What Does Your Zodiac Sign Tell You About Your Hair?

Hair Tips Based on Your Zodiac SignWhat happens when you chat up a psychic and a fashion astrologer? You wind up with hair horoscopes! We asked fashion astrologer Stacey James Wolf and fourth-generation psychic Linda Lauren to dish the beauty scoop based on your zodiac sun sign. Read on for Stacey’s hair insight, Linda’s mane advice and enjoy these hair tips based on your Zodiac sign.


Stacey’s Insight: Aries have big hair! It’s often thick with bold curls. They like bold colors that look just a little more dramatic than the typical choice for that color and even colors that are beautiful but unnatural. Aries can be impractical and dive in before looking. They may not think to ask if a cut is easy to maintain; they may just end up with something that’s not suited to their hair type and get frustrated by the whole thing.

Linda’s Advice: Waves will attract love to you right now. Create various styles with flair and be surprised by who they may attract.


Stacey’s Insight: Graceful, practical, elegant, simple, understated. Taurus’ like traditional feminine cuts and colors. Nothing that’s going to take too long to polish off or they’d just prefer to leave it a little undone. A simple, clean look that looks great a tad messy is the perfect style. For a night out, Taurus’s dream is the blow-dry bar. Go ahead, splurge!

Linda’s Advice: Make certain you share your vision with your stylist to avoid a communication breakdown. Your hair will thank you.


Stacey’s Insight: Gemini’s dig cutting edge looks. They love to change their look frequently, both the cut and the color. They also love looking at fashion mags and celebrity blogs and getting that latest cool look of their fave actress, while turning heads in the process. They will do absolutely anything it takes to get that hair, including spending an hour every morning in the bathroom. Cool has a price and they’re willing to spring for it!

Linda’s Advice: Its time to make up your mind about your “look” with the focus on color. You’ll be surprised at what will result as a signature color that is all yours.


Stacey’s Insight: Cancers love easy, feminine styles. Long and straight or soft, gentle curls. Cancer girls are like the all-American gals, so cowboy boots, jeans and a ponytail look chic on these down-to-earth women, especially when there are a few whispy pieces falling out of the pony. No bells and whistles, just perfectly sexy hair!

Linda’s Advice: Try something completely different and don’t look back. It’s time for a new you to show some sass.


Stacey’s Insight: Lion gals have a big main of hair, similar to Aries. It’s very thick and long and can have a mind of its own. You can often tell Leo women from their abundant hair (no matter what the color or the cut, there just seems to be a lot of it!). Leo’s love their style, not necessarily what’s trending now; they prefer a signature look. Because they’re a little stubborn, sudden changes aren’t their thing. Finding a stylist that can make subtle updates is the way to go.

Linda’s Advice: Work on your scalp and enjoy a light massage while conditioning. Your mane was meant for this luxury.


Stacey’s Insight: These perfectionists like neat, buttoned up styles. Think shoulder-length bobs with a very clean line or long super straight, silky locks. Keratin treatments were made for Virgos—every hair should be in its exact proper place! The look is sophisticated, understated and elegant, yet you may not know how much time it took your Virgo to create that simple look—she’ll keep it a secret!

Linda’s Advice: Your hair is your money maker, so don’t be too bold with your next salon visit. Keep in mind not to go too short.


Stacey’s Insight: Libras also like an elegant, sophisticated look. And unlike most signs, Libra’s can change their hair to match beautifully with their clothing choices for the day (choosing a flexible base style is a must for this trendy sign). A cool clip, a sexy braid, a chignon updo—it’s all so easy for the stylish and hip Libra.

Linda’s Advice: This is a great time to switch it up with a different hairstyle. Experiment, change your part and have fun with that change.


Stacey’s Insight: Scorpios like to create an intense, sexy aura. In fact, even when they wake up and crawl out of bed they seem to have an intense appeal. They like rich colors (auburn or tonal blonde highlights in eye-catching strategic places framing their face). They’re either going for a totally feminine long hair look with super sexy curls, or an intense mod cut like you would see on a boy.

Linda’s Advice: Moisture is your friend! See your hair professional about a product that will offer you nutrients to keep your locks healthy.


Stacey’s Insight: Of course Sagittarians like to look good, but there’s a limit to everything. Hair must be girlie and fun, a little whimsical is a plus for their bubbly personality, and overall E-A-S-Y. They do not like their time or their fun constricted by anything, whether it be a family obligation they’re just not that into or 45 minutes blow-drying their hair in the AM.

Linda’s Advice: Don’t be afraid of change. Once you make that change, maintain it so you form a bond with it.


Stacey’s Insight: Like Virgos, Capricorns are perfectionists. They like a clean, modern look, as well as traditional colors and styles that can easily transition from office to date. Another Keratin treatment lover, this sign is so adept at doing everything in a practical way, they have no doubt mastered their personal style (plus an effective way of finishing it off) and it will always, always look exceptional.

Linda’s Advice: Try using an opposite affect: if you have long hair, cut it. If you have short hair, let it grow for a while and enjoy the new personality that emerges.


Stacey’s Insight: Another quirky, freedom loving sign, similar to Gemini and Sagittarius, this sign loves to try out the latest styles, change their look often and thrives off being a nonconformist. Look to the Aquarius to rock the new spiky punk do, even add a splash of unexpected (and unnatural) color. And, because it’s so much a part of their personality, they’ll look great with it!

Linda’s Advice: Slow down and take another look in the mirror and see the beauty you reflect. You will feel much better about yourself.


Stacey’s Insight: Pisces are sensitive to trends, but also sensitive to fitting in. This ultra fem sign loves super long hair (think mermaids) and wants their look to be effortless. It has to feel right to them. Pisces can be easily influenced by a style or well-meaning friends. If it’s to try something they’re not ready to try though, they may get very upset over the end result.

Linda’s Advice: If you use one, give your hair a rest from the blowdryer and towel dry whenever possible. It will help you avoid the negative you might encounter in your day.

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