28 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair This Year

Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Get ready to celebrate your big day with these sweet wedding hairstyles for short hair! Wedding hairstyles for short hair are best kept simple with a gentle wave or an accent on texture. Play up your volume, but keep your look neat. Accent your wedding style with hair jewelry, an embellished headband or a sparkly barrette. Be sure to pin these short bridal hairstyles to your wedding mood board today. Try a few out and discover your dream wedding hairstyle. Cheers!

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Flower Crown

Flower Crown
Instagram @socorra_hairstylist

Look like a mega boho queen with a simple yet adorable floral headpiece! Best for locks full of texture to really own that elegant beach babe vibe.

Timeless Elegance

Timeless Elegance hairstyle
Instagram @teased_hair

This look is all about volume and sleekness, accompanied with some timeless elegance, which is perfect for a bridesmaid or a bride! I love how the blonde tones accentuate the style and give it more definition.

This look is perfect for short to medium-length hair as it gives lots of drama without needing lots of hair. It will style easiest with slightly thicker and coarse hair that has been lightly straightened to give it that smooth look.

Lots of teasing and product is needed to achieve the height and set, along with a strong hairspray for an all-day hold!

Relaxed Romance

Relaxed Romance hairstyle
Instagram @joman_wedding

This hairstyle is very relaxed. The curls are naturally done and very soft. Wearing a loose updo with a few strands falling is very romantic.

We suggest wearing this look with a small hair comb that doesn’t take away from the idea of being natural and relaxed.

Boho with Mix Braids and Loose Curls

This style has quite a boho look with its mix of short braids and curls loosely pinned into a bun. Just a few curls are left out to soften the look.

The thing I love most about this style is the way the braids look when they’re loosely pulled. Pulling them out like this helps make the braids look so much thicker and helps to create that boho look. I love incorporating braids into most styles because they are so versatile and enhance any look!

This style has been created with thin hair that naturally sits at about shoulder/collarbone length. A style like this is best done on hair that has been washed the day before rather than the day of to help the braids and curls hold better. Dry shampoo can always be used to keep the hair looking clean if needed. Dry shampoo and volumizing spray or powder are both helpful to create volume at the roots of your hair so the style doesn’t sit flat on your head.

Having the bun sit to the side and leaving some shorter curls out helps to soften the look and frame your face from the front. This is a beautiful updo for short hair that can be worn for any special occasion. You could add pearl or diamond pins to dress it up, and a veil could easy be pinned into place for a bridal style.

This style was created with a flat iron to curl all the hair before making the two French braids. The top half of the hair meets into a messy bun created with the rest of the curled hair and is secured with bobby pins. Once the style was completed, we used humidity proof hairspray and a shine spray to finish off the look.

A Very Short Wedding Hairstyle

A Very Short Wedding Hairstyle
Instagram @idreamofbalayage

Look fab and edgy no matter how short (or shaved) your hair is! Go for a sleek side-parted look to put more attention on your accessories and make-up.

Lovely Bridal Hairstyle

Lovely Bridal Hairstyle
Instagram @alex_haircraft

This is real royal proof that cutting your hair neck-length is never a limitation to being a top-notch stylish queen! Contour your face with a simple big braid to show off your chopped blonde hair’s texture and movement.

Beachy Waves

This look has a romantic, ethereal feel with a touch of bohemian elements. I love this look because it looks very natural and feminine.

This look is very flattering on different hair textures, densities, and lengths of hair. It’s also a great option for women with short hair if they don’t have enough length for a traditional updo. My friend in this photo has relatively fine hair that can easily fall flat and straighten out. To avoid this, ensure hair is very clear prior to styling. Prep the hair with a styling spray which adds texture to help the hair stay together. I personally love Ecru’s sunlight styling spray. It smells wonderful and feels very light and clean on hair. Once ready to style ensure hair is properly sectioned.

To ensure curls are low-maintenance and have a beautiful flow, section hair into two quadrants vertically to divide the direction in which curls turn then go section by section horizontally for individual curls. The hair on the left side should be curled towards the left to make curls face outward from the face and vice versa for the right sight. After each curl, hold the curl after release to allow hair to set. This allows the new shape of the hair to cool down and lock into place.

