashing color is confidence! Subtle burgundy red wine highlights and flirty big waves on brunette hair would create the dimension needed to complete one of the gorgeous hairstyles here.

#40: Medium-Length Mauve Burgundy

Who would’ve thought that a metallic mauve and a rich mahogany base would blend smoothly and amazingly? No matter your skin tone, this super pretty hair dye would look perfect on you!

#41: Vivid Black and Burgundy Dip Dye

Here’s a black and burgundy dip-dye hair trend that adds a soft yet edgy upgrade to a mid-length cut. The balayage creates a seamless blend of shades of burgundy. For the hue to pop even brighter, waves on ends do wonders. Try this burgundy hairstyle to bring out instant gloss to dark tresses. This black and burgundy hair dye is a low-maintenance color with a more purple tone.  The foilyage technique was used to lighten the hair. Previous at-home coloring left a lot of warm red tones through the ends of the hair. If that’s your case, use it to your advantage and create this juicy berry color!

#42: Stunning Blonde and Burgundy

This blonde and red hair was inspired by the beautiful colors of spring flowers. It’s styled with easy-flowing waves that help the color intertwine and pop with its contrasting colors. This fun hair dye and burgundy style is a perfect way to add a fresh and fun change to your hair.

Burgundy Brown Raisin Hair Color
Instagram @emilytee_sc

#43: Burgundy Brown Raisin Hair Color

This burgundy brown hair color is the look of today’s balayage! This particular reddish-brown color is a wearable rich shade of burgundy. Instead of doing the entire head, which is very high-maintenance, you can overlay a color onto highlights or a balayage for a softer look.

Classic Burgundy + Mahogany Blend
Instagram @tashas_handm

#44: Classic Burgundy + Mahogany Blend

These burgundy tresses have the ultimate dimension, with shades of red, brown, and bursts of violet blended to give it a great mahogany tone with burgundy lowlights. The mahogany mixed with honey complements each other, flattering dark brown hair.

When a color has red, you must schedule your appointments every 6-8 weeks. Use a shampoo that is salt-free and sulfate-free, which is good for your hair color used. It’s best to use a shampoo that your stylist recommends.

#45: Bold Burgundy with Blonde Highlights

Trendy and stunning—what’s not to love about this bright burgundy hair with blonde highlights? This vibrant two-toned trend is making a statement! Pair a shade of burgundy with blonde highlights to give your long tresses a new, unique edge. This high-contrast look flatters fair to medium complexions.

Dark Cabernet to Neon Tangerine Orange Ombre
Kheyli Tristen / Instagram

#46: Dark Cabernet to Neon Tangerine Orange

This rich, dark cherry shade fades into a neon tangerine orange at the tips. A woman with a lighter or tan complexion can pull this color off, meaning all types of hair can also wear it. It’s a stunning hair color for an olive skin tone. When it comes to maintaining hair color (especially fashion colors like this), leaving your hair’s natural oils is healthy, and washing with cold water prevents the color from washing out so quickly.

#47: Sultry Deep Burgundy Hair Highlights

Those deep burgundy highlights on dark hair create a black cherry effect. The result? Fabulous! The depth of the burgundy color is what makes it sophisticated and classic. Waves within the deep burgundy hair color accentuate the subtle red highlights.

Fabulous Chocolate Brown Burgundy Bob
Carissa Callaway / Instagram

#48: Fabulous Chocolate Brown Burgundy Bob

This chocolate spice-inspired long bob is a rich burgundy hue.  This color is ideal for ladies who want to liven up and enrich their dark medium-length locks.

Sweet Plum Burgundy Hair Color
Instagram @hair_by_emali

#49: Sweet Plum Burgundy Hair Color

After the salon, taking care of a plum burgundy color can be as easy as one, two, or three nowadays. Keep some purple shampoo (and other products) with you, go in for regular touch-ups, and enjoy the color!

