17 Hottest Silver Purple Hair Colors of 2024

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

#1: Short Silver Purple Hair

You’ll love this smokey texture effect from the grey tips on medium pixies. Haircuts like this look cool with magical unnatural colors like this gray and purple hair!

Blonde with Silver/Purple
Instagram @marysmith.hair

#2: Blonde with Silver Purple Hair

For ladies who don’t wanna go all out with vivid color, this is a cute purple hair idea to test the waters. The periwinkle streaks also give contrast to your lighter natural hair shade.

#3: Icy Opal Balayage

Get more creative with an enchanting blend of vivid colors like this gray purple hair. The babylights and those to die for beach waves all contribute to the magic of this mermaid hairstyle.

#4: Light Silver Purple

This delicate pastel ombre of purple grey hair is challenging to maintain. But it could be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made!

#5: Purple to Silver Ombre

The seamless blend on this long straight hair is definite perfection. A contrasting blend like this is great if you want something other than a solid ‘do all over.

Pastel Silver Lavender
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#6: Pastel Silver Lavender

Purple is great to work with because it leaves even the most stubborn warm-toned Asian hair with an ashy and cool blonde once it fades out. The best part about this look was that it’s super low maintenance and subtle enough that she can wear it to work. For those working in a professional setting, having the ends of your long hair colored can always be concealed with a few French pins and a high bun. It’s. A. Look.

This is a look that you have to be committed to. It takes some styling and more than just rolling out of bed to maintain. But for the most part, the color will fade, and eventually, you’ll be left with some fun light highlights to give your hair more life. Purple complements all skin tones, unlike red or blue. It is any face’s most neutral color when looking for vivids. Some things to consider: Avoid wearing whites if you’re wearing a temporary color. Use a white towel to wash your hair since you can bleach the stains.

#7: Violet and Steel

For hairstyling, my style can get me out the door in 10 min or less. With this cut, it’s that easy.. take a wand/ curling iron and pick sections to curl. Not every single piece of hair is curled. That gives it a more “messy look,” which is what everyone is looking for right now.

If you consider this look, keep the daily hair routine in mind. Every other day you will keep up with color shampoos at home. Coming into the salon about every 5 weeks for a color touch-up and a haircut to keep it looking fresh.

#8: Grey to Silver Purple Ombre

This grey-purple hair would be considered a “vivid ombré” or “balayaged vivids.”  This look is becoming increasingly popular among guests who have thought about alternative “fantasy” hair colors but aren’t married to the idea. I love that this guest chose a lavender tone at her ends because she is already blonde. As the color faded, it toned her blonde like a violet toner or purple shampoo would.

Ask your stylist if your hair can get that light if you want this look. The guest pictured has been highlighted for years and uses all of the right shampoos, conditioners, and styling products to protect her hair from heat. Use a purple shampoo to keep your blonde bright! My favorites are Redken Color Extend Blondage or Milkshake Silvershine.

#9: Midnight Purple Silver

This silver and purple hair is very popular right now. It’s a slightly angled bob with textured medium/short-length layers! I love adding a beach wave curl to this length because it shows off all the texture and colors in the hair! I use a 1″ 1/4 curling iron to achieve these waves.

To maintain that nice purple hair with silver streaks, you must only wash it in cold water. I recommend using Redken Genius Wash in rotation with Redken Color Extend Magnetics for cleansing. Pastels tend to fade faster than normal color, so using the correct shampoo and conditioner is very important. Also, applying a heat protectant before styling tools is always a great idea because heat can also cause the color to fade.

#10: Purple Hair with Silver Highlights

This look is a purple, pink, and silver color melt. The greatest thing about it is the shine because most people automatically equate these types of colors with damaging lightening services, and this particular client has been seeing me consistently for lightening services followed by vivid color overlays for over a year. You can see how healthy and happy her hair is because we only use the best products and the most up-to-date technology and education.

Maintenance and hair conditioning are our primary concerns, followed by budget and schedule. I advise on various things, from the product to styling, to heat usage, water temp, and frequency of shampooing, just as with any hair coloring services. It’s important to consider what the investment in maintenance is going to be before committing to any drastic hair color change. It could be one appointment, shampoo, or several sessions and various products to keep the hair looking beautiful.

#11: Lilac and Platinum Balayage

I describe this look as icy blonde hair with a purple balayage. The coolest thing about it is if it’s straight or curly – like in the picture – it still looks great. Everywhere your hair moves, you get a pop of color. It’s a wonderful look for people who are scared to try a color all over their hair and want a little color. This way, they get the color they want in just a few places. As for the haircut, anything with texture will do, so you can see the color popping through. Add a little layering in your hair to see the color more when straight.

This color is very high maintenance. Unfortunately, there are no direct dyes that last long, especially if you choose a color that is more pastel. Also, the less you wash your hair, the better, as the color will last longer. Using the right color-protecting shampoos and conditioners will make your color last that much longer.

