15 Prettiest Halo Braid Hairstyles to Copy

Halo braid hairstyles

A halo braid is a hairstyle created with long Dutch or French braids pinned around the head much like a crown braid. These angelic braids are great for formal occasions but also great for everyday wear depending on styling methods and accessories like doing a half braid or adding a bun or bangs. In the search for an easy, summery detail to add to your look? Do it like how the ancient Greeks do!

In the fashion scene since history began, we’ve seen how this ethereal pleated style transcended time, and it’s guaranteed that it’s here to stay forever! Whether it’s a casual day out or a formal glam event, the halo braid is versatile enough for you to wear everywhere.

Proven by celebrity trendsetters Amanda Seyfried, Sienna Miller, Gabrielle Union, and Solange Knowles, these braids don’t choose their wearer! Long or short, straight or curly, thick or fine hair – no matter your hair type, there’s certainly a halo braid designed to suit your needs.

The Frida Kahlo signature style might appear tough to recreate, but it’s not! Liverpool-based hairstylist Laura Rivers makes various styles of this goddess braid style, and not one ever looked less than angelic!

One last tip – never give up until you’ve mastered this beautiful braid style, and don’t forget to take tons of pictures for everyone’s inspiration! Find your next special hairdo in this updated list of halo braid hairstyles!

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Cute Halo Braid with Bangs

Cute Halo Braid with Bangs
Instagram @babehairbyb

A hairstyle like this looks grand, thus intimidating to do, but it is easy. Do french tail braids on both sides for the cute double halo braids while leaving much hair for a tousled low bun. Grab some loose hairs and curls for a wavy effect.

Easy Halo Style

Easy Halo Styling
Instagram @violetta_cosmos

The easy way to do a radiant halo braid is to start at one said then braid around to the other side. Pull off some loose hairs for a fringe.

Halo Style for Short Hair

Halo Braid for Short Hair
Instagram @hairgoalsby.taru

Yes, you can do the ethereal halo braid around your unbelievably stunning short hair! The key is to grab hair continuously as you go around the head, going in with light hands to create these loose, chunky braids.

Faux Halo Braid

Faux Halo Braid
Instagram @kasia_fortuna

A universal style for any formal occasion, this faux halo braids is a loosened up variety of your normal halo braid. Strands for braiding are gathered along the way of braiding, making braids that melt into your hair and have a.

Halo Styling with Weave

Halo with Weave
Instagram @beautifullydefinedhair

If you can create a braid, then you can achieve this halo braid with a weave! Grab your favorite weave and strap it on to the starting point of your braid, where you can incorporate it while braiding natural hair. You’ll have the radiance of a goddess in no time!

Butterfly Braids

Butterfly Halo Braid
Instagram @royal_ebony_hair

This level of braiding technique should be art! The butterfly halo braid boasts of chunky braids that go around your head, kind of like a halo for an angel like you!

Halo Braid with Bun

Halo Braid with Bun
Instagram @hairstyledbybeth

Loose braids bring out textured elegance in your strands. With this style, the crown pattern stands out while the low bun gives a nice completed touch to the whole princess look.

Flowery Design Braid

Halo Goddess Braid
Instagram @liisignature

Q&A with style creator, Louis Ihuefo
Hair Stylist @ Liisignature Beauty Salon in Enugu, NG

How would you describe this look?

It’s a halo braid that’s styled into a braided or flowery design in the center. My favorite thing about this look is the chunky design, which gives a stunning finished look.

Any advice for someone considering it?

All personalities can rock the hairstyle according to their ways. I’ll advise this hairstyle for someone who’s bold and still loves to keep it simple but classy.

It goes for all hair textures, but one has to consider the type of extension if needed. Products are the most interesting part of hairstyling. I love how they make the work so flawless. For this style, I used Got2b Spray and Gel for super extra hold and a bit of Argan Oil for shine.

Loose French Braids

Loose Halo style
Instagram @kasia_fortuna

Q&A with style creator, Kristina Gasperasmua
Hairstylist @ Kasia Fortuna in London, UK

How would you describe this look?

This low updo with a French braid is just perfect if you want an understated but playful style. It would go best with flowery light dresses and off the shoulder tops and is perfect for festivals, wedding parties, or a date.

Simply blowdry your hair with a mousse such as Moroccan Oil volumizing mousse, curl hair with 24mm curling tongs by Babyliss pro, (for the extra volume, you can set the crown sections with Velcro rollers) create a deep parting, French braid the side, then finally create a low ponytail at the nape of the neck.

Place the padding underneath and wrap the hair around, making sure that all of the paddings are hidden well. Place the French braid on top of the bun and loosen each strand to give the illusion of a fuller, larger braid. It’s a super quick and effective style you can attempt to do yourself at home.

Any advice for someone considering it?

It would be best achieved on medium to thick hair, but there are still few options to explore. Even if your hair is thin, you could use clip-in hair extensions to add volume to your hair like Milk and Blush deluxe set in 16″.

Add depth and texture to your hair by choosing extensions with highlights. Most hairstylists nowadays use mini crimpers to add additional volume and texture to the hair. This look is especially effective in styles with braids adding tons of volume.

The complete look from start to finish should take you about 45 min. Just remember if the prep is done well, the actual styling process will be much faster.

Braid with Curls

Q&A with style creator, Mia Livesey
Hair Stylist @ The Hair Shack in Prescot, UK

How would you describe this look?

