25 Guys Prove the Mid Burst Fade Looks Straight-Up Cool

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Thick Wavy Hair with a Mid Burst Fade for Boys
Instagram @barberfirmat

#1: Thick Wavy Hair with a Burst Fade

A burst fade is a modern, low-maintenance option for thick and wavy hair. This style reduces bulk around the ears and neck and still lets you keep a good length for styling on the top and back. Use Malin Goetz Sage Styling Cream to hydrate your waves easily. Apply it from roots to ends, especially on your mohawk-style hair.

#2: Burst Taper Fade Mullet

Burst taper fade mullets and variations are the trendy update to a classic men’s style. Burst fade haircuts are timeless and always in trend. They are popular for practical and style reasons. They cut down styling effort since they reduce hair on the sides. They shape your look by highlighting hair on the top and back. To achieve a great look at home, use matte clay or volume powder. Start from the roots and go down to the ends to get the best texture.

#3: Faded Modern Quiff

This faded, modern quiff is quite stylish. To get a trendy style, ask your barber for a burst fade. This involves a short, textured scissor cut on the top and sides. Depending on your hair texture, the length typically ranges from 2-3 inches. If you have wavy hair, choose a longer style to account for shrinkage. If you have straight hair, don’t hesitate to go shorter. Applying texture clay, such as the Malin and Goetz Hair Pomade, will give you a neat, spiked look. Ask your barber to blend the hair on your head with your facial hair for a neat, unified look.

Mid-Faded Straight Hair with a Cross Design
Instagram @jay.blendz._

#4: Mid-Faded Straight Hair with a Cross Design

This polished look presents straight, neatly combed hair that’s been expertly paired with a mid-fade for a clean aesthetic. The standout feature is the carved cross design just behind the ear, a personal emblem shaped with precision. It’s a hairstyle that speaks to the meticulous nature of the wearer, blending spirituality and style.

Clean Burst Fade with a V-Cut Nape for Gents
Instagram @bastosblends

#5: Clean Burst Fade with a V-Cut Nape

This hairstyle exemplifies modern grooming with its sharp burst fade that contours the ear, ascending into a dense, neatly trimmed top. The nape features a distinct V-cut that adds an extra layer of finesse to the look. It’s a style that combines structure and suavity, perfect for those who appreciate meticulous detailing in their personal aesthetic.

Fiery Red Highlights and a Mid Fade on Modern Guys
Instagram @khairthebarber

#6: Fiery Red Highlights and a Mid Fade

This bold hairstyle takes a daring leap with its radiant fiery red highlights atop a full head of hair, providing an eye-catching contrast to the neat mid fade below. The red tones add a dynamic edge to the textured volume, suggesting a personality that’s vibrant and unafraid to make a statement.

Low-Maintenance Short Hair with a Burst Skin Fade
Instagram @hair.by.iris

#7: Short Hair with a Burst Skin Fade

This haircut embodies sleek sophistication with its short, neatly styled hair on top that gradually meets a skin-close burst fade at the sides. The fade is executed with precision, showcasing a gradient that smoothly transitions to the skin, emphasizing the clean lines and contours of the cut.

#8: Tousled Quiff with Shaved Lines

The perfect blend of structured and messy, this hairstyle features a tousled quiff that brings volume and attitude to the forefront. The sides are artfully taken down with a burst fade, and the look is completed with sharply shaved lines that add an urban, geometric twist to this modern cut.

Zero Mid Fade for Men with Thick Spikes
Instagram @garciablendzzz

#9: Zero Mid Fade with Spikes

This hairstyle boasts a bold zero mid fade, creating a crisp, skin-close shave that ascends into a textured canvas of dynamic spikes. A generous use of a matte finish product has likely been worked through the hair to achieve that rebellious, sky-high structure. It’s a look that commands attention, perfect for someone who loves a mix of precision and playful texture.

Mid-Burst Faded Wavy Hair with a Shaved Cross Design for Guys
Instagram @fadezbykrunch

#10: Faded Wavy Hair with a Shaved Cross Design

This hairstyle merges faith and fashion with a suave, wavy top that cascades into a sleek fade, punctuated by a meticulously shaved cross design behind the ear. The waves are sculpted for volume and movement, providing a natural flow that contrasts the precise, clean lines of the fade. It’s a style that speaks to personal expression while maintaining a polished look.

