See Why These 25 Women With Curly Hair Love Their Jaw-Length Bob

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Curly Blonde Thick Hair with Fringe

A curly, blonde, thick hairstyle with a fringe is a great way to control unruly hair. Thick hair can be hard to manage, but a beautiful jaw-length cut with medium layers can make it easy. Embrace your texture by simply diffusing your hair with a curl amplifier, which will help define your curls and add volume. This appealing style grows well, allowing you to maintain the cut for 6-7 weeks. If you choose to go blonde, you’ll need to deep condition frequently to maintain the overall health of your curls.

Voluminous Short Curly Hair
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#2: Voluminous Short Curly Hair

This style exudes elegance with voluminous short curls that offer a timeless look. The side-parted design enhances the face’s natural angles while the curls add a soft, feminine touch. This hairstyle is perfect for anyone with a love for volume and a desire for a haircut that’s both stylish and easy to manage, making every day a good hair day.

#3: Short Side-Parted Curls for Round Faces

This short, side-parted hairstyle is a curly delight, perfectly suited for round face shapes. The curls are expertly layered to provide volume where it flatters most, softening the facial features while the strategic side part enhances the face’s natural symmetry. The highlights throughout the curls bring a lively warmth that brightens the complexion, making this an ideal style for those with round faces looking to accentuate their features with bouncy curls.

Jaw-Length Curly Round Bob with Bangs
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#4: Curly Round Bob with Bangs

This playful yet sophisticated curly round bob is cut to perfection to frame the face with its voluminous curls, and the textured bangs add an edgy twist to the classic style. The layers are masterfully crafted to enhance the natural bounce and movement of the curls, creating a dimensional look that’s both effortless and polished—ideal for those looking to spice up their curly hair repertoire with a fresh, fashionable cut.

#5: Tapered Pixie Bob with Defined Curls

This tapered pixie bob is a curly wonder, adding a lively twist to the short style with its well-defined spirals. The expert layering creates enviable volume at the crown, tapering neatly into a nape-hugging finish that’s as stylish as it is comfortable. It’s a perfect blend of ease and excitement for anyone eager to showcase their curls in a playful yet refined way.

Jaw-Grazing Curls with Deep Side Part for Long Faces
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#6: Jaw-Grazing Curls with Deep Side Part

These luscious, jaw-grazing curls with a deep side part embody a sense of modern flair and sophistication. The rich, dimensional color highlights each curl, while the deep part allows for a cascading effect that frames the face beautifully. It’s a bold and chic choice for those wanting to make a statement with their natural texture, paired with an effortlessly stylish cut.

Short One-Length Bob with Textured Curls
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#7: One-Length Bob with Textured Curls

This one-length bob is brought to life with textured curls, adding depth and movement to the clean lines of the cut. The understated elegance of the style is perfect for those seeking a balance between classic simplicity and modern texture. It’s a versatile look that transitions seamlessly from day to night, making it a superb option for anyone looking to refresh their style with an air of sophistication.

#8: Silver Bob with Soft Curls for Older Women

This silver bob with soft curls is a testament to timeless beauty, tailored for older women who embrace their natural hue with confidence. The curls are styled for a gentle, flattering bounce, while the bob cut keeps the look neat and manageable. It’s an impeccable choice for those seeking to celebrate their silver strands with a mix of modern style and classic sophistication.

Jaw-Length Graduated Tousled Curls with Short Bangs
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#9: Graduated Tousled Curls with Short Bangs

This hairstyle gives off a distinctly retro vibe with its short, graduated cut that enhances natural curls. The micro bangs add a modern twist, framing the face with a playful edge. It’s a charming choice for those who love a tousled, easy-to-style look that brings out the best in their curl pattern.

#10: Shorter Inverted Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

This image features a beautifully styled shorter, curly bob, creating a dynamic, voluminous shape. The side-swept bangs blend effortlessly into the dimensional honey highlights, which catch the light and give the hair an added depth. It’s a versatile look that can be dressed up or down, making it perfect for the modern woman on the go.

