Silver-Blonde Hair – How to Get This Trendy Color for 2024

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Silver-blonde hair is a hybrid hair color that blends a pale blonde with silvery hues. Similar to platinum blonde, silvery/ashy tone tends to be darker and more cool-toned, while platinum sticks to a bright true white. Silver hair creates a metallic hair color that shimmers.

Obviously, a lightened base color is a must if you want to achieve a perfect shimmering silver-blonde mane. A regular visit to your colorist for root touch-ups is also required to keep your roots from showing, and being best friends with a good purple shampoo will keep your platinum dreams alive and long-lasting. What better way to enter the world of blondes than with this icy avant-garde hair color?

Before your next hair appointment, check out our popular pictures of the silver-blonde hair color trend.


#1: Metallic Silver and Blonde

This metallic silver and blonde hair has a cool root to go with the icy blonde hair. Wella Blondor powder bleach with 20 volume was used for this silver-blonde hair color. Babylights were added throughout the hair to give a more natural look. For toning, Guy Tang 10sm and 8sm were used to give it that pop of silver metallic shade. Women with more cool-toned skin types can rock this cool blonde hair more than a woman with warm red tones.

Stick-Straight Silver Blonde Hairstyle
Instagram @ryu_blonde

#2: Stick-Straight Silver Blonde Hairstyle

If you have a keratin treatment, a stick-straight hairstyle with a silver-blonde color would be ideal. The keratin treatment will ensure your hair stays sleek and smooth. Ask for a good purple shampoo. You can use it at home between salon visits to maintain the silvery ash color.

Icy Silver Blonde Straight Hair for women with thick mid-length hair

#3 Icy Silver Blonde Straight Hair

Perfect for mature hair, the blend of cool and warm tones requires skill to achieve – think high-impact foiling and meticulous toning. It’s high maintenance, no doubt; regular toning sessions are a must, and a purple shampoo will be your secret weapon at home. The coarse hair texture lends itself to holding this style, but remember, layers are key to keeping that full-bodied allure. Use a root-lift spray for oomph, and never skimp on heat protection; these shades can be unforgiving if neglected.

#4: Gorgeous Silvery Blonde Long Hair

If you aim to blend natural grey or desire an edgy new color, a gorgeous silvery blonde could be just right. This blonde shade is versatile as it covers your hair fully and at the same time, it blends well with your natural grey tones. The result is a cool ashy hue. Ask for a high-quality shampoo and conditioner for at-home care. This helps uphold the silvery look until your next hair appointment.

Sexy Metallic Silver Blonde Hair color on long wavy hair
Instagram @hairbypkilla

#5: Metallic Blonde

A metallic blonde hair is a stunning choice for those who want a glamorous look. The metallic finish adds edginess to the blonde hue. There are many shades of metallic to fit many different skin tones. Opt for a subtle silver-toned blonde or a bolder, high-impact metallic hue. Remember, dyeing your hair in a metallic blonde shade will make a statement.

Volumizing Silver-Blonde Layered Bob for Oval Faces with Cool Undertones and Fine Hair

#6 Stunning Silver Blonde Bob with Layers

A silver blonde bob with layers is a trendy, modern haircut that combines the bob with a layered texture. This hairstyle is a short to medium-length bob that falls just below the chin or at the shoulder. The layers are added to create volume, dimension, and movement.

Silverish Blonde Bob for Old Ladies with strong facial features and mid-length hair
Instagram @mario.hairdresser

#7: Silverish Blonde Bob for Old Ladies

A silver blonde bob is trendy for older ladies. Silvers are best for matching grey hair or enhancing what you already have. You can tone your silvers and greys to look less yellow. Investing in a good purple shampoo will help you maintain tone at home much easier. Try washing every other week to keep up, or less if it looks too purple.

Platinum Silver Blonde Balayage
Instagram @danielleodhair

#8: Platinum Silver-Blonde Balayage

A platinum silver-blonde always creates a high-fashion hair trend. Its solid silver color has a cooler tone, making an ideal pairing for long, beachy waves. To achieve this silver platinum hair, a full balayage, root melt, and babylights must be done correctly.

