These 26 Photos Prove Why The Cadō Cut Is Trending for Curly-Haired Ladies

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
A woman with a Cadō cut featuring voluminous hair and layered curls, giving a lively and youthful appearance.
Instagram @juliavieira

#1: Voluminous Hair with Layered Curls

This Cadō cut unleashes the full potential of voluminous layered curls, creating a cascade of lively spirals that bring out a joyous and youthful energy. The layers are masterfully designed to add body and reduce weight, allowing each curl to stand out. It’s a fabulous choice for those with natural curls looking for a style that’s both impactful and easy to manage. For straighter hair types, achieving this much volume may involve more styling time and products.

Curly brunette Cadō cut with dense ringlets and natural hair volume

#2: Tousled Cado Cut for Lively Brunette Curls

This rendition of the Cadō cut is a showpiece for those with naturally dense, curly hair, offering a balance of shape and buoyancy. The hairstyle blooms with a medley of tight ringlets, each snipped to promote the hair’s vivacity and volume, with the added benefit of being delightfully low-maintenance. The rich brunette shade lends a touch of classic elegance and amplifies the depth of each curl. Ideal for individuals with a similar hair texture seeking to reduce bulk, though it may be less suited for those with finer or straight hair due to the style’s reliance on natural curl robustness.

A woman with a Cadō cut featuring layered ringlets and grey highlights that define the curls and add volume.
Instagram @carlacachoss

#3: Layered Ringlets with Grey Highlights

This Cadō cut showcases layered ringlets with chic grey highlights, giving the classic curly look a modern twist. The layers work harmoniously to define the curls and add volume, especially around the crown, drawing the eye upward and elongating the neck. It’s a statement style that’s perfect for curly-haired individuals looking to embrace grey tones while maintaining a youthful, vibrant appearance. Just remember, lighter highlights can require extra care to prevent dryness.

 A woman with a Cadō cut on very short kinky hair, with layered curls adding structure and highlighting natural texture.
Instagram @cachos_curtos_

#4: Very Short Kinky Hair with Layers

This Cadō cut for very short kinky hair exemplifies the beauty of layers, creating a delicate structure that enhances the face. The short length offers ease and speed in daily maintenance while highlighting the natural texture of the hair. The style is particularly flattering for those with tighter curl patterns looking for a chic, low-fuss option with personality. For those with looser curls or straight hair, achieving this look might require more effort and the use of curl-defining products.

#5: Face-Framing Cut with Thick Curls

This face-framing Cadō cut celebrates thick curls, with layers that gently cascade around the face, highlighting the eyes and cheekbones. The rich auburn shade adds warmth and dimension to the hair, making each curl pop. It’s an excellent option for those seeking to enhance their natural volume and shape, offering both style and ease. Straight-haired individuals may need additional styling to achieve this level of fullness and definition.

 A woman with a heart-shaped face showcasing a pixie cut with bangs, perfect for spiral curls, with subtle highlights adding dimension.
Instagram @biasilvahair_

#6: Pixie with Bangs for Spiral Curls

Embrace your spirals with this pixie cut featuring playful bangs tailored to enhance a heart-shaped face. The tapered sides create a sleek profile, while the top’s volume gives a sense of fullness to thinner hair types. Notable is the subtle highlight at the tips, adding dimension. For those with tight curls, this style is a low-maintenance dream, though it may require more frequent trims to keep the shape crisp.

Long curly hair with angled layers, giving shape and movement in a Cadō cut, perfect for dense hair but less ideal for finer textures.
Instagram @jehalexandreli

#7: Long Curls with Angled Layers

This Cadō cut celebrates long, buoyant curls with angled layers that cascade gracefully, creating a dynamic look that’s all about movement and ease. The gradual layers allow for reduced weight, giving each curl its moment to shine, especially around the face. A fantastic choice for those with dense hair looking to retain length while adding shape. It’s less ideal for those with fine hair, as it could potentially look less full without the natural volume provided by thicker strands.

#8: Graduated Layers and Voluminous Curls

Before and after: the transformation is clear with the Cadō cut. The graduated layers bring out the best in voluminous curls, giving lift at the roots and framing the face beautifully. This cut works wonders on dense, curly hair, making it appear lighter without sacrificing length. It’s an inviting option for those who want to reduce styling time while keeping a full-bodied look. On the flip side, for hair that’s naturally straight or less full, achieving this volume might be a styling hurdle.

Natural curls in a middle-parted Cadō cut with a warm auburn color, offering volume and defined ringlets for a balanced look.
Instagram @_eugabialmeida

#9: Middle-Parted Style for Natural Curls

This middle-parted Cadō cut is tailored to naturally curly hair, allowing each ringlet to fall into place with a harmonious balance. The warm auburn color provides depth and showcases the dimensional aspect of the curls. This style is particularly beneficial for those looking to define their curls without sacrificing volume. It’s a versatile cut, but keep in mind, the middle part may not suit all face shapes and hair densities.

