37 Simple Updos That are Cute & Easy for Beginners

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Updos are an easy way to bring creativity and versatility to your look. Whether you’re going to a wedding, headed out for a night out on the town, rocking out at a concert, or simply wanting to change things up, give one of these eye-catching simple updos a try!


#1: Double Pull-Through Braids and a Roll Bun

Try a double-sided pull-through braid with a rolled-up bun. Try splitting your hair in half down the center for a fun, easy style. Use small elastics to create little ponytails down each side. Pull each ponytail in through the next to mimic braiding. Make your hair wrap around itself into a low bun and secure it with bobby pins.

Side Braid and Side Bun Simple Updo
Instagram @missysueblog

#2: Side Braid and Side Bun

Soft, feminine, and elegant styling doesn’t have to be very complex. If you know how to do a French braid, start one on the side of your head opposite to the side braid. Work your way down to the nape to resemble a headband. Then, secure the braid into a bun and pin it as a chignon. In this hairstyle, the hair is folded in half like a tiny loop and secured. Finish by applying a light hairspray for a firm hold, but avoid making the hair too stiff.

Easy Braid Updo with Low Twist Bun
Instagram @angelawilken

#3: Easy Braid with Low Twist Bun

Start by creating an easy braid with a low twisted bun. For the updo, begin by braiding one section along the forehead. Use this section to create a headband and secure it into a low ponytail at the nape. Choose between a Dutch braid, which is flipped out and more puffy, and a French braid, which is flipped in and closer to the scalp. Finally, finish with a looser twisted bun like the one shown above, a chignon, or a tight twisted bun.

#4: Textured Beehive Updo for Mother of the Groom

This textured beehive updo is suitable for the groom’s mother. Start assessing your face shape, then curl your hair to gain maximum texture and body. Tease the crown of your hair, pull it back into a French Twist, and wrap it inward. Then, use cross pins to secure the hold. To achieve extra volume and shape, pull through the crown. Finally, finish the style with a shrink hairspray.

#5: Modern Wavy Updo for Mother of the Bride

A modern updo is a fitting hairstyle for the bride’s mother. A simple, elegant updo can be a key feature of your mother-of-the-bride style. Add some flow to your bun by separately wrapping strands of curls. Let some end pieces hang loose for a natural effect. Finally, let strands of hair frame your face. Mix these with the curls and secure everything with hairspray.

#6: Voluminous Ponytail with Face-Framing Pieces

Wearing your hair in a big ponytail with hair strands that frame your face is a trendy way to style your hair. Even if you don’t have long hair, you can still create this look with hair extensions to make your ponytail stand out.

#7: Loosely-Styled Twisted Low Middle Bun

This loosely-styled low middle bun is an excellent option for those seeking simple, cute updos. Start by sectioning hair from the center of your head back, then gathering it into two of the same ponytails. Tie each section off with an elastic band. Twist the pieces together to create a long rope shape. Roll it up towards the nape of your neck, securing it with bobby pins into a secure knot at the base of your scalp.

Blonde Top Bun with Long Bangs for Hawaiians
Instagram @thewildcurlco

#8: Blonde Top Bun with Long Bangs

Long bangs with a voluminous blonde top bun will draw attention to your eyes and the softness around your face. You can wear the bangs short or long, depending on your preference. This would be a good everyday look or a chic upstyle for a beachy wedding.

Simple Easy Center Top Knot Updo
Instagram @maxxym.f

#9: Easy Center Top Knot

Create an effortless yet chic look with a center top knot. This simple updo is perfect for beginners, as it can be achieved in just a few steps. Start by gathering the hair at the crown of your head and tying a half-up ponytail to secure it. Twist the length of your ponytail before pinning it into the desired high but loose bun shape. Use bobby pins to help secure pieces in place and achieve your desired style. Hairspray can also be added for extra hold. Try the Paul Mitchell Super Sculpt Hairspray. Finish off these cute easy updos with Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Rose Hair Serum for nourishment.

#10: Soft Messy Twisted Bun

A soft messy twisted bun is a classic updo perfect for beginners. It’s created by gathering the hair at the nape of the neck, some left out to frame the face, and twisting it into a bun. To finish off this look, spritz with hairspray for hold. The best part about this style is that it looks great on all hair types and lengths. But if you would like a fuller look, add some clip-in extensions. Add a few curls using your curling iron for an extra boost in volume and texture. Allow cooling and gently run your fingers through for a softer feel.

#11: Soft Curly Top Bun

The soft curly top bun is the perfect way to create a secure and simple updo hairstyle that’s cute and easy for beginners. Pair it with any outfit for an instant upgrade! Start by gathering your hair into a high ponytail to achieve this look. Then, separate the tail into two sections. Twist each section around itself until you have created a tight coil at the base of your head. Secure with bobby pins and finish off with hairspray for a long-lasting hold.

#12: Side Bun and Big Braid for Long Hair

Many long-haired ladies love the look of a side bun and big braid for formal occasions. This braided sleek, chic style is easy to achieve with some simple accessories to keep it in place. To get this look, communicate your desired outcome to a hair professional. They’ll need some sections of hair pulled back into two plaits on either side. Then, they’ll be twisted together at the nape. Finish off with a few pins or clips, and you’re ready!

#13: French Braid and Bun Hairdo

One of the most asked-for looks is a plait of some sort. I find a plait into a bun at the back of the nape is a modern but chic take on an updo. Remember that tight, stiff hair is not what you want, so opt for a looser, full plait. If your hair isn’t thick enough, