57 Stunning Silver Hair Color Ideas for 2023

Silver hair colors
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Silver hair color has been a trending hair color for the past few years, and it’s no surprise why. Silver color is stunning and can be tailored to suit many different styles and skin tones. However, achieving silver hair color is challenging, and it requires a lot of maintenance to keep the color looking its best. To help you navigate the world of silver hair ideas, expert stylist and color director, Lisa Dinh provides advice to inspire you to take the plunge and transform your locks into a gorgeous silver hue. So, buckle up and get ready to explore some of the most beautiful silver hair color ideas out there!

Meet The Expert

Lisa Dinh
Lisa Dinh
Lisa is a stylist and color director with over 14 years of experience.
Lisa is at her hair studio in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Silver hair has been gaining popularity in recent years, and for women considering this striking color, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Lisa says that achieving silver hair is a process that requires time, patience, and maintenance. “From dark virgin hair, we need to strip the hair to a level 10 and then tone silver,” she says. “From natural grey growing out, it’s a Color Correction, and we need to strip out colored ends slowly. We recommend a clarifying shampoo before visiting the salon. If they have existing color on the ends, we also agree on a haircut!”

When it comes to maintaining silver hair, Lisa recommends Fanola Purple Shampoo. “It’s the most pigmented purple shampoo on the market and helps tone the hair in-between hair services,” she says. “Purple shampoo is a must to maintain the color as it will fade and go to blonde. I recommend using it once a week or every 2 weeks.”

For women with silver hair with the opposite hair color, Lisa advises coming in for a hair strand test. “I recommend all women with the opposite hair color that want silver to get a strand test because we can tell from a strand test if the hair will lift and set the expectations based on their hair history,” she says. “This also provides the client with a lot of detail and a game plan for the hairstylist.”

Lisa also cautions against common mistakes women make when getting and maintaining silver hair. “Women usually don’t use the right products or get wrong that this is a ‘permanent’ color,” she says. “Every color fades and requires professional toners in-between and professional products to maintain the hair color and the integrity of the hair as it is a lot of bleaching to get the silver color. Without proper care, the hair will fade.”

Finally, Lisa suggests that before deciding to ask the hair colorist a few important questions. “Is this possible on my hair based on my hair history, hair texture, and the integrity of my hair?” she says. “That is such a big question because it allows the hairstylist to have a thorough consultation based on that client’s hair. Also another important question is how to maintain the color. Having silver hair is almost a lifestyle. It’s a luxury to maintain and to upkeep.”

Get ready to be mesmerized by the silver hair color ideas – you won’t resist checking out every stunning picture!

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#1: Long Wavy Silver Hair

Nothing brings out a stunning silver like some long waves. This look would be great if you have been rocking the all-over platinum blonde but want to try something new. A silver toner is all needed to achieve this look on platinum blonde hair.

Silver Salt and Pepper Balayage
Instagram @guy_tang
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#2: Salt and Pepper Balayage

If you want to transition to your natural gray from your current hair color, you can do it with some investment of time. Your colorist should discuss your options, which include a process involving color remover, bleach, and lots of toning. You will also need a high-quality take-home product to sustain the silver color and close the cuticle. Expect to spend around 8 hours or more to achieve these results.

Chic white silver hair
Instagram @artemis12866
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#3: Chic White Silver Hair

A white silver color is an awesome option if you have thin hair. The silver strands add dimension and can make thin hair look voluminous.

Bright Silver Blue Ombre
Instagram @eminekhair
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#4: Bright Blue Silver Ombre

A bright silver blue ombre tricks your eyes as your color moves from a warm, rich brown base to a spectacular mix of cool, vibrant colors.

Sleek Shoulder-Length Silver Straight Cut
Instagram @gulevich.vladimir
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#5: Sleek Shoulder-Length Straight Cut

Go for a trendy look with a sleek shoulder-length straight cut. Your hair needs to be lifted to a pale blonde before you can achieve a silver hue.