Burst Mid Fade Cut on Boys' Short Messy Curls
Instagram @n3gro_blendz

#11: Mid Fade Cut on Short Messy Curls

Here’s a refreshing take on texture, with this style boasting short, messy curls on top that exude a carefree charm, while the mid fade below offers a neat, tidy frame to the face. The curls appear well-hydrated and defined, hinting at a routine that likely includes a curl-enhancing cream or a light gel to achieve that perfect balance of structure and spontaneity.

Modern Mohawk Fade for Young Men
Instagram @sj._.fadz

#12: Modern Mohawk Fade

This modern twist on the classic Mohawk stands out with its voluminous, textured top that tapers into a clean fade, skilfully merging retro punk with contemporary neatness. The top section, likely styled with a flexible hold product, cascades into a distinctive fade that’s been expertly graduated to maintain a subtle yet impactful profile.

Textured Waves with a Medium Fade for Boys with a Mustache
Instagram @cutsbygio

#13: Textured Waves with a Medium Fade

This effortlessly cool look showcases natural, textured waves on top, full of life and bounce, that gently transition into a medium fade for a sleek side profile. The waves are probably enhanced with a light pomade or cream, adding definition without weighing them down, making it a versatile look for both casual and more formal occasions.

Textured Mid Burst Fade Copper Mohawk for Guys with Facial Hair
Instagram @iamb_cmb

#14: Textured Copper Mohawk

A textured copper mohawk can transform your style. For a fresh look, ask for a skin fade on your ginger hair. The fade should begin around your temples, going behind your ear and extending into a 2-3 inch textured mohawk cut. To get the most out of this hairstyle, use a barber-recommended styler. Apply Kevin Murphy’s Rough Rider Matte clay to the top and back of your hair for a dry, spiked appearance.

Short Mullet with Mid Burst Faded Sides for Young Men
Instagram @pj_dabarber

#15: Short Mullet with Faded Sides

A short hairstyle, known as a mullet, with shorter hair on the sides, is a new spin on the classic mohawk. You can achieve this trendy look by gradually shortening the hair from the scalp to leaving 2-3 inch hair on the top and back of the head. This hairstyle suits a night at a dance club and a regular office day. However, keep a regular 2-4 week grooming plan to maintain its shape.

Short Straight Layers with a High Mid Burst Fade for Guys
Instagram @masbritish

#16: Short Straight Layers with a High Fade

Layers are an excellent choice for short, straight hair to boost texture and volume. High fades can remove excess bulk from the hair sides to sculpt the facial area. You should instruct your barber to texturize your short, straight hair properly. This will allow you to style your hair easily at home using a matte cream paste-like Kevin Murphy’s Rough Rider, which adds volume to a dry, spiked finish.

#17: Thick Low-Maintenance Hair with Buzz Cut Fade

For a simple haircut, a buzz cut fade is a great choice. This style has the right length on the top and back for easy styling with your favorite hair cream. Adding a high-contrast burst fade creates a mohawk look, adding more style.

Short Fringe on a Mid Burst Fade Cut
Instagram @barberia.massidi

#18: Short Fringe on a Mid-Fade Cut

A mid-fade cut is an excellent example of a cropped hairstyle for men, often combined with a burst fade shape. One of the key aspects of this hairstyle is its blunt fringe at the front, adding a textured look, and the fade around the sides and temples, giving it a mohawk-style shape. Ruezel’s Matte Paste can be used on any layered, textured hair. Applying it on damp to dry hair will help achieve a spiky, dry finish.

Neat Spiky Hairstyle with Mid Burst Fade Cut for Guys with Glasses
Instagram @javistlyz

#19: Neat Spiky Hairstyle

A neat, spiky hairstyle can be an edgy way to show off some personal style while offering a nice shape suitable for a professional day-to-day look. To get this look, ask your barber for a short mohawk style. Ensure that you leave enough length on the top and back. This allows for styling with matte clay. Also, get a burst skin fade on the sides for a fun shape and contrast. Ruezel’s Strong Hold Matte Finish Clay is an affordable and perfect option to maintain the mohawk’s fresh and edgy appeal.

