Princess Hairstyles: The 29 Most Charming Ideas

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Pop some fun into your life with one of our fantastic princess hairstyles! Be regal with style full of volume, or keep it real with a gorgeous crown of flowers that accentuates your natural beauty. Take your pick and channel your inner royal with these Disney princess-inspired looks!


#1: Boho Bubble Braid for a Princess

This princess hair is a boho bubble braid. These princess braids are simple to style. If you’re going for royal hairstyles like this, don’t worry about perfecting them. It’s a messy style, and there’s beauty in imperfection. Embrace the messy, undone vibe.

#2: Low Bun with Side Thick Braid

Style your hair in a low bun by adding a thick braid to the side. Aiming for a soft, feminine, and romantic princess look? Include a thick braided hairstyle. Create a low twisted bun. Then, make it fancier by wrapping a fuller braid from the crown of the head down into the bun. Achieve a bigger braid by pulling it fuller with your fingertips or adding an extension clip. The clip-in hair extensions don’t make any mess or need glue.

#3: Twisted Half-Up with Loose Curls

A twisted, half-up hairstyle with soft, loose curls is ideal for the stylish boho bride. This hairstyle, inspired by weddings, merges the best of elegance and boho vibes. Soft twists underline the style, while the elegant curls make this style fit for any bridal occasion. Make sure to overlap each hair section back and forth when securing the twist. Pin these twists in the middle. This creates the illusion of a band that can’t be seen. Also, I recommend using a texture spray or powder. This can help create body and hold in the twists. A great texture powder option is Powder Puff by Kevin Murphy.

Princess Hairstyle with Braided High Updo
Instagram @suvisland

#4: Braided High Updo

You should add a hair extension piece for length to create a longer braid. Start by creating a Dutch crown braid that traces the shape of your head. When it forms a complete circle, finish by winding it into a high bun. Secure this with bobby pins. To create a softer look, let a few curled strands of hair fall around your face. This accentuates facial features and adds a gentle, romantic touch.

Royalty-Inspired Princess Updo and crown accessories for women with long dark hair
Instagram @georgiykot

#5: Royalty-Inspired Princess Updo

Consider a royal princess updo. It’s perfect for any occasion you want to make an unforgettable impression. Ask for a tight bun at the nape of the neck, secured with several small bobby pins. Then, have your stylist add long strands of hair to wrap around the bun’s base, adding volume and texture. To complete the look, ask for a beautiful crown or other hair accessories to make the style even more unique. A helpful styling tip, make sure to use a strong-holding hairspray to keep everything in place.

#6: Tiara of Twists Princess Hairstyle

This half-up, half-down princess hairstyle is wispy and romantic. This princess hair cut can work for any hair texture and length. Using the right products, this style can work for any hair texture. Women with fine hair should use a texture spray to help apply grit to the hair. A good working hairspray will give it hold without being too heavy. It’s best to curl your hair before starting the updo. Curl the entire head away from the face. That makes it easier to work with!

#7: Polished Princess

Some princess hairstyles are simple and glam, just like this one.

#8: Braided Princess

These lovely side braids flow into a low twisted updo from the front crown towards the back. Perfect for any formal event!

#9: Princess Aurora

This princess hairstyle shows texture and shows off length but still has a lot of detail. It’s “half up” but still has a lot of fullness and detail.

Your hair must be very long and have long layers so that nothing sticks out of the ponytail. It’s a beautiful way to show off your length. It is simple from the front but has many romantic details in the back.

crowning glory hairstyle
Instagram @skyecoutinho

#10: Crowning Glory

What I love about this princess style is the versatility of manipulating it as the event progresses. Go for a romantic, soft, natural look to accompany your personality. You can wear it for a glamorous evening princess hair style or with slight changes. It could also be a day style.

For this princess hair, Babyliss Pro 25mm curling tong was used, as well as the Kuene hairspray. The Kuene volumizing powder also helps to gain volume in the front section. Never spray the hairspray too close to the hair, as it will make it wet and form frizzy curls. Always spray away from the hair and in small bursts. Spray, let dry, then spray again.

