The 90s Pixie Cut Is Making a Comeback – But With A Modern Twist You Just Have to See

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
'90s-Inspired Dark Hair Pixie with Tousled Top
Instagram @akira__sato

#1: Dark Hair Pixie with Tousled Top

Try a dark-haired pixie cut with a tousled top. If you have a long, pear, or oval face shape, try a wash-and-go crop that favors a little wavy texture. The wide sides of the hairstyle help to balance varied face shapes, and a little wispy, curtain-like fringe frames the eyes. Use a light styling gel to hold the hairstyle in place. Once it’s dry, fluff it with your fingers to add some body to the style.

90s-Style Silver Blonde Pixie on Ladies with Fine Hair
Instagram @headkase_dxb

#2: Silver Blonde Pixie on Fine Hair

If you have thin hair, a short pixie can make it look thicker. Add some long layers for more texture. Use a lightweight spray for styling. For an eye-catching look, end with a cool-toned silver-blonde hue.

1990s-Inspired Face-Framing Pixie with Bangs
Instagram @gildedrazors

#3: Face-Framing Pixie with Bangs

A short textured pixie maintains softness. Keep length at the sides and carve out the fringe area. This opens up the face, showing your features. Style with dry products like a texture mist for separation. Avoid wet products like waxes, as they are too heavy.

Low-Maintenance 90s Vintage Choppy Pixie Cut
Instagram @erika_cuts

#4: Low-Maintenance Choppy Pixie

If you want a low-maintenance cut, a short, choppy pixie, which you can wash and go, is an ideal choice. The only thing to remember is to maintain your cut regularly. Aim to get a trim every 4-5 weeks to keep a clean finish.

90s Textured Blonde Pixie Undercut
Instagram @egle_bee

#5: Textured Blonde Pixie Undercut

A modern pixie look includes an undercut that makes the cut cleaner and shorter around the ears and nape. This style has a long top layer that overhangs. You can add texture to these long layers by integrating blonde highlights.

#6: Super Short Chop with Textured Bangs

Get a styled short haircut with textured bangs and look extraordinary. Ask your stylist for a soft short cut with layers and texture. To enhance the style and provide a choppy look, opt for razor cutting or point cutting. Apply texture paste to your hair, such as Pureology’s Mess It Up, for a polished finish. The soft layered fringe is ideal for those with longer face shapes. You will also feel more confident with this short hair.

#7: Tousled Pixie Crop

Trendy pixie cuts perfectly frame the hairline, featuring micro-bangs and some long, soft, feminine pieces in front of the ears. Style the hair in different directions to show movement and texture. These styling methods work well with straight hair textures. If you desire a sharper look with some strands standing upright, use a flat iron. Use matte styling paste to maintain the hairstyle without excess shine.

#8: Thick Brunette Pixie with Mini Bangs

A thick brunette pixie haircut with mini bangs stands out. Ease the sharp edges of a square face and manage thick hair with a detailed brunette pixie cut. Your stylist begins by designing the haircut to accent your facial features. The haircut adapts to compliment your features as it gets styled. This haircut has sides that cover the ears, gradually transforming into a layered style with shorter layers on top. Consider a small, flipped-up section of hair at the back for a unique touch.

1990s Chic Pixie Hair with Heavy Bangs
Instagram @mariana_polit

#9: Chic Pixie Hair with Heavy Bangs

Bangs are an essential part of a pixie haircut. Wearing a heavy bang brings a feminine edge to a short, tapered style. It allows for versatile styling options. You can wear the bangs down around your eyes, sweep them to the side, brush them back into a high pompadour, or slick them back for a wet look.

Vintage 90s Pixie with Shorter Layers
Instagram @larizamberlan

#10: Vintage Pixie with Shorter Layers

A vintage pixie with short layers can be described as a look from the 90’s Halle Barry era. This hairstyle complements both square face shapes and wide foreheads well. It’s a super textured pixie that elegantly frames the eyes and cheeks with longer bangs intersecting from the middle and tapering up to blend into the side framing. Use a round brush half an inch in diameter to curve the crown layers of this classic pixie cut slightly.

#11: Platinum Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

Consider a platinum pixie style with side-swept bangs. You can get the look of a 90s-styled, edgy pixie cut that leans toward androgyny. Ask your stylist for a tapered pixie cut with longer and side-swept bangs. This can be a bit of a high-maintenance style when it comes to salon visits, but the daily ease of styling makes it worth it. Use a little texture cream or pomade and piece it out with your fingers.

Two-Toned Grey 90s Pixie with Feathered Layers
Instagram @slhairstudio

#12: Grey Pixie with Feathered Layers

If you want a classic-looking pixie cut, you should have lots of layers on the sides and top. This will give your hair volume and a feathery feel. If you push it back over your ears, it pairs well with a short, clean cut at the nape of your neck. But if you prefer a sharp, angular hairline, keep a clear edge at your hair’s perimeter.