Mid Burst Fade Cut with a Messy Style for Gentlemen
Instagram @iamb_cmb

#20: Burst Fade Cut with a Messy Style

A burst fade cut with a messy style is a fresh take on a modern style. Ask for a mohawk-style fade around your ears and down your neck. This should blend into a short scissor cut on the top. Then, add heavy texture to this cut with point cutting and thinning shears. For easy styling, blow-dry your hair thoroughly. Apply Ruezel’s Matte Pomade from roots to ends with your fingertips. Style it to your liking.

Short and Sleek Style with Mid Burst Faded Cut for Men
Instagram @_barberjj

#21: Short and Sleek Faded Cut

This short and sleek faded cut is impressive, isn’t it? It is also known as a burst fade. To get this look, ask your barber for a buzz cut using a 5 guard. Also, request a skin fade around the temples and ears, blending upward into a mohawk-style shape. This look is self-styling and is as effortless and trendy as possible.

Choppy Faux Hawk Mid Burst Fade for Boys
Instagram @barberia.massidi

#22: Choppy Faux Hawk Fade

A choppy faux hawk fade is a cool new hair mode to try for the next season. This style kicks off with a medium-length scissor cut on top. Point-cutting and thinning methods are also used for texturing. With a mid-drop fade on the sides, this style resembles the classic men’s cropped hairstyle but with more charm. For styling, sprinkle Suavecito’s Texturizing powder onto dry hair. Do some light hand shaping. This will create a fun, textured, and stylish look.

Men's Piece-y Style with Mid Burst Fade and Hair Design
Instagram @mauroagustin.96

#23: Piece-y Style with Burst Fade and Hair Design

Set yourself apart with this unique haircut, defined by a burst fade and distinct hair design. The haircut has a burst fade on the sides, shaped around the ear to resemble a mohawk. It also has a textured top that your barber can enhance with point cuts or texturizing. The haircut features a minimalist design on the side to reflect your personal style. For an ideal look, blow-dry this haircut to boost volume and create movement. Then, apply matte clay, like Hanz De Fuko’s Claymation, from your roots to the ends. This gives a dry, natural feel.

Mid Burst Fade on Men's Thick Hair
Instagram @indobarber.id

#24: Mid Burst Fade on Thick Hair

The mid-burst fade forms a traditional look for men’s thick hair by adding a distinct shape at the back, giving it a unique silhouette. Fades are a smart choice for thick hair. They decrease bulk on the sides while giving shape and style to the haircut. Maintaining this style requires booking regular 4 to 6-week appointments with your preferred barber. The barber will keep the fade and thin out the top through point cutting. For daily styling at home, you need a product like matte clay for a dry finish or pomade for a wet, shiny look.

#25: Mid Tapered Faux Hawk

A mid tapered faux hawk is a charming, different take on standard men’s hairstyles. A fade on the sides adds contrast. This creates a flattering shape. The remaining length on the sides and back highlights your natural hair texture.

The mid burst fade is a haircut that stands out! It gives a fresh, sharp look to anyone brave enough to try it. Nicola Pinna, an expert in the field, shares some gold nuggets on how to rock this style. Let’s break it down, so you can nail the look.

Meet The Expert

Nicola Pinna
Nicola Pinna
Nicola is a professional barber with over 5 years of experience.
You can find Nicola at Crispy Lanez in South Melbourne, Australia

Best Hair for the Style

Nicola says, “Wavy to curly hair types are ideal, but straight hair can work too with the right cut.” No matter if your hair is thick or thin, a skilled barber can make this fade look great. It’s all about the smooth change from short to long hair and keeping a nice round shape for that burst effect.

Matching Your Face Shape

Got a round face? A squarer fade might suit you best. And if your face is more square, a rounder fade could be the way to go. Nicola emphasizes balance. The goal is to make your fade fit your face just right, in width, length, and volume.

Styling Your Fade

Styling is key to making your mid burst fade pop. Nicola recommends starting with styling powder. Then, use a matte styling clay or pomade. Finish off with a bit of hairspray for hold. These products help keep your fade looking sharp all day.