Jaw-Length Short Shaggy Bob Cut with Curls
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#11: Short Shaggy Cut with Curls

A short, shaggy cut with curls can enhance your facial features and add volume to your hairstyle. The layers lessen your hair’s weight, widen the sides, and suit most face shapes. A soft bang would be a good choice if you have a high forehead. Your curly shag is simple to style with a diffuser and some curl balm. If your hair lacks waves, consider a perm.

Jaw-Length Curly Layered Cut
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#12: Jaw-Length Curly Layered Cut

This jaw-length layered cut is a celebration of curls, cut in a way that each tendril playfully springs to life, giving the style body and texture. The layers work wonderfully to reduce bulk and define the curls, making it a go-to style for a lively and youthful look that’s easy to manage. It’s an especially charming option for anyone looking to highlight their natural curls with a fun and flirty edge.

Very Short Jaw-Length A-Line Curly Bob with Micro Bangs
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#13: Very Short A-Line Bob with Micro Bangs

Boost your style with a very short a-line bob haircut, complete with micro bangs. To create fullness, ask your stylist for a graduated back accompanied by a lip-length bob on your curls. Top your look off with micro bangs for added flair and an impactful hairstyle.

#14: Messy Short Bob

Your curly hair will look great in a messy, short bob. The trimmed-back part of your cut will stand out, and the longer layers on top will enhance the overall shape. Blow dry your hair to give it extra volume. You’ll love the finished look of this chic style, which is particularly flattering for narrow faces.

Jaw-Grazing Dimensional Curly Bob Hair with Blonde Highlights
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#15: Dimensional Curly Hair with Blonde Highlights

You’ll feel glamorous with highlighted curly hair. The blonde highlights naturally form ringlets, which look feminine and modern. Your hair will love this new, shorter length. Medium layers add bounce to your hair, creating fullness and a messy look. Blonde highlights are a great choice they add depth and dimension to your hairstyle. Remember that curls need moisture. This is even more important when they are highlighted. So, make sure to use a curl-enhancing conditioner.

#16: Dark Copper French Bob with a Shaggy Fringe

Consider opting for a dark copper French bob with a shaggy fringe. Your natural hair wave will suit this cut and color, and achieving a messy look is simple. Ask your stylist to cut your hair into a jaw-length bob with medium layers. I recommend cutting into the entire shape with a razor for a wispy appearance. Don’t forget the cute short fringe, which can be styled in many ways. Applying a texture putty will give your bob a funky air-dried finish.

Jaw-Length Bob for Frizzy Curls
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#17: Jaw-Length Bob for Frizzy Curls

This jaw-length bob is an excellent style choice for managing frizzy curls, creating a defined and stylish shape that embraces natural texture. The cut encourages the curls to form a cohesive pattern, offering ease of styling and a fun, fresh look. It’s an attractive and practical solution for those wanting to showcase their curls with minimal frizz and maximum charm.

#18: Textured Curly Bob with Wispy Bangs

Update your hairstyle to a textured curly bob with wispy bangs. Improve your natural hair texture by shortening the length and adding varied layers. Not only is this hairstyle attractive, but it also simplifies your hair care routine. A curly bob can be air-dried or diffused with little fuss. Remember, to account for shrinkage when drying, keep your bangs longer than your desired length.

#19: Very Short Hair with Loose Curls

You’ll love the smart look of very short hair with loose curls. The short bob line is ideal for oval or narrow face types, giving the ideal shape. To get this hairstyle, ask your hairdresser to trim the back at an angle and add medium layers. If your hair isn’t very wavy, try clumping it with gel and drying it to add more texture. Short hairstyles need more frequent trims. Cutting it every 4-5 weeks should keep it looking good.

Graduated Ringlets for Older Ladies with Short Hair
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#20: Graduated Ringlets for Short Hair

These graduated ringlets create a voluminous look for short hair, giving the impression of a full-bodied mane with a lightweight feel. The curls are cut in a way that accentuates their natural coil, layer by layer, resulting in a hairstyle that’s both dynamic and manageable. This style is perfect for someone seeking a playful, yet polished look that makes their short hair the center of attention.

