These 35 Sleek Ponytails Will Be All The Rage This Summer

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Blonde Top Sleek Ponytail with Framing Pieces
Instagram @josip.acel

#1: Top Ponytail with Framing Pieces

A high ponytail with hair strands framing the face resembles the Barbie doll’s hairstyle. This ponytail features gentle waves and includes a fringe that frames the face lightly. To create this style, partition a triangular section around the fringe, then tightly secure the remaining hair above the arc of your head. Use a 1-inch curling iron to curl the ponytail uniformly in one direction. Let the curls cool down, then brush them to produce soft waves.

Sleekest Fountain Ponytail with Loose Waves
Instagram @renstouch

#2: Fountain Ponytail with Loose Waves

A fountain ponytail with loose waves is a stylish and versatile hairstyle that combines the elegance of a high ponytail with the casual styling of loose waves. This chic look is achieved by pulling the hair into a silky ponytail at the crown of the head. The addition of loose waves adds effortless glamour, making it a perfect style for an everyday look or any special event.

Sleek Curled Bouncy Ponytail on Black Women

#3: Curled Bouncy Ponytail

A ponytail with curls is an engaging style that adds volume and waves to the traditional ponytail. To get this style, you usually curl the hair with a curling iron to make soft and springy waves. This style, with the curls gathered in a high or mid-level ponytail, creates a lively look suitable for festive events or evenings out.

#4: Shiny Black Hair in Elegant Low Pony

For a stunning wedding style, try wearing your shiny hair in an elegant low ponytail for a dramatic and gorgeous look. This slick ponytail is a gorgeous vintage wave paired with a stunning hairpiece. To achieve this look, you may need to add clip-in extensions to create the volume and extra drama. Secure the base of the ponytail with a bungee hair tie, which will give your style a longer-lasting hold.

Center-Parted Long Sleek Voluminous Ponytail
Instagram @eliza.tanasie

#5: Center-Parted Long Voluminous Ponytail

A center-parted, long, voluminous ponytail is a stunning red carpet ready look. To make this sleek and dramatic ponytail, gather all your hair into a high bun. Secure it with hair pins of your choice. Next, attach a 24-inch long hairpiece to the bun. Doing this will add volume and create the dramatic style you’re aiming for.

Sleek Pony Updo with Medium-Length Natural Curls
Instagram @afrozuri_

#6: Sleek Updo with Natural Curls

A sleek updo with natural curls suits both daytime and evening events. The updo style embraces and accentuates your natural curl pattern while ensuring a sleek, sophisticated look. To achieve this style, be sure to use a product like a strong hold gel or flexible styling wax. I prefer using the dart wax stick by R & Co.

Straight Sleek Ponytail with Middle Part for Thick Hair
Instagram @hairbyelliefay

#7: Straight Ponytail for Thick Hair

If your hair is thick and you’d like to try a smooth look, a straight ponytail could be the right style for you. To achieve this ponytail, start by smoothing your hair out with a balm and hair oil. Then, create a middle part and gather all your hair back firmly. Use a flat iron to create a gentle bend, focusing mainly on your hair ends, for a refined and stylish finish.

Long-Length Wavy Sleek Pony Upstyle with Hair Gems
Instagram @hairbyelliefay

#8: Wavy Pony Upstyle with Hair Gems

This hairstyle, adorned with hair gems, is for special occasions or concerts. It includes a pony upstyle. Gems add a level of creativity to any simple hairstyle. To attach the hair gems, you can use ordinary eyelash glue. This is an excellent trick! Eyelash glue provides enough hold to last all day. Yet, it is gentle enough for easy removal with shampoo.

Bridal Soft Low Sleek Ponytail for Long Wavy Hair
Instagram @lllilyhair

#9: Bridal Soft Low Ponytail

Who says ponytails aren’t for brides? A bridal soft low ponytail provides an attractive style with extra length for a longer shape. Ponytails can easily be styled for a formal look with full bouncy curls, waves framing the face, and elegant hair pieces.

Sleekest Golden Brown Pony with Light Waves
Instagram @hair_design_by_ani

#10: Golden Brown Pony with Light Waves

A ponytail of golden brown hair with light waves is elegant and classy, making it a great alternative to an updo for evening events. This luxurious hairstyle can be completed at home with patience but is best executed perfectly by a professional stylist. This look is created by first making a ponytail with dry, pre-curled hair and then gently brushing out the curls from the secure ponytail to achieve a finger-waved appearance. For framing the face, section a fringe area and let it hang down. Finish with a flexible hairspray to maintain the style for a longer time and to reduce any flyaways.

Sleek Pulled-Back High Ponytail
Instagram @eliza.tanasie

#11: Sleek Pulled-Back High Ponytail

A sleek, pulled-back high ponytail is a versatile way to wear your hair on a night out. This style adds glam and class. You can personalize it with flowers, clips, or pins to match your look. You can also adapt it for wedding and party events.

