23 Dark Auburn Hair Color Ideas Trending in 2021

Dark auburn hair color

Dark auburn hair is a richer and deeper relative of the reds and leans more toward the browns than the warm spectrum of orange and red. It’s one of the most sought-after hair color trends by celebrities and stylists because of its ability to appear naturally luscious while providing extra contrast to your facial features and putting a glow to your complexion.

These red hair color ideas are great for women with light auburn hair color looking for a dramatic change. Another attractive character of a dark auburn color is that it plays with the light to appear in different levels of vividness – from mahogany and chocolate to brick and rusty.

This brilliant shade will definitely fire you up! If you are craving a flattering change to your dull brown or black hair, adding hints of red undertones will surely improve the intensity of your hairstyle. Let yourself be seduced with these sexy and super versatile auburn hair color ideas.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these trendy options of dark auburn hair colors!

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Curly Dark Auburn Hair Color With Lowlights

Curly Dark Auburn Hair Color With Lowlights
Instagram @mykaelaliuhair

This curly dark auburn hair color with lowlights is sure to bring locks back to life. The dimension suits the movement of the curls. With its neutral and deeper red tones, this trend is ideal for women with darker complexions.

Auburn Hair Color for African-American Women

Auburn hair color on African-American women
Instagram @chicmoihair

Auburn hair color for African-American women can be easily modified to suit a more specific skin tone. Burgundy, cherry, and dark auburn hues tend to be more popular for darker skin tone gals. These colors best compliment your skin and make you look fantastic.

Dark Purple-Based Burgundy Auburn Hair

Dark purple-based burgundy auburn hair
Instagram @davina.d.hair

Dark purple-based burgundy auburn hair is the hair color if you want a fun hair color change. Deep wine tones absorb light and look shiny and vibrant. Ask your stylist to create a formula customed to your hair that combines red and violet tones. This in turn creates a beautiful dark auburn merlot shade.

Brown Hair with Auburn Highlights

Brown hair with auburn highlights
Instagram @kimstylesme

Brown hair with auburn highlights might be what you need to spice up your hair color. Dark auburn hair reveals warm tones that suit natural brunettes flawlessly. Ask your stylist to paint balayage highlights and use a warm brown copper hair toner. This will give your hair ribbons of deep auburn tones. Use a curling wand to add messy waves that will make the auburn hues shine a bit more.

Dark Brown Auburn Raspberry Hair

dark brown auburn raspberry hair
Instagram @helseahairwizard

This is a bold yet sweet cousin of the reds and it’s one of the most sought-after dark brown auburn hair colors this season. This shade of auburn brown is ideal on wavy and textured hair for a luscious soft result.

Dark Auburn Hair Color With Carmel Highlights

Dark Auburn Hair Color With Carmel Highlights
Instagram @hairby_morganhall

Get into the spirit of fall with this delicious blend of reddish brown and orange that complements beach waves and textured hair. Dark auburn hair color is very versatile, so opt for a deep orange-red auburn when you can. If you’re a girl who wants to add a pop of fun and classy hue to your hair, this is a chic option!

Dark Auburn With Honey Highlights

Dark Auburn With Honey Highlights
Instagram @emmalockhair

This dark auburn with honey highlights provides hair with enough shine. Wanna go light without asking for a blonde? This is the answer. Turning from light auburn hair color to dark goes well when highlights are involved. These honey highlights may be too dark, so opt for auburn hair with blonde highlights instead.

Medium-Length with Dark Ginger + Auburn

Medium-Length with Dark Ginger + Auburn
Instagram @v8snipnstyle

A medium-length with dark ginger auburn shades creates fuller-looking hair. A haircut where the ends touch the collarbone benefits fine and thin tresses. The mixture of ginger and auburn hues is sure to look natural on ladies with fair and pale skin tones.

Deep Auburn

Deep Auburn hair color
Instagram @_beautybytay143

Enjoy a deep auburn hair color that gives tresses a luscious result. This dark auburn hue looks edgy and flatters fair skin the best. It works way better with thick tresses on any type of haircut.

Dark Auburn with Blonde Highlights

Dark Auburn with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @poshstudiony

This dark auburn with blonde highlights is straight-up hot! It’s a mixture of deep red and warm blonde hues. The result creates a stunning dimension, adding texture to any haircut. These blonde highlights on dark hair make this trend suitable for any skin tone.

Dark Bronze Auburn

This dark bronze auburn hair features a natural coloring. “Opt for a style that shows off the color with the ease of simple styling,” says stylist and bridal specialist Erin H. Hedin of Boynton Beach, FL.

“This dark auburn shade is for women who want a color that is up to date and looks fresh,” notes Hedin. “Style with a round brush and serum & smoothing balm. After, use a dry oil spray.”

Dark Auburn Balayage

Dark Auburn Balayage
Instagram @ohlucyy

Doesn’t this dark auburn balayage appear dazzling? The dimension in this hair, if paired with soft waves, is quite striking.

The vibrancy of copper works well with the depth of the hair, creating rich and luscious deep auburn orange hair. Copper gives a gorgeous shine and movement to the texture of the hair when hit by the sunlight, too.

