25 Easy & Cute Updos for Medium Hair

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Romantic Updo

It is a loose, romantic updo. I love this style because it’s softer than perfectly pinned updos, and it’s also easy to fix if a piece or two comes loose throughout the day. I had her wash and blew dry her hair the day off because she gets oily. I used many products to provide texture (Moroccan Oil Dry Texture Spray, Puff Me, etc.). I finished with a firm hold hairspray and shine spray to set everything.

#2: Modern Twisted Bun

My favorite thing about this updo is its elegant, modern twisted bun. This is one of those formal hairstyles for medium hair that’s super charming and romantic. It’s easy to create and timeless. You can wear it for almost any occasion, whether going to a wedding, an evening out, a party, dinner, etc. It’s perfect for any event where you want to look fancy!

Romantic Curly Updo
Instagram @ilonadajworska.hairstylist

#3: Romantic Curly Updo

I would describe this look as a romantic and loose curly updo. The key to this look is keeping the bun low and leaving hair pieces out as you pin the curls. I recommend this look for the client who wants to look glamorous yet somewhat effortless. This is such a romantic look that fits every face shape. If your face is rounder, I recommend leaving some pieces near the face to slim the sides. If you have naturally curly hair, such hair updos for medium hair also work because you can go with your natural curl pattern.

Textured Twist Updo for Medium Length Hairstyle
Instagram @mad_doos

#4: Textured Twist Updo

Tons of texture and volume make this simple twisted style the right updo for any occasion—the face-framing pieces in front work to showcase your best features.

Ultimate Messy Bun Updo for Medium-Length Hair
Instagram @morganhairco

#5: Ultimate Messy Bun

This rocker updo hairstyle is giving us the chills for its quirkiness! Enhance your hair’s definition with a simple updo. These messy updos for medium hair are ideal for highlighted strands.

#6: Gorgeous Fishtail Braid

FYI: Braids are not only for Coachella. Quirk up formal attire with a twist.

#7: Simple Braid Updo

Weaved into perfection, this messy yet impeccable hairstyle is for the carefree and graceful gals out there. This mid-length updo features lots of amazing texture and depth!

Simple French Braid Updo for Medium Hair
Instagram @lostinbraids

#8: Simple French Braid

This braid is a twist on the classic French braid. It combines traditional braiding techniques with macramé stitching – something I love incorporating into my work. I would tell anyone considering this braid that it looks great on many hair lengths and textures. Sometimes, clients think braids only work on long hair, but this is not always true! If you wear your hair like this, you only need mid-length hair.

Textured Loose Updo for Mid-Length Hair
Instagram @theupdodarling

#9: Textured Loose Updo

I would describe this look as a textured loose updo with a braid. My favorite thing about this updo for medium-length hair is the two-stranded braid. It brings the whole look together!

#10: Classy Low Twisted Bun

This medium updo is timeless and classy. My favorite thing about this upstyle is how it makes her fine, short hair appear fuller than it is. I love how it’s off her neck in a flattering way for those hot summer days. Twists are flattering to all ages and add much dimension to any style.

Romantic Faux Updo for Medium Hair
Instagram @adannamadueke

#11: Romantic Faux Updo

This style is a romantic and modern faux updo. This bridesmaid has medium-length hair, which makes this look easier to achieve.

#12: Voluminous Half Updo

This is a half-up, half-down updo that is smooth and has lots of volume. My favorite thing about this look is that you can wear it anywhere. You can dress it up for the perfect bridesmaid look or just wear it as an everyday style. Updos for medium haircuts are so versatile.

#13: Classic Formal Updo

This medium-length updo is a classic formal bridal updo with a soft romantic aspect. My favorite thing is how it is structured and loose at the same time. I recommend this look for someone with light to medium hair thickness. Any hair texture would work as long as it is properly prepped.  Instead of doing a sleek chignon, I added crisscrossing overlapped twists from the middle and each side, then loosened them gently.

Medium Length Effortless Casual Updo
Instagram @absolutely.ineke.hairstyling

#14: Effortless Casual Updo

This style is the epitome of effortless perfection. I love that it’s soft and romantic with an air of “I just threw it up.” This look is great for everyone and would best suit someone with fine to medium-textured hair of any thickness. It is perfect for an unexpected night out after work or an outdoor wedding.

