These Are The Top 20 Hair Color Ideas for Winter 2022

winter hair colors

Winter hair colors vary from light hues that go with the cold weather to darker tones that show contrast. Blondes are very popular, but brunettes and smoky tones carry out a warm, welcoming vibe. Even other fashion and pastel colors are in during this coziest, coldest season!

When hair dyeing, make sure that the shade flatters your skin tone and enhances your eye color.

Ladies with tan or olive complexion can pull off natural shades or a warm balayage. Chocolate brown and rich reddish tones are sure to bring out the warmth in your skin.

With brighter hues, pick one that’s opposite of your skin undertone. Dirty or ash blonde can complement cool complexions. It’s also one of the trendiest hair shades throughout the winter solstice.

Each hair dye corresponds to a specific care routine. This is why your lifestyle plays a significant aspect in deciding your desired color.

Get in touch with your stylist to acquire professional tips. You can ask ways how to style your locks at home and what products to apply.

It’s never too late to shake things up. Read on to find images of the trendy winter hair colors here.

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Blue and Purple Color Melt with Shadow Root
Instagram @presleypoe

#1: Blue and Purple Color Melt with Shadow Root

A fun way to try out vivid hair color is a blue and purple color melt with shadow root! If you have naturally dark hair, then you would benefit with a soft grow out with this shadow. Setting up a thorough consultation with your stylist will be necessary to determine if your hair is a good candidate for vivid hair, and to go over product and appointment maintenance.

All Over Baby White Hair Color
Instagram @haircancekic_

#2: All Over Baby White

If you want to make a striking statement this winter, go for an all over baby white! A blonde to this extreme has to have the right starting point, to avoid compromising the integrity and achieving the right tone. Getting a consultation to determine if your hair is a good starting canvas is very important. Platinum maintenance is typically around 3-8 weeks to prevent banding, and making sure you have the right take home products is also really important to keep the health of your platinum locks strong.

Black and White Money Piece
Instagram @hairbychantelkrause

#3: Black and White Money Piece

If you are someone who loves to embrace hair color trends, this black and white money piece is a must! The blonde is created in a simple color blocking technique, and toned with an icy gloss. Make sure your colorist is confident your hair can handle lightening to this platinum. Leave-in color protectors and heat protectors are a must to maintain the richness of this color.

Violet Red Hair Color
Instagram @dantaylor_hairdressing

#4: Violet Red

If you are a lover of red hair, try tweaking your tones to a violet red! Lighter reds tend to rock a more copper/red tone, so adjusting the tone to a violet red will add more richness and depth to your red. The slight root shadow will soften out your new growth, allowing for 8-10 weeks between maintenance appointments.

Dark Silver to Navy Blue Ombre
Instagram @memmieyo

#5: Dark Silver to Navy Blue Ombre

A bold approach to fantasy color, this dark silver to navy blue ombre is sure to turn heads. On dark, rich skin tones, these hues are sure to pop. Working on clean virgin hair will be necessary to achieve the level of lightness to add this smokey grey and dark blue. Tones this cool do require some maintenance, with a silver or blue shampoo for home, and a 6 week maintenance routine.

2-Tone Purple Root Smudge
Instagram @memmieyo

#6: 2-Tone Purple Root Smudge

An easy way to stay low-maintenance while turning heads is trying this tone purple root smudge. Depending on your starting point, this may be a multiple process to achieve these dimensions. With a root smudge, your maintenance will be around 8-12 weeks, but having a violet fantasy shampoo will aid in keeping the vibrancy in between appointments.

Smokey Blonde Ombre
Instagram @josievilay

#7: Smokey Blonde Ombre

An ice blonde’s dream comes to life with this smokey blonde ombre! To achieve this look, a light pale blonde is the starting point, so make sure your colorist gives the green light that this look can be obtained. Maintenance for these smokey locks will be around 4-6 weeks for root touch ups, and don’t forget to keep a silver or violet toning mask or shampoo to refreshen the tone once a week.

Dark cherry hair color
Instagram @thenewenglandstylist

#8: Dark Cherry Bomb

A great way to add some vibrancy to darker hair is this dark cherry bomb color! This look is obtainable for almost all hair colors, especially if your hair is between a level 5-7. The violet tone of this red helps add a great richness and depth to the red, with pops of brighter cherry on the ends. A big way to preventing fading is using professional products and room temperature water when washing. Maintenance for these cherry locks will be anywhere from 6-10 weeks.

Bold Bubblegum Pink hair color
Instagram @mariahairartist

#9: Bold Bubblegum Pink

If you are someone that is looking for a whimsical hair color, this bold bubblegum pink will be show stopping! A pink this pale will be best achieved on a natural blonde, or if you’ve gone through previous lightening services. Skin tones best suited for a bubblegum pink will be cool and neutral tones since this type of pink will showcase warmth in the skin. Pigmented masks and shampoos are strongly encouraged to help maintain vibrancy in between your 4-8 week maintenance appointments.