Do not loosen the curls during this process – save it for the end. It’s easier to relax a curl than to go back and redo the curl (redoing the curl adds more damage to hair as well as put that strand at risk for uneven styling). Towards the end, ensure to sure a strong hold spray to make sure curls last.

Wonderful Wedding Updo

This look is very textured, romantic and whimsical. The best thing about the look is the movement. It’s so soft, tousled, yet refined and not messy. The play on her hair color makes the movement so much better!

This style is ideal for a client with at least medium density hair. The volume of the hair will add to the fullness and make up for the lack of length.

This bride’s hair was a couple inches above her neck/shoulder area so I still had just enough hair at the nape to curl with a small flat iron, which brings me to my biggest tip – mini flat irons! They are such a wonderful tool to utilize in creating lots of curls and waves on very short hair. I used Paul Mitchell’s mini flat iron! It’s my favorite tool for short hair.

Bumble and Bumble’s Pret-a-Powder also makes this updo a star because of the soft grit it creates in the hair to add long-lasting volume and texture without the tacky feeling.

Textured Low Updo

I love this textured low updo because my client didn’t think she could have an updo with her short haircut! I think the volume and texture create a lot of fullness and dimension that pops with her blonde hair.

I think that this hairstyle suits almost anyone! It’s pretty, fun, and classy. Dress it up with a hairpiece or keep it casual with more loose pieces around your face! It can be worn with a part or pulled straight back from the face like my client.

I recommend using a great texture spray like Kenra’s new Air Grip Spray or their dry texture spray. They are two of my favorites! I love using my Paul Mitchell Neuro curling wand to get the curl and movement in the hair.

Twisted Braid

This is a beautiful twisted braid for spring. I love this updo because it starts as simple as twisting the sides at the front and having freedom and creativity in the back! Plus, you can easily customize it to each person.

This look was made for above the shoulder length hair and designed to give the illusion of loose and beautiful, yet put together hair. All you really need are some bobby pins and a little bit of hairspray to finish.

Elegant Silhouette

Elegant Silhouette hairstyle
Instagram @salonmelc

I would describe this look as beautiful, whimsical, elegant, and classy. This is exactly how every woman should feel on her special day or on any other occasion. She should not be limited in options because of her hair length. This style is created with curled hair over the entire head in a spiral formation. The spirals are expanded and intertwined to give a more whimsical feel to this elegant and classy silhouette.

My favorite part of this look is the intertwining of the curls themselves. This is what makes this style versatile. Depending on the woman’s personality, these curls can be teased and expanded to create a voluminous and deconstructed look, or for a softer, more elegant feel, this style can be created with larger and looser curls. You could also keep the curls as structured as possible for a more traditional and classic look.

My advice to anyone who is considering this look is to first understand your own hair type. Your hair type can determine how well your interpretation of this style comes out. Your hair type can also dictate how well this hairstyle lasts throughout the night of your event. For example, someone with thick and/or coarse hair doesn’t need to curl the hair too tight or create too much volume at the bottom of the style, while someone who has thin/fine hair may have to add extensions or padding to create more volume.

For fine hair, I recommend using a product like Puff Me or a dry shampoo to create volume and lift at the root before curling, as well as a firm, moldable hairspray. For someone with thick or coarse hair, I recommend using some humectant-blocking heat protectants like Drybar Hot Toddy, and hairsprays like Sebastian Shaper Plus to keep the hair from frizzing or reverting during your event.

This beautiful style is for anyone! As I said before, it can be as modern or classic as you want. It’s all in how you create the curl!

Romantic Upstyle

I would describe this look as a romantic upstyle. The best part about this style is how versatile it can be. Depending on the accessories used, you can make this look suitable for anything from bohemian to black tie.

My favorite thing about this style is that from just looking at it, you would never know how short her hair really is! We took an above the shoulder blunt cut bob and made it into an elegant, full head updo.

The best advice I have for any client looking to get an upstyle is to show up to your appointment with clean, dry hair. Do not use a flat iron on your hair to assure your curls stay as long as possible on your special day.

