41 Gorgeous Black Hair with Highlights

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Black hair with highlights shows a dark base with accents of a lighter shade. Depending on the hair color technique, the result can be subtle, natural-looking, or dramatic with high contrast.

Hair artist Summer Rowan from Upstate South Carolina shares the top 3 questions you must consult with an expert first.

Does this go with your lifestyle? Will it complement your skin tone? Remember that some hues can look harsh on you.

Lastly, ask if it’ll fade and what it’ll look like in the long run. Learn tips and tricks on handling or avoiding the fading process.

“Hairstylists love giving you honest feedback. They can tell you if your chosen color might not be the best for you even though that’s what you wanted,” says Rowan.

Maintenance is paramount, and the products you’ll use at home matter. Color-safe shampoos and conditioners will keep the tone looking fresh and longer-lasting. “I recommend a hydrating shampoo, such as Oribe Gold Lust or Sevens Kente Bond. It’s also vital to apply a hair mask once a week,” Rowan points out.

Adding highlights to your dark tresses can be a huge change. It’s best to bring your stylist some photo inspirations to ensure that both of you are on the same page.

For more ideas, here are pictures of the trendiest shades and styles for black hair with highlights!


#1: Stunning Deep Brunette with Subtle Highlights

When it comes to darker tones, this stunning deep brunette with subtle highlights is a must-try. If this hue is what you would like, you can avoid taking the highlights too light. It can be helpful to change this color in the salon rather than at home to ensure maximum impact and expert highlight placement.

#2: Thick Wavy Hair with Dimensional Highlights

This thick wavy black hair with highlights is a great option for those considering a bob or a pixie hairstyle. It’s perfect for both straight and thick wavy hairstyles. To get the best results, talk to your stylist about the right haircut dimensions for your face. Also, ask about point-cutting or texturizing techniques to really show off the highlights.

Trendy Black Hair with Blonde Highlights in front
Instagram @romeufelipe

#3: Trendy Blonde Highlights in Front

A shade of sun-kissed blonde highlights on black hair is trendy and always looks staggering. The dimension it makes will add warmth and shine to your dark tresses. To keep brightness around your face and give yourself a youthful look, I recommend you ask your hairdresser for a money piece.

Jet Black with Vivid Purple Highlights for wavy hair
Instagram @steph.p.hair

#4: Jet Black with Vivid Purple Highlights

You can’t go wrong with subtle purple highlights if you have jet-black hair. Purple is the best shade for first-time vivid clients. It fades outs nicely, usually back to blonde, and there’s a shade of purple that looks good on everyone. Purple is customizable with warm and cool aspects! Avoid overwashing and using hot water when shampooing to get the most life out of this shade.

Black Slob Cut with Red and Purple Highlights for women with straight hair
Instagram @john.n1115

#5: Black Slob with Red and Purple Highlights

Ask for a black slob with red and purple highlights. It’s a sleek bob with an edgy color block. Don’t be afraid to get your color placement on the crown of your head to show off fun colors. This placement is good for smaller face shapes, triangle, or diamond to help create an oval shape. You will want to invest in a great color shampoo to maintain your color, like the Redken series Magenta, for such stunning black hair with highlights ideas.

#6: Rainbow Highlighted

Here’s a stunning hair color choice. It’s for those looking to add a fun twist to their long wavy hair with a rainbow highlighted black hairstyle. The rainbow highlights will add a playful pop of color to your hair. And the black base will provide a sleek, sophisticated look. This colorful highlights hair color is perfect for those who love experimenting with new, bold styles. Ask your hairstylist to mix vibrant and contrasting colors like red, blue, purple, and green. Then, evenly distribute them throughout your hair. One of the best color lines for Pravana ChromaSilk VIVIDS Original. The result is a unique, head-turning style perfect for any occasion.

Lived-In Vivid Red and Purple Highlights on Black Hair
Instagram @artistic.aestheticss

#7: Lived-In Vivid Red and Purple

Ask for a lived-in vivid red and purple. To create black hair color ideas with vivids, try color-blocking peek-a-boos under your base tone. This way, the roots will be covered, minimizing the look of it growing out. Invest in Redken Color Extend Shampoo to maintain your color.

#8: Black Tresses with Rainbow Highlights

Bring a rainbow into your hair with gorgeous rainbow highlights and a bright money piece. These rainbow hairstyles are colorful and have a unique hair trend. It’s perfect for those wanting to step out of their comfort zone and express themselves. The dark base color creates a striking contrast against the bright rainbow highlights. This will make your hair stand out in any crowd.

#9: Ashy White Highlights

If you’d like to add pop to your silver highlights, please don’t hesitate to ask for a more violet ash hue. It’s a subtle way to add dimension and texture. For an understated look, it’s good to start with small streaks or flecks throughout the hair. Or, go bolder with larger sections of lighter color. You can also use balayage techniques for more blended results. These hair color highlights require special maintenance and upkeep.

#10: Thin White Highlights

How stunning is black hair with thin white highlights? Black and white color are some of the hardest colors to do and to keep looking fresh. Black hair color bleeds; white isn’t always achievable. It’s a tiny percentage of women whose hair can be white. One of the best ways to achieve this color is by using white extensions. Using white extensions helps keep the integrity of your hair. Plus, you could change your hair color at every appointment.

Brown-Black Balayage Highlights with Curled Ends
Instagram @noorahennahair

#11: Brown Balayage Highlights with Curled Ends

Bring sparkle to your dark tresses with brown balayage highlights. Dark brown highlights on black hair will give a dimensional glow to your look and are a great start to test out lighter strands. Show brown highlight styles to your stylist next time you are in to start your new hair journey.

Short Black Bob with Indigo Highlights
Instagram @michelle.zapanta

#12: Short Black Bob with Indigo Highlights

If you want to be trendy, add a fantasy tone complimenting your dark hair with deep indigo. Start this color by adding an entire head of babylights. Then, tone them down with a semi-permanent tone that will pick up the light nicely. Be sure to ask for a toning conditioner to keep this color vibrant. It will wash out quickly.

Medium-Length Black Hair with Light Brown Highlights
Instagram @blendedandbold

#13: Medium-Length with Light Brown Highlights

When deciding on changing up your black hair, try adding in some light brown highlights. They will add some dimension and color to your style. I advise ensuring you look at many pictures with your stylist before dyeing your hair. This will help you determine what type of placement and tone would be good. With light brown highlights on black hair, expect a warmer tone for your first session. Make sure you’re okay with warmer tones before proceeding.

#14: Multi-Dimensional Brunette Highlights

Have your black hair glowing with brunette highlights. Medium brown warm-toned highlights will bring light to your stands for a sparkling display. Curling your tresses will show off your multi-dimensional color.

#15: Low-Maintenance Lived-in Highlights

You can try a low-maintenance color with lived-in highlights. Highlights that are blended seamlessly into your hair require little upkeep. Balayage is great if you want to try out lighter strands without the upkeep of traditional highlights. Brown highlights will give your hair a multi-dimensional glow.

#16: Stunning Platinum Highlights

Wearing black hair with platinum highlights is a chic way to flaunt a dimensional color. It requires minimal maintenance if your tresses have a natural dark hue. These added streaks create an instant texture to your hair that will be eye-catching. Accentuate the platinum highlights on black hair daily by styling your tresses with waves.

Subtle Babylights on Long Black Hair
Instagram @glamourbycee

#17: Subtle Babylights on Long Hair

Chocolate babylights on black long hair is a gorgeous color combination. The softness of the painted chocolate highlights on black hair will have other women wanting your look. I recommend styling with waves so you see the ribbons of dimension.

Unique Black hair with red highlights
Instagram @hair.by.taz

#18: Unique Red Highlights

Black hair with red highlights is a must-try for a different alternative to regular blonde highlights. If you’re a darker-haired woman, toning your hair highlights for black hair to a red tone is more achievable than ashy blonde highlights. Red highlights on black hair pull through warm colors, making a warmer tone ideal for maintaining the hair’s integrity.