Short 90s Pixie Hair with Piece-y Bangs for Round Faces
Instagram @akira__sato

#13: Short Hair with Piece-y Bangs

To keep short hair feminine, maintain softness around the perimeter. You can achieve this by keeping the edges slightly longer. Adding a soft, piecey fringe over your forehead also works well. If your hair has a natural wave, it will add softness, volume, and movement. Avoid straightening the hair too much, as it can cause the hair to look flat and harsh.

Sleek Icy Blonde 90s Pixie with Micro Bangs
Instagram @feverfewhair

#14: Sleek Icy Blonde Pixie with Micro Bangs

Edgy, icy blonde pixie cuts look sharp and help diminish any orange tones that might remain after lightening the hair. Combine this with a cute pixie cut with long sideburns and a short fringe to achieve a 90s hairstyle. Micro bangs are shorter bangs that sit close to and frame the hairline. They can provide texture or define the shape of the face.

Edgy Short 1990s Pixie with Messy Layers
Instagram @rodrigocintra

#15: Edgy Short Pixie with Messy Layers

This style suits those with medium to thick hair. It lets you go short without risking a puffy look. Always ask your stylist for a soft, textured razor cut. A layered pixie cut with scissors and a razor leaves soft bits around the ears and hairline, giving the style a feminine touch. I suggest drying your hair as you want to style it. Then, use a small amount of paste or cream. This method boosts volume and texture.

Fluffy Brown 90s Pixie Hair
Instagram @sanazhairart.yvr

#16: Fluffy Brown Pixie Hair

A cropped pixie cut gives the appearance of a bob, particularly with short layers added to the crown. This look is finished with a tapered neck. Adding texture to thick hair will create movement in your style, ensuring the look stays soft and well-defined. This makes your style easy to manage and manipulates the direction to flow with your hair growth, ultimately framing your face.

Very Short 90s Pixie Crop with Spiky Layers
Instagram @akira__sato

#17: Very Short Crop with Spiky Layers

A cropped pixie is great for the bold. It’s cut short at the nape and gradually increases in length to maintain longer layers. The layers need to be long, but not for volume. Their length should create texture. This is what gives it a modern feel. For a youthful vibe, dry the hair towards the face, letting go of any defined parts.

Vintage 90s Textured Pixie with Short Bangs
Instagram @__k_vu__

#18: Vintage Textured Pixie with Short Bangs

Round face shapes will adore a pixie with a slight textured bang, fringy ears, and a textured curly top. Ask your stylist for a cropped pixie with texture, with slight hair over the ear. You can have a clean neckline that follows your hairline, create your hairstyle, or keep a soft texture at the nape.

#19: Tapered Pixie with Wispy Bangs

A tapered pixie with wispy bangs is appealing.You can achieve a feminine touch to your hairstyle with a softly tapered side. For this, make the hair around the ears slightly longer. The longer, wispy fringe allows for more forehead coverage but without creating a thick layer. Fine straight hair textures will work great with this style.

#20: Short Pixie Haircut with Fade

For a modern pixie, have a close cut nape that gradually increases in length up to the crown. This technique gives a clean finish and an attractive profile shape. To keep a bit of softness, ask for longer layers on top and a side-swept fringe. Close cuts should be maintained every 4-6 weeks to keep them looking fresh.

90s Cropped Ginger Pixie
Instagram @akira__sato

#21: Cropped Ginger Pixie

If you have a bold hair color, whether it’s natural or not, a short pixie cut will take it to the next level. A striking shape that frames the face, along with soft textured edges, gives the elfin look. If you prefer to keep some length in front of the ear, you can also tuck it behind for a shorter feel. I’d recommend using a dryer type of finishing product, like a paste, for a more natural look. Stay away from high-shine waxes, as they can make the hair clump together.

'90s Razor Cut Pixie
Instagram @__k_vu__

#22: ’90s Razor Cut Pixie

The pixie cuts of the 90s were characterized by their soft, feminine, and textured appearance. The hairstyle suits many face shapes, sizes, and hair textures. The key is to adapt the cut to your face shape and hair texture for the best style. A long framing cut in front of the ears, paired with a short, textured fringe, is a distinguishing feature of the hairstyle. This look is particularly striking on round face shapes, especially with the textured layers on the crown.

#23: Bixie with Chunky Layers

Adapting a unique fashion that suits you is crucial to achieving an attractive look. Showcase the separation and texture of the bixie haircut using a wax-holding gel or pomade. This hairstyle is optimal for those with thick hair who want to add dynamic movement to their look.

