22 Coolest Platinum Blonde Highlights Trending on Instagram

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Platinum blonde highlights are the whiter shade of blonde added to the hair for extra dimension. For women who want to try this hair color, here’s what stylist Brianna Evans of Pittsburg, KS has to say.

Achieving platinum blonde is an investment. It won’t be done in only one session. If you have darker hair, consider going through stages.

“Look at many shades of color from darkest to lightest and everything in between. Find the tones that you like for each stage of the lightening process. This helps you love your hair as you work your way to platinum,” says Evans.

Before getting your new color, take proper steps to ensure your hair is healthy. Evans states, “Keep your locks healthy by not coloring them at home. And use only professional haircare products, including a heat protectant.”

Continue using a heat protectant when styling, even after having your hair blonde. Heat tools can damage the hair and melt off the platinum hue.

As for maintenance, regular toning is a must every 4-6 weeks. Keep a nice icy color between visits using a purple shampoo or hair mask in moderation.

When consulting your stylist, inquire about the upkeep and the cost of each visit. “Don’t fret about asking for lower-maintenance options. These may include a rooty balayage, a smudge root, or even a money piece,” Evans adds.

Breathe new life into your tresses. Here are the photos of the trendiest platinum blonde highlights ideas to try!

Dimensional Champagne Platinum Blonde
Instagram @hairacademytv

#1: Dimensional Champagne Blonde

A dimensional champagne blonde is achieved by adding some lowlights so that the platinum blonde highlights on brown hair pop. The champagne blonde hue suits both cool and warm skin tones. Platinum highlights on brown hair look natural and easier to maintain.

#2: Gorgeous Ashy Blonde Hair with Platinum Highlights

Platinum highlights add a lovely dimension to gorgeous blonde hair. Avoid overlapping lightener on your existing blonde when touching up your roots. Breakage can occur if you’re not very careful. To ensure a professional handle your service to achieve these platinum babylights.

#3: White Blonde with Shadow Roots

White blonde hair color is a lifestyle, especially with shadow roots. The whitish-blonde is tricky to achieve and needs a lot of maintenance. It’s a stunning color that requires bond restoring and maintaining hair products like Olaplex and little as possible heat.

#4: Ash Blonde Balayage with Platinum Ends

The ash blonde balayage with platinum ends is one of the latest and trendiest hair colors. The dark ash blonde roots melt into light platinum highlights. Ask your colorist for a bond builder during the color service and take home the recommended hair cosmetics.

Blonde Face-Framing Highlights
Instagram @slayejae

#5: Warm Platinum Face-Framing Highlights

Try warm platinum blonde face-framing highlights for a pop of color around the face or a quick refresh on grown-out roots. Face-framing is also a great way to blend grey hair predominately around the hairline and fringe area. This color can be achieved with hair painting for a softer, sun-kissed look or foiled for bolder full coverage.

#6: Black Hair with Platinum Blonde Streaks

Black hair with platinum blonde streaks is an edgy and high-maintenance hair color. The girls with naturally dark or black hair are more likely to get a clean platinum blonde because any dark hair coloring will lead to a warm undercoat when lifted.

Platinum Streaks on Honey Blonde Hair
Instagram @cutcolorconnor

#7: Platinum Streaks on Honey Blonde Hair

Platinum streaks on honey blonde hair are a beautiful dimensional color achieved by altering finely woven foils painted with pre-lightener and chunkier bits painted with honey color hair dye. Discuss with your colorist if you want to feel blonder. They will add more of the platinum highlights. If you want more of a natural look, platinum blonde hair with lowlights added is the answer.

#8: Chunky Highlights for Platinum Blonde

Are you thinking of trying blonde highlights for a platinum blonde? Thicker highlight placement is ideal for maximum grey coverage. Complete the look with a low-maintenance blunt texturized bob.

#9: Platinum Highlights with Lowlights and Dark Underneath

Go for platinum highlights with dark underneath if you’re looking for an edgy high contrast hair color combination. Platinum blonde highlights on black hair can be achieved with highlights and lowlights or extensions. Consult with your stylist on the best method to achieve these chunky platinum highlights on black hair based on hair type, lifestyle, and time commitment for color upkeep.