Gorgeous Black hair with blonde ombre highlights
Instagram @texasbalayage

#19: Gorgeous Blonde Ombre Highlights

Black hair with blonde ombre highlights is an excellent way to create depth and lightness in your hair. An ombre technique is great if you have dark hair because it gives a gradient blend from dark to light that is low maintenance. Blonde ombre highlights on dark hair give brunettes high-contrast blonde highlights while leaving dimension and depth.

Bright honey blonde highlights on black hair
Instagram @thaoandhair

#20: Bright Honey Blonde Highlights

Honey blonde highlights are great if you need some sunshine in your hair. Warm, golden, honey tones as full highlights on black hair are an effortless color goal for naturally dark-haired women. Balayage and babylights are techniques your hairstylist can use to help you achieve the maximum lift and brightness when working towards lightening black hair.

#21: Beautiful Short Hair with Highlights

Short black hair with highlights is alluring and full of movement. Soft, warm-toned highlights blend your hair beautifully. It would be best if you tried out a lob haircut with layers. This adds texture and makes toffee-colored highlights stand out.

Subtle highlights for a dark mane
Instagram @igorkhonin

#22: Subtle Highlights for a Dark Mane

Subtle highlights for your dark mane include the use of warm brown tones. Chestnut brown hues look stunning if you have black hair and give a subtle tone-on-tone coloration. Soft, rich, brown highlights are realistic and are relatively low maintenance.

Natural highlights on black tresses
Instagram @romeufelipe

#23: Natural Highlights on Black Tresses

Perfect natural highlights on black tresses are warm blonde tones. For a soft, sun-kissed look on your naturally deep dark hair, opt for sandy golden hues over cool-toned highlights for a natural, realistic finish. Ask your hair colorist for golden, dark blonde highlights to frame your face along with hand-painted balayage that will leave dimension when coloring your hair and allow the honey-tinted highlights to contrast beautifully with your dark hair.

#24: Contrasted with Chestnut Highlights

Black hair with chestnut highlights is a lovely way to add dimension to your darker hair. Adding a lighter shade with black roots creates a beautiful contrast and complements warm skin tones. This low-maintenance color combination of black and brown hair tines is less damaging to your locks.

#25: Soft Balayage Highlights

Balayage highlights are one of the best hair color ideas you’ll see here! If you are looking for a subtle dimension and don’t want a lot of upkeep, these natural highlights are for you. Adding these subtle highlights to your hair creates a soft dimension, and adding waves enhances this look.

Amazing Silver Highlights on Black Hair
Instagram @get_nellafyd

#26: Amazing Silver Highlights

Silver highlights create a deeper ashy tone and a smokey dimension. Highlighted strands of black hair can give you the coolest and most dramatic change. You can jazz your hair with texture and waves to accentuate the silvery streaks.

#27: Smokey Ash Blonde Highlights

A few ash blonde highlights carry out a smokey effect—such a shade flatters cool and pink skin tones. You should use products with UV protection ensures the blonde highlights lasts longer.

#28: Flattering Dark Hair with Sandy Brown Highlights

Beach waves on dark brunette hair perfectly complement warmer sandy brown highlights. The sandy ash brown highlights will show off your hair’s movement and texture. An ombre technique will allow fewer salon visits to touch up your roots.

Black Hair with Grey Highlights
Instagram @hairxrae

#29: Darker Hair with Grey Highlights

Grey highlights give a cool, smokey effect to the hair color. You don’t need to go through a full-color transition to add radiance to your dark locks. Hints of grey look more natural and impressive, plus they can be matched with other hues such as blue.

#30: Bold Pink Highlights

Black hair with pink highlights suits a loud and fun personality. If that’s you, add a vivid pink for a flirty but fiery touch on dark tresses. Most hairstylists recommend washing your hair with cold water so its vibrancy stays for a while. But if it fades, use the opportunity to try another color as it won’t need lightening.

