29 Best Light Pink Hair Color Ideas (Pictures for 2024)

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

#1: Short Light Pink Hair

Here is a trendy way to get a dyed light pink hue for short hair. This shade of petal pink is perfect if you have a fair or light skin tone.

#2: Pastel Pink Shaggy Hair

Jazz up your blonde and try a pastel pink shag haircut. Pastels work exclusively on hair lifted to a light to ultra-light blonde. Keep that in mind when choosing your fantasy shades. A shag haircut adds tons of layers and movement to the hair and will create a lot of lightweight volume. Ask your colorist about your color options for your specific hair. You may have to adjust to a deeper shade if your hair does not lift to a light blonde.

Light Blush Pink Long Hair with layered texture
Instagram @abhairography

#3: Light Blush Pink Long Hair

When in doubt about which fun hair color to choose, light blush pink is a beautiful option for long hair. This delicate and feminine shade complements a variety of skin tones. It adds a soft and romantic touch to your look. Light blush pink is versatile and can be styled in various ways, from loose waves to sleek updos. It’s a popular choice for those who want to add a subtle pop of color without going too bold. Light blush pink long hair is a versatile choice to enhance your appearance.

#4: Baby Pink Bob for Older Ladies

A pastel pink that proves you should have fun dyeing your hair no matter your age! In my opinion, play with a fun cut and pastel tone to spice up your aging hair. Tones like this require little upkeep to look good. The fade-out is flawless, and you can use a simple toning conditioner if you want it to keep up!

Bright Light Pink Choppy Bob with Dark Pink Fringe
Instagram @nicolashalak

#5: Bright Pink Choppy Bob with Dark Pink Fringe

Stand out in a crowd with a bright pink bob and dark pink fringe. Sporting a trendy cut and color will show off your unique style. Fashion colors like this pastel pink hair dye are fun to play with but come with a hefty price tag. Commit to coloring every 3-4 weeks to keep your funky colors vibrant.

Sexy Long Hair with Light Pink Balayage
Instagram @hairbyfranco

#6: Long Hair with Light Pink Balayage

A long hair with light pink balayage is a fun way to change your routine hair appointment. Ask for extra time if you’re considering a color like this. This color is soft yet bold and easy to change or try again.

#7: Shimmering Pink Pixie

A pink pixie is a fun way to add extra flair to your life. Keep your hair color from fading too fast. Avoid shampoos without color-safe ingredients. Pravana’s Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner are a great choice for such stunning short pink hair.

Air Touch Light Pink Balayage
Instagram @lanhhair

#8: Air Touch Pink Balayage

Go for a soft and blended color with air-touch pink balayage. Fashion colors can look blended, too, when you do the right technique. Air touch is a high-lightening technique that will blend your hair seamlessly. If you want a fun pop of color, ask for a blushing pink and make your locks stand out.

Light Bubble Gum Pink
Instagram @v.hair.chair

#9: Light Bubble Gum Pink

A bubble gum pink hair color is a popular choice for teens right now. Coloring your hair light pink will offer a chic, flirty style.

Light Pink Long Pixie Bob
Instagram @soubecas

#10: Light Pink Long Pixie Bob

Try a light pink long pixie bob if you like to change your hair often and drastically. If you want to try pink, you’ll first need your hair light blonde. The lighter the blonde, the more the pink will show. If your hair needs to be lighter, your pink will take on a more coral hue. This is caused by the yellow or orange left in your hair. Pale pink will fade faster than darker pink. So you can have your stylist make you a colored conditioner to help maintain your pale pink. A colored conditioner is a direct dye added to the conditioner.

Pale Pink Hair Dye
Instagram @wellahairuki

#11: Pale Pink Hair Dye

Pale pink hair dye needs a clean platinum blonde canvas to sit on. The light pastel pink hue is extremely non-committing and is a perfect option if you want a bit of a change. It suits most skin tones and eye colors. Don’t forget to use color-safe shampoos and masks like Olaplex, which will seal the cuticles, and your hair will be healthy, shiny, and soft.

Baby Pink Hair Dye
Instagram @ben.wellamcr

#12: Baby Pink Hair Dye

Baby pink hair dye is a subtle warm, pastel pink color. It suits fair skin tones better, and a deeper pink is the shade for darker skin. Almost every hair dye brand has a baby pink color and its variations in their charts. Take, for example, Wella, which has come up with a take-home mask that moisturizes and nourishes hair and, at the same time, deposits pigments.

Light rose gold hair
Instagram @hairbyinees

#13: Light Rose Gold Hair

Light rose gold hair is the perfect light hair color if you want to add a dash of pastel pink. Rose gold hues add brightness and shine to warm up blonde hair. These pale pink tones shimmer in the light and are a subtle way to change up your blonde highlights.

Sunset pink hair
Instagram @raediantlyyou

#14: Sunset Pink Hair

Sunset pink hair beams with radiance and vivid coral tones. Bubble gum pink hues blended into peachy coral colors give a beautiful deep pink ombre into light, pastel pink tones. To live this color to the fullest, ask your stylist to make you as blonde as possible, giving you the perfect light canvas to make the sunset pink color vibrant and luminous.

#15: Light Metallic Pink

Light metallic pink hair combines soft pink tones with cool undertones to give icy light pink hair. Metallic pink hues reflect light and are filled with shine and brightness. Women with blonde hair are the perfect canvas for a light metallic pink color. Ask your stylist to use a light pink toner and cool additives to keep the pink looking glowing and shiny.

#16: Peachy Pink Tone

A peachy pink tone is subtle and elegant. Light peachy pink hair reflects warm rose hues that look beautiful on fair skin tones. A pastel, peach pink tone is a fun makeover for blondes looking to brighten and revamp their hair color.

