These are The 95 Hottest Hair Color Ideas of 2024

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Coloring your hair opens up a whole new world of bronzes, coppers, reds, chocolates, violets, and more! With so many colors to choose from, here are some of the most popular hair color ideas right now. You can go soft, subtle, and natural — or bold, vibrant, and every shade of the rainbow!

Remember to always consult your stylist on what they think will look great on you too. They are trained to pair you with the most flattering color just for you!

So before your next hair appointment, check out these inspiring photos of the hottest hair color ideas for 2024!


#1: Color Block Bob Cut

The colorful block bob is perfect for the bold woman who wants to transform the traditional bob into a modern classic. An asymmetric cut brings out the vibrant color on one side, allowing for a subtle transition on the other. Pre-bleaching your hair creates a blank canvas. You can then pick any vivid tone that fits your style and compliments your skin. This style is maintained by refreshing the vibrant color every 4-6 weeks, the high contrast will remain noticeable even as it fades.

Orange-Auburn Hair with a White-Blonde Bangs
Instagram @seolahair

#2: Orange-Auburn Hair with a White-Blonde Bangs

Orange-auburn hair with white-blonde bangs is best when you want to make a bold fashion choice. I recommend this look to help create an eye-catching, vibrant style. It will draw attention. If you’re looking for something different and unique, this color combo is the perfect fit. Tell your stylist that you’re going for an orange-auburn shade with white-blonde bangs. This way, they can mix the right colors for your desired outcome. To maintain vibrancy between salon visits, use Fudge Professional’s Hot Hed Violet Toning Shampoo once a week.

#3: Pinks and Greens with Dark Roots

If you desire a dramatic change, plan for a consultation before your appointment. It gives your stylist time to prepare. Big changes often require extensive planning in advance. The mermaid vibe is popular now, featuring dusky pinks and aquamarine greens. Whether blended or bold, these colors work well together.

#4: Reverse Ombre Tones

reverse ombre with contrasting tones is all the rage right now in the color industry. This is the perfect time for natural blondes who love dark hair to shine. The maintenance required for this different color approach can drastically change depending on your color choice. I suggest you discuss the upkeep required and your budget with your hairdresser to ensure the best result.

#5: Emerald and Lighter Green Tones

The end result is a blend of emerald and lighter green tones. My favorite way to create depth in my green tones is with a dark green emerald throughout the root area. Adding highlights to the hair and applying a lighter green tone will bring out the color’s depth and make it stand out. To maintain the color tones, use a sage color cleanser when washing your hair. Also, remember to refresh the color every 8 weeks.

#6: Y2K-Inspired Chunky Colors on Long Hair

If you’re open to trying a Y2k colored hairstyle, then the one described below might be perfect for you! This Y2k-inspired hairstyle features chunky highlights on long hair, filled with a blend of coppery-pink and brown shades. It’s a look worthy of a Barbie or Bratz doll!

#7: Halloween-Inspired Green and Purple Tones

If you’re looking for a bold and festive hair color idea, consider Halloween-inspired green and purple tones. This eye-catching combo adds a playful twist to your look. The vivid green and purple will make your hair unique and perfect for those who want to stand out. This color suits a range of skin tones, from fair to deep. Instead of guessing the best shades for you, consult a professional colorist. They can blend the colors well and fit the tones to your skin.

Sunset Balayage Hair Colors
Instagram @erika_krauze

#8: Sunset Balayage Colors

If you want a warm hair color, like a sunset, consider sunset balayage colors. Sunset balayage is a hair color method. It uses warm, white, and neutral tones for a bright look. The golden blonde hues in sunset balayage give depth to your hair. If you have olive or tan skin, balayage can make your skin glow. If you have light skin, ask your hairstylist to elevate blonde to level 7 or higher for optimal results.

#9: Creative Colored Short Hair

If you want to embrace a bold and vibrant hair color, this creative-colored short hair idea may be perfect. This striking hue combines vibrant dark hair with hints of red and orange, creating a unique and eye-catching look. This color works best on ladies with fair to medium skin tones, as it complements their complexion beautifully. To achieve this vibrant shade, it’s essential to pre-lighten the hair to a pale blonde and then apply the color evenly throughout. Regular maintenance and touch-ups are necessary to preserve the intensity of creative colors and keep your hair looking fresh.

#10: Steel Grey Balayage

If you’re craving a modern hair color, consider a steel grey balayage. Steel grey balayage is a trendy hue. It has cool grey tones that add depth to your hair. Steel grey balayage suits all skin tones. It looks best on fair to medium ones. For a more natural look, you should ask your colorist to blend the steel grey with your own hair color. Turn heads by enhancing your hairstyle with this chic, modern shade.

