Updos for Long Hair – Cute & Easy Updos for 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

With these quick and easy updos for long hair, you’ll be ready to rock those long tresses this season. These styles will make you look perfect for an outdoor wedding, music festival, or park picnic.

If styling all that long hair gets you tangled up, take it slow! Begin with an easy ponytail, braid or low bun. Then divide that up into smaller sections or make multiple braids.

Take one section or braid at a time to twist, curl, and pin up to your heart’s content. Now, you’re ready to enjoy the best of both worlds. Happy styling!

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of gorgeous and cute easy updos for long hair.


#1: Romantic Long Loose Updo

Opt for a romantic and loose updo. I love that it’s a quick and playful hairstyle with a touch of an undone look. Messy updos can provide a little unique twist from the traditional sleek and straight ones. An undone look is both modern and trendy. It is very elegant, stylish, and versatile and could be worn by a bridesmaid or even to a prom.

I recommend this kind of hairstyle for ladies with full hair. A big curler, a texture spray, and volume powder are the base products for this style. This look is perfect for all face shapes because you can change the styling in front to flatter specific features.

Infinity Knot Bun Easy Updo for Long Hair

#2 Infinity Knot Bun

This infinity knot bun is one of the best updos for long hair for a day-to-night style.  I usually wear a 3 strand braid over the day, and if I have a special event in the evening, I can take the braid and twist it in a bun. I wear a lazy wrap bun in this picture – a wonderful bun that holds so well. You can use any hair accessories you prefer.

An updo hairstyle is perfect for anyone with chest-length or longer hair, so you can braid enough to wrap it up. I recommend an invisible hair tie at the end of your tips. Braid as long as possible because the hair tassel has to hide under the bun. In my experience, braiding is much easier without freshly washed hair, so I do this updo on the second day. It looks elegant and more complicated than it is. Perfect for beginners.

#3: Easy Updo for a Bride

If you are looking for an easy updo for a bride, this would be a great look to offer! This detail gives off a formal vibe with a little bit of boho. The best of both worlds! To get the most out of this look, you’ll want to blow the hair out first with a volume mousse for extra support and hold.

Long Easy Classic Low Bundle Updo Hairstyle for women with thick long hair
Instagram @moskvichkainfo

#4: Classic Low Bundle

For long hair styled in a low bun, you will want it to stay all day and not feel too heavy. To prevent your style from falling, ask for your bobby pins to be crisscrossed and locked. Also, a few key hairpins around the style will keep hair from falling. Along with a good hair-prepping product and spray.

Perfect Braided Chignon Updo for Prom for Long Hair
Instagram @natasha.astylist

#5: Perfect Braided Chignon for Prom

We love this messy hair that combines twists, braids, and a cute bun! It gives a soft yet sophisticated vibe that is perfect for a glam night. This long hair updo is all about being lived in and bohemian. The result is messy yet polished and looks amazing if dressed up or down – its versatility is one of this hairdo’s greatest features! It can be worn on almost all hair types but is best on medium to long hair and doesn’t require much backcombing or volume.

To achieve this look, start by securing the top back with an elastic or bobby pin leaving the hair by your ears out and down. Then take the remaining hair in the back, separate it into 2 or 3 twists, and secure it with an elastic. Take the twists and wrap them up into a bun-pinning with bobby pins to secure them. Take one side by your hair and braid the section pinning it across the bun, then take the other side and twist it back over the bun. Volume spray, texture spray, and a finishing spray are all you will need. But curling the hair with a wand or iron is a plus. Have fun creating this fun and beautiful look!

#6: Messy Updo

This messy updo is timeless and elegant. The best thing about it is how long it lasted. I did it in the morning, and this picture was taken in the evening. It lasted the whole day perfectly.

If you don’t have much time, you can do overnight curls, spray some hairspray and pin them up. These long hair styles are such an effortless look to do! You don’t even need more than a bit of shoulder-length hair to do it.

Cute Updo for Black Women
Instagram @shanicecox

#7: Cute Updo for Black Women

Show off your natural beauty with this effortless but classy, messy ‘do! All you need is a hair tie and some curl-defining product, and you’ll surely get the best texture and definition for your locks! These long hair updos are easy to pull off for stunning black women.

Easy Braided Updo for Long Hair
Instagram @missysueblog

#8: Braided Updo

Who doesn’t love playing around with different styles? This mix of braids and a twisted low bun is melting our hearts. Hairdos for long hair like this create a feminine and soft look, perfect for sophisticated women.