Woman with a jaw-length curly bob haircut highlighting her heart-shaped face, perfect for spring rejuvenation

#21 Chic Curly Bob for Heart-Shaped Faces

Embrace spring with a jaw-length curly bob that accentuates heart-shaped faces beautifully. This cut’s layered texture adds volume, especially beneficial for fine hair, giving an airy, buoyant look. Curls spring to life with proper hydration and curl-defining products, ensuring each coil stands out. However, humidity can be a challenge, causing frizz. For upkeep, ask your stylist about products that preserve curl integrity. This chic cut is versatile for various occasions, whether you’re stepping out for brunch or attending a business meeting.

Jaw-Length Bob with Bouncy Curls
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#22: Jaw-Length Bob with Bouncy Curls

A bob haircut that ends at your jawline with curls can reduce the sharpness of pointed facial features. Medium-length layers and bangs can frame your face nicely, complementing your jawline length. To define your curls, try twirling them around your finger, then let them air dry. If you have a narrow face shape, you’ll appreciate how this cut adds width.

#23: Short Tousled Haircut

You’ll feel stylish and free with a short tousled haircut. You can quickly prepare this versatile hairstyle for any occasion, casual or formal. Ask your stylist for a cut that ends below your ears with medium-length layers. After washing, apply a curl-enhancing product, then scrunch your hair dry to enhance its texture. For added volume, use a hair iron on your cut.

Short-Length Curly Bob for Oval Faces
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#24: Short-Length Curly Bob for Oval Faces

This short-length curly bob is the perfect match for oval faces, offering volume that enhances width and balances facial proportions. The beautifully defined curls spring with life and movement, creating a playful yet sophisticated silhouette. It’s an inviting look that draws attention upward, accentuating the eyes and cheekbones—a fabulous choice for anyone wanting to highlight their best features with a touch of bounce.

Voluminous layered jaw-length curly bob haircut

#25 Voluminous Layered Jaw-length Curly Bob

This jaw-length bob is cut to perfection to enhance natural curls, providing a voluminous silhouette that beautifully frames the face. Ideal for those with a heart-shaped visage, its layered technique promotes bounce and ease of styling, a key for curly hair maintenance. While fabulous for adding fullness to fine hair, this style may require regular salon visits to maintain its shape. A diffuser attachment is essential when blow-drying to preserve curl integrity and achieve this lively look.

A jaw-length curly bob is a fresh, fun style. It frames your face and adds bounce to your curls. Adriana Albornoz, a hair expert, shares her tips. Let’s dive into her advice to make this style work for you!

Meet The Expert

Adriana Albornoz
Adriana Albornoz
Adriana is a curly hair specialist with over 17 years of experience.
You can find Adriana at her own studio A+M Beauty Lounge in Tampa, FL

Cutting Tips For Curly Bobs

Adriana says, “You want it shorter in the back and longer in the front.” This stops the front from looking too short when it pops up. Long layers or graduation give shape. This avoids a triangle look when curls expand.

Face Shape Matters

Your haircut should highlight your best features, Adriana advises. For round and square faces, go past chin length. This elongates your face. Side parts work well too. Long, oval, and heart shapes fit jaw length perfectly. It fills in narrower face parts for a nice look. For long faces, add fringe to reduce the face’s length.

Styling Tips and Product Picks

Adriana has tricks for every lifestyle. “Use claw clips to keep hair off your face,” she suggests. For sleep, try Medusa clipping, a buff, or a silk scarf wrap. For a quick refresh, Adriana loves mousse or cream. Mix mousse with water for fine to medium hair. Use it to catch strays and scrunch. Coarse hair? Mix cream with water. This helps catch strays and clump curls. “Make sure hair is 100% dry before fluffing,” she adds. This stops frizz.

Photos of the Cutest Jaw-Length Curly Bob Hairstyles