#50: Zinfandel with Purple Highlights

Down for a hair idea that’s one-of-a-kind? Why not rock such long and rich burgundy hair? Dark roots plus a shade of zinfandel with purple highlights—what a vibrant color melt! Added waves and curls create a more dramatic result. To keep its shine, use a red shampoo that deposits red tones into your burgundy hair colour.

#51: Charming Burgundy Highlights on Black Hair

Black hair with burgundy highlights is a great way to change a dark color. The awesome thing about burgundy streaks is that they change in different lighting! Sometimes, it can be more subtle in indoor lighting and brighter in direct sunlight. Either way, it’s always a very shiny color, making long thin hair look much fuller and healthier.

chocolate merlot burgundy hair
Instagram @hairby_calliej

#52: Chocolate Merlot Burgundy Hair

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate any hues into your style, this is a chic one that you’ll love! The depth and richness of the chocolate merlot hair color give long hair a flattering result. Red shades tend to fade quickly so sulfate-free hair products will be useful.

Rich Burgundy A-Line Bob
Elian Crabari / Instagram

#53: Rich Burgundy A-Line Bob

This is a rich burgundy A-line bob with the wearability of the style and all the dimensions in color.  Keep up with your root touch-ups and try an all-over semi-permanent gloss to keep the richness of the short burgundy hair. You’ll also want to use a good shampoo and conditioner like Kerasilk Color by Goldwell and a hair serum like Kerasilk Protective Oil by Goldwell after towel drying.

#54: Effortless Burgundy with Highlights

This sweet hair dyeing combo features burgundy highlights that not only add depth to the color but also make the brown-red shade more vibrant.

Deep Port Wine Burgundy Hair
Monica Silacci / Instagram

#55: Deep Port Wine Hair

This haircut is classy and sultry at the same time, like a glass of fine port wine. I recommend you try Oribe’s Beautiful Color line to keep your color vibrant and prevent fading. Some women may also occasionally use a red depositing shampoo, but if the color has faded out too much, it may be time for a glaze.

Alluring dark to light burgundy ombre
Instagram @tmhairdesign

#56: Alluring Dark to Light Burgundy Ombre

Rock this dark to light burgundy ombre hair color and show your love for classic styles! This trend features a reddish-brown tone to flatter fair to medium skin complexions. The catch is wearing this burgundy ombre mane because it demands high maintenance. Use a UV protective styling balm or thermal protection spray to prevent color from fading in the sun. If you have acne-prone skin or have a lot of red pigmentation, it’s best to stay away from being a redhead altogether.

Light Burgundy Tint
Instagram @thesalonno.1

#57: Light Burgundy

Are you a natural redhead who wishes to intensify her (already sensational) hair color? Amp up your hue by heading to the salon for a light burgundy hair color gloss.

Chic maroon burgundy for short hair
Instagram @studio417salon

#58: Chic Maroon Burgundy for Short Hair

Wants to give your bob a different twist? This trend offers hints of maroon burgundy for short hair like yours. With waves, the highlights create a dramatic result. This dark maroon hair color looks very stunning from every angle!

#59: Burgundy with Auburn Hues for Older Women

Burgundy with auburn hues for older women makes a fun, funky hair color that complements a warm skin tone. I recommend a red shampoo for copper shades of burgundy. It preserves your color and gets rid of orange or brown undertones. I also suggest visiting the salon to renew the color every 3 to 3.5 weeks.

Bordeaux curly burgundy hair
Instagram / @yenmingg

#60: Bordeaux Curly Brown Hair with Burgundy Highlights

This is a Bordeaux for Your Hair because it’s a rich and dimensional color with tons of warm hues, There are so many shades of burgundy to choose from, and all can be customized for most skin tones.

Bugundy Meets Blackberry Jam Hair Color
Instagram / @beautyby_larissa

#61: Burgundy Meets Blackberry Jam Hair Color

This hue is fun and confident but not too bold.  Women with jobs who aren’t allowed to have fashion colors can still express themselves through their hair with this tint. Olive and tan completions go great with this burgundy tone of color. Women with naturally dark hair rock a burgundy hair color well because they already have lots of underlying red pigment in most cases.