Mother of the Bride Hairstyles: 28 Elegant Looks for 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Although the bride should be the show stopper on her wedding day, plenty of other key players will want to look equally amazing, including, of course, the mother of the bride! A perfectly put-together MOB should have a manicured style without being too over the top. Here are a few beautiful mother of the bride hairstyles to inspire you!


#1: Loose Curly Updo

A glamorous curly upstyle that’s charming on women who want to make a lasting impact in a special event.

#2: Golden Blonde Layered Bob

I suggest a golden blonde layered bob if you want a chic and radiant hairstyle. This style features a shoulder-length bob with layers that add movement and dimension. The golden blonde shade adds warmth and brightness. It gives you a vibrant and sun-kissed look. When at your hairstylist, ask for a layered bob with soft, blended golden blonde highlights. The highlights should complement your skin tone. The layers will help frame your face and enhance your features.

#3: Casually Coiffed

This is the look for you if you want to rock a casual, relaxed MOB style! This style is divine for those mothers who have natural waves and want to show them off. Medium to thick textured hair will work best, and any face shape will be complemented by this look.

Traditional Updo Hairstyle
Instagram @amy.hairandmakeup

#4: Traditional Updo

Channel your royal elegance with a simple low do on your nape. Simple and graceful.

#5: Fascinating Twist with a Hat

This hairstyle is perfect for the bride’s mother in an elegant winter wonderland wedding or even an outdoor beach destination wedding in Spring or Summertime. It’s a fantastic look for the mature lady (MOB) or a black-tie-themed bridal party. Plus, it’s a great style for naturally textured hair or creating texture with any hot tool (curling or flat iron). An amazing finishing spray for any up-styling, specifically this one, surely requires my all-time favorite, perfect for any weather and texture, is Kenra Professional Volume Spray 25.

#6: Short Easy Waves

If you’re looking for mob hairstyles, opt for this one! It’s a soft textured style for mothers who want to let their short gorgeous hair do its own thing.

Easy and Elegant Updo for the Brides Mom
Instagram @megancoxbridal

#7: Easy and Elegant Updo

Consider this look if you want your hair up and out of your face on your son or daughter’s big day. It’s incredibly simple; once it’s done, you won’t have to think about it for the rest of the day! This look is great for moms with long hair. This style will be stunning if you have a round face and want to elongate it. To help get your hair smoothed back perfectly, I love using Bumble and Bumble’s Does It All Hairspray. It’s light and won’t get too sticky. If you have extra unruly hair, try using Super Goo by Kevin Murphy. It’s a little heavier and will keep your mane tamed all night. To style, secure your hair back into a high ponytail in the crown section of your head. If needed, spray it with a light-hold hairspray and smooth it with a soft boar bristle brush.

#8: Casually Tucked Chignon

This is a classical beautiful updo for a mom of the bride. It’s easy-going, romantic, lovely, and simple. I love its simplicity and easy-going texture, which creates a soft appearance.  The hair doesn’t have to be thick, but there has to be enough length to make the chignon big enough.

#9: Airy Volume Low Bun

This elegant updo was created perfectly voluminously without being overdone. The thick pieces in front would be great for softening the face and giving off an elegant vibe.

#10: Glamorous Style with Glam Waves

For a mother of the bride, a style with glam waves will be a great fit. Glam waves will be curled to the ends and all in the same direction. The hair will be brushed out to create seamless waves. To add to the style, you can have the option to wear it all down or half up.

#11: Twisted Medium-Length Half Updo

A simple and wearable updo that involves twists and loose waves down your head brings softness and glamour. The cut and stare are ideal for a lovely beach wedding.

#12: Lovely Side Bun

I’d call this a mod variation of a classic side chignon. I recommend this style to any mother of the bride who is inspired by a timeless look. It’s best worn with a neckless dress, as it sits low and sometimes brushes the shoulder area. It can get caught on rhinestones and jackets etc. The side can also be easily taken down and transformed into a fresh look for a bride wanting a different vibe for their reception if executed correctly!

#13: Modern Updo

This look is a tousled modern updo. The cutest thing about this updo is how loose it looks. I love the pieces falling from the updo, making it look natural. There’s volume throughout that many women want to accomplish. This formal style would best fit someone with curly, shoulder to medium-length hair. To achieve these loose pieces of hair falling out, the hair around the hairline must be shorter to create a balance throughout the updo. This updo is best for anyone who doesn’t want anything too perfect or smooth. So many women can wear it. Brides, mother of the bride/groom, at the wedding, or even as a guest at any formal event!

