43 Prettiest Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights of 2024

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Brown hair with blonde highlights is a hair lightening technique that paints blonde on strands of a brown base. Adding pretty shades of blonde highlights lightens medium to dark brown hair and creates more dimension and depth.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these pictures of the best examples of blonde highlights on brown hair:


#1: Beige Highlights

Beige highlights are a great option for a brunette trying out highlights for the first time. If you are considering dyeing your hair, consult a professional on what shade of highlight will work best with your skin tone. If you wear your hair up, ask for a full highlight so you can see the highlights in the back with your hair up. Maintenance will depend on how light you go. If you want more low maintenance, you can ask for your root to be shadowed back to erase any lines.

Dark brown hair with blonde highlights and lowlights

#2 Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

Dark brown hair with blonde highlights and lowlights is perfect for women who crave dimension and more pops of brightness. Lowlights help soften the amount of blonde in the hair by having a colorist match closest to the natural hair color.

brunette hair with light blonde highlights

#3 Brunette Hair with Light Blonde Highlights

Brunette hair with light blonde highlights and soft waves brings a chic result! The stunning golden blonde highlights with multiple tones offer a bright, sun-kissed dimension. Brunette hair and a light blonde shade work well together. The combination is sure to benefit women with olive skin. Hair mostly light brown with blonde highlights is a classic look that will never go out of style.

Mahogany Brown Hair with Beige Blonde Highlights

#4 Mahogany Brown Hair with Beige Blonde Highlights

Rather than dye your hair completely blonde, try having mahogany brown hair with beige blonde highlights. A set of brown and blonde highlights will add a bit of fun and depth to your hair.

#5: Hand-Painted Blonde Highlights

Ask your colorist about a hand-painted blonde highlight technique. If you want ribbons of blonde in your hair, you will want to get hand-painted hand-painted balayage hair highlights. This way, you can create brightness and dimension through your hair. Finish your service with a color melt for a low-maintenance blended color.

#6: Brunette Blowout with Blonde Highlights

If you want to blend brunette richness and blonde dimension, a brunette blowout with blonde highlights is ideal. The brunette hair with blonde highlights is a lovely mix of warm and cool tones that brunettes will appreciate. It gives a natural and sun-kissed look. The highlights are strategically placed to enhance your features and add depth to your overall look. This look works well for a wide range of skin tones and can be customized to complement your unique complexion. Whether your skin is olive or tan, a brunette blowout can make you look fresh and glowing.

#7: Thick Brunette Hair with Blonde Streaks

If you’re looking to add some dimension to your brunette locks, consider adding blonde streaks. Adding blonde streaks can create a beautiful contrast between dark and light to give your hair a sun-kissed look. Choose a blend of caramel and honey-blonde tones that mix well with your natural hair color. These highlights work well with a variety of skin tones, complementing both warm and cool undertones. For the best results, consult a professional colorist who can judge the best shade for your hair.

#8: Brown Hair with White Ash Highlights

If you like cool vibes with your hair, brown hair with white ash highlights is a great pick. This color is best suited for natural medium brown hair. Use blue or purple shampoo at home to keep this color between salon trips.

#9: Brown Short Hair with Soft Blonde Highlights

Try adding soft blonde highlights to your short brown hair. Uniform color can make short hair look dull and heavy, so adding highlights softens the look and gives an illusion of fuller hair.

Lived-In Brunette Hair with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @romeufelipe

#10: Lived-In Brunette Hair with Highlights

Upgrade your brown hair with a lived-in brunette hair color with highlights. Tell your colorist you want custom highlights to enhance your face and shape best. Keep a natural root or add a root smudge to prevent highlights from damaging the scalp. This will allow your hair to grow more smoothly and subtly. My advice for any brunette going lighter would be to keep up with toner appointments. They keep your highlights fresh because brunette hair always has a warm undertone. You will want to minimize that.

Dark Brown Waves with Dark Blonde Highlights
Instagram @valeconcas

#11: Dark Brown Waves with Dark Blonde Highlights

If you need to give your blonde hair a rest, consider a color melt with a darker base and bronzed toner. The more dryness your hair has when going dark, the more fade you’ll tend to see. I always explain to my clients that dryer hair tends to take color darker. But remember that it releases the color just as fast do uneven porosity levels. Try Olaplex 3 in between appointments. Pay attention to how much better your color holds after continued treatment use.

#12: The Perfect Blowout Style

Show off your multi-dimensional color with the perfect blowout style. Beautiful loose waves display warm, inviting blonde and brown tones. Use a curling iron to get glamorous Hollywood waves and be ready to take on the day.

#13: Highlighted Short Hair

Go for natural-looking locks with highlighted short hair. Like this warm brown hair with blonde highlights, dark and light shades give the illusion of depth and dimension. Avoid over-highlighting so you can keep maintenance low and your hair healthy. The best-looking hair is healthy hair, no matter the shade.