A woman with a Cadō cut featuring blonde curly hair and cascading layers that highlight the curls and create a voluminous style.
Instagram @jessicaevelym_

#10: Blonde Curly Hair with Cascading Layers

The Cadō cut shines in this blonde iteration, where cascading layers throughout allow each curl to be accentuated, creating a light-reflective and voluminous look. The gradient from dark roots to light ends adds depth and a contemporary flair. This cut is superb for curly hair types seeking dimension and movement. However, the color transition requires maintenance to stay fresh, and those with straighter hair may find it less practical to achieve the same textured effect.

A woman with a medium-length Cadō cut featuring natural curls and face-framing curtain bangs, ideal for wavy to curly hair textures.
Instagram @juliavieira

#11: Medium Curls with Curtain Bangs

This medium-length Cadō cut with curtain bangs perfectly frames the face, offering a relaxed yet stylish look. The strategic layering works well with the hair’s natural texture, encouraging the curls to form a flattering shape around the cheekbones. It’s ideal for those who desire a manageable length that still allows for versatile styling. Just note that while it’s great for wavy to curly textures, straight hair might require additional styling to achieve the same bounce and shape.

A woman with a square-shaped face wearing a dark curly pixie haircut, with rounded top curls that soften her jawline
Instagram @samillecr

#12: Dark Curly Pixie Hair

This curly pixie presents a blend of effortless style and sophistication. Perfect for square-shaped faces, the rounded silhouette softens the jawline, while the closely cropped sides enhance the curls on top. It’s a versatile cut that offers easy morning styling for those with natural curls but could require extra effort or product for straight or wavy hair types to achieve a similar level of texture.

#13: Mid-Length Red Curls with Volume

This mid-length cut with its rich red hues is a dream for curly hair enthusiasts, offering a flattering volume around the face. The cut’s layers are expertly sliced to reduce bulk and encourage the natural spring of the curls, making it a manageable style that won’t overwhelm delicate features. A perfect canvas for those willing to invest in curl-specific products to maintain moisture and definition. However, those with straight hair may find it a commitment to replicate the texture through heat styling.

A woman with a side-parted medium afro Cadō cut, embracing the hair's natural volume and texture with an asymmetrical touch.
Instagram @sharonmeze

#14: Side-Parted Medium Afro Hair

The Cadō cut here is styled into a side-parted medium afro, highlighting the natural volume and shape of the hair. The side part adds an element of asymmetry that draws the eye, complementing the roundness of the hairstyle. It’s a beautiful celebration of texture and volume, particularly suited for those with thick, afro-textured hair. For those with less natural volume, achieving this look could be a challenge, but with the right products and techniques, it’s not out of reach.

#15: Side-Swept Round Curly Bob

This curly bob with side-swept styling is a dynamic choice for those with natural curls, showcasing a beautiful mix of caramel and espresso tones. The round cut provides balance to angular features and the side part adds asymmetry, which can be flattering on most face shapes. The layered technique enhances curl definition and allows for easy volume building. While this look is a breeze for curly types, it might pose a styling challenge for straighter locks seeking the same body and bounce.

Golden Blonde Face-Framing Curls with Middle Part
Instagram @eujayrodrigues

#16: Golden Blonde Face-Framing Curls

This style is a stellar example of golden blonde curls with a Cadō cut, effortlessly framing the face and enhancing the hair’s natural texture. The light-catching color graduation accentuates the depth of the curls, from deep roots to sun-kissed ends. It’s ideal for those with naturally curly hair seeking a luminous and vibrant look that’s easy to maintain. However, the color transition will require regular upkeep to preserve the contrast and health of the hair.

#17: Layered Medium Hair with Spring Curls

This Cadō cut brings life to springy medium-length curls, with layers that work to reduce bulk and enhance the hair’s buoyant nature. The shape complements various face structures and is perfect for those seeking a balance between length and manageability. This cut thrives on natural curl elasticity, but those with less texture may require styling tools to achieve similar bounce and vibrancy.

A woman with a rounded Cadō cut for black coily hair, providing elegant framing and a sophisticated, voluminous style.
Instagram @blessedcurls_

#18: Rounded Cut for Black Coily Hair

This rounded Cadō cut for black coily hair is a showstopper, with its shape beautifully crafted to frame the face and add a touch of elegance. The volume is concentrated around the crown and tapers down subtly, offering a timeless look that works with the natural texture of coily hair. This style is an excellent choice for those seeking a sophisticated yet manageable look that celebrates natural curls.

A woman with a curly textured Cadō cut with playful bangs, showcasing a soft face-framing effect and natural volume.
Instagram @rizo_terapia

#19: Curly Textured Hair with Bangs

This Cadō cut with bangs is an absolute charmer for curly, textured hair. The curls are cut to create a soft, face-framing effect, complementing the cheekbones and eyes, while the bangs add a playful touch. It’s a delightful option for those with natural ringlets, as it emphasizes the hair’s texture and volume. The style is low-maintenance for curly types but may require effort for straighter textures to achieve similar definition and shape.