#11: Belle of the Ball

This princess belle hairstyle is soft, loose, and romantic. Consider your hair type and length before going for princess hairstyles. You may want some extensions to add length and “bulk” to the bun. If your hair tends to be coarse, you may want to blow dry smooth using oil and smoothing balm before curling with a curling iron.

#12: Royal Waves Hairstyle

These princess tresses are a very soft and wearable Hollywood wave, which can be adjusted to suit every hair type and face shape. When creating this style on brides, an instant wow factor is created. Hair preparation is key to this princess hairstyle. Start with a good blow dry, then pin-curl your hair and allow it to set for as long as possible. Also, consider a slightly stronger side part than you may normally wear for a more striking finished princess haircut.

If your hair is fine to medium or needs more length, add hair extensions as they add volume, creating a much more defined and glamorous curl. Create a beautiful shine by running through a couple of drops of Moroccan oil at the end.

Soft & Undone Princess Curls
Instagram @heathermackhair

#13: Soft & Undone Princess Curls

These princess curls are soft, textured, and undone, yet very versatile as they can be dressed up or worn casually. There is so much going on and flowing throughout the princess hairstyle. This royal hairstyle would suit a woman with a youthful style. It’s very undone and effortless, with no harsh lines or shapes. It’s a very soft and feminine cut.

Use a texturizing spray to add a more workable matte and undone texture, and finish with a light hairspray to finish and hold. This style would look great for a ball or wedding. However, it can be dressed down for a gig or party by adding cool hair accessories.

#14: Modern Elegance Princess Hairstyle

This princess hairstyle is modern elegance. Keeping the hair lower and adding a braid gives an elegant and vintage vibe, while the details and structure make it feel more modern. The French braid flowing into the updo is gorgeous! Whenever a woman looks at this photo, they first comment on the braid. Adding braids to any hairstyle can change the look and focus of the hair!

When it comes to princess hair styles, long hair is not required. Prep the hair by creating loose curls, then use a light hairspray and a little dry shampoo to add texture. The woven detailing does look daunting, but it was easy. It’s simply just twisting and overlapping pieces of hair.

#15: Romantic & Fun for Royal Princesses

This hairstyle is for royal princesses looking for something romantic and fun. This style was secure and could last all night while still looking effortless. This style is versatile and can be customized to your preference. The key to recreating this style is Davines Medium Hairspray. It gives the hold you need while keeping a soft and touchable style.

#16: Tousled Bohemian Goddess Hair

This princess-inspired hairstyle is a tousled bohemian goddess! It’s structured yet undone all at the same time. The fishtail braid makes the style stand out and capture your attention. Extensions are a must for fairy hairstyles like this! They are great for adding the extra length needed for this style and giving more volume to the braid itself. Clip-in extensions work well for styles like this! Use a texture spray like Kenra Dry Texture Spray and a working hairspray like Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray. You will need a couple of bobby pins and clear elastic to secure the style.

#17: Versatile Crown Braid Princess Hair

Princess hairstyles with crown accessories can be dressed up for a wedding or worn to Sunday brunch. I love crown braids for their versatility! This braid, in particular, has a lived-in feel that makes it a little more modern.

Products are key to making this happen—a texture spray like Kevin Murphy Bedroom.Hair gives the hair some grip to hold the braid. Spray it into dry hair before braiding! Next, sprinkle with some Powder.Puff and loosen the braid from the outer edges to expand. Finish with a holding spray like Oribe Superfine. This style is great for all hair types and works especially well for wavy-haired gals. You’re good to go as long as you have hair long enough to braid!

Bohemian Princess Chic Braids
Instagram @loftserafyn

#18: Bohemian Princess Chic Braids

This princess hairstyle is bohemian chic.  You can wear it as a fancy updo and dress it up for an event or a simple brunch with the girls! Use a combo of three different braids and fan them all out to create more of an effortless/boho vibe. Then use a light-hold hairspray such as Redken products! This princess hairdo is ideal for women with medium to thick textured hair. Any face shape works with this style, too.