Purple to pink ombre
Instagram @hairbywictoria

#17: Purple to Pink Ombre

A purple to light pink ombré is on the border of becoming a unicorn. With a lavender base and candy pink ends, you will want a naturally level 7+ base and pre-lighten for the easiest process. Darker tones typically take multiple sessions, and a bond protector is always recommended to maintain the hair’s integrity.

#18: Light Pink with Brown Roots

Make your grow-out easier by asking your hair colorist to give you a rooted light pink balayage. Feel free to pair this rose-tinted pink hair with a messy long bob cut for easier styling.

#19: Brown Hair with Light Pink Highlights

Light pink highlights work well with light brown hair. This is the kind of pink that gives darker hair a radiant hue. Dye your locks with a beautiful light brown pink hair tone, creating a unique and eye-catching color.

#20: Blonde Hair with Light Pink Highlights

If you have a natural blonde hair color, adding bright pink highlights is typically cheaper and faster. Looking pretty and chic—these pink-dipped ends and mid-lengths would be accentuated even better with a wavy style. Pink highlights in blonde hair could complement a sun-kissed skin tone, too.

#21: Subtle Light Pink and Blonde Hairstyle

If you are a workplace professional, consider getting subtle light pink highlights. Blonde hair with pink highlights is a terrific way to get a beautiful and feminine dimension.

very light cotton candy pink hair dye
Instagram @thairsjordan

#22: Very Light Cotton Candy Pink Hair Dye

You can get a very light cotton candy pink shade if you have naturally light hair or are willing to invest in bleaching your hair first. Combining blush pink hues with bleached hair can get you that beautiful pastel hair.

#23: Dark to Light Pink Ombre

Dark to light pink ombre hair is a popular choice for fashion-forward millennials. If you’re torn between a dark pink hair tint or a brighter one, ombre must be your go-to.

Faded Light Pinkolor
Instagram @hairbylindal

#24: Faded Light Pink

If you want a more subtle look for the summer, consider choosing faded light pink hair. Just note that this soft pink hair will more easily wash out from time in the pool.

#25: Black and Light Pink

Adding a light pink color to black hair can be a very strong hair color choice. The hue is perfect for ladies with dark hair that want something fun and extra. But if you want a softer look, choose a combo of light brown and pink hair instead of black roots. Be prepared to invest in more expensive hair products to preserve your color.

Light Pink and Silver Balayage
Instagram @guy_tang

#26: Light Pink and Silver Balayage

Light pink and silver are a trendy hair color combination right now.

Light Pastel Pink Hair
Instagram @coveredinhair

#27: Light Pastel Pink Hair

If you have a natural strawberry-blonde hair color, request light pink highlights to create a seamless blend of orange and pink tones. This pastel pink hair would look very stunning on long hair with waves.

#28: Blue to Pink Hair Ombre

Wearing blue to light pink ombre adds a funky element to your style. Stylist Nisha Popat of India teaches us to achieve this light pink hair color.

Balayage is the key technique here. Popat explains, “Get the hair pre-lightened (bleached) to a very light blonde. Use blue and ultra purple tones on the mid-section from Wella, and on ends, use magenta pink.”

#29: Hints of Pink on White Blonde Hair

The hints of light pink on white-blonde hair make a statement color without being too extreme. Color specialist Emma Falkensjöof of Sweden tells me how to achieve these pink blonde hair tones.

“What we did here is a full bleach. We used a toner containing violet pigments to neutralize the warmth on the hair. We also added pink pigments to create an iridescent blush light pink hair color,” Falkensjöof explains.

A light pink hair color is a soft and muted shade of pink. Common variations of this softer pink include bubblegum, cotton candy, pastel pink, and rose gold.

With such a bright color, a professional hair colorist should be sought out to do the job because most home hair dyes won’t last as long. After finding the perfect light pink tone that matches your complexion, the next step would be to have your hair pre-lightened to a blonde to get a splendid vibrant result.

According to Elk Grove, CA, hair colorist Shi Anton, the best thing to do when getting light pink is “wash way less than normal with a sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo.”

You’ll want always to condition it as well “because it seals the hair shaft back down,” she adds. When washing your hair, Shi says it’s very important to do it with the coldest water to make the color last longer.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these pictures of the best light pink hair color ideas!

Commonly Asked Questions:

  • Pink hair does fade fast due to the way it gets locked into the hair cuticle. It will start off by looking vibrant and bright, as each wash, it will start to look more pastel, and eventually, it will fade back into the pre-lightened shade it was before toning.

  • Pink hair suits women with fair, cool skin tones. The reasoning behind this is light pink hues will give the complexion of your light skin that extra pop of color it was lacking. Fair skin and light hair go hand in hand.

  • Pink hair is definitely back in style, seems to be the go-to color for many celebrities lately. Pink hair is extremely trendy, so many hues of pink to choose from that will fit your complexion, wardrobe, and lifestyle.

  • Pink hair is definitely high-maintenance. Upkeep for pink-toned hair would be every 6 weeks. It’s truly a tough style to maintain. Put this into consideration before committing to this lifestyle.

  • Pink hair symbolizes gentleness, love, feminism, etc. It brings fun, youthful, playful vibes into someone’s life. You definitely want your hair color to match your personality.

  • You can get pale pink hair by completely lightening your hair to the lightest blonde almost white. Then you would use a light pink toner to achieve this look. The lighter the hair the lighter the pink hue will be.

  • The less you wash your pink hair the longer it will last. Try going 2-3 days between hair washes. Use dry shampoo in between to keep your hair looking and feeling fresh.

  • Pink hair should be touched up every 6 weeks. Darker pink tones will last a little longer, touch-ups may be needed every 8 weeks. These colors fade quickly keep that in mind before committing to this high maintenance style.