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#6: Salt and Pepper Balayage Bob

As we age, we go grey. Instead of hiding grey hair, why not embrace it and go with a salt and pepper balayage bob.

Short Bob Cut with Silver Balayage
Instagram @yuya_engol
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#7: Bob Cut with Silver Balayage

If you’re looking to add sophistication and elegance to your short hair, consider a bob cut with silver balayage. The silver balayage, a trendy hair color, combines shades of silver and gray, creating a modern and chic look.

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#8: Sexy Silver Balayage Hair Color

This silver balayage hair color is sexy, shiny, and bouncy.

Silver Hair with Pastel Streaks
Instagram @john.n1115
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#9: Silver Hair with Pastel Streaks

Silver hair with pastel streaks combines stark blonde tones with strategic placements of pastel colors. Combining silvers and pastels can be difficult, and your hair must be in good condition before attempting this color combination.

Natural Silver White Long Hair
Instagram @salsalhair
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#10: Natural Silver White Long Hair

Ask your stylist about a dusting cut. This will help keep the hair ends clean and healthy. White hair can be coarser, so consider using a high-quality conditioning mask weekly at home. When styling your long and silver-white hair, use a good smoothing cream. It gives better control and adds shine.

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#11: Gorgeous Silver Transformation

This gorgeous silver transformation proves that aging hair doesn’t have to be covered.

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#12: All Over Gray-Silver Makeover

This all-over look is a gorgeous option to keep your silver gray hair color looking luscious.

Wispy Silver Curls on mid-length hair
Instagram @deluxeondepot
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#13: Wispy Steel Silver Curls

A wispy silver curly hairstyle is perfect for women of any age.

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#14: Long Silver Hair with Short Layers

Silver hair combined with the movement from short layers is a perfect combo.

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#15: Soft Pixie Cut for Silver-Haired Women

Silver-haired women look great with soft pixie cuts. Aging hair does amazing at a short length because the styling efforts do not need to be extravagant.

One-Length Silver Curly Bob
Instagram @__kristina.renee__
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#16: One-Length Silver Curly Bob

The perfect shape for thick curly hair is a one-length bob. Keeping the style weighted can help hold the shape. All without your curl pattern are springing up too tightly.

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#17: Silvery Short Wavy Bob

Silver-toned hair will be shining in every season to come. Don’t be timid about jumping into this color. It will make your style trendy and modern.

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#18: Gorgeous Natural Grey

If you want to embrace your gorgeous natural grey, you can! One of the most common challenges with grey hair is when you decide to go from a monthly dye to au natural.

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#19: Gorgeous Silver Bob

Don’t be afraid to return to your roots with a gorgeous salt-and-pepper bob cut.

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#20: Trendy Silver Ash Grey

If you don’t want all of your silver hair entirely influenced by the silver color popularity, you can always opt for the ever-beautiful silver ash grey hair balayage color.

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#21: Stunning Silver Hair Highlights

Sultry, ashy, silver highlights are pastel and metallic tones that can be quite an undertaking. Pastels and silvers have such little density of pigment, so your hair needs to be very pale blonde (almost pure white) for them to show up unless you have salt and pepper hair already.

Eye-Catching Silver Lilac Hair Color
Instagram @daisydoeshair
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#22: Eye-Catching Silver Lilac Hair Color

A silver, lilac hair color mixed with platinum grey on the ends looks spectacular.

Sweet Pastel Silver Pink
Instagram @gosia_her_hair
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#23: Sweet Pastel Silver Pink

Try pastel silver pink hair color to bring out your inner unicorn vibes! You will need platinum blonde hair to achieve silver and pink pastel tones. The silver color melted into the pink hue will leave people dreaming about your tresses.

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#24: Edgy Short Silver Pixie Undercut

Short silver hair looks fearless with an undercut and when it’s asymmetrical.

Trendsetting Silver Mermaid Hair
Instagram @graley_bruton
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#25: Trendsetting Silver Mermaid Hair

Color your long hair silver and give it a half-up braided ‘do to look like a unique, edgy mermaid.