#9: Long Updo Hair with Fishtail Braids

This look is a classic romantic low updo with a Dutch fishtail braid accent. Romantic style updos are ideal for special events like weddings, proms, and big fancy galas. To wear this look for a wedding or special event, your hair should be at least shoulder length. If not, consider getting clip-in extensions or using a hair pad for the day off to create fullness.

Cute updos for long hair using a Fishtail show up best on hair with dimensional color, so if you don’t have that, consider getting highlights or lowlights. Your stylist will need a curling iron, a good setting spray, a texture spray, a finishing hairspray, and lots of bobby pins.

Inspiration for Wedding Updos
Instagram @morganhairco

#10: Inspiration for Wedding Updos

Unmistakably beautiful styles for an unforgettable day. Let your face glow by putting your hair in a twisted bun that can be accessorized and styled in the most refined way possible.

#11: Bouffant Updo

This one’s a beehive hairstyle with a lot of twists! Easy updo hairstyles for long hair are ideal for casual days and formal occasions when you want to glam up.

Braided Messy Side Bun
Instagram @km.hmuartistry

#12: Braided Messy Side Bun

It’s a fun textured and tousled hair that’s perfect for bridesmaids! This side-do is sure to hold well and look pretty all day.

Sleek Braided Low Bun
Instagram @sabrinadijkman

#13: Sleek Braided Low Bun

If you want to go simple and easy, these side braids put into a messy low bun are the best option. Like the picture above, you can top it off with a gorgeous hair band.

#14: Naturally Curly Updo

Fall in love with this super gorgeous curl easy updo for long hair! That amazing texture of curly hair is made possible by using anti-frizz products.

Long Easy Milkmaid Braids Updo
Instagram @kimmyhartistry

#15: Milkmaid Braids

This milkmaid style finishes neatly and wonderfully! The headband effect has total hair goals!

Crown Dutch Braid Updo
Instagram @studiobraids

#16: Crown Dutch Braid Updo

Don’t you love how the contrasting dark and light tones take this unique updo hairstyle to the next level?! This infinite-looking hair tiara will save you when you don’t feel like washing your hair. It looks sleeker on straight hair.

#17: French Braid Updo

A French braid updo features two classic loose and big braids that easily join into a beautiful low bun. It is one of the most elegant updos for long hair, perfect for either a casual or formal event in summer!

Long Easy Updo Sock Bun
Instagram @juliafratichelli.bridalstylist

#18: Sock Bun

Every girl should know how to do this really cute and easy hairstyle! With the help of a hair donut, you can get a voluminous and clean look! If you want to flaunt your long locks, do a high ponytail instead.

Simple French Twist Updo
Instagram @tonyastylist

#19: Simple French Twist Updo

The French twist makes the perfect updo for long hair. It’s a very simple but equally elegant updo that will always stay stylish and up-to-date. The most stunning thing about this hairstyle is its flexibility. You can style this way any type of hair – shoulder-length or waist-length hair – just varying how tight you roll it. This hairstyle is also perfect for any occasion, whether a romantic dinner for two or any grand affair. You can style the hair more formally by adding some straight lines, or more romantically – curl hair locks and decorate the updo with jewelry or flowers.

To create this hairstyle, use a hair straightener and a gaufre styler to fill the hair with volume. As to products, try OSIS silk shine cream to make hair straighter and shinier and texturize locks. Apply OSIS extreme hold hairspray to fix the hairstyle. Please remember that you must use hairspray in short bursts and apply it from a distance to make it invisible.

Easy Long Vintage Updo
Instagram @honor_beauty

#20: Vintage Updo

An updo hairstyle is a vintage glamour low bun with texture and pin curls. The cutest thing about it is the design of the pin curls on the side and that it is guaranteed to stay looking polished all day for photos! It would be best to find the right stylist to do it. Getting a hair consultation before the appointment helps ensure the clients show up knowing what to expect and that the stylist is prepared. Products for this hairstyle are gel and a lot of hairspray, and bobby pins.

#21: Gorgeous Messy Fishtail Updo

A messy fishtail updo offers a polished texture. It has definition and movement that catch your eye yet still has smoothness and simplicity in the bun! The greatest part is the added detail of the French fishtail because most people ask to incorporate a traditional French braid. The fishtail is a beautiful alternative that doesn’t get enough credit!

Have your hair blown out the day before to prep for smoothness and volume, as this style does not require curling beforehand. Because of the braid, this is a somewhat loose style, so be prepared to see your hair pulled a little tighter into place. Always ask for pieces to be left out around your face for balance against this tighter look.

#22: Boho Braided Headband

This Coachella-inspired braid crown is the way to go when looking for easy updos for long hair.