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Full Ash Blonde Highlights
Instagram @linhhairartist

#10: Full Ash Blonde Highlights

If you’ve been thinking of hair color ideas for growing out your natural grey, then consider full ash blonde highlights. This color choice is an amazing option to begin the grey transition because the ash tone blends well with natural grey. Be sure to use a purple shampoo and conditioner once a week to neutralize brassy tones.

#11: Dimensional Highlights on Blonde Balayage Hair

Incorporating dimensional highlights on blonde balayage hair is the perfect way to soften and blend your roots while maintaining bright ends. Keep unwanted yellow tones out of platinum blonde styles with purple shampoo, conditioners, and in-salon toner treatments. Consult with your stylist to add extra length to your platinum tresses with a tape-in extension service.

#12: Platinum Blonde and Caramel Highlights

Choose platinum blonde and caramel highlights if you want warm colors. The platinum blonde hue with caramel-copper streaks is delicious but not too committing. The reason is that the caramel lowlights will fade away relatively quickly to a lighter blonde shade.

Platinum Ash Balayage Ombre
Instagram @alexis_hair__

#13: Platinum Ash Balayage Ombre

A platinum ash balayage ombré is a gorgeous hair color that starts with dark-colored roots, gradually melting into light blonde mid bands and ending into platinum blonde ends. The platinum blonde ombré is fantastic for long to mid-length hair and even bobs.

#14: Icy Platinum Silver Hair Color

Try a platinum silver hair color if you’re prepared for a style that requires high maintenance. Silver is not a color that happens overnight and may take multiple lightening sessions depending on how dark your natural canvas is. With that being said, silver hair color is a fun and trendy tone that looks amazing on olive and fair skin complexions.

Platinum Grey Hair Color
Instagram @bonnstyles

#15: Platinum Grey Hair Color

The platinum grey hair color is an amazing option if you have some white hair and want to blend it and make it less obvious. To create the color, your stylist will do platinum blonde fine highlights and then tone it with a silver or grey toner. Keep in mind the toner will gradually fade away to a warmer blonde shade. If you want to avoid that, you can use purple shampoo every 5 to 7 washes.

Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @hairbykimn

#16: Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Dark brown hair with blonde highlights is one extremely common hair color. The platinum blonde highlights on dark brown hair create a lot of dimension and texture. It’s a perfect color for fine, flat hair texture.

#17: Platinum Gray Highlights for Short Hair

Platinum grey highlights are a color that needs regular upkeep to maintain the grey hue. The foil highlights must be lifted to a pale yellow undercoat and then glazed with a grey toner. Try using at-home Kerastase Cicaextreme blonde absolute range to maintain the shade and the hair quality.

#18: Icy Blonde Highlights

Icy blonde highlights are packed back to back for extra brightness or spaced out for more dimension. Perfect for all lengths except very short crops because the highlights might look like spots.

Dirty Blonde with Platinum Highlights
Instagram @glamstylist_v

#19: Dirty Blonde with Platinum Highlights

A dirty blonde base with platinum highlights is a lovely combination that is perfect for fine hair. The platinum hair highlights give more texture and life to the flat, straight hair. The pre-lightened hair makes a wave last a little bit longer. Do not skip the heat protectant when using a dryer or a hot styling tool.

Cool Blonde Balayage Highlights
Instagram @victorkeyrouz

#20: Cool Blonde Balayage Highlights

Cool blonde balayage highlights should be your pick if you are ready to commit to diminishing the use of hot styling tools, especially if your natural hair color is brown. Platinum blonde hairstyles are more easily achievable on lighter natural bases, and the level of hair sensitivity will be less.

#21: Long Hair with Platinum Highlights and Lowlights

Platinum highlights and lowlights are a great color option if you want more dimension and fullness in your hair. Brown hair with highlights might also give you the same effect. Opt for more foils around the face and more lowlights at the crown area. That will ensure softer regrowth and spaced visits to the hair salon.

#22: Light Blonde Streaks on Dark Hair

Light blonde streaks create a lot of texture and dimension. Dark hair with platinum highlights can appear a bit stripy, so do ask for a slight root tap or root smudge to achieve a seamless blend and softer regrowth.