The Elegant Bun Wrap Tutorial That Will Transform Your Look

Hello everyone! It’s Melissa from and today’s tutorial features a chic new way to dress up your bun. Whether you love donut buns, messy buns, or top knots, this elegant bun wrap technique can be changed to accommodate your favorite bun look.

A great bun is something every girls needs in her beauty arsenal because it is the perfect look for days when your hair is a little too dirty to wear down or you are simply in a hurry to get out the door. Taking a few extra steps to make that bun a little more unique will help you feel more put-together and confident.

This elegant bun wrap looks elegant and has an air of intricacy, but is fairly simple to recreate. This particular style would also be great for that night out; whether it’s for a wedding, school dance, or just that special date. Give it a try and see how you like it! Be sure and share it with your friends who you know will love it too!


The Elegant Bun Wrap Tutorial:

1. Divide the hair into two sections from the top of the ears towards the back of the head.

2. Create a ponytail with the top portion of hair using an elastic band.

3. Take a donut bun and slide the ponytail through the center

4. Wrap the hair over the donut bun, then slide a clear elastic band over the top to create a bun.

5. With the hair that sticks out from the donut, divide it into two sections and twist them downwards creating two twists.

6. Wrap the twists around the bun in opposite directions.

7. Pin down the ends with hair pins to secure.

8. Divide the remaining hair that was left out of the bun into two sections.

9. Take the left section and wrap it upwards towards the right side, then around the top of the bun in a counter-clockwise motion.

10. Pin down the end to hold it in place.

11. Take the remaining right section and wrap it around the left side of the bun.

12. Secure the end in place.

Watch The Video:

I hope you enjoyed this elegant bun wrap tutorial! Be sure to visit me over at for even more hair and beauty fun.

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