#23: Stunning Long Hair in an Easy Updo

This look is one of many easy long hair updos tied lower near the nape that people can try when attending a wedding party or a graduation ceremony. This low updo style is not too messy and stiff but still neat.

When considering the look, be very gentle when twisting the long hair for the low bun. The style needs to be messy but still neat. Be very light-handed and tightly pin the hair to the bun with a bobby pin or hairpin. This helps to prevent it from falling. It would be best to have strong aerosol hairspray, bobby pins, and hairpins and create a donut bun. Easy hair updos work with longer hair but also look great with medium-length hair. Any hair type can wear it, but styling is easier when the hair is not too loose and not too stiff.

#24: Simple Classic Chignon

Try a simple classic chignon. I find it very simple but elegant. These easy hairstyles for long hair are perfect for a special wedding day! To get the look, the most important thing is to make a perfectly sleek low ponytail. Then make it into a chignon without using too many bobby pins. I suggest using an extra hold hairspray. This look is perfect for someone with long and thick hair and especially great for someone with blonde hair.

#25: Low Bun Updo

A low bun updo with lots of texture is a soft yet classic spin on a traditional style. Ask your bridal stylist to incorporate sleek texture and low volume. Adding a hint of shine spray or a non-aerosol hairspray can add that extra shine. My favorite shine spray is Kevin Murphys Shimmer Shine. With small flakes of gold, it adds the perfect hint of sparkle.

Romantic & Tousled Updo Hairstyle for Long Hair
Instagram @juliafratichelli.bridalstylist

#26: Romantic & Tousled

Go for a romantic and tousled bridal updo on long hair. My favorite part about this look is that it’s a simple hairstyle. Aside from the extremely short and the extremely long and voluminous hair, most hair can achieve this look. These simple updos for long hair are recommended for ladies who are very sweet, very romantic, and optimistic. This one is ideal for someone who isn’t very concerned if the entirety of her face is unobstructed, as the hairstyle has a very clean front.

When it comes to length, I usually tell ladies to grow their hair past their shoulders or cut it if their hair is too long. If you have dark brown to black hair, what’s suggested is to color it a bit lighter to complement skin tones. Just to a medium brown or lighter brown, nothing too vibrant such as reds or pinks. Before wearing this updo, take care of your hair. Don’t let it dry out too much, but don’t use too much oil or moisture.

#27: Easy Casual Updo

Go for an easygoing updo for everyday wear. I love the simplicity of this look because women can do it by themselves and look good in less time. If you want this look, use Redken Windblown to get that full effect on your knot and a little help from Redken Powder Grip at your roots.

#28: Sophisticated Low Bun

A low bun that looks effortless, sophisticated, and classic is always a head-turner. I twisted the ponytail until it became a bun. Don’t forget to use a hairnet (if you want it to be sleeker) to secure the ponytail first. Then twist it until it becomes the desired shape. You can also use matte wax for the upper section. You don’t need a hairnet if you want the look to be messier. If wanting an asymmetrical finish, opt for a side bun.

Ladies with thin hair are perfect for this easy up do for long hair. The thicker a person’s hair is, the more difficult it is to do the twisted part. A small face with a v-shaped jawline is ideal for this look. You can wear this hairstyle in the office, at meetings, or even for a wedding event.

The Messy Bun Easy Updo for Long Hair
Instagram @juliafratichelli.bridalstylist

#29: The Messy Bun

This is the messy bun, which is an easy way to put your hair up. What I love most about this simple bun style is its versatility. It dresses up any look instantly! It’s sophisticated and elegant without being over the top, but also fun and glam at the same time. It gives just a little red carpet flair. The key product to create this style is something with texture and hold. For upstyling, there must be some grit to the hair, so it’s much easier to work with if it’s too soft and clean. The style won’t hold.

The best tip I can give for doing upstyles is don’t overthink. Go with what you’re feeling and feel the flow. That’s how you’ll achieve the best style. This look suits most women! It’s that kind of style that is chic and effortless. Most women of all shapes and sizes will do well with this style. Having those pieces around the front of the hair softens the face. You can also vary with volume for someone with a smaller frame. It is ideal to have medium to long-length hair for this.

Crown Braid for Bridesmaids Long Easy Updos
Instagram @mb_.artistry

#30: Crown Braid for Bridesmaids

Here’s a crown of braids. The look is very boho chic. I love how the braids are the star of this hairstyle. Adding in face-framing curls keeps the whole look relaxed and soft. This style of updos is perfect for brides/bridesmaids in a country wedding or for the “Bridechilla.” You can also add flowers or colored hair extensions to be music festival-ready. The look is great for keeping the hair off the neck for warmer days and suits all face shapes.