Cute Silver-Blonde Transformation

#9 Cute Silver Transformation

Step into sophistication with this shoulder-skimming silver-blonde bob—a chic fusion of modern flair and timeless grace. Tailored for oval face shapes, the masterful layering infuses life and volume, beautifully framing the face for a rejuvenating effect. Achieving this metallic luster calls for a colorist’s finesse, transitioning your natural hue to an icy sheen perfect for a medium texture.

Gorgeous Blonde Silver Waves
Instagram @blondee_salon

#10: Gorgeous Blonde Silver Waves

Gorgeous blonde silver waves are a breathtaking color and style to pair together. One of the best ways to recreate this style is by using a curling iron that is at least 1″ in diameter, curling the entire left side away from your face and the entire right side away from your face. No section should be styled toward your face for this style. To keep these silver-blonde locks toned and hydrated, use a moisturizing conditioner, a weekly hair mask, and Olaplex after using purple shampoo to keep those pesky yellow tones at bay.

Naturally Silver and Blonde Streaks

#11 Naturally Silver and Blonde Streaks

Embrace the grace of graying with this mid-length, layered cut that flatters oval faces and boasts a textured look. Perfect for those in their golden years, the natural gray-to-silver gradient adds dimension without overpowering. This style requires less frequent toning, making it ideal for those with a busier schedule, yet still, captures the essence of the silver-blonde trend.

#12: Silvery Blonde Lixie Cut

Check out this blonde pixie cut. Be sure to pair this short cut with a soft highlight or an all-over lightening service to modernize this cut. To maintain this hairstyle, ask your stylist to prebook your next haircut for 4-6 weeks. Pair with a matte clay such as Ruezel Matte Pomade for texture.

#13: Silver and Blonde Long Wavy Hair

Try a silver tone to your blonde long wavy hair. Using purple shampoo regularly is the best way to keep up with the hair color. Styling your hair in textured beach waves is the best way to showcase your blonde hair. This look is suited for women who are willing to keep up with their hair appointments.

#14: Silver-Blonde Long Pixie with Bangs

To change up the look of a long pixie, try a silver-blonde color. A silver blonde can be hard to achieve, which makes it important to find a stylist that will be honest with you about the expectations of achieving the color. If you can, book consultations before picking a stylist, as the color could take multiple sessions, and you will want to ensure you can reach the goal while keeping your hair healthy. If you want to, prepare your hair a day or two before your appointment with a clarifying treatment to remove any buildups, allowing for an easier blinding session for your stylist.

#15: Silver Short Bob with a Side Part

If you want to look young and fresh, go for a short bob combined with a side part. Beware, platinum is not easy to get, but if done correctly with an experienced stylist, it will be well worth all your time at the salon. An ash tone fades quickly, so you will need a toner every 3-4 weeks. Frequent trims will also be necessary to keep hair from becoming damaged.

#16: Silver-Blonde with Pink Tones

A silver blonde with pink tones perfectly blends warm and cool, creating a pearl-like finish. You can pre-tone with a violet shampoo and add a pretty warm pearl toner to the hair. You must maintain this color every 4-6 weeks max to keep it looking fresh. Looks beautiful with lighter skin tones and is easiest to maintain with a natural 7+ base.

#17: White Silver-Blonde Shade for Women Over 60

White silver is a stunning blonde shade but especially for women over 60. If you’re not 100 percent grey and much of your hair is dark, go more dramatic with bright silver tones.

Silver-Blonde Ombre
Instagram @peachstockholm

#18: Silver-Blonde Ombre

Try a silver-blonde ombré for a cooler-toned blonde. With dark roots for depth, maintaining silvery shades is great for natural hair color.

Dark Silver Blonde Hair Color
Instagram @hairbydreaaaaa

#19: Dark Silver-Blonde

Dark silver-blonde hair color makes a radiant gray-platinum hair color. It offers an ashy tone that flatters neutral skin complexions. Styling hair with heat can make the color dull, so always use a heat protectant, and it will keep its glossy finish.