Simple, Sleek, and Easy Braid for Ponytail
Instagram @ronegraige

#12: Simple and Easy Braid for Ponytail

Here’s a pro tip – a braid can be low-key and classy. You can dress up in a simple, braided ponytail with hair accessories. For a sleek, glassy look with light-reflective shine, brush a lightweight gel or mousse through your hair. Sport the elevated braided ponytail to your next evening social event. Complement it with an elegant hairpiece and matching earrings.

#13: Face-Framing Sleek Pony

A hairstyle with a polished ponytail that frames your face is the ideal mix of smooth and bold and can be created by your stylist or easily done at home with the proper tools. This style involves pulling your hair back in a high ponytail and applying gel to keep it smooth. Leave a fringe-like section for a twist on the classic look. Remember to comb your baby hairs using an edge brush or substitute tools like a toothbrush or mascara wand for a refined look.

Slicked Pony with Barbie Flick
Instagram @renstouch

#14: Slicked Pony with Barbie Flick

It’s the year of Barbie-inspired styles, so a sleek ponytail with a flick at the end, like Barbie’s, is just right to stay trendy. You can recreate this style at home with ease while using basic equipment. All you need is the right preparation and simple tools, like hair gel, hairspray, a comb, and a few rubber bands. Begin by pulling your hair into a high, sleek ponytail. Apply gel around the hairline and secure the ponytail with a rubber band that matches your hair color. Remember, patience is key for a neat finish. For a touch of style, curl the ends of your hair. Finally, seal the look with a strong hairspray.

Long Sleek Weave Ponytail with Face Frame
Instagram @tropicalchyna

#15: Weave Ponytail with Face Frame

A weave ponytail can frame your face. A sleek, glossy ponytail is a quick and easy way to add length to your hair. To get the look, use a gel or styling cream and a bristled brush to smooth your hair into a tight, high ponytail. Wrap the extension around your ponytail and secure it with bobby pins. Sometimes, the extension may come with its own separate ponytail. To complete the look and shape your face beautifully, avoid including fringe pieces that frame your face.

Unique Wrapped Sleek Pony with Accessories for Medium-Length Hair
Instagram @hairbyelliefay

#16: Unique Wrapped Pony with Accessories

All shiny ponytails need a glossy product. I find a shiny spray easier to use because you can determine how much and where to apply it. Starting with smooth, frizz-free hair is key. If you want something different, add a statement feature like a bun or a pull-through. Why not try some accessories, too?

#17: Bright Red Half-Up Ponytail

Apply a petroleum-based styling product for a smooth and sleek half-up style on the brushed crown section. The style leaves out a face-framing side bang. It has face petals that are swirled to perfection. Add bright hair extensions to the ponytail for an edgy and complete style.

Long Pony Sleek Style with Fishtail Braid
Instagram @renstouch

#18: Long Pony Style with Fishtail Braid

A fishtail braid and a long pony style create a sleek, beautiful look. This sleek ponytail extends down your back. The woven fishtail braid adds a mix of sophistication and boho charm.

#19: High Pony Updo with Voluminous Waves

A voluminous waved high pony is a classy and chic style. Your hair requires the right foundation. Hence, visit a hair professional. They may first set your hair on rollers for additional volume. Make sure to request a sleek look on top to avoid loose hair at the back of your head.

Sleek Black Hair Wavy Ponytail with Highlights
Instagram @mk.maneattraktion

#20: Black Hair Wavy Ponytail with Highlights

If you’re looking for an immaculate ponytail, a high wavy style with softness around the sides, is a great choice. Ask for a sleek finish for a glossy look. Consider adding contrasting extensions if your hair has only one color.

Silk Press Caramel Hair with Sleek Ponytail
Instagram @kailin.j

#21: Silk Press Caramel Hair with Ponytail

A good smooth slick ponytail looks great if you need to add extensions for length, this can be done. Ask for a soft wave and a face-framing section to give a high-end finish.

Sleek All-Back Ponytail for Textured Hair
Instagram @renstouch

#22: Sleek All-Back Ponytail for Textured Hair

A sleek ponytail paired with natural hair texture gives great contrast. Use a wax product to tame flyaways and keep your style smooth. Place the base of the ponytail at the crown to create the most volume and height. Also, wrap a piece of the ponytail hair around the band and pin it under it to hide the band. This is a useful professional tip.

#23: Ginger Ponytail with Side Bangs

A bold hair color looks amazing in a wow factor pony set mid-back. Backcomb the underside of this pony, close to the band, for extra volume. For a more subdued look, add a sweeping side fringe.