If you know your hair has a hard time holding curl, blow dry your hair using products that will add texture to your hair and assure a longer lasting style. My go-to and all-time favorite product to prep my brides and special occasion upstyles is Shaping Foam from the Milkshake lifestyling line!

Messy But Chic

Messy But Chic hairstyle
Instagram @salonbeautyco

This look is a great messy but chic look. It is supposed to feel like you just threw all of the hair back off of your face and your shorter pieces fell out. My favorite part of this updo is the textured volume.

This is a great upstyle for someone with normal to fine, shoulder length, color processed hair who likes to dance. You can dance all night and your hair will stay in place. It is perfect for any bride or bridesmaid!

Half-Up Style with Detail

This is a delicate half-up style with chic detail. I love its simplicity and that doesn’t take away from my client’s other details like her jewelry or her dress. The simple yet intricate detail still adds dimension and movement.

This is a great style for someone with fine to medium hair. My client pictured was actually dealing with postpartum hair loss and this style worked with her thinner hair perfectly.

A light hold hairspray is great for hold and texture without weighing the hair down. I used Sukéshas shaping and styling hairspray while working and finished with their maximum hold hairspray once everything was in place.

This is a fun spunky style that also caters to someone more reserved that desires something simple, but detailed.

Modernized French Twist

Modernized French Twist hairstyle
Instagram @e.d.g_e

I would describe this look as a modernized French twist. My favorite part about this updo is the illusion it gives. It seems as if the hair is longer than what it is, so the overall look appears fuller.

Anchor away! What has helped me put together and hold any updo for short hair is creating an anchor in the base of the updo first. It creates stability to last longer.

Productwise, I recommend a shine spray or a light styling treatment oil before styling to smooth and tame flyaways while creating the look. I also recommend a firm hairspray to hold the final look.

I recommend this updo for any finer texture of hair. It’s a looser updo and appears fuller with the slight curls as opposed to a classic, tight French twist.

Unassuming & Effortless

This is an unassuming and effortless updo that is easily mastered by stylists and non-stylists alike. It is a surprisingly simplistic style that is ideal for weddings, date nights, and even prom.

It’s romantic, polished and versatile because it can be made clean and classic or wispy and ethereal, depending on preference and event type.

Curl the upper 1/4 section of hair in small alternating directions. Smooth and separate with Kenra’s Platinum Texturizing Taffy 13, tease bottom layer of next 1/4 section, and lift with RedKen’s Powder Play. Using your fingers, tousle and rake the hair all together. Pin the hair at the mid-base of the head to secure and form a rigid structure to pin the roll into.

Then the rolling begins! I typically gather the hair into the beginnings of a ponytail and roll up the tip, gently fanning out around the base of the head as I move closer to the head. Use hair pins and bobby pins to secure the roll to the head, then pull down wisps, curls and upper strands to give the updo its own personality and volume. Set with Kenra Volume Super Hold Spray 25 and a bit of Biomega Glow Super Shine Spray!

This is a perfect style for someone who has medium to medium/short length hair! The more highlighted or balayaged the better because the color dimension plays a vital role in fooling the viewers’ eyes into thinking the look is more complicated to create.

Simply Elegant

This particular guest was wearing a maroon high-low dress and pearls. My favorite thing about this look is the twists going into the bun. I do that on a lot of my updos!

To recreate this look, it’s best if the client’s hair is mostly one length. I am a student at Paul Mitchell The School DE, so I used all Paul Mitchell products!

Specifically, I used the Extra Body Holding Spray, Neuro Heat Protecting Mist and Awapuhi Conditioning Shine Spray. Oh and lots of bobby pins, too!

I recommend this look for a client who doesn’t wear clothes (casual or formal) with a lot going on. When an updo like this is made, the guest should be wearing something very simple.

Any face shape can pull off this look! My guest just happened to have a square face. If someone has very thick hair, this updo may not work. My guest had fine hair, but LOTS of it.

Elegant Dutch Braid

Elegant Dutch Braid hairstyle
Instagram @tatjanareynolds

This styling is one of my favorites on short hair. It keeps the hair off the face without being tight or slicked back. Keeping the hair looser means there is an appearance of movement, which short hair always needs help with.