#20: Silver Balayage

A silver balayage on long, wavy hair? Oh, that’s aesthetically pleasing! The movement adds shine, texture, and dimension to this hair’s silvery color. It’s perfect for fine hair!

Dark Blonde with Silver Highlights
Instagram @beautybyjordyy

#21: Dark Blonde with Silver Highlights

Get the effect of fading hair color with platinum highlights on deep blonde hair. Colorist Jordan did an amazing job with this low-maintenance color combination. The tones create a dirty blonde hair dimension with its warm hue that looks super pretty during summer.

Silver Highlights on Blonde Hair
Instagram @herostyle2003

#22: Silver Highlights on Blonde Hair

Silver highlights on blonde hair add creaminess to the look. The finer the silver highlights are, the more natural they are. Most ladies can pull this off. It’s a nice alternative for women who want to experiment with blonde locks for the first time.

Silver Blonde with Dark Roots
Instagram @hairbydarcy

#23: Silver-Blonde with Dark Roots

This pale silver-blonde with dark roots is a cool, grey, silverish tone with a dark root smudge.

#24: Platinum Silvery Blonde

This platinum hair color features a soft melting effect. The darker roots are what intensify the white-blonde hue. Opt for this trend if you’re inspired by Lady Gaga’s iconic pale platinum silver hair and want to play with a different shade of blonde.

#25: Icy Silver

An icy silver blonde hair dye that’s worth trying! This combination of bright silver and cool blonde shades has a cool, smokey tone that complements fair and warm skin complexions. Edgy, chic, and sophisticated—this works on any woman, no matter what vibe she’s going for.

#26: Soft Silver-Blonde

This soft silver-blonde tone is a perfect icy blonde. It has dimension to give it movement and contrast with a textured medium-length haircut.

Silver Blonde Highlights on a Dark Brown Base
Instagram @kimwasabi

#27: Silver-Blonde Highlights on a Dark Brown Base

These silver-blonde highlights on a dark brown base have a dimensional silver smoke look. This is one of the most high-maintenance hair colors as far as blonde color goes because the shade is so delicate.

Silver Ash Blonde hair color
Instagram @createdby.el

#28: Silver Ash Blonde

Choose this silver ash blonde as your next hair goal. You won’t regret it. Shades of ash-blonde like this can be pulled off with a short bob or long haircut..

Blonde and silver hair with braids
Instagram @himeshair

#29: Blonde and Silver Hair with Braids

Blonde and silver hair with braids make a fun and flirty style for long tresses. The bright silver hair color for women is a show-stopper, especially when partnered with such a style.

#30: Silver-Blonde Pixie for Women Over 70

The silver-blonde pixie for women over 70 is great for most face shapes and requires minimal styling.

#31: Icy Silver Pixie Hair for Women Over 50

Icy silver pixie hair for women over 50 is a short-length cut with a forward-swept front and short layers. This was created using a straight razor to shorten and texturize the areas where the hair is thicker. The longer parts of the haircut were cut with shears. This resulted in blunt ends where I wanted to create fullness.

Short silver blonde bob for older women
Instagram @lezliel6

#32: Short Silver-Blonde Bob for Older Women

A silver short blonde bob for older women is a classic haircut that enables the natural roots to grow. This is natural, so no need to worry about the roots and going for a professional color every 4 weeks.

Silvery Smoke Blonde
Instagram @kysandra_loove

#33: Silvery Smoke Blonde

These silver-blonde tones create a light ash dimensional blonde with the natural base color running through. It pairs with her root tap, which makes her grow out a bit more seamlessly.

#34: Silvery Frosty Blonde

A silvery frosty blonde that’s worth copying if you’re an aspiring blonde babe! Achieving this tone is a process, but maintaining it will be easy once the result is achieved. Stylists recommend using purple shampoo for an icy or silver-blonde shade. Such a product is effective in canceling out the brassy tones.