Braided Crown Princess Hairstyle
Instagram @memariebeauty

#19: Braided Crown Princess Hairstyle

This princess hairdo is fun and girly! It’s a beautiful step from just pinning or clipping your hair back. The style is very customizable to personal preferences, like how much hair you pin back or what kind of braid you add in. This hairstyle can be dressed up or dressed down. It feels fancy but casual, as it is not a complete updo.

All you need for this princess ‘do is a texture spray! It gives the hair some hold and grit because hair that is too soft will also not hold a style. A texture spray is a lifesaver if you want to pull out or pancake the braids to make them look more voluminous. A tip for hiding bobby pins is to lift one loop of the braid and weave the bobby pin underneath the hair, going into the braid. Pinning into the center of the braid rather than where it ends secures it better. It’s super easy to do and only takes a few minutes. Whether you’re running errands or attending a special event, I think this braided crown is practical and pretty for all women!

#20: Princess Snow White Hair

You know who she is! She is the fairest of them all, Snow White. Even a short hairstyle can be impactful and tell a story with little help. Even though this specific princess style shown is a wig, this Snow White hair can be achieved on your real hair. This type of style was how everyday women wore their hair back in the ’20s and ’30s.

If you look at many “princess” styles, most of the styling is focused on the hair around the face, drawing you into that character. The cool thing about pin curl sets like this is that this style will last several days, making it even more worth it. Oh, and lots of hairspray!

Queen Elsa Braid Hairstyle
Instagram @amazbraids

#21: Queen Elsa Braid Hairstyle

Wasn’t the Ice Queen gorgeous when she decided to ‘Let it Go’? This simple and easy braid does not require much but gives much, much like the beautiful Queen Elsa.

Princess Belle Updo
Instagram @hairbybrend

#22: Princess Belle Updo

A smart girl knows you do not have to forego looking pretty while doing all the other stuff. Belle kept her composure the entire time and still came out looking like a queen.

Princess Jasmine Bubble Braid
Instagram @all_to_braids

#23: Princess Jasmine Bubble Braid

The bubble braid is a fun style when you want something eye-catching but, at the same time, something quick and easy. You don’t need braiding skills – all you need to know is how to create ponytails, and then you’re ready to rock this hairdo. Even though it’s easy, it comes with several options to be creative. You can do it as a french braid like here and create the bubbles in a ponytail.

This style is really easy, and you don’t need to know how to braid, but there is one thing that can be good to keep in mind. For these bubble braid hairstyles, your hair needs a texture for the bubbles to hold, so it’s perfect for doing the last days before the next wash. If you want to do it on freshly washed hair, spray some dry shampoo before doing the bubbles, and you will get the texture you need. Use some hairspray when you are done; this style will last the whole day. It is perfect when you want to rock a nice hairdo in the gym or feel like a princess in the city.

The Enchanted Forest Princess Hairstyle

#24 The Enchanted Forest Princess Hairstyle

Beyond the trees awaits this beauty who loves texture and natural color! Ulta stores carry the Bed Head Totally Bent 2-Inch Crimper and the Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver, which would work perfectly for this style!

The Star Wars Princess Leia Hairstyle

#25 The Star Wars Princess Leia Hairstyle

Chestnut brown hair is all wrapped up in two identical braided buns like the beautiful Leia. Aveda Light Elements Texturizing Creme is a great styling cream for keeping flyaways at bay.

Pretty Princess Fishtail Braids

#26 Pretty Princess Fishtail Braids

A modest pompadour style is combined with a loosely texturized braid for this fairytale twist on two classic hairstyles. Try Big Root Pump Plus, a humidity-resistant spray mousse that volumizes by pumping up the root.

The fairy princess hairstyle

#27 The Fairy Princess Hairstyle

Lock in your regal hairstyles with Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME Glorious Hold Hairspray.

The Red Down Do for a Princess

#28 The Red Down Do for a Princess

Side-swept fringe and cascading curls keep this all-over dark color flowing with texture. Add curls with a ¾- or 1-inch barrel curling iron. Spray each section with heat setting spray to protect from the heat before curling. Paul Mitchell Super Clean Spray adds fullness, texture, and flexible hold.

#29: The Flower Princess Hairstyle

This braid flows into a loose style and is complemented beautifully with pieces of flowers. Accessorize with a multi-colored crown of flowers.