Lived-In Brown and Blonde Color Melt
Instagram @allyxnikki_hair

#10: Lived-In Brown and Blonde Color Melt

A sophisticated take on dimensional color, a lived-in brown and blonde color melt is a classic choice. The beige tone of this hair makes a very user friendly option for most skin types, providing balance for olive, neutral, and pink undertones. This color is a great low-maintenance option. You can go 8 to 12 weeks, if you are naturally a medium brown-medium blonde.

Dimensional Blue and Black
Instagram @jbootybb

#11: Dimensional Blue and Black

Try a dimensional blue and black hair color to really align with the winter solstice energy. The deepness and vibrancy of the blue and black work so well to prevent washing out of light skin tones while still serving up some chilly vibes. This is a color that will require more upkeep and it should be noted that keeping the hair healthy is especially important to the longevity of fashion colors. Try a color depositing hair mask whenever you need to freshen up the blue.

Walnut Brown with Peek-a-boo Blonde
Instagram @kyleedanaehair

#12: Walnut Brown with Peek-a-boo Blonde

Cold weather means warm walnut brown colors, so add a peek-a-boo blonde underneath for some bright lively dimension. The contrast between the walnut brown and the blonde peek-a-boo keeps the face bright and open while still having an overall darker and warmer color scheme. The blonde peek-a-boo is a great way to try out lighter colors without having to fully commit. The blonde peek-a-boo underneath actually creates the appearance of volume and thickness as light colors expand, so this is an amazing color placement for someone who wants to fill the neck and collarbone area or draw attention to it.

Icy Blue with Pops of Pastel Purple
Instagram @cozmic.color

#13: Icy Blue with Pops of Pastel Purple

Icy blue that has pops of pastel purple is a strong contrast to the typical winter hair colors. Pastel colors and light colors are very high maintenance and fade very fast, so be sure to avoid heat styling or washing too much and prepare for more maintenance appointments. If you love going to the salon for touch-ups this color is perfect, but if you are looking for low-maintenance and easy care, this is not your color. Light colors work best on very light hair, so if your hair is naturally quite dark, the color process will likely be longer and more damaging, but will look fabulous when your dark roots come in.

Metallic Silver
Instagram @jhair_stylist

#14: Metallic Silver

One of the most iconic winter hair color ideas is the metallic silver. Silver is less maintenance than fashion colors and pastels, but it does take lots of work to get there and keep hair healthy, toned, and maintained. Hair that is extremely dry or damaged should not try silver until their hair is healthier simply because it can be hard on the hair to use purple shampoo frequently. Purple shampoo is the best way to maintain a silver metallic hair color in between touch-up appointments because purple shampoo can be a little stronger than regular shampoo, it’s really important to use a very nourishing conditioner.

Deep Black with Subtle Brunette Highlights
Instagram @ricardoalonsobeauty

#15: Deep Black with Subtle Brunette Highlights

Get out the hot chocolate, bake the gingerbread, and get ready to melt over a luxurious deep black color with subtle brunette highlights. Deep, warm colors add the appearance of healthier hair as well as provide a lovely contrast to the white snow covered backgrounds. Try loose waves and a cute bright touque to create the perfect hairstyle for a skate date with some delicious hot chocolate to warm up. People with extremely light skin should try to stay away from very deep black colors as it can wash the color out or appear too harsh, but the brunette highlights will help to bring that color back to your skin.

Evergreen Green
Instagram @cgannhair

#16: Evergreen Green

The colder months are no excuse to shy away from beautiful and vibrant colors like evergreen green. Evergreen is an amazing shade to compliment people with brown eyes as well as skin with yellow or peach undertones. To keep your color fresh, healthy, and vibrant, make sure you protect it through the chilly weather and have a great hair care routine.

Mulberry Red
Instagram @hairbyskylarbunch

#17: Mulberry Red

One of the classic winter hair trends is the lavish mulberry red. A deep red brings warmth and color to the face despite freezing temperatures. While most reds do take more upkeep, they can work well with any skin tone and can be customized to work with your age, air type, and any other contributing factors. The deepness of the mulberry red gives a striking contrast to white snow or rosy cheeks and is the perfect pick me up for surviving the cold season.

Smoked Rose Gold
Instagram @jhair_stylist

#18: Smoked Rose Gold

Warm up with a smoked rose gold color to get you through the coldest season. Rose gold is fantastic for winter because it warms up skin tones. For easy upkeep and longevity, be sure to use a color-safe shampoo and for longer lasting vibrancy, try a color-depositing conditioner.

Brown Balayage
Instagram @coloredbycaitlin

#19: Brown Balayage

A brown balayage is the perfect way to fight the polar weather. When snow falls, warm up with some beautiful chocolate tones. Going with a deeper shade is a great way to keep hair healthy over the winter and makes for a beautiful contrast against the white snow. To keep brightness around the face, try adding a caramel-toned money piece to frame the face.

Black with Chocolate
Instagram @alex.mercedesss

#20: Black with Chocolate

Black hair with chocolate accents is a staple for those who like the dark side but still want dimension. Cozy up in your favorite flannel and sip some hot cocoa by the fire while the warm lighting illuminates the lighter tones of your hair. Dark colors are lower maintenance which is great for winter as cold, dry weather is hard on the hair, so the less chemical services performed, the better. Try using a color-depositing shampoo or conditioner to keep rich tones vibrant.