Romantic Contrast Updo for Medium Hair
Instagram @kasia_fortuna

#15: Romantic Contrast

This updo was created for a rustic and romantic wedding. It’s soft and compliments any dress, being classic and elegant. This look is great for clients with color contrast, specifically blondes or lighter brunettes. With dark hair, we sometimes lose the intricacy of a style. Medium to thick hair texture is best as well. If the client had finer hair, I would deconstruct this style more. This style is soft enough and elegant enough to wear to any event.

Youthful Braided Formal Updo for Medium Hair
Instagram @missysueblog

#16: Youthful Braided Updo

We created this look out of necessity. I French braided the front of her hair, leaving out just a few wispy pieces, and pulled the rest into a bun off the side. I love that this look has fun details and texture from every angle.

Modern bun updo for medium hair
Instagram @mpobedinskaya

#17: Modern Bun

This look is soft, loose, and modern. I love that it has a classic feel with a modern edge. This style would work well for anyone with longer hair with face-framing layers and fringe. When doing bridal styling, I always remember that these looks should be timeless. No one wants to look back at their wedding pictures and wonder what they were thinking! So when I consult with the client, I always try to ensure we choose something that stands the test of time.

Boho Chic Updo for Medium-Length Hair
Instagram @kimannesley.hair

#18: Boho Chic Updo

This is a bohemian chic updo, and it’s such an awesome look because it is very versatile. It can be worn to a formal event, change your outfit, and later hit up the after-party.

#19: Textured Side Bun

This look is a textured side bun. The client wanted something with texture and body at the root. My favorite thing about this hairstyle is how it looks balanced and beautiful from every angle. We wanted it to look done but not overdone, and I think we achieved that. This look would be great for a bride, bridesmaid, wedding guest, or engagement party.

Sophisticated Bohemian Updo for Medium Hair
Instagram @kimannesley.hair

#20: Sophisticated Bohemian

I describe this look as “sophisticated bohemian.” I love the detail yet softness that the look provides. The back of the updo allows for a little detailed expression, while the front imparts a more “boho,” lived-in look. I love creating that juxtaposition. I use Aquage Working Spray to set and cool the curls and Aquage Finishing Spray to hold them. I recommend a Marcel 1-inch barrel curling iron to curl with. Always clip and cool your curls. It makes for a long-lasting updo!

Double Crown Braid for Medium Hair
Instagram @missysueblog

#21: Double Crown Braid

This is a half-double crown braided style with soft waves. My favorite thing about it is that it’s so natural and looks effortless. I always say that building a great foundation is key for any style, whether it’s up, down, or half up. The main products I used were Kevin Murphy Hair.Resort Spray for setting and Redken Braid Aid for the braids themselves. I finished it off with Kevin Murphy Session.Spray.

Mid-Length Free-Spirited Waves Updo
Instagram @ilonadajworska.hairstylist

#22: Free-Spirited Waves

My favorite thing about this hairstyle is that it is loose and organic looking, especially with the addition of flowers. This look is currently popular and goes well with bohemian-style weddings/events. This look is very elegant and can be dressed up or down. This particular look is very versatile and great for the free-spirited festival goer. It’s also a lovely, less formal approach for a bridesmaid. This style makes easy updos for medium hair texture and fine types! This also works perfectly for mid-length to long hair.

#23: Trendy Topknot

This is a fantastic mid-length hairstyle. Topknots can be dressed up with a gorgeous dress or dressed down with a tee and jeans.

Mid-Length Soft Flowing Updo
Instagram @bylauracarita

#24: Soft Flowing Updo

This look is a softly curled, flowing updo. I love how her fringe curves and sits neatly, blending into the curls at the back. I recommend a lot of hairspray! You can also add thickening cream to blow dry before creating the updo.

Mid-Length Undone Updo
Instagram @theupdodarling

#25: Undone Updo

This look has a more undone and casual feel. It is not overly done and not too loose at the same time. I love this look because the hair looks very soft, tousled, and romantic. I recommend using hair matting powder products so the hair can achieve more texture and volume. I recommend a working hairspray as well to create fine detailing work.

Think you have to be Rapunzel rock a beautiful updo? Think again! Medium-length hair can reach new heights with these beautiful, elegant, and just plain fabulous updos.

Whether you need some inspiration for a prom, wedding, or anniversary or want to do something different, these photos will hit that inspiration spot for you. Grab some bobby pins and get ready to see this year’s best updos for medium-length hair!