The movement is created with a Dutch braid down one side of the head. In this particular instance her hair is shaved on the other side, so the idea of a deep side part was a given, but isn’t necessary to accomplish the look.

If your client has fine hair, I definitely recommend giving it lots of texture with the use of Davines This is a Sea Salt Spray and This is a Dry Texturizer. I used a 3/4-inch Marcel iron to set the hair and combed it out with my fingers. Some pieces needed to be strategically placed so that they didn’t flip in funny directions and the silhouette could remain consistent.

Decide where you would like the part, braid until just past the ear, and secure with a clear elastic and bobby pins underneath the longer layers behind the ear.

This type of style is so accessible to any face shape or hair type. By changing where the part lies for the braids, we can accommodate any face.

The type of product you use will depend on the texture of the hair. This specific head of hair needed some more oomph, so I used volume building products. These can easily be replaced with something like a Brazilian Blowout Dry Oil for thicker-haired clients.

If we decide to keep the braids tighter, then this style can be used for your workouts and running around town. Simply fluff out your braids at the end of the day to transition to girls’ night out.

Modern Day Messy

I would describe this look as a modern day messy (but elegant) wedding updo.

I love how much texture and volume is in this hairstyle. The waves on top give it the perfect amount of volume with minimal backcombing, which I love. The pieces framing the face are perfect for that innocent yet flirty vibe, and the low bun is so classic and timeless for a wedding updo.

I always say the best outcome for that perfect updo (or any style) comes from the foundation that you start with. Once I had a base that I loved, the rest just fell into place and I could really manipulate which pieces I wanted to go where.

I recommend using a dry shampoo (whether it’s on freshly washed hair or two-day unwashed hair) because it gives you the right amount of texture and body needed for this look. I also used a root lifter to amp it up a bit more. Be sure to use a strong hold hairspray so you won’t have to worry about any pieces falling throughout the night.

I believe this is one of those updos that anyone could wear on their wedding day. It’s so timeless and classic.

This client had a natural middle part and it looked stunning. I’ve also done this style with a side part along with no part, and each way it has looked stunning!


A short crop with crown layer curls are feminine and chic. Pair your look with bold makeup for your big day.

Cropped Delight Blonde Pixie Cropped Delight Blonde Pixie Side View

How To Style:

1.Prep damp hair with a leave-in treatment.

2. Blow dry with a Denman brush or a paddle brush for a low volume hairstyle.

3. Curl the crown layers using a medium barrel curling iron.

4. Deconstruct light with a side-swept fringe.

5. Set this style with a light hold hairspray.

Recommended Hair Products:

Try Kevin Murphy STAYING ALIVE Leave-In Conditioner for added protection and flexibility.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

This look is suitable for most face shapes. This style works best on fine to medium hair.


Accent with a sparkly barrette.


A longish pixie with short, textured crown layers really heightens the drama. A bold blonde fringe offers extra contrast.

Dual Tone Hairdo With Long Side Pieces Dual Tone Hairdo With Long Side Pieces View 2

How To Style:

1.Prep damp hair with a light thermal protectant or leave-in creme.

2. Blow dry hair with a Denman or paddle brush for a low volume look.

3. Create a deep side part and sweep fringe off to one side.

4. Create piecey texture in the crown layers.

5. Set this style with a hard hold hairspray.

Recommended Hair Products:

Try Kevin Murphy YOUNG.AGAIN treatment oil for smooth, shiny hair.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

This look is suitable for round, oval or square shaped faces. This style works best on fine to medium hair.


Accent this look with a delicate silk scarf.

Cute Pixie Cut

Cute Pixie Cut
Instagram @sweethearts_hair

When short tresses can manage a lovely bedazzled braid like hers, the result is a glamorous edgy look!


A tightly cropped, spitfire red pixie keeps things all about YOU on your wedding day. Play with texture and enhance your color dimension by opting for this bridal style..