#12: Silver Hair with Purple Highlights

The grey and purple hair is a cross between bright violet and sterling smoke. The best thing about this color is the multi-contrast of violet hues. I used 3 different techniques to help create a perfect blend, including slicing angles around the head, color melting, and a color overlay at the bowl to lock it in.

Be prepared to keep up with the high-maintenance colors. Silver hair with purple streaks of a pastel hue is so light they tend to fade anywhere between 2-3 washes. I always try to add a pop to pastel hair. By adding a pop of a brighter, vibrant color, it will wash onto your hair every wash and give it a little color overlay. Another tip you can do to help keep it vibrant is to use a conditioner called Viral. I recommend mixing their lilac and silver to create a perfect silver-violet tone.

Silver to Purple Reverse Ombre
Instagram @amichellehair

#13: Silver to Purple Reverse Ombre

The best part about doing this look would be blending the colors. It’s always so satisfying to see when the color blends seamlessly into each other while painting it with your brush. Blending the color itself or blowing it out was my favorite part. It’s always gratifying to see your work pan out exactly as you and your client pictured it while blowing it out and watching the colors come together as it dries.

If you want to get to color as light as this, you must be prepared for a lengthy process. If you have hair darker than a level 5, achieving this color may take up to a few sessions. My client was a level 6 naturally; to get as light as this, we needed to achieve a level of 9+. Now with pastels such as this purple, 9+ is the level you must achieve for it to hold to its fullest potential. It’s super important with fashion colors to take care of it accordingly. If you are getting a pastel color, it requires devotion, care, and often two-week maintenance.

Light Purple and Silver Balayage
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#14: Light Purple and Silver Balayage

This is the perfect light purple and silver balayage for someone daring and bold! This cut and style are chic and capture the wandering eye. These curls are super easy for the everyday woman to achieve. All you need is 10 minutes, a wand iron, some hairspray, and a large comb!

I’d suggest refreshing it every 2 weeks or using a Viral shampoo to keep it vibrant! Vivid colors fade with each wash, and using the correct products will help you keep the color vibrant and just as beautiful as when you left the salon! This color shines with curls and is stunning straight as well. This client had a bold personality, so we needed color to fit her spunky life!

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#15: Pastel Silver and Purple

This look is “purple steel,” a fun combination of silver and purple. My favorite thing about this look is how the color fades from the darker purple to the lighter silver. It’s also a pastel color that looks straight and can look great when curled.

Anyone looking for a fun, funky look could pull this color off. I would tell any client wanting this look that it requires much more upkeep than other colors. I recommend a color-safe shampoo and conditioner, washing it with colder water and not washing it daily.

#16: Silver Purple with Dark Roots

This look of metallic lavender babylights+balayage is a very trendy modern hair color. It has been a popular demand! The greatest thing about this color is that it’s magical because it changes colors in different lighting. It looks more lavender under yellow lighting or the sun. On the other hand, it looks more like a bluish silver under cooler lighting.

It is high maintenance. The hair must be pre-lightened first to a level 9/10. Unfortunately, these colors don’t last too long, so I recommend getting some products to help the color last longer. There is a product from Lanza called the color guard, and you can spray it on your hair before shampooing so the color can be protected from the water. I have used it to preserve my hair color, and it did help to last longer! In addition, a good purple shampoo, a leave-in conditioner, and a good hair mask will be good to maintain this fashion color.

#17: Silvery Amethyst Balayage

I lifted my client to a level 10 platinum blonde. I toned her to achieve silver tips, where she was a level 12. I used a semi-purple deposit to achieve the purple shadow. My client changes the fun color to whatever she feels after 4-6 weeks when it fades out. We grew out her undercut into this cut bob. I love using a texture spray for looks like this. Making sure your client has a good bond-rebuilding system at home.

I always recommend my clients use ice-cold water when washing and a color-safe shampoo. If they have a fun color, I recommend a color deposit color to maintain at home between sessions. This is a great style for people allowed to have fun hair at work. This look can take several sessions to achieve, depending on what the client currently has going on with the hair. It can be more maintenance than some people would want. So it’s not for everyone.

Silver purple hair is a mixture of the two colors that produce a cool smoky pastel or metallic version of lavender and grey. This new edgy hair trend is unusual yet flattering on every skin tone. You have to choose one that will make your look Instagram and Pinterest-worthy! Whether you go soft and subtle or striking and daring, the key to owning this unicorn hairstyle is always keeping your mane healthy and moisturized.

Matching these two shades with your skin tone is also one very important thing to take note of. Cool ashy tones flatter cool skin complexions as well, while vibrant shades of purple complement warm skin tones best.

Purples fade quickly, so you might need to set salon appointments frequently and use color-safe products. If you’re ready for this commitment, I suggest you check out our collection of only the prettiest silver purple hair inspiration this year!