#14: Natural Brown Hair with Golden Blonde Highlights

Work your long beach waves and natural light brown hair with golden blonde highlights in brown hair. These streaks of blonde look like the California sunshine beach blonde style everyone wants right now. If you’re considering going a shade of blonde all through your hair, these golden highlights are a great first step on your natural hair.

#15: Perfectly Placed Highlights

The perfect placement of these highlights gives off high-impact color! With this color, your maintenance will be low, and you can lighten or darken this piece as the seasons change. Remember that dyeing your hair will require you to use better at-home hair care.

Golden brown and blonde highlights for older women
Instagram @liz_lewis_hair

#16: Golden Brown and Blonde Highlights for Older Women

Golden brown and blonde highlights for older women are the perfect choice for women wanting to spice things up. A stunning color combination will have heads turning. Tapping the root with a gloss will also make the grow-out more seamless.

#17: Brown Hair with Blonde Ombre Hair

Brown hair with blonde ombre hair is a great option for women who want a low-maintenance color. Adding a few babylights around the front and sides can complement the look to make it even more natural for a “lived-in look.”

#18: Brown Hair with Blonde and Red Burgundy Pieces

Brown hair with blonde and red burgundy pieces is well-suited for those looking forward to adding some spice to their hair. The burgundy pieces help create contrast and vibrancy to your overall appearance.

#19: Chunky Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

Chunky blonde highlights on brown hair go hand in hand when tones are similar. Bolder blond pieces create optimal brightness for women who want more ribbon-like effects on their hair.

Dark brown with beach blonde
Instagram @lindsay.magyar

#20: Dark Brown with Beach Blonde

A dark brown with beach blonde highlights is perfect for women with a naturally darker base than normal blondes. It gives a natural but contrasted result that looks bright with loads of dimension. Style with waves for beautiful reflection as light hits the hair.

Icy mocha brown hair for women over 50
Instagram @jleighhair

#21: Icy Mocha Brown Hair for Women Over 50

Icy mocha brown hair for women over 50 compliments those looking to show off their grey and have a little depth added in. You’ll want to add a lowlight to your color and maybe a few highlights. Tone your highlights with an ice toner like Schwarzkopf blonde me “ice.”

#22: Medium Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights for Women Over 60

Medium brown hair with blonde highlights for women over 60 offers a youthful vibe. If you’re looking to have brown hair as you age, you’ll want to pick a soft and warm shade. Adding highlights gives it dimension and brightness. You can do highlights every other touch-up so you don’t get over blonde. Touch-ups will be every 3-5 weeks depending on your natural grow-out color.

#23: Dark Brown Hair with Platinum Blonde Highlights

If you want to know how to lighten hair, adding platinum highlights on long wavy hair looks stunning!

Darker brown hair with blonde highlights is a gorgeous bombshell combination.

These hair colors are highly requested because it’s the perfect mixture of brown and blonde and has a ton of dimension!

#24: Ashy Brown Hair with Honey Blonde Highlights

Adding honey blonde highlights on ashy brown hair is a cute way to add a subtle visual change. If you were born with a natural blonde hair color, adding brown tones to the hair is easier. Honey blonde highlights on brown hair create a nice, flattering color, but you can ask your stylist for a money piece in the front for extra oomph!

Very Dark Brown Hair with Platinum Blonde Highlights
Instagram @thehairfaerie

#25: Very Dark Brown with Platinum Blonde Highlights

Very dark brown hair with platinum blonde hair highlights is a gorgeous way to have highlighted hair.

Naturally, brown hair highlighted with blonde is the best way to get more depth and dimension from your haircut.

When it comes to platinum highlights, consider the best example for women who have mid-length brown hair.

Curly Brown Hair with Golden Blonde Highlights
Instagram @thlybeauty

#26: Curly Brown Hair with Blonde Streaks

Brunette locks and blonde streaks offer the best of both worlds! Curly brown hair with blonde in front will give you a brightening and face-framing effect.

Stylist Thalia mixes brown and blonde hues with textured hair that breathes life into the curls.

#27: Medium Chocolate Brown Hair with Caramel Blonde Highlights

Long brown hair painted with sweet caramel blonde hues in a smooth transition is always flattering on a fair to neutral skin tone.

It’s important to consider a dark hair color as the base to match the caramel highlights that will complement your complexion.

Deep Brown with Chestnut Blonde Highlights
Instagram @aureliosalon

#28: Deep Brown with Chestnut Blonde Highlights

Coloring brown blonde hair highlights into your brunette tresses can result in a unique glow. Deep brown with chestnut blonde highlights is one of the stylish hair dye ideas if your locks are mostly brown.

#29: Auburn Brown Hair with Red and Blonde Highlights

Adding blonde hair highlights for brown hair that’s almost auburn brown is a subtle way to enhance your natural color.

Using blonde highlights has a dimensional effect on auburn hair, giving it a copper hue. To stand out even more, ask your colorist for chunky highlights.

#30: Medium Brown with Rose Gold Highlights

Medium-brown hair with blonde highlights looks incredible, with a red tint that gives it more of a rose gold hue.