Feminine Dark Hair with Rose Gold Highlights
Instagram @paintedhair4ev

#31: Feminine Dark Hair with Rose Gold Highlights

Dark hair with rose gold highlights is feminine and a little flirty. These highlights are great for adding dimension if you’re a darker brunette. Add curls to your ends; they’ll appear stunning with any hair length! If you plan to add highlights to your black tresses, don’t think that blonde is the only shade to go for. Streaks of rose gold are fun to wear, too.

Long Black Hair with Easy Brown Highlights
Instagram @kaseybertucci

#32: Easy Brown Highlights

Choose these brown highlights balayage for rich and dimensional hair while still looking natural and modern. The highlights complement a darker skin tone and natural hair color. This is a low-maintenance color for a woman who only colors 2-3 times a year. A brown balayage is perfect for the on-the-go girl, and the grow-out is super soft and leaves no harsh lines or roots to be touched up.

Youthful Golden Highlights on Black Hair
Instagram @silvestrihair

#33: Youthful Golden Highlights

Golden highlights are undoubtedly very sophisticated and versatile. Styling is a huge thing regarding high-contrast black hair with blonde highlights. The blend of golden highlights with chocolate brown ribbons will accentuate your hair’s highs and lows. Keep the dark roots to allow your hair to grow softer and more blended.

#34: Alluring White Blonde Highlights

White-blonde highlights on black hair can accentuate your wavy hair and cover gray hair. These white-blonde highlights are a silvery/ashy balayage, so it has a grayish tone. Those blonde streaks can emphasize the layers if you’re wearing layered hair.

#35: Vibrant Purple Highlights

Perk up black hair with purple highlights and let other ladies drool over it! The touch of purple at the ends will bring a beautiful color melt on your hair.

#36: Balayage Auburn Highlights

Try a lived-in balayage on black hair with auburn highlights. If you make it a wavy hairstyle, it will help to showcase the dimensional colors in your hair. This balayage of dark hair with auburn highlights is for women who want a low-maintenance color, only maintaining it a few times a year.

#37: Cute Copper Highlights

Consider a copper foilayage with a textured bob cut. The best thing about it is the pops of color and not having to get it touched up every 6-to 8 weeks. These copper highlights are achievable but know that blonde highlights will most likely not happen on the first visit while keeping the integrity of the hair.

Black Hair with Unique Blue Highlights
Instagram @tkalie.hair

#38: Unique Blue Highlights

Flaunt blue highlights and get a unique dimensional color! The combo of black and blue shades will make your mane look richer while adding a different kind of radiance to it. To accentuate your new highlights with black hair, styling with waves creates magic.

#39: Yummy Caramel Highlights

Caramel highlights bring out a rich, sultry brightness in black hair. If your hair color is warm, it will complement neutral and golden skin complexions. With soft waves and curls, the stunning dimension is emphasized even better. These caramel highlights make a low-maintenance dimensional hair color. The depth is kept at the root, so you can get 4-5 months of color without redoing it. For most women, it can take multiple appointments and can be expensive. You need to talk with your hair colorist to see if this is the right caramel color for your hair type.

Dark Burgundy Highlights on Black Hair
Instagram @ashlovebeauty

#40: Dark Burgundy Highlights on Very Dark Hair

A reddish hue is one of the best black hair highlights, creating an eye-catching result. The finish is so strong it offers additional flair to your long, wavy hair. You’ll need these burgundy highlights to be moisturized while avoiding oils to maintain their most vibrant state.

black bob with chunky pink highlights
Instagram @colormecocola

#41: Black Bob with Chunky Pink Highlights

A black bob with chunky pink highlights is the perfect way to add a bold interest if you have dark and sometimes dull-looking colors. The chunky pink highlights are fun and can bring brightness to your face. Dark hair can wash light-toned skin out and look quite harsh, so by adding pink, you can soften your overall look.