Wonderful icy gray silver
Instagram @gorashairsalon
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#26: Wonderful Ice Gray Silver

Now, this ultra-cool icy silver shade is a nice upgrade for silver hair women!

vivid silvery rose gold
Instagram @thejesjewel
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#27: Vivid Silvery Rose Gold

Warm and cool tones may be extreme opposites but could work especially with rose gold and pink tones on silver hair!

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#28: Cool Braided Silver and Purple Hair

A silver purple hair is such a inspiration.

Remarkable unicorn silver and blue hair
Instagram @hairbynoora
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#29: Remarkable Unicorn Silver Hair

Consider a steel silver with blue highlights. It’s meant to be icy and reflects a more winter glacial look with the deep cool that contrasts the more subtle silver ends.

Subtle Silver Ash Brown
Instagram @the_zix
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#30: Subtle Silver Ash Brown

A silver ash brown hair color will fade out quickly because the dark brown tone is bleached to a level 9 (that’s almost platinum). It would be best if you bleached it that much to obtain that silver look.

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#31: Beautiful Silver Babylights

Consider a slightly lighter gunmetal silver grey hair with some babylights.

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#32: Sexy Silver Mauve

The silver and mauve colors melt together so well, creating a shade of pale violet silver fox.

Silverish Periwinkle hair
Instagram @allison.oliver
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#33: Silverish Periwinkle Hair

A silver periwinkle looks stunning and dimensional as a cool tone color melt. It looks like smoked sapphire and a smokey ash blue.

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#34: Bold Ice Blue Silver Hair

A smokey, silver, pastel blue-violet is eye-catching but hard to achieve.

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#35: Enchanting Silver Hair Ombre

A silver ombre looks stylish, with a deep smokey root melted into a light silver or violet.

Cool-Girl Platinum Silver Hair
Instagram / @brookebent
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#36: Cool-Girl Platinum Silver Hair

Try chic platinum silver hair, as it shows off a white platinum look without the drama of having to keep up with regrowth every four weeks. It’s a low-maintenance platinum because it’s balayaged (hand painted) into your natural root color.

Deep Steel Brown Silver Color
Instagram / @rozcorpuzhair
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#37: Deep Steel Brown Silver Color

A deep steel brown silver shade looks lovely because the tone is ashy. The dark grey toner is directly placed onto your hair without using a filler first, giving the toner no “glue” to hold on to. This makes silver brown hair color very high-maintenance.

Stunning Steel Metallic Silver
Instagram / @ashairdesign
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#38: Stunning Steel Metallic Silver

Opt for a shade of silver that’s wintery, metallic steel. The best thing about it is the pop of pigment and the violet and blue undertones.

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#39: Dimensional Silver Bob

Try a dimensional hair color by pairing the silver with a feathered bob. Ask your stylist to add highlights and lowlights for a multi-dimensional effect.

Tousled Medium-Length Silver Hair
Instagram / @thelibbylookbook
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#40: Tousled Medium-Length Silver Hair

A mid-length silver mane is very trendy and fashion-forward. It’s not something you see every day! It sets you apart from others and shows your style and personality. This silver white hair is definitely for a trendy woman and into fashion. You’ll need to visit the salon regularly! It’s for the female who already has blonde hair. To get this tone, you have to be very close to a level 10 (white blonde). You’ll only get the vibrancy or target color if your hair is lifted to a level 10.

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#41: Rooted Icy Gray and Silver Blend

Try a silver hair trend, which is a rooted icy blonde color. You’ll love the contrast between the darker base and the bright pops of balayaged blonde throughout. So many times icy blondes and grey blondes can seem one-dimensional, but this look has many different cool shades to complement the others.

Amazing Dark Silver Hair
Instagram / @houseofgen
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#42: Amazing Dark Silver Hair

The dark silver hair color is striking yet subtle.

Bright Icy White Silver
Instagram @so.pretty.studio
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#43: Bright Icy White Silver

An icy white silver hair is one of the most requested silver hair colors right now. However, it isn’t easy to achieve as your hair needs to be initially lifted to a level 10, but ladies love it! This color is not for everyone, and not everyone can achieve it. Some hair will never get this light due to natural underlying pigment or will break off before we can get near it.

