The 12 Prettiest Light Pink Hair Color Ideas

Best light pink hair colors

Light pink hair is a softer, less intense, or more muted shade of pink. Bubblegum and cotton candy dreams are just a dye job away with pastel pink hair. Adventurous yet safe and sexy, no wonder it is such a trend to have light pink strands!

With such a daring color, a professional should be sought out to do the job because most home hair dyes won’t last and have much flair. After looking for the perfect pink tone that matches your complexion, the next step would be to have your hair pre-lightened to get a splendid vibrant result, and this might cause damage to the hair.

That’s why at-home moisturizing treatments are a must to repair and replenish your hair for a long-lasting result. Make sure that you maintain a healthy mane by using sulfate-free products and purple shampoo to wash your hair every so often.

Styling your everyday look would be a step easier since you have your crowning glory as your most popping accessory, as popularized by Rita Ora, Hayley Williams, and Chloe Grace Moretz with their festival-ready hair colors!

Take over the scene with one of these soft, enviable light pink hair colors!

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Short Light Pink Hair

Short pink hair
Instagram @honeyhousehair

Blonde, light pink, and a bob: the trio that you did not know you needed.

Pink with Brown Roots

pink hair with brown roots
Instagram @hairby_anabertemes

For better hair grow-out, start coloring the hair several centimeters after the root. You’ll rock a full head of light pink color that eventually leads to a whole new style when hair gets longer.

Brown Hair with Pink Highlights

Brown Hair with Pink Highlights
Instagram @cethestylist

Muddied link pink hues is shockingly a good look! Turns out, pink does well with any color!

Blonde Hair with Light Pink Highlights

Blonde Hair with Pink Highlights
Instagram @aaashleee

Peaches and cream really go well with each other in this light pink hairstyle!

Light Pink and Blonde

Light Pink and Blonde Hair Color
Instagram @abrownwillis_hair

Bubbly blonde and light pink all up in curls. The best way to wear this look is with curled tresses!

Very Light Pink

Very light pink hair color
Instagram @celisglam

Looking real sweet like candy floss! The a-line cut and blunt bangs really accentuated this soft-toned very light pink hue.

Dark to Light Pink Ombre

Dark to light ombre
Instagram @highvibehair

Get ready for carnival as cotton candy hair sweeps in!

Faded Pink

Faded Pink
Instagram @hairbylindal

Q&A with style creator, Linda Lehto
Hairstylist @ Velvet in Helsinki, Finland

How would you describe this look?

This look is a soft, girly, and really good option for everyone who has blonde hair and wants to try something new. With pink pastels, the best thing is, that they fade fast, so you can try something new every time. My favorite thing in this one is definitely the soft tone of the pink color.

Any advice for someone considering it?

If you want to maintain the soft, light pink tone in your hair, you should have some pigmented shampoo/conditioner at home. Just because the more light and pastel the color is, the faster it fades.

Contrasting Black and Light Pink

Q&A with style creator, Angelica Guzman
Freelance Hairstylist in Cicero & Chicago, IL

How would you describe this look?

I created this light pink shade using Kenra and Mydentity colors. For the root shadow, I used Kenra 6a demi-permanent color melting the root with Mydentity blush toner along with 9rg equal parts. I gave her a texturize blunt cut styled with a two in marcel to create a beachy wave look.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I highly recommend my clients to use a rose gold shampoo by surface to maintain their color longer.

Pink and Silver Balayage

Pink and Silver Balayage
Instagram @shibestylin

Q&A with style creator, Shi Anton
Stylist @ Shi at Sola Salon Studios in Elk Grove, CA

How would you describe this look?

This look is a platinum blond with light pink peekaboos. I basically did what’s called a “shadow box” where I colored the entire bottom underneath area of her hair with a semi-permanent light pink color by JOICO color intensity. I love these “semi-permanent” colors because they fade with time and/or can be removed easily making this look completely temporary with no commitment. These vivid colors also do not damage the hair at all.

However, the hair does need to be pre-lightened first before applying. As far as styling I used my 1.5-inch barrel curling iron from Babyliss pro to curl then brushed thru the curls with my fingers to separate. I always do at least a health trim (about 1/2″) when I lighten hair with bleach.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Advice I give my “vivid” hair color clients is to wash way less than normal, so invest in dry shampoo, wash hair with a sulfate free color safe shampoo and always condition because it seals the hair shaft back down, also it’s very important to wash these types of colors with as cold of water as you can stand. These looks are fun because they can be somewhat hidden however I always recommend making sure your job will approve first because this type of color can cost quite a bit and be high maintenance.

Light Pastel Balayage

Light Pastel Pink Balayage
Instagram @coveredinhair

Q&A with style creator, Kimberly Labonté
Hairstylist @ Texture Hair Salon in Ottawa, ON

How would you describe this look?

This blush pink balayage brings me life! We’re seeing a lot of pink coral tones this year and what better color to complement it with than copper? Which, might I add, is her natural! This look is all about blend and adding dimension to the hair while playing with fun pink tones. It’s a great way to have a little fun with color and trying something different. We all need a little more color in life!

Any advice for someone considering it?

Because this shade of light pink is a semi-permanent hair color it is expected to wash out over time. To maintain this look it would be important to invest in a good salon shampoo and conditioner to help prevent the color from fading out quickly. Home care plays a big part in this. Some salons also sell take-home colored conditioner that keeps the color looking fresh in between visits. I always like to recommend washing hair with cool water to prevent fading. If not the color will eventually fade out to blond, which is a good way for a client to be a little more adventurous without the commitment. This look is for anyone that loves easy maintenance hair! Being able to freehand paint onto the hair gives me the chance to highlight where I want to the most. I usually love to brighten up the color around the face

Light Bubble Gum Pink

Light bubble gum pink hair
Instagram @amandadoesyourhair

Obsessed! Stylist Amanda created this grayish version of a light pink tresses and we can’t get enough of it.