Medium-Length Hair with Textured Curls
Instagram @ashlydanielaa

#20: Medium-Length Hair with Textured Curls

This lush, medium-length style is perfect for showcasing natural texture with a uniform layering technique that enhances volume. Ideal for oval to round face shapes, the Cadō Cut promotes natural curl patterns, while removing just enough weight to avoid pyramid effects. A pro tip: this cut can require regular maintenance for optimal curl buoyancy and shape retention, especially in humid climates. A downside: those with very fine or straight hair may find it challenging to achieve the same fullness.

 A woman with a neck-length Cadō cut showcasing bouncy curls and strategic layering for a playful, voluminous style.
Instagram @ellieryan_

#21: Neck-Length Bouncy Curls

The Cadō cut here is a delightful neck-length style that makes these bouncy curls pop with life and color. The strategic layering adds volume without overwhelming the face, perfect for those with naturally curly hair seeking a playful, yet sophisticated look. It’s a versatile cut that provides easy maintenance and a standout appearance. Those with straight or wavy hair may need to invest time in curling to replicate this bouncy effect.

Before and after images of a woman with a center-parted Cadō cut, showcasing the transformation and enhancement of her layered curly hair.
Instagram @eujayrodrigues

#22: Center-Parted Curly Hair with Layers

The transformative power of a Cadō cut is evident in this center-parted style with layers. The cut brings structure and lightness to the curls, enhancing the hair’s natural bounce and reducing bulk. It’s an excellent choice for curly hair, offering ease of styling and maintenance. The after photo shows a rejuvenated, lively look, perfect for those who want to celebrate their curls without too much weight.

A woman with a Cadō cut featuring short curly hair and a deep side part, providing a dramatic and voluminous style
Instagram @curlyvirals

#23: Short Curly Hair with Deep Side Part

This Cadō cut with a deep side part and short curls offers a dramatic, face-framing effect, perfect for showcasing the vivacious texture of naturally curly hair. The cut’s design accentuates volume on top while maintaining a sleek, tapered shape that’s both modern and easy to manage. It’s an ideal look for those wanting a bold statement that’s also practical for everyday wear.

#24: Dimensional Red with Curly Round Haircut

The round haircut brings a lively bounce, and the red hue adds a vibrant, dimensional look that enlivens the complexion. This style enhances the natural curl pattern and creates a balanced, full shape that’s easy to manage. It’s ideal for curly hair and those looking to emphasize their hair’s texture and volume, though straighter hair types may struggle to maintain the shape without regular styling.

#25: Long Layers with Defined Curls

The essence of this Cadō cut is captured in the long layers that fall effortlessly, enhancing the natural definition of each curl. It’s a testament to a style that works with your curls, not against them, creating a look that’s both glamorous and practical. This particular cut is excellent for those with naturally curly hair, providing movement without sacrificing the length they love. Those with less defined curls might need extra styling to achieve this level of definition.

A woman with shoulder-length curly Cadō cut featuring piece-y bangs, creating a chic, face-framing look.
Instagram @thecurlclinic

#26: Shoulder-Length Curly Cut with Piece-y Bangs

This shoulder-length Cadō cut is given an extra touch of flair with piece-y bangs that enhance the eyes and soften the forehead. It’s an exemplary way to sport curls with a bit of edge, providing both shape and style without compromising the hair’s natural bounce. Perfect for those seeking a fresh, chic, and manageable face-framing look. While ideal for curly types, those with straighter textures might need help from styling products to maintain the bangs’ definition.

Dive into the world of curly hair with a fresh style called the Cadō cut. Alexandra Fouchard, a Curl Specialist, shares her insights to transform your curls into a masterpiece. This cut brings out your hair’s unique flow and volume, tailored to each curl type and face shape.

Meet The Expert

Alexandra Fouchard
Alexandra Fouchard
Alexandra is a mobile hairstylist with over 4 years of experience.

Tailoring the Cut to Your Curls

“Curls have their own mind,” says Alexandra. She stresses the importance of understanding your hair’s porosity, diameter, and density rather than just its curl type. This knowledge helps tackle the differences in your curls, ensuring a more personalized approach to the Cadō cut.

Choosing the Right Cut for Your Face Shape

When it comes to matching the Cadō cut to your face shape, Alexandra advises a detailed consultation with your stylist. Bring photos and let your hair be free of any ties or pins. This helps the stylist see your hair in its natural state and decide the best length and volume for your face. “Oval faces need more volume at the front, while long faces benefit from volume on the sides,” she notes.

Styling Tips and Product Recommendations

Achieving the perfect Cadō cut look at home can be challenging. Alexandra recommends paying close attention to your stylist’s advice on products and tools. “These recommendations are meant to maintain your hairstyle and keep your hair healthy,” she explains. Essential items include a clarifying shampoo and clean brands free from harsh chemicals. Alexandra also highlights the importance of detoxing your scalp and hair to remove build-up and allow for better hydration and nutrient absorption.