Black Hair with Contrasting Colors
Instagram @nealmhair

#11: Black Hair with Contrasting Colors

If you want to add a vibrant touch to your dark tresses, consider contrasting colors to highlight their beauty. To enhance the vibrancy of your chosen color, opt for a combination of rich jewel tones like deep reds, purples, or even a bright orange. These shades can create a striking contrast against black hair. The contrasting color style works well for various skin tones and can be customized to suit your preferences. To achieve this look, consult a professional colorist who can recommend the right shades and techniques for your hair type and desired outcome.

Color Blocked Red and Black Hair Color Idea
Instagram @aaashleee

#12: Color Blocked Red and Black Hair

You can get a red and black hair color with color block style. If you prefer edgy styles, color blocking could be your ideal choice for hair color. If you want a ginger red color with a contrast of black, ask to have the black color block in your bangs. The color blocking in your bangs gives them a half-black, half-red appearance. This brings focus to your face and eyes, making a bold statement.

Hot Pink and Bright Green Color Block Hair Idea
Instagram @joicointensity

#13: Hot Pink and Bright Green Color Block

If you want to make a bold statement with your hair, consider a hot pink and bright green color-block hairstyle. This vibrant and eye-catching combination is perfect for those who want to stand out. The hot pink touch gives a fun and playful look, while the bright green brings an unexpected twist. This color block style works well on all hair types but is particularly striking on those with darker hair. To get this vivid look, you should ask a pro colorist. They can help you pick the right pink and green shades that suit your skin tone and style.

#14: Neon Sherbet

Neon sherbet hair is a vibrant and eye-catching hair color trend that combines neon and pastel shades resembling sherbet ice cream tones. This playful hair color blends fluorescent pinks, oranges, and magenta together. If you want to show your unique self, this lively trend is perfect for you.

Rainbow-Colored Layers Hair color Idea
Instagram @k.s.colors

#15: Rainbow-Colored Layers

If you want to make a bold statement with your hair, consider adding rainbow-colored layers to your mane. This vibrant and eye-catching hair color idea features a range of vibrant hues that blend seamlessly together. The various colors create a stunning and unique look that is sure to turn heads. Whether you go for a full head of rainbow colors or just a few streaks, this hair color is perfect when you want to express your creativity and add a playful touch to your style. Rainbow-colored layers suit light to medium hair tones the best, and you can customize them according to your preferences.

Boldly Colored Short Cut with Bangs
Instagram @john.n1115

#16: Boldly Colored Short Cut with Bangs

Take advantage of the modern age and go bright with a boldly colored short cut with bangs.

#17: Brunette with Skunk Stripe Blonde

If you’re after a striking hair color style, think about a brunette look with a bold streak of blonde, known as the skunk stripe effect. This unique hair color gives a striking contrast between the dark base and the bold blonde streak. You can adjust the color intensity and the position of the blonde streak to match your preferences. This hair color style adds an element of fun and uniqueness to your whole look. It suits all skin tones, from light to dark. To get this look right, seek advice from a pro-colorist. They can skillfully mix and apply colors to achieve a smooth and striking effect.

#18: Short Vivid Rainbow Curls

A short vivid rainbow hair color could be a perfect choice for your curls. Women of all ages seeking a vibrant, everyday hairstyle could consider this hair color. The combination of pink, green, and purple hair color creates a bold but harmonious contrast. Since bleaching the hair can often lead to dryness when achieving this look, it would be beneficial to use a good hydrating mask at home.

#19: Muted Holographic Long Hair

A muted holographic color looks beautiful on long hair. Trying out fun color ideas requires some preparation but can be worth the long salon visits. Make sure your hair is dyed pale blonde all over so holographic colors can look flawless. Once this is achieved, the color mixing process begins to match the colors in your chosen photos. Remember to invest in a top-quality cleanser that’s gentle on colored hair and rinse with cool water.

Holographic Rainbow with Pink Platinum Base for Short Hair
Instagram @hairbyzumbo

#20: Holographic Rainbow Short Hair

Looking for some new colorful hair ideas? Try a bold and vibrant holographic rainbow short hairstyle. This unique and pretty style suits any season, whether summer, fall, winter, or spring.

Copper Hair with Blonde Bangs Hair Color Idea
Instagram @pinkdagger

#21: Copper Hair with Blonde Bangs

Try going with copper hair and bold blonde bangs for the ultimate dimension. Dyeing your hair in this block-like technique would require you to wash the sections separately to avoid the copper running into the blonde. You will want to use professional products at home to keep your color vibrant.

#22: Dark Jewel Tones

If you’re looking for vivid color inspiration, try a luxury color block with darker jewel tones of aqua, violet, and magenta. Don’t forget, wefts of extensions are a big trend with vivid colors. So if you want to match your color with some wefts it’s doable with a skilled stylist. You can gain that mermaid long thick hair you want with fun vivids.