#14: Long Half Updo with Highlights

This mother-of-the-bride hairstyle for long hair is soft, simple, and feminine. She loves to keep some hair on her face and a half-up, half-down look. The client arrived with wavy and thick hair. We used a 1-inch iron to create a soft curl and lightly pinned the half-top to make her look more elegant for the event.

Simple waves mother of the bride hairstyle
Instagram @absolutely.ineke.hairstyling

#15: Simple Long Waves

This bridal look is universal. It is a look you can wear to the office and go straight out for cocktails after. A professional curling iron and a thermal styling protectant spray are the tools to achieve this look. Any hair type can work with this style if you have a good spray and curling iron.

Soft & Swirly Pinned Updo
Instagram @kellgrace

#16: Soft & Swirly Pinned Updo

This look is soft and swirly goodness! I love that it looks like the soft curls were swept up and effortlessly pinned. I always love an upstyle on a blonde because the different tones and textures come through so well. Curl the hair first and use a wide-tooth comb to brush it out. I blow-dried mousse into the hair, tonged it, and brushed it out, then section by section (from bottom to top). I twisted and pinned the hair up.

Adaptable Braided Updo
Instagram @ashleyhawkins.stylist

#17: Adaptable Braided Updo

This look can easily slide into romantic, effortless, polished, and chic updo categories. My favorite thing about this style is its versatility, depending on which dress you pair it with. Nothing is better than having a go-to updo that can be worn to various events. A mother of the bride wanting this style should have either short or medium hair length and any texture. The longer the hair, the bigger the braid, and vice versa.

#18: Soft Updo with Rose Flower

This style is my take on a classic mother of the bride updo, emphasizing elegance with a soft yet detailed approach. This versatile look suits everyone, making it a favorite for myself and my clients.

#19: Romantic Updo Curls

This is a romantic yet sophisticated updo with lots of texture. My favorite part of this look is its versatility. It can work for everyone from the mother of the bride to prom night. Always start with second-day hair because it holds the style soo much better. Medium to long length and texture works best for this look. Regarding prep for this style, my go-to products are Kevin Murphy Doo.Over and Bedroom.Hair to add both texture and volume to the hair. Having multi-dimensional color will also add visual texture to this style.

#20: Soft Graduated Bob with Bangs

This soft graduated bob is classy, delicate, and feminine. It was designed to make the bride’s mother look and feel beautiful on such a special day. This style is also great for everyday wear. It can be tucked behind the ears or clipped to one side to give a different look or blow-dried with lots of body to give a powerful look.

#21: Swept Up Low Bun Sophistication

This look is classic messy/chic with a hint of swept-up sophistication. I love this style for clients as it looks effortless yet glamorous. This look is the perfect go-to style for a mother of the bride, bride, bridesmaid, or even a girl who wants a little flirty glamour for that special event.

#22: Crown Braids & Stacked Curls

This style is a soft, romantic, and natural look. It combines stacked curls on the bottom with volume at the crown held back by braids that wrap around the back of the head. This style looks great on everyone. I use it mostly for bridesmaids. The long curls down the back look great for photos, and the braided detailing gets compliments all night long. It’s a perfect event style and one of my favorites to create!

#23: Beautiful Chignon

I love this look as it is a very soft and elegant style. It is a style to be in awe of because of its versatility instantly. It’s the perfect look for occasions such as a wedding, reunion, casual dinner party, or even a school formal. This style complements any fashion statement. Do not polish this style too much, as it is more of a soft, textured look.

#24: Shorter Sassy Curls

This look is for the woman with hair on the shorter side (above the shoulders) who doesn’t want your typical “mother of the bride” style. It allows the woman to be her sassy self! This look is perfect when you want volume and texture but nothing too curly or “perfect.” Variations of this could be less or more curly, less or more volume, or adding a hairpiece to one side. You could even tuck one side!

#25: Curled Layered Bob

This look is best described as a layered bob curled with a 1-inch curling iron. My favorite thing about hairstyles for the mother of the bride is their ease and elegance of it. This client’s daughter is soon to be married, so we play with the color or cut every appointment. This day we were trying out wedding day styles!

Twisted Bun for the Mother of the Bride
Instagram @hairbyserenadw

#26: Twisted Bun

Incorporate twists and turns in an enchanted updo for amazing texture and dimension! Top it off with a nice piece of decor to finish the formal look.

#27: Stylish Half-up Half-Down

Look like a damsel-in-distress without any stress with these half-tied curls! Bring your favorite princess fantasy to life with a few hairpins and a floral accessory to create a half-up mother of the bride hair anyone would envy.

#28: Classic French Twist

Roll the day away with this jaw-dropping hairdo! It’s smooth and elegant and will certainly make you the star of the event.