Fire Pixie Cropped Wedding Look Fire Pixie Cropped Wedding Look Back View

How To Style:

1. Prep dry hair with a light hold pomade

2. Create a slight side part and sweep the fringe softly off to the right.

3. Deconstruct texture lightly using your fingertips.

4. Set this style with a light hold hairspray.

Recommended Hair Products:

Try Kevin Murphy UNDRESSED to create a loose, undone, natural look.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

This look is suitable for round, square and oval-shaped faces. This style works best on medium to thick hair.


Use some spray wax for more defined separation and volume.


Enjoy your full, thick hair with this copper toned bob hairstyle. A simple side braid adds wedding elegance.

Copper Bob Short Look with Side Braid Copper Bob Short Look with Side Braid View 2

How To Style:

1. Prep dry hair with a lightweight volumizing and texturizing lotion.

2. Create a side parting and brush hair smooth. Keep the fringe swept over to one side.

3. Take ends and curl using a large barrel curling iron.

4. Move to the left side and create an accent braid.

5. Set this style with a light hold hairspray.

Recommended Hair Products:

Try Kevin Murphy ANTI-GRAVITY volumizer and texturizer for control with oil-free shine.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

This look is suitable for oval, square or round shaped faces. This style works best on thick hair.


Accent with a pretty tiara.


Amp up the volume with this rose gold hue. Big, voluminous curls make this style party-perfect.

Rose Gold Rage Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

How To Style:

1. Prep dry hair with a light hold flexible hairspray.

2. Brush hair smooth and lightly curl ends using a medium barrel curling iron.

3. Allow curls to cool, then brush out using a comb or grooming brush for fullness.

4. Add dramatic contrast with a full straight fringe.

5. Set this style with a light hold hairspray.

Recommended Hair Products:

Try DermOrganic Fast Drying Shaping Spray for great hold with touchable texture.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

This look is suitable for oval, round or square shaped faces. This style works best on fine to medium hair.


Adorn your wedding style with jeweled head band.


Take your wedding hairstyle to the next level. This light, golden blonde crop can be styled high for extra drama.

Amped Up Pixie Blonde Look

How To Style:

1. Prep damp hair with a lightweight thickening lotion.

2. Blow dry hair with a Denman brush or a paddle brush for a low volume look.

3. Smooth hair using a straightening iron.

4. Backcomb the base of the crown layers for extra volume.

5. Set this style with a light hold hairspray.

Recommended Hair Products:

Try Kevin Murphy FULL.AGAIN thickening lotion for fullness and body with natural movement.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

This look is suitable for round, oval or square shaped faces. This style works best on fine to medium hair.


Add some sparkle with Kevin Murphy’s SHIMMER BUG!


Tightly curled tresses are twisted and pinned for control. You’ll have all eyes on you on your big day!

Raspberry Curls Pretty Blonde Look Raspberry Curls Pretty Blonde Look Back View

How To Style:

1. Prep damp hair with a light hold volumizing foam.

2. Work product evenly through hair.

3. Allow hair to air dry, or use a diffuser or a hooded dryer on low heat.

4. Gather ends and twist and coil into shape. Pin up for a deconstructed finish.

5. Set this style with a light hold hairspray.

Recommended Hair Products:

Try Ouidad PLAYCURL Volumizing Foam to build body and boost the volume of fine, thin curls.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

This look is suitable for square, oval or round shaped faces. This style works best on thick hair.


Accent with a butterfly hair pin.


This swept away wedding hairstyle is kept simple. A few braids adorn the sides with ‘faux-hawk’ flair.

Swept Up Short Wedding Hawk Swept Up Short Wedding Hawk Side View

How To Style:

1. Prep dry hair with a lightweight texturizer.

2. Backcomb the fringe and crown layers and sweep them back smoothly away from face.

3. Gather three to four small sections along each side, create small twists, then pin them into place.

4. Leave the ends out with piecey definition.

5. Set this style with a light hold hairspray.

Recommended Hair Products:

Try Kevin Murphy TEXTURE.MASTER Leave-In for instant texture with great hold.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

This look is suitable for square, oval or heart shaped faces. This style works best on fine to medium hair.


Accent this look with a fascinator and lace netting.

These wedding hairstyles for short hair are just what you need to mark your most memorable occasion. Enjoy!