These Are The Top 10 Hair Color Ideas for Winter 2021

2021 winter hair color trends

Winter blues got you down? Combat that post-holiday, winter dreariness with fresh new hair color. From subtle highlights to bold black, the season’s trendiest hues offer a little something for everyone. Check out 10 of the this winter’s most stunning hair color shades, below.

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Grainy Blonde

Grainy blonde winter hair color 2021
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This is an especially great choice for those with fine or flat hair, as it also helps create the look of more volume, says celebrity hair colorist and Olaplex ambassador Bianca Hillier. “Be sure to ask your colorist for extremely fine balayage painting to imitate the effects a foil highlight, without having to deal with the high maintenance of a foil grow-out,” she suggests.

Inky Black

inky black winter hair color 2021
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“Jet black hair with cool tones is totally in this winter, it’s a whole vibe,” says Hillier, though she does note that it is a commitment. Kristen Fleming, color director at Chicago’s 3rd Coast Salon agrees; be prepared that, once you’ve gone in this blue-black direction, returning to your natural color is going to be a marathon, not a sprint, she adds. Maintenance is also super important, she adds, so ask your colorist to mix up a custom color-depositing conditioner that you can use at home in-between salon visits.

Cinnamon Chocolate

cinnamon chocolate winter hair color 2021
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“A rich chocolate brown with warm gold and red undertones, this is a true and trusted winter favorite,” says Fleming. “Adding warmth to any base color is going to add a bit of glow to your skin.” (And really who doesn’t want that in the middle of winter?) She suggests popping into the salon every four weeks for a clear gloss to keep the color looking rich and shiny.

Strawberry Bronde

Strawberry bronde winter hair color 2021
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A fun twist on the always popular bronde hue, this is another great shade for somebody who wants a hair color that’s going to bring radiance to their complexion, explains Fleming. Still, the color isn’t in your face red. “Ask your colorist for a dulled down strawberry blonde, something a bit deeper than blonde with gingery tones rather than red ones, since the goal is to create lots and lots of warmth,” she says.

Icy Blue

Icy blue winter hair color 2021
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Bright pink hues are so last season. This winter, it’s all about bold blue shades for anyone looking to have a little more fun with their color, says Hillier, while Fleming adds that icy blue tones are especially trendy. It’s an especially flattering look on those with paler skin; just make sure that your hair is lightened enough beforehand. “If the hair is too yellow, it can end up creating more of a green-ish shade,” warns Hillier.

Matte Brown

Matte brown winter hair color 2021
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“This look is perfect for anyone who is on the fence about going blonde, as it’s the first step in that direction,” says Hillier. “Make sure your colorist over lifts to avoid any unwanted brassy tones, and over tones to get a dense and lasting light brown.” Keeping the color flat, without a lot of dimension, keeps it trendy and from being an otherwise basic brunette hue.

Snow White

Snow white winter hair color 2021
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Winter whites are a thing, in this case in the form of platinum blonde hair. It’s super dramatic and stunning, just be prepared for some upkeep. Plan on touch-ups every three to four weeks in order to maintain the effect, says Fleming.

Caramel Toffee

Caramel toffee winter hair color 2021
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This is a perfect option for blondes or brunettes who want something different, but don’t want to venture too far from what they usually do, says Fleming. The dimensional highlights are approachable and low maintenance, she adds.

Creamy Blonde

Creamy blonde winter hair color 2021
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This hue is ideal for natural blondes: “You simply can’t achieve this type of buttery, creamy blonde if you’re working with a natural brunette base,” says Hillier. Fleming is a fan of the shade too, noting that it’s especially flattering on those with porcelain skin. As far as maintenance goes, it’s a matter of personal preference. “A natural blonde could get away with color appointments every eight week or even go as long as 12 to 14 weeks if she doesn’t mind a bit of a grown-out look,” explains Fleming. Her other top tip? Maintain the cool tones by using a purple shampoo weekly to neutralize unwanted brassiness or warmth.

Tone on Tone Balayage

Tone on tone balagae winter hair color 2021
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Here’s an option for those seeking a super subtle and natural look. The goal is to have the highlights be one shade light or just one tone different, enough to create some very low maintenance, barely-there dimension, notes Fleming. It works on any base color, though is best for those who are used to sporting a single shade and have very little to minimal gray, she adds.