If you keep your naturally brown roots, adding hair highlights like blonde will make the grow-out phase more flattering.

A trendy shade of brown hair highlights warm skin tones.

#31: Dark Espresso Brown with Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Women who are going from having hair that’s just brown to blonde highlights have been adding more strawberry blonde highlights. Brunette hair with blonde highlights perfectly matches ladies who want to keep it simple yet stylish!

A darker hue will be the perfect transition color with lower maintenance if you have naturally dark brown hair.

light brown hair with light blonde highlights
Instagram @studiokivimaki

#32: Light Brown Hair with Light Blonde Highlights

Opting for light brown hair with light blonde highlights is one way to go vibrant and fab! If the hair is naturally dark brown, it’s a smart option to lighten it without going full blonde.

With enough blonde highlights on lighter brown hair, it makes a sun-kissed dimension. For a low-maintenance finish, ask the stylist for dark roots.

#33: Ash Brown Hair with Silvery-Blonde Highlights

An ash shade of brown pairs well with silver-blonde highlights to add more texture for women with thin hair.

These are almost icy blonde highlights that can go well with all shades of brown hair.

sandy brown hair with sun kissed blonde highlights
Instagram @liam_paul

#34: Sandy Brown Hair with Sun-Kissed Blonde Highlights

Give sandy brown hair with sun-kissed blonde highlights a shot now! It radiates a glowing transformation for ladies ready to go lighter from a medium brown mane.

The perfect distribution of highlights and lowlights makes a flawless dimension. Ask the colorist for a little depth on the root area to pop out the warm blonde tones.

#35: Short Brown Hair with Butter Blonde Highlights

Dark short hair with blonde highlights is a beautiful way to lighten your dark brown hair. Straighter locks look great with this shade of dark hair with blonde highlights because it adds a subtle dimension.

Shoulder Length Brown Hair with Ash Blonde Highlights
Instagram @fatal.studio

#36: Shoulder-Length Brown Hair with Ash Blonde Highlights

Add some pop to your brown base with ash blonde highlights. Ash-blonde highlights for brunettes give shoulder-length hair the perfect amount of contrast and depth. Opt for curly ends for an extra cool factor!

#37: Chocolate Brown with Almond Blonde Highlights

When your natural color is brown, then for these highlights, the blonde tone gives off an almond hue with these highlights. The color combination of a brunette with blonde highlights is absolutely attractive.

A balayage brown hair color and blonde highlights are a high-impact way to lighten your hair strands.

Mocha Brown Hair with Dark Blonde Highlights
Instagram @rachelcskipper

#38: Mocha Brown Hair with Dark Blonde Highlights

Dark blonde highlights on brown hair are a more subtle way to transition to a brighter blonde.

Suppose you have beautiful rich, mocha brown hair color naturally but want to brighten things up for summer, painting artful caramel blonde balayage highlights! Such blond highlights on brown hair are achievable!

This blonde balayage on brown hair is done by a hand-painting technique. It’s a newer alternative approach to highlighting hair blonde. See more blonde balayage highlights.

Medium Length Toffee Brown Hair with Butter Blonde Highlights
Instagram @eliserhair

#39: Medium-Length Toffee Brown Hair with Butter Blonde Highlights

Toffee brown hair with highlights has buttery tones that are warm and golden, which creates the appearance of naturally beautiful medium-length hair.

The blonde highlights also go well with walnut brown hair if that’s what you have.

chestnut brown hair with soft blonde highlights
Instagram @yarisart_

#40: Chestnut Brown Hair with Soft Blonde Highlights

Chestnut brown hair with soft blonde highlights creates a dimensional balayage trend. It’s a chic way to give tresses instant shine and warmth. The set of brighter, softer blonde streaks goes very well with the richness of the chestnut brown color. Women who have thick and wavy hair—it’s the one you must try!

Dark Chocolate Brown with Creamy Blonde Highlights
Instagram @j_martin.hair

#41: Dark Chocolate Brown with Creamy Blonde Highlights

What a seamless blend of dark chocolate brown hair with blonde highlights! Blonde and brown hair has always been the perfect base for a creamy hue. This short brown hair with blonde highlights looks fantastic with a curled structure.

light brown hair with blonde highlights
Instagram @hillarykeene

#42: Light Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Pair the light brown hair with blonde highlights for a natural-looking shine! Notice how the streaks of caramel blonde color add warmth to the brown locks. Long hair ideas for brown hair and blonde highlights are a lot. Even a short chop can enhance light brown hair with blonde highlights.

straight cappuccino brown hair with subtle blonde highlights
Instagram @studiokivimaki

#43: Straight Cappuccino Brown Hair with Subtle Blonde Highlights

This straight cappuccino brown hair with subtle blonde highlights is for morena beauties! This straight brown hair with blonde highlights may be subtle, but the result is striking. They create a shiny effect and a dimension that adds life to tresses. Both blondes and brunettes will love straight hair with highlights!