Dark Reddish-Brown Auburn Hair

Bold Reddish-Brown Auburn Hair
Instagram @bianca_godden_hair

This vampy shade of deep chocolate with hints of auburn is the sexiest option you can pair with your flirty curls. Auburn curly hair is a style that anyone can pull off easily.

Dark Chestnut + Auburn

Shade of Chestnut Brown Auburn Hair
Instagram @elysiansalon.b

Pulling off a shade of chestnut brown auburn hair is a fun way to gloss natural brunette tresses. It’s the chestnut and auburn balayage that adds spice to classic long, black hair.

Styling this chestnut hair with loose curls will enhance the dimension. Any tone of chestnut hair dye defines dark brown eyes and make them pop.

Dark Hair with Dark Auburn Highlights

Dark Hair with Dark Auburn Highlights
Instagram @styled.by.rae

Upgrade dark hair with dark auburn highlights to break up its flat and dull color. Adding some highlights complements dark hair, offering a soft dimension and texture. Curls add a little spice that won’t hurt this black auburn hair.

Dark Copper Auburn

Dark Copper Auburn
Instagram @kristina_colors_

Match a dark copper auburn color with waves to make a fashion statement. The softness of the entire appearance is what makes it so feminine and chic. This dark auburn hair color is best in its most vibrant state. So to keep it shiny and bright, make use of shampoo like Joico’s Color Infuse Red.

Dark Auburn on Short Hair

Dark Auburn on Short Hair
Instagram @melissak.hair

This rich auburn textured bob with copper on short hair accents was created by hairstylist Melissa Konishi of Liberty Lake, WA.

“This color has seamlessly brighter copper pieces melted in with the deeper tones,” notes Konishi. “The subtle dimension of the balayage accents the cut and brings light that frames the face.”

This auburn hair with copper highlights is for the life of the party! You’ll be turning heads with red tones because they’re unique in a sea of blonde and brown. Even the most conservative employer wouldn’t call this balayaged red unprofessional or unnatural, but it maintains all the fun and sass of brighter red hues. Reds and auburns do require special care.

Konishi says to go to the salon for a gloss between touch-ups to keep up the vibrancy. “Also, use dry shampoo to prolong the time between washes,” she adds.

Natural Dark Auburn

“The loveliest part about this rich dark auburn hair color is the deep auburn base color is with subtle pops of cinnamon balayage highlights. When you add the beachy waves it really shows off the dimension and makes this a unique casual look for fall,” says independent stylist Ashley McGinn of Fort Collins, CO.

This rich reddish color is perfect for a brunette who is wanting a change but isn’t wanting a loud red or the typical red violet color. The red tones pop enough you’ll get the change you’re looking for but is also muted, so it can be worn in a professional setting and go with a wide range of skin tones.

Reds typically are higher maintenance because they dull quickly, so McGinn explains that it’s important to use a sulfate-free color-safe shampoo and conditioner. “Also, make sure the heat is turned down on your styling tools to lengthen the life of this natural auburn hair color,” she adds.

Dark Red Auburn

Dark Red Auburn
Instagram @ashleahairandnails

Dark red auburn has a deeper tone that makes the hair look healthy. It can go well with either straight, wavy, or curly locks. With a few lowlights and highlights in there, a soft dimension comes to life.

Most of the time, dark hair color doesn’t seem shiny under the sun. Thus, stylists advise using a shine spray or oil for an added gloss that lasts all day.

Dark Auburn with Dark Roots

Dark Auburn with Dark Roots
Instagram @christinesbeautybar

A shade of dark auburn with dark roots is dimensional, flattering, and is a great trendsetter. What’s not to love? Adding subtle layers is a wise decision. Layers give hair effortless movement and more detailed ends. They’re also great in emphasizing those auburn streaks.

Dark to Light Auburn Ombre

Dark to Light Auburn Ombre
Instagram @elisethehairnerd

Dig into a dark to light auburn ombre hair trend, and achieve that phenomenal color melt effect. The result looks softer and flawless when hair is thick and wavy. Make sure to keep the hair longer to see the melting auburn color better.

Dark Auburn and Mahogany Balayage

Dark Auburn and Mahogany Balayage
Instagram @friseurweberundweber

Featuring a dark auburn and mahogany balayage that looks edgy and glamorous! It has a richer and deeper base than the ends, making the outcome seem more natural. For maintenance, glosses can add a shinier appearance to such mahogany and auburn red hair tones.

Dark Auburn with Caramel Highlights

Down to wear dark auburn with caramel highlights to spice up your hair? The combo of tones is not too loud, yet has enough to add a shine to dark tresses. To enhance the dimension and give it a softer edge, always style it with waves.

This dark auburn with caramel highlights is the ultimate chocolatey golden fall hair! It was created by hairstylist Jessica Coley of Suffolk, VA.

“Women wanting a deep color like this should find a stylist that fits them, says Coley. “Have a detailed consultation on what you want and how to achieve it.”

As far as products, Coley says to try R+Co! “They have such a wide variety of products for everyone. Everyone needs a little moisture to there hair so try R+Co Waterfall from mids to ends. Try R+Co One as a prep spray for heat protection, since it also helps with the porosity of the hair.”