Slicked Back Low Pony for Long Dark Hair
Instagram @eliza.tanasie

#24: Slicked Back Low Pony

A slicked back low ponytail can look elegant and stylish. Use a wax stick to control flyaways. Add extensions to increase the length dramatically. Hide the band by wrapping a strand of hair around it and pin it beneath the ponytail.

Long Wavy Blonde Sleek Ponytail
Instagram @eliza.tanasie

#25: Long Wavy Blonde Ponytail

A glossy ponytail has a subtle yet significant visual impact. Keep your hair firm and use a medium-hold hairspray. Take sections of your ponytail, curl them, and let them cool. Next, use a shine spray to tame the frizz and brush the hair to create a soft wave pattern.

Half-Up Curly Sleek Ponytail for Shoulder-Length Hair
Instagram @eliza.tanasie

#26: Half-Up Curly Ponytail

Embrace your natural hair texture for a shiny ponytail. Apply a good curl enhancer for added definition. If you prefer a smoother top section, use hair wax to control flyaways. Always wrap a strand around your hair tie for a polished finish.

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#27: Pull-Through Braided Ponytail

If you want to add a wow factor to your neat ponytails, you might opt for a pull-through braided pony. This chic style suits any occasion. The pull-through braided pony does require a lot of hair length. You may need extensions for it.

Mid-Long Swooped Pony with Sleek Side Part
Instagram @chez_les_rubys

#28: Swooped Pony with Side Part

Smooth ponytails are beautiful. If you want to add a twist, try a deep side part. To keep the hair shiny and flat, a wax stick is recommended. Flick the ponytail ends for a modern take. Lastly, don’t forget to wrap a strand of hair around the band for a chic finish.

Long Sleek Straight Hair Pony with Middle Part
Instagram @hairbyhatem

#29: Straight Pony Style with Middle Part

If you’re going for a polished ponytail, add a twist. You can achieve the classic look by styling with a middle parting. Use a wax stick to slick the hair down and back. Ensure no flyaways, as you will want a neat look. If you need extra length, add extensions. Then, straighten the ponytail to achieve a sleek finish.

#30: Low Pony with Subtle Bouffant

Polished ponytails are great for any occasion. If flat hair isn’t for you, adding a slight bouffant at the crown makes it more intense. First, lightly backcomb the hair around the crown. Make sure to smooth over the top section. Start by pulling back the side sections and slicking them. Afterward, take a piece of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the band for a polished finish.

#31: Easy Barbie-Style High Ponytail

The chic, sleek ponytail is now a trendy option for all occasions, inspired by the popular Barbie film. Try to place the beginning of your ponytail at the top of your head where it curves. For added thickness and length, you can use hair extensions. If you prefer a softer look, leave a few loose strands around your face.

Sleek Ponytail and Edges for Long Black Hair
Instagram @faithstouch_

#32: Sleek Ponytail and Edges for Black Hair

Upgrade your plain ponytail into a neat updo by using a high gloss finish to tame any flyaways. Include some loosely curled edges for added detail, and enhance its style by wrapping a strand of your hair around the hair tie.

Very Long Ponytail with Sleek Waves
Instagram @eliza.tanasie

#33: Very Long Ponytail with Waves

Are you looking for a stylish, shiny ponytail for a special occasion? Why not add waves? For plenty of movement, your hair should be ultra-glossy. Shine sprays can help achieve this. I suggest first tying your hair into a ponytail. After that, you can curl the hair and brush it out to maintain the waves. You can use bobby pins to secure any loose strands around the nape.

#34: Super Long Bubble Ponytail

Lift up your sleek ponytails to a new level by applying the bubble technique. Place a tight band every few inches, then tease the hair within each section to create fullness. Use the hair from underneath the band to cover it. If your hair is soft, use a texture spray while you’re working to give it hold and definition.

Drawstring Sleek Ponytail Kinky Hair Extension

#35: Drawstring Ponytail Kinky Hair Extension

The drawstring ponytail kinky hair extension is a fresh, modern version of the classic ponytail. The kinky hair extension for ponytails is easy to use. It adds volume and body to your regular ponytail.

When aiming for that sleek ponytail, the key isn’t just about products or hair types—it’s about technique and precision, especially for those with textured hair looking to achieve a flawless finish. The foundation of a sleek ponytail lies not only in the smoothing products but also in the art of blow-drying and straightening, where controlling frizz and achieving a seamless texture is paramount. Applying a frizz-controlling serum or heat-protectant cream before using hot tools ensures your hair stays protected, and using a paddle brush with boar bristles can distribute natural oils through your hair, enhancing shine and smoothness. While slicking back your ponytail, consider the placement—high, low, or in the middle—and the impact of using a silk or satin hair tie to prevent breakage. Remember, a ponytail isn’t just a casual style; with the right approach, it can be transformed into an elegant, polished look. Ready to achieve your sleekest ponytail yet? Let’s get those strands in place for a look that’s nothing short of stunning.