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#44: Incredible Silver Blonde

A silver blonde hair color is for women who don’t mind visiting their hair salon every 3 to 4 weeks to refresh their color. Silver-blonde highlights are beautiful but require a lot of maintenance!

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#45: Multi-Dimensional Platinum Silver

It would be best if you considered a multi-dimensional platinum blonde silver hue. This color has serious depth and still grows out beautifully. Dimensional ice blondes like this are on-trend.

Chic Silver Lavender
Instagram @locksbylauryn
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#46: Chic Silver Lavender

Consider a color that’s silver platinum with lavender undertones. The color fades from a darker grey into platinuma and the melting from the dark to light creates dimension.

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#47: Pearly Blonde Silver Hair Toner

Opt for a pearly blonde silver hue, which shows soft tones and a clean blonde.

Flirty Fun Shade of Silver Hair
Instagram @mitkshigore
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#48: A Flirty Fun Shade of Silver

One thing about a silver hair shade is that it can be very challenging to achieve without compromising your hair too much.

Deep Dark Silver
Instagram @hairbyana
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#49: Deep Dark Silver

A dark silver hair color has a deeper feel to it. It looks lovely when you break up your roots with a highlighting technique that will give you a nice grow-out.

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#50: Vivid Silver Red Ombre

Opt for an ombre that’s an unconventional approach to the world of silver. By combining warm and cool tones, it becomes something eye-popping that stands out from the vivids you see daily.

Grunge Silver Ombre Hair
Instagram @theladyofhair
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#51: Grunge Silver Ombre Hair

Silver grey hair is no longer something to hide. What’s astounding about this wavy silver ombre hair is how it’s hand-painted into the natural brunette hair color. This makes the smokey gray look soft and elegant.

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#52: Cute & Sweet Silver Pixie Cut

Try an ultra modern classic pixie cut with a stunning silver tone to match its edginess. It has lots of current techniques that give it a contemporary edge. Combining the silver tones with the pixie cut is a beautiful and elegant way to make heads turn.

Impressive Blue Silver Hair
Instagram @sammiiwang
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#53: Impressive Blue Silver Hair

A textured short to medium haircut looks incredible when enhanced by a silver blue shade.

Stunning Silver A-Line Bob
Instagram @vivi_hair.vivienneblake
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#54: Stunning Silver A-Line Bob

An a-line bob paired with a silver hair color is dimensional.  Go for a rooted, cool blonde with pearl and silver grey accents. It will beautifully blend into your roots and how it’s cooled down without looking muddy.

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#55: On-Trend Black and Silver Layers

Ask your stylist for silver hair with dark roots styled with layers. A grey shadow root on black hair can also achieve this hair color.

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#56: Agate Slice Silver Hair

Try an icy and metallic blonde with silver and metallic light brown lowlights. You’ll love how the silver has underlying aqua tones in different types of light.

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#57: Gorgeous Layered Dark Roots on Silver Hair

A lengthy silver hair colour will look fabulous with a balayage and a choppy V-cut finish. With your dark roots, the tone creates a beautiful ash blonde hint.

Commonly Asked Questions:

  • Silver hair and grey hair are essentially the same thing. People tend to use the word "grey" if it's a dark silver. The more of your original natural color mixed in with the silver, the more "grey" it will look.

  • Natural silver hair is pretty easy to maintain. The only thing to be cautious of is excess heat. Using too much heat on silver hair can cause yellowing.

  • It's hard to determine if your hair will go silver or white before it actually happens. Hair color is determined by genetics though, so if anyone in your family has true white hair, you may end up with white hair also.

  • Hair that is naturally silver will not fade. However, hair that has been colored silver will fade quickly.

  • There are a lot of great ways to go grey without looking old. Mixing in highlights as the grey grows in can create a beautiful, natural-looking color. Using your natural grey as a base for a balayage will help you look youthful while going grey as well.