White Blunt Bob with Black Dip Dye Hair Color Idea

#23: White Blunt Bob with Black Dip Dye

A white blunt bob with black dip dye tips is unique and daring. Dip dying is great for edgy, youthful girls. A bold color block on the tips of your hair can be done on an all-over global blonde with any color that suits your style. Black will give you a high contrast with a blonde base.

Half Pink, Half Orange Messy Cut Hair Color Idea
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#24: Half Pink, Half Orange Messy Cut

Are you ready to turn heads with a bold hair color? Consider a half-pink, half-orange, messy cut! This vibrant look is perfect for those who want a fun and unique hair color. The pink and tangerine combination creates a sunset-inspired hue. It works best for those with warm skin tones. However, anyone can rock this bold style with the right attitude. To ensure a long-lasting color, ask your stylist to use high-quality, vivid dyes. Then apply a nourishing treatment afterward.

Purple to PInk to Orange Tones Hair Color Idea
Instagram @vividblonde_

#25: Purple to PInk to Orange Tones

Looking to add some bold and vibrant colors to your hair? Consider dyeing your hair purple to pink to orange tones. This unique color mix is perfect for those who want to make a statement and stand out. The multi-dimensional colors can be customized to fit your skin tone and style. Speak to your hair color expert to discuss the best way to achieve this look. They will know how to while protecting the health of your hair.

Long Blue Hair with Rainbow Tips Hair Color Idea
Instagram @hillary.havenhair

#26: Long Blue Hair with Rainbow Tips

Consider long blue hair with rainbow tips if you want to add a pop of color to your hair but want to stand out. This unique hair color idea combines blue hues with a rainbow of colors at the ends. This hair color works best if you have cool skin tones. It can be customized with shades of blue and various rainbow colors. Consult with your colorist to determine the best shades and techniques for achieving this vibrant look.

#27: Crazy Color Placement

Try this crazy color placement if you like wild-colored hair. When it comes to at-home maintenance, be sure to use only pro styling products and tools.

#28: Vampire-Inspired Black, Purple, and Red Hair

Looking to add a bit of gothic glam to your look? Try vampire-inspired black, purple, and red hair colors. They’re the perfect way to do just that. The blend of dark shades with pops of bold color creates a stunning effect that will turn heads. Best suited for those with cool or neutral skin undertones, this color is versatile. It will work with both short and long hair styles. If your hair is freshly done and you want your color to last, ask about color safe shampoos and conditioners.

Jet Black Hair with Lavender Underneath Hair color ideas
Instagram @kevinhairsalon

#29: Jet Black Hair with Lavender Underneath

If you want a hair color that’s both bold and playful, why not try jet-black hair with lavender underneath? The contrast between the peek-a-boo lavender and the rest of the hair color creates an edgy look. Opt for a customized shade to suit your skin tone. For the vibrancy of this color-blocking style, use a color-care shampoo and conditioner.

#30: Red Ghost Roots on Jet Black Hair

You need to try the trendy new ghost roots in red if you have jet-black hair. Ghost roots refer to the hairstyle where a stylist only applies a lightener at the roots. This creates a stark contrast to the natural tone. This look is super edgy, and you must keep up with regular maintenance appointments. Try Celeb Luxury Viral Red Colorwash Shampoo to help keep your ghost roots vibrant between visits.

#31: Long Unicorn-Inspired Wavy Hair

Long unicorn hair is a great way to express creativity and embrace a magical look. This unique hairstyle combines vibrant and pastel hues. They create a stunning color palette reminiscent of mythical unicorns. The long wavy texture adds volume and movement, enhancing the enchanting vibe. It’s a great way to stand out and make a bold statement with your hair.

#32: Spiky Pixie with Peekaboo Highlights

A spiky pixie with peekaboo highlights isn’t just for the young. A fun way to spice up your grey hair can be with some face-framing peekaboos of vivid colors. Look for colors to favor your skin tone, and use peekaboos to shape and balance your face shape. Asymmetrical face framing will balance round, and pear face shapes well.

Sassy Pink Streaks Hair Color Idea for ladies with a long bob cut

#33: Sassy Pink Streaks

Ask your colorist for a sassy pink with streaks. If you have been doing a global blonde with your colorist, you can always add pops of fun colors over the blonde. A pale blonde is like a blank canvas, so vivid colors are like a stain lasting 6-8 weeks. When you’re ready for a change, your stylist can use Malibu Wellness DDL XL Direct Dye Lifter & CPR Color Pigment Remover to remove.

