Fake it Good: 5 Ways to Get The Hair You Don’t Have

If you’re dying for a bangin’ set of bangs, but aren’t yet ready to commit to full on face fringe, fake it. If you’re rocking long layers, but want to sport a bob for just a day or two, then fake it. If your hair is cropped and all you want is a little length for that big event, fake it. If you want purple highlights, but you’d get the stink eye from your employer if you went through with permanent dye,  fake it.

You get what I’m saying. If you don’t have it, fake it! And fake it good! We’ve rounded up a list of fake out tutorials that’ll satisfy all your hair cravings. Get the hair you don’t have!

Thick, Faux Fringe

No one will ever know this heavy fringe look was created sans scissors. Hairstylist Jamie of Sachi Salon walks you through the steps using The Shine Project’s Ashley LeMieux. The overall look is so authentic looking and absolutely perfect for elegant outings. Keep it messy and chic like Ashley, or go for a smoother, more refined look if you want to go super glam.

faux fringe

Faux Side Bangs

Here’s another way to fake bangs, brought to you by Christina at the Hair Romance blog. This look was inspired by the Spring/Summer 2013 collections by Prada and Dolce & Gabbana and is ideal for summer soirees and errand running. You’ll need a cute headscarf and bobby pins to re-create this look. Get all the deets at HairRomance.

faux side bangs

Styling Long Hair Short

“Sometimes you want to have a short hair day, but without the commitment of actually getting your hair cut,” writes Katie on the A Beautiful Mess blog. Raise your hand if you can relate. I’m all about this super sweet, slightly wavy bob she creates and the hair bow nestled just about the ear is the perfect touch. With or without the bow, though, this one’s a must try for all you long haired ladies. Psst. Like the faux bob? Check out four more faux bob hairstyles here.

faux bob tutorial faux bob hairstyle

Super Long Ponytail

Who wants a ponytail so long it gives Rapunzel a run for her money? The answer is: Who doesn’t? Pretty much any woman with any hair length can pull off the super long ponytail look with a bit of help from good old hair extensions. I love this “high ponytail with extensions” tutorial from YouTube User Lilith Moon because she gives all kinds of helpful blending tips and tricks!

DIY Hair Extensions

Any time you can DIY, I’m down. Saving money and looking good are two of my favorite things, after all. That’s exactly why I’m obsessed with Lana Red’s recent tutorial on DIY Hair extensions, which will help you fake both length and volume. You can get all the info on her blog post, but she essentially bought a pack of faux hair that matched her own, sewed clips onto it and secured onto her head. Brilliant!

DIY hair extension tutorial DIY hair extensions

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