These are The 10 Hottest Hair Color Ideas of 2022

Hair color ideas 2022

Coloring your hair opens up a whole new world of bronzes, coppers, reds, chocolates, violets, and more! With so many colors to choose from, here are some of the most popular hair color ideas right now. You can go soft, subtle, and natural — or bold, vibrant, and every shade of the rainbow!

Remember to always consult your stylist on what they think will look great on you too. They are trained to pair you with the most flattering color just for you!

So before your next hair appointment, check out these inspiring photos of the hottest hair color ideas for 2022!

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Strawberry Champagne

Strawberry champagne hair color
Instagram @david.oshell

A strawberry champagne hair color is a fantastic idea for anyone transitioning from dark to light as it works with the warmth of the hair while still keeping everything light and fresh. Colors along this spectrum tend to fade faster than others. However, because the strawberry champagnes color works with underlying pigment, it’s likely to stay longer and fade out nicer.

Auburn and Walnut Blend with a Blonde Money Piece

Auburn and Walnut Blend with a Blonde Money Piece
Instagram @colour.jade

Auburn and Chestnut tones blend so well together. Try adding a blonde money piece to really tie it all together for that classy and elegant color profile. The lighter blonde pieces give contrast to the chestnut and auburn colors. By blending auburn and chestnut you can achieve more dimension and longevity out of each maintenance appointments. The blonde money piece will tend to go warm and look warm next to the red undertones, so if you like a very ashy or cool blonde look, this may not be for you.

The Color Block Trend

Blonde and red hair color block
Instagram @hairbyashleyfillip

If you are looking for a fun and fresh way to stand out, the color block trend is just for you. Color blocking allows for a bold pop of interest in specific designated areas to accentuate or emphasize features that you love about yourself. Color blocking is completely customizable to whatever style and maintenance preferences you have. Color blocking can be done appropriately to work with all age ranges, face shapes, and body types. if you’re looking for a pick me up, this is definitely one to consider.

Rainbow Prism

Rainbow prism hair color
Instagram @guy_tang

A rainbow prism is absolutely stunning and eye-catching when added to any color. In order to achieve this effect the hair has to be pre-lightened and requires frequent maintenance appointments. If you heat style your hair frequently or wash your hair daily, this might not be the best solution for you as those are both top culprits in causing the color to fade faster. If you love seeing your stylist and are willing to manage the upkeep and hair care regime, a rainbow prism makes a phenomenal color accent.

Chocolate Caramel Dip-Dye

Chocolate Caramel Dip-Dye Hair Color
Instagram @hairbyharlequin

Try a warm chocolate tone with a caramel dip-dye effect for easy maintenance and grow-out. Dip dye is a fantastic way to try a color out without fully committing to it. Because there is no blending up close to the root area, a dip dye effect typically has a more seamless grow out process and is easier to cut off when you are done with the color. A caramel tip dye effect will typically involve lightening, so if you don’t take care of the caramel portion it can become very dry and damaged. For longevity, try using a color depositing hair mask on the dip dyed area.

Dark to Light Buttery Blonde

Dark to Light Buttery Blonde Hair Color
Instagram @frisoer_nadjaholst

A buttery blonde that transitions from dark to light is a perfect way to make the blonde look more natural. As hair grows, it’s exposed to more and tends to lighten slightly over time, so by creating that transition of a dark to light buttery blonde, you can create a really authentic and natural looking blonde. To avoid too much warmth make sure to use a purple shampoo as needed to keep your desired tone.

Peachy Pink

Peachy Pink Hair Color
Instagram @jessica.bellami

Warm, soft, and punchy, or some great ways to describe the results of a peachy pink color. Peachy pink can warm up cool or pale skin tones and balance out skin with red or yellow tones as it compliments and works with multiple different undertones. Peachy pink works well because it isn’t quite a true pink and not a true orange, the combination of a soft pink with a punchy orange kick allows for a completely customizable color based on your personal skin tone and preferences. Keep in mind that fashion colors like peachy pinks are high maintenance and require a proper hair care regime and regular maintenance appointments for best results.

Red Paprika Hue

Red Paprika hair color
Instagram @amandalaytonhair

Trying red hair with a paprika hue could be the perfect move for you this season. The richness of this color is unmatched, although the maintenance can be tedious. Red hair color tends to fade faster than less vibrant hues so make sure to talk to your stylist about this before taking the plunge.

Modern Chunky Highlights

Brown hair with Modern Chunky blonde Highlights
Instagram @headrushdesigns

Modern chunky highlights are all the hype at the moment. Though bold, this style can be perfect to elevate and renew your look. Using a 1.5 inch curling iron, curl large sections in opposing directions while leaving the ends out for this tousled look.

Blush Pink

Blush pink hair color
Instagram @alfiehair

Blush pink hair is everything. This color is so subtle and soft, yet very unique and different. Try this look if you’re looking for something fun but not too vibrant. Use a 1-inch curling wand to get beautiful waves.