Asymmetrical Edgy Hair Colors for women with an edge
Instagram @john.n1115

#34: Asymmetrical Edgy Hair Colors

Here’s an edgy color on an asymmetrical cut. One of the best ways to show off a cut is with color, ask about block. Plies and high contrast for the best effect. Using vivids and demi-permanent hair colors to create your color will give you any color you’d like.

#35: Beautiful Color Combo

If you want to have some youthful &ldquoIt Girl&rdquo energy, spice up your hair routine with creative color. Ask about color blocking vivids in colors that contrast for extra pop. You will be doing a major color haul, this entails global blonding to a pale yellow, and then applying a vivid color. Color cleaners like Hairstory New Wash Original are a great option for protecting color. Schedule visits every 6-8 weeks to maintain vibrancy.

Red, Yellow, and Orange Tones Hair Color Ideas for women with wavy hair
Instagram @rogercwoodard

#36: Red, Yellow, and Orange Tones

Try red, yellow, and orange tones in your hair if you’re looking for a fun, bright new look! Your stylist can help you with the best maintenance plan to keep this color looking fresh.

Orange to Teal Ombre Color Melt Hair Idea
Instagram @artistic.aestheticss

#37: Orange to Teal Ombre Color Melt

If you are partial to high-impact hair color, you should try an orange to teal ombre color melt. Just remember, when you decide to try this color trend, you might never turn back!

Stunning Pink to Purple Balayage Ombre Hair Color Idea for long wavy hair
Instagram @abhairography

#38: Stunning Pink to Purple Balayage Ombre

Looking for a change? A stunning pink-to-purple balayage ombre is just the thing for you! Incorporating a money piece of a lighter pink is a perfect way to add dimension to a single-tone color. One of the best ways to do a vivid is first to do a global bleaching process, then apply the vivid hair color. This can be a lengthy process, but worth the wait! If you can, be sure to use a gentle cleanser like Hairstory’s New Wash Original to preserve the lifespan of your color. You will also need to note touching up a vivid is a high-maintenance activity. Frequent trips to the salon to re-gloss will be key in maintaining your pink and purple hair.

Punk-Inspired Blue Choppy Pixie Hair Color Idea
Instagram @bottleblonde76

#39: Punk-Inspired Blue Choppy Pixie

Go edgy with a punk-inspired choppy blue pixie. If you’re looking for hair dye ideas, ask for some block coloring to compliment your hair color. This crop has an aqua top and primary blue on the undercut sides and back. Each section must be pre-lightened to a pale yellow for the best result.

#40: Bold Pink Mid-Length Hair with Bluish Green Accents

Ask about a bold pink mid-length haircut with bluish-green accents. When it comes to block coloring, the options and creativity are endless. Be aware that opposite colors on the color wheel need to be separated while coloring. This way, they don’t bleed into each other and create funky tones. Some colors blend well, while others may look muddy.

Half Teal, Half Pink Shag Hair Color Idea for women who wear eyeglasses
Instagram @pinkdagger

#41: Half Teal, Half Pink Shag

You may want to consider a half-teal and half-pink colored shag. This hair coloring technique is perfect for a playful and unique appearance. The vivid teal and pink colors complement each other seamlessly. They create a vibrant, gradient effect. Aim to create this look that works on most skin tones but especially with those who have warm undertones.

#42: Perfectly Placed Colors

If you want a hair color that complements your edgy style, try these perfectly placed colors. This hair color is for the person who is adventurous and can come in and see their stylist more frequently. When you do a creative color like this, it works best on women with olive skin tones. This is because the undertones in color will bring out the best in their complexion.

Split Hair Dye Color Idea for women with an edgy personality and a mid-length chop
Instagram @artistic.aestheticss

#43: Split Hair Dye

Ask for a split hair dye color block. Your best bet when doing a split dye is to stay in a color theme that compliments each other. You’ll want to consider your skin tone to pick the best colors. It’s fun to incorporate the opposite color into the other side. Maybe a few pieces around the frame to tie it all together. Upkeep is about every 6-8 weeks to keep vibrancy, and a good sulfate-free cleanser to keep it from fading.

#44: Bright Red to Yellow Tips

Bright red to yellow tips is a fun and exciting way to shift your traditional red hair color. Instead of staying a single tone, try incorporating multi-dimensional hues. I love the idea of adding neons. My favorite color line is Pravana ChromaSilk VIVIDS Neons. Maintaining these colors can also be a bit challenging. It’s important to note you’ll need to touch up your color every 6 weeks to keep the vibrancy. It helps keep the color vibrant with minimal washing. I recommend washing every 5 days.