My way of describing this look is simple but effective, and very versatile. My favorite thing is the chunky braid, as it is trendy and gives the style volume as opposed to your ordinary quiff.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Think of where are you going first, as this to me, is a bridesmaid/formal style! Other than that, I would 100% recommend it as it works on all hairstyles. My client’s hair was very thin (would you have guessed?)

To create, it took around 30 minutes, which is super quick because there’s no downtime as I didn’t use many products other than hairspray and clips!

Crown Braid

Halo Crown Braid
Instagram @sabrinadijkman

Q&A with style creator, Sabrina Dijkman
Hair & Makeup Artist @ Sabrina Dijkman Hair & Make up in Zwaag, Netherlands

How would you describe this look?

It is a romantic festival look. I love to wear this myself also when I have a party or wedding to attend. It suits any occasion! There are so many ways of making a crown-braid. The easiest way is to make two ponytails low in the neck and make two braids of them. Then, fold/wrap them around your head. This look just takes a maximum of 10 minutes! It’s super fast and easy, and it looks really cute!

Any advice for someone considering it?

In terms of styling, you need a good volumizer to get the braids textured and rich enough. My go-to products for this are Alterna Haircare Multiplying Volume Mist that helps restore the hair’s natural fullness and Marine Plumping Complex for instant volume. It also works good on thinner hair, as it is light.

I also recommend Alterna Haircare Perfect Texture Spray, which is my key product for everything! It is a mix of dry shampoo and hairspray. It gives that nice dry texture to the hair, and for me, this is important to get that casual result.

If you have thinner hair, just add maybe two rows of clip-in extensions to get a little more thickness for the braids, and you are good to go!

This braid suits a bohemian bride or bridesmaid who loves something different and cute with her hair. For me, this is a classic and one of my favorite braids to make.

Halo Braid for Black Hair

Halo Braid for Black Hair
Instagram @moni_blessit1

Q&A with style creator, La Trece Ward
Cosmetologist @ J’adore Hair and Nails Studio in Las Vegas, NV

How would you describe this look?

The hairstyle is known as a designed halo. I called it “The Crown.” It can be designed with hair ornaments (accessories) to beautify like how a crown is. It’s just right for any woman or little girl.

Any advice for someone considering it?

It’s a simple style with an elegant look. Products are of your choice, but you don’t need it. For me, if you wear braids, I feel your hair needs to keep a balance of moisture with some lite essential oils.

This hairstyle is for any hair type. You can wear this halo/crown at your business, basic work, clubbing, and let’s not forget, on a romantic occasion. I love this style mostly on my little girls with the designer braids in the middle to give that feeling of a little princess.

Double Braided Halo

Double Braided Halo
Instagram @byana_yt

Q&A with style creator, Byana Peinados
Youtuber / Hair Stylist @ LEO Peluqeuria in Illes Balears, ES

How would you describe this look?

This look is elegant and charming. What I mostly like about this hairstyle is the comfiness and the way it surprises everyone who looks at it. At first, it seems a little bit hard to make, but training your hands will take you to do the perfect halo-braid.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I recommend this hairstyle for different types of hair, but layered haircuts can make it a little bit harder (use bobby-pins to pin it in place). Always use quality products: shampoo, conditioner, and hair treatments. They help you have better-looking hairstyles.

This look is perfect for events such as weddings, proms, and 15-year-old birthdays. It will make you feel special and suit you the best on an important day.

Dutch Braid Hairstyle

Dutch Halo Braiding
Instagram @junebughair

Q&A with style creator, June Murtagh
Hair Stylist @ Profile Hair Design Mullingar in Westmeath, IRL

How would you describe this look?

The modern-day romantic was my inspiration for this look. I wanted to create something soft and fun but with a touch of elegance. My favorite thing about this style is it is so versatile that you can wear one of these braids for a festival or glam the hairstyle up to suit special occasions like weddings!

Any advice for someone considering it?

For clients wanting to try this look, shoulder-length hair or longer with no or long layers is ideal, but for my shorter hair clients, it’s also achievable but with a different take on the braid. Hair needs to be prepped with a texturizing spray and loosely curled to add texture to the hair.

When planning where you would like the braid to sit on your head, consider if your fringe will be left out or any hair you want to be left around the face. This braid all adds softness to your style. Tweezing the braid out when it’s secure creates volume to the braid also.

Simple Halo Updo

Simple Halo Braid Updo
Instagram @briperry_

Q&A with style creator, Bri Anna Perry
Hair Stylist @ 501 Salon & Spa in Bellevue, KY

How would you describe this look?

This braid is a beautiful hairstyle for someone wanting something unique and secure. A pull-through halo braid is a fantastic option because since the braid is created with quite a few elastics, it will stay all day and possibly into the next. Leaving down a few face-framing pieces gives the style a softer look, which I also prefer.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I would say this style is ideal for an individual with longer than shoulder length hair that does not have many layers. Although the elastics make it easier to control shorter pieces sticking out from the layers, it can still be hard to control them completely.

I believe this hairstyle can suit absolutely anyone! I think it goes with a carefree and fun personality! For the style, I used Aveda products. I used Pure Abundance Style Potion on the braid to pull it big and give it some grit. Then, I finished with Control Force to lock everything in. The style is very versatile, as I believe it could work for a wedding or an active day running errands and working out since it’s so secure!