90s-Inspired Bleach Blonde Pixie with Thin Bangs
Instagram @_hairsplinters

#24: Bleach Blonde Pixie with Thin Bangs

The bleach-blonde hair and big brown eyebrows bring in the 90s nostalgia. This is a look accomplished with textured hair and minimal product. Finer hair textures benefit greatly from a short, tapered pixie cut styled with soft, thin bangs. The longer bang makes the bleach blonde pixie cut appear more feminine and helps to round out a square face shape.

Retro 1990s Wavy Pixie Style
Instagram @__k_vu__

#25: Retro Wavy Pixie Style

This is a retro wavy style. Soft feminine curls around the hairline give this pixie its fresh style. It’s important to incorporate natural hair texture for this wearable cut, as it makes styling easy. Micro bangs, a longer nape, and front-of-the-ear framing give this look a 90’s vibe. This style is well-suited to round face shapes.

90s Soft Curly Pixie Hair
Instagram @manija_hair

#26: Soft Curly Pixie Hair

The 90’s era showcased a lot of iconic pixie haircuts. Drew Barrymore, Halle Barry, and Sharon Stone are a few to name. Reviving those badass vibes with a natural curly texture is the trend. The softness of natural curls balances this short hairstyle’s femininity. Meanwhile, longer sides frame the face, and the curly fringe brings life to the look.

Textured Androgynous Pixie Cut 90s-Inspired
Instagram @__k_vu__

#27: Textured Androgynous Pixie

Get a textured androgynous pixie that anyone can wear for a charming addition to your look. Longer pixie cuts need medium care. You can keep it short and stylish, which requires more effort, or let it grow into a mid-length cut with long strands framing your face. This allows more time in between adjustments. As the pixie grows, you can adjust its style. This means you would need salon visits every 8 weeks instead of 4.

#28: Soft Wavy Side-Swept Pixie

This style is a soft, wavy, side-swept pixie. You can make your fine wavy hair into a full pixie cut with lots of body using razors and shears. Texture can be your best friend because it allows for movement and ease with styling. Use the Hairstory Undressed product on your natural waves to help increase wave and volume at the root. Consider trying the Sharon Stone pixie cut style from the 90s.

90s Voluminous Layered Pixie Cut with Blonde Highlights

#29: Voluminous Layered Pixie

If you have thick hair and dream of a pixie cut, think about a voluminous layered design. With the correct blend of texture and style, you can construct a gentle, feminine pixie cut filled with movement and body. By gently softening the hairline at the nape, you’ll enhance the overall softness of the hairstyle. Throw in a cropped top for extra texture and volume. To top it off, add curls to give lift and maintain a soft sweep on the side.

90s-Inspired Short Cropped Pixie Hair with Swoopy Bangs
Instagram @__k_vu__

#30: Short Cropped Hair with Swoopy Bangs

A short-cropped hairstyle provides many options for a pixie. They typically have more hair around the face and the crown. This allows for swoopy bangs and shaping around the face. Ask your stylist to create a crop with more hair around the face and clean up the back. This will allow more facial framing in the pixie. The cut suits square and long face shapes. It also works well for those with a wider temple area wanting a shadow effect.

The 90s pixie cut is more than just a hairstyle; it’s a statement of boldness and freedom. It’s a style that defies age and texture, embracing every hair type from fine and thin to thick and curly. Let’s explore the magic of the 90s pixie cut with insights from Liz Loeffler, a renowned expert in the field.

Meet The Expert

Liz Loeffler
Liz Loeffler
Liz is a hairstylist with over 12 years of experience.
You can find her at Public Image NYC in New York, NY

Matching Your Hair Type

“Start by seeing how your hair fills space,” says Loeffler. This is key to finding the perfect pixie. For fine hair, Loeffler suggests layering and angled fringes to add movement. Those with thick hair might keep it longer on top to use the weight to their advantage. Curly hair? Notching pieces out can add space for movement. Loeffler points out, “Never use thinning shears on curly hair.” For each hair type, the approach shifts, ensuring the cut is tailored perfectly to the individual’s natural hair behavior and desired look.

Face Shape Considerations

Loeffler believes clients often know best about balancing their face shape with their hairstyle. “Trust yourself on how you feel your best,” she advises. For round faces, height and volume at the top can elongate the face. Square faces benefit from height and diagonal lines to soften jawlines. Heart-shaped faces? A longer pixie that adds width at the chin can be stunning. Loeffler encourages not getting too hung up on literal face shapes, suggesting instead to focus on what makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Styling Tips and Product Recommendations

The beauty of the 90s pixie lies in its versatility and ease of styling. “The majority of the work should be in the cut,” Loeffler notes, advocating for styles that support various lifestyles, whether you’re a busy professional or a retired adventurer. For curly hair, moisture is crucial. Loeffler recommends R&Co’s Ringtone for curly hair and Mannequin or Hyperlink for straight fine hair, emphasizing the need for products that support the hair’s natural texture without weighing it down.