Half Pink, Half Yellow Hair Color Idea for women with edgy personalities
Instagram @john.n1115

#45: Half Pink, Half Yellow

A half-pink, half-yellow color block is alluring. You do not have to always be a natural tone or highlights to be sophisticated. If done correctly, color blocking will give you an edgy look, and set you apart from the crowd. It’s a higher maintenance color with frequent salon visits for the color-blocking strategy. And at-home care is crucial insurance for vivids. Try complementary colors for your blocking choice that goes well with skin tones.

Half Blonde Half Dark Copper Hair Color Idea
Instagram @se_augusto

#46: Half Blonde Half Dark Copper

A half-blonde, half-dark copper color is something to consider. Ask your stylist for color blocking to achieve this style. As long as you are ok with bleaching your hair and maintaining it every 4-7 weeks this color will look great. This color is versatile. You can flip your part in different directions for different effects.

Dusty Lilac Hair Color Idea for long hair with waves
Instagram @guy_tang

#47: Dusty Lilac

A fun way to express yourself through hair color is trying this dusty lilac. If your hair is naturally dark, it may take a few rounds of lightening to achieve this tone. If that’s something you’re not open to, ask for a slightly rosy darker hue instead. Since these tones tend to be higher maintenance I recommend touching up the gloss every 4 weeks. Dry shampoo is a great tool to maintain your hair in-between washes.

#48: Half Black, Half White Curls

With half black and half white curls, keep in mind that this look requires two separate processes. I recommend choosing a lightener to achieve the platinum blonde ends. Then, a demi-permanent color for the black base. It’s important to discuss and ask for any maintenance or upkeep with your stylist. Do this before beginning the process and make sure you mention where you want to see both colors. Don’t forget to use a deep conditioning treatment to keep hair healthy and vibrant! For long-lasting results, try Matrix Color Sync Hair Color with Cera-Oil Priming Complex. It’ll help protect against fading while keeping your style looking amazing!

Sunset-Inspired Pink and Orange Waves Color Ideas
Instagram @hairrbykait

#49: Sunset-Inspired Pink and Orange Waves

Try sunset-inspired pink and orange waves if you love a light vivid color melt. You might want to go for a more “highlighted” approach if you want to keep some of your natural color at the top. This is for both an easier grow-out and a more natural appearance. You’ll get the most out of your hair by using a sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo and conditioner. Also, rinsing your hair in cold water, only shampooing 1-2x per week is needed.

#50: Two-Toned Red-Purple Jaw-Length Blunt Bob

Let your inner star shine with a two-toned red-purple bob! A stunning vivid look brings instant vibrancy and intensity to any outfit. And it gives you the power to make a statement. To keep your hair looking vibrant, regular touch-ups are key. Be sure to work with an expert colorist who will help you determine the best maintenance plan. They can help with product recommendations, too. Use a sulfate-free color-safe shampoo such as Pureology Hydrate Sheer. It’s ideal for ensuring that your bold colors stay radiant between salon visits.

Double Dip Dye Hair Color
Instagram @jhonyveiga

#51: Double Dip Dye

Double dip dye is the perfect way to go if you’re looking for a bold, eye-catching hairstyle. Avoid harsh lines and overprocessing of the hair. This two-tone look is created by blending two hues seamlessly together. This style can be tailored to individual preferences in terms of shades used. From pastel pink to edgy dark blue, it’s helpful to discuss your desired look with your colorist. For upkeep, I recommend using Matrix Total Results High Amplify Proforma Hairspray. It offers an extra hold and shine!

Melted Blue and Pink Hair Color Idea
Instagram @kelsey.mtl

#52: Melted Blue and Pink

If you’re looking to add more creative color to your bleach blonde hair, opt for a neon blue and magenta color block. Vivid colors will make you look like a spontaneous friend. You’ll want to make sure your appointments for maintenance are between 4-6 weeks. This will help to keep your color even and vibrant. Going any longer can cause banding and discoloration.

#53: Stunning Purple and Pink Balayage

Try a stunning pink and purple balayage for a new look. A sunset-inspired color blocking is a creative way to express yourself. I suggest adding deeper purple tones, darker hair, and light pink hues on blondes. You can achieve vibrancy for up to 4 weeks if you use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner.

Pink Lemonade Hair Color
Instagram @artistic.aestheticss

#54: Pink Lemonade Hair Color

This pink lemonade hair color is fun, but consult a stylist on how to care for your colored locks before diving in. To keep your hair looking vibrant, wash and rinse your hair in cold water when you are in the shower. If a cold shower does not appeal to you, don’t be afraid to wash your hair in a clean sink on its own. Just use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner set.

Teal, Purple, and Black Long Hair
Instagram @john.n1115

#55: Teal, Purple, and Black Long Hair

If you have black long hair, the best way to spice up your style is to add teal and purple block coloring throughout. Your stylist will take blocks of hair and lighten them to a level 9 blonde. This helps the colors really pop. The fun in this type of look is that the vivids always fade. So you have the freedom to try any and all shades that you desire.

Ash Silver with Peekaboo Highlighted Ends
Instagram @fabhairbyjosh

#56: Ash Silver with Peekaboo Highlighted Ends

If your hair is feeling a bit drab, try an ash silver with peekaboo highlighted ends. To keep your hair color vibrant, wash with color-safe shampoo. Deep condition regularly, too.

Orange and Yellow Hair with Black Bangs
Instagram @msnataliejean

#57: Orange and Yellow Hair with Black Bangs

Orange and yellow hair with black bangs is perfect for the edgy woman. Plan to have frequent visits to the salon to touch up the vibrancy of the orange. To prevent further fading, I recommend infrequent shampoos. Or shampooing your hair in cooler or cold water. My favorite dry shampoo to use between washes is Hairstory’s Powder dry Shampoo.

Edgy Two-Toned Blue and Pink Hair
Instagram @john.n1115

#58: Edgy Two-Toned Blue and Pink

Edgy two-toned blue and pink is the best way to dye your hair! If you’re looking to make an impact with your color, then this one is for you!

Muted Mix of Rainbow Colors
Instagram @mattrazook

#59: Muted Mix of Rainbow Colors

The perfect mix of rainbow colors is an exciting way to spruce up your brunette hair. I suggest doing a balayage method to keep your natural root color. It will melt into vivid tones. You will need to be sure you use color-safe shampoos while maintaining any vivid color.

#60: Sunset Melted Ombre

If you are looking for a hair coloring idea, try melting sunset tones on your ombre. You can always play around with many different shades. The best thing to do in this situation is to let your stylist take creative freedom and really spice up your look!

#61: Big Beautiful Fluffy Peach Hair

Peach is a color that will be sure to turn heads if you’re looking for an edgy change! Remember, in order to get this tone, you will have to be a level 9-10 blonde. In my opinion, this is a good color for light skin. It will warm up and spice things up all at once.

Yellow to Orange to Bright Red Hair Color
Instagram @valeconcas

#62: Yellow to Orange to Bright Red

Match the beautiful sunset sky with yellow to orange to bright red hair. If your hair is already pre-lightened, adding fashion colors is a cinch. Ask for a stylist that specializes in fashion colors. That way, you can be confident you will get beautiful-looking color.

Neon Orange and Pink Hair Color
Instagram @tk.colorss

#63: Neon Orange and Pink

Give off sunset vibes with neon orange and pink luscious locks. Give your hair an amazing makeover and try some fun and bold fashion colors. Fashion colors are high-maintenance so be ready for a commitment and investment. To keep hair healthy in between coloring, ask for conditioning treatments. Also, schedule frequent trims.

Black with Red-Orange Face-Framing Pieces Color Idea
Instagram @catcoiffeur

#64: Black with Red-Orange Face-Framing Pieces

A high-contrast color is the perfect bold statement. If fall is your favorite season, ask your stylist to add colors that emulate it such as orange or red. Adding these types of colors will create the perfect combination of natural and fun. Remember, vivid colors fade quicker because they are semi-permanent. So, don’t forget to wash your hair with cool water. This will keep your hair cuticle closed allowing the color to last longer.

#65: Half Pastel Peach Half Purple

When it comes to pastel colors, don’t be afraid to get creative. Because the colors fade nicely you can change up the colors quite often. Try adding conditioner to your client’s ends before adding your pastels. This will give you a more seamless lived-in blend. You can also try Keracolor Klenditioners if you’d like to refreshen your color at home.

Unicorn Ombre with White Roots Hair Color Ideas
Instagram @haircbc_pro

#66: Unicorn Ombre with White Roots

Multi-colored ombres are a perfect way to take your platinum blonde to the next level. Be aware that warmer water settings will fade your color faster. Cooler temperature water will help your preserve your vivid color. If you’re a stylist, make sure to pre-tone your client before adding your semi-colors. That will give you a clean canvas.

Stunning Silver Hair Color
Instagram @rudys.arizona

#67: Stunning Silver

Cool down your locks with a gorgeous and stunning silver. Your hair needs to be pre-lightened to a pale blonde before you can achieve a cool ash silver. If your hair is dark you should be cautious. Lifting to a pale blonde may be damaging to your natural dark hair. In case you experience some damage, conditioning treatments when styling is a must.

#68: Medium-Length Rainbow-Inspired Hair Color

Look like a tropical sunset with medium-length, rainbow-inspired hair color. The biggest advantage of coloring your hair like a rainbow is you will stand out and look one of a kind. The upkeep on bright vibrant colors is high maintenance so be ready to spend big money and time at the salon.

#69: Black to Red-Orange and Yellow

Black to red-orange and yellow hair color is a lively combination to try. It’s a good idea to use a less permanent black when going for this color to make touch-ups easier to achieve. Also, I highly recommend using cold water when rinsing your hair to keep the colors from bleeding.

#70: Lived-In Short Pink Hair with Orange Bangs

Have you ever thought about trying a lived-in vivid look such as orange bangs on short pink hair? Many will say this is a younger style. But, I think it’s a good idea to remember that even older women enjoy bright and wild colors on occasion. Sorbet-inspired hair looks amazing if you are confident. Just ask your stylist which pink hue best compliments your skin tone.

#71: Magenta Roots to Orange-Yellowish Tips

If you’re looking for a bold new hair color, consider trying colors like this stunning sunset melt. My advice would be to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new! Make sure to ask your stylist for tips to keep this color fresh.

#72: Vibrant Purple with Orange Tousled Waves

Vibrant colors will never go out of style! There are so many different color combinations to choose from. If you prefer warm colors, try combining purple, pink, and orange. One of the easiest ways to keep your color from fading is by washing it with cold water. This will keep your hair cuticle closed, keeping the color in your hair longer. A sulfate-free shampoo is great for color longevity as well. Ask your stylist for suggestions.

#73: Black Waves with Blonde and Yellow Tips

Try black waves with blonde and yellow tips if you wear your hair wavy or curly often. You will want to have a really great shampoo and conditioner to keep the color beautiful and vibrant. Fashion colors are more temporary than permanent colors. So having a great hair care regimen will keep that bright vibrancy for longer.

#74: Gorgeous Pink and Yellow on Blonde Hair

This gorgeous pink and yellow color combo on blonde hair is out of this world! I highly recommend pairing 1-2 fashion tones with your blonde. My best advice when choosing hues is to aim for something that compliments your current blonde, as well as your skin tone.

Long Pink and Navy Blue Waves Color Idea
Instagram @john.n1115

#75: Long Pink and Navy Blue Waves

Long pink and navy blue waves are the new black. If you’re comfortable dyeing your hair and want to try something truly unique, go dark navy blue. When trying this color, don’t forget to wash your hair with cool water to keep your tones from running together.

2 Block Blonde and Brown Hair Color Idea
Instagram @isthatpat

#76: 2 Block Blonde and Brown

2-block blonde and brown hair is a bold, high-maintenance color. When it comes to the blonde side it will need to be retouched every 4-6 weeks. However, it’s easy to fill in whenever you are ready for a unified color. You can also change the blonde into other bold fashion colors, the light side opens up a ton of possibilities.

Bright Peach
Instagram @hairbyeleven

#77: Bright Peach

Bright peach looks beautiful on women with rosy hues! If you’ve been thinking about changing your color, don’t be afraid to try something bright and bold.

Pink to Orange Hair Color Idea
Instagram @court_gannhair

#78: Pink to Orange

Try a pink to orange hair color if you’re feeling creative. Dyeing your hair fashion colors requires maintenance. You could talk to your stylist about options. You will feel fabulous with your new color!

#79: Half White, Half Pink

Half white, half pink, or as I like to refer to it, color blocking, has become the hottest trend of this year. Color blocking is such an amazing way to display 2 colors in your hair when you can’t choose just one. It also gives you the opportunity to display the colors in different ways, depending on how you part and flip your hair. For these specific colors, from my experience, pink can fade out very quickly. In order to avoid a quick fade, it’s important to use a powder pink pigmented shampoo, on the designated area.

Unique Hair Colors
Instagram @john.n1115

#80: Unique Hair Colors

If you’re bored with your hair and you are ready to make a big change, try uniquely vivid hair colors. You can customize the different shades to any color you’d like. You should find a colorist to create a custom color for you.

Half Lavender Half Blonde Color Block
Instagram @nataliarok

#81: Half Lavender Half Blonde Color Block

Really stand out with a fun color block that’s half lavender and half blonde. If you want to try something different and edgy a two-toned color is a great choice. To keep your tones looking extra cool and to keep the yellow at bay, use a purple shampoo once a week.

Choppy Teal Pixie Hair Color
Instagram @bottleblonde76

#82: Choppy Teal Pixie

Dyeing your hair is tons of fun with a choppy teal pixie! While we always recommend going to a salon for big color changes, fashion hues can be easier to keep up with at home if you need to. Opt for an in-shower color wash to keep your tone bright, and keep a bottle of Arctic Fox on your shelf whenever you need a refresh.

Strawberry champagne hair color
Instagram @david.oshell

#83: Strawberry Champagne

A strawberry champagne hair color is a fantastic idea for anyone transitioning from dark to light as it works with the warmth of your hair while still keeping everything light and fresh. Colors along this spectrum tend to fade faster than others. However, because the strawberry champagnes color works with underlying pigment, it’s likely to stay longer and fade out nicer.

#84: Orange and Pink Long Straight Hair

Have the locks of your dreams with orange and pink long straight hair. Before taking the plunge, you need to know that bold fashion colors are big maintenance and money. Your hair will need to be lightened to a blonde shade to achieve such vibrant tones. Do conditioning treatments in case you need to prevent your hair from becoming damaged.

Half and Half Color Ideas
Instagram @isthatpat

#85: Half and Half Hair

Half and half hair is perfect for women looking for a bold look. The darker side is compared to the lighter side, and creates a lot of contrast and allows you to have the best of both worlds!

#86: Two-Toned

A two-toned color look is a fun, on-trend way to make a statement. This color trend can work with many different hairstyles and haircuts. Keep in mind, if you’re going for bright fashion colors, it’ll likely involve a double process. This will be a longer and more costly appointment. Ask your stylist for ideas!

Auburn and Walnut Blend with a Blonde Money Piece
Instagram @colour.jade

#87: Auburn and Walnut Blend with a Blonde Money Piece

Auburn and Chestnut tones blend so well together. Try adding a blonde money piece to really tie it all together for that classy and elegant color profile. The lighter blonde pieces give contrast to the chestnut and auburn colors. By blending auburn and chestnut you can achieve more dimension and longevity out of each maintenance appointments. The blonde money piece will tend to go warm and look warm next to the red undertones, so if you like a very ashy or cool blonde look, this may not be for you.

#88: The Color Block Trend

If you are looking for a fun and fresh way to stand out, the color block trend is just for you. Color blocking allows for a bold pop of interest in specific designated areas to accentuate or emphasize features that you love about yourself. Color blocking is completely customizable to whatever style and maintenance preferences you have. Color blocking can be done appropriately to work with all age ranges, face shapes, and body types. if you’re looking for a pick me up, this is definitely one to consider.

Rainbow prism hair color
Instagram @guy_tang

#89: Rainbow Prism

A rainbow prism is absolutely stunning and eye-catching when added to any color. In order to achieve this effect your hair has to be pre-lightened and requires frequent maintenance appointments. If you heat style your hair frequently or wash your hair daily, this might not be the best solution for you as those are both top culprits in causing the color to fade faster. If you love seeing your stylist and are willing to manage the upkeep and hair care regime, a rainbow prism makes a phenomenal color accent.

#90: Chocolate Caramel Dip-Dye

Try a warm chocolate tone with a caramel dip-dye effect for easy maintenance and grow-out. Dip dye is a fantastic way to try a color out without fully committing to it. Because there is no blending up close to the root area, a dip dye effect typically has a more seamless grow-out process and is easier to cut off when you are done with the color. A caramel tip dye effect will typically involve lightening, so if you don’t take care of the caramel portion it can become very dry and damaged. For longevity, try using a color-depositing hair mask on the dip-dyed area.

#91: Dark to Light Buttery Blonde

A buttery blonde that transitions from dark to light is a perfect way to make the blonde look more natural. As hair grows, it’s exposed to more and tends to lighten slightly over time, so by creating that transition of a dark to light buttery blonde, you can create a really authentic and natural looking blonde. To avoid too much warmth make sure to use a purple shampoo as needed to keep your desired tone.

#92: Peachy Pink

Warm, soft, and punchy, or some great ways to describe the results of a peachy pink color. Peachy pink can warm up cool or pale skin tones and balance out skin with red or yellow tones as it compliments and works with multiple different undertones. Peachy pink works well because it isn’t quite a true pink and not a true orange, the combination of soft pink with a punchy orange kick allows for a completely customizable color based on your personal skin tone and preferences. Keep in mind that fashion colors like peachy pinks are high maintenance and require a proper hair care regime and regular maintenance appointments for best results.

#93: Red Paprika Hue

Trying red hair with a paprika hue could be the perfect move for you this season. The richness of this color is unmatched, although the maintenance can be tedious. Red hair color tends to fade faster than less vibrant hues so make sure to talk to your stylist about this before taking the plunge.

#94: Modern Chunky Highlights

Modern chunky highlights are all the hype at the moment. Though bold, this style can be perfect to elevate and renew your look. Using a 1.5-inch curling iron, curl large sections in opposing directions while leaving the ends out for this tousled look.

Blush pink hair color
Instagram @alfiehair

#95: Blush Pink

Blush pink hair is everything. This color is so subtle and soft, yet very unique and different. Try this look if you’re looking for something fun but not too vibrant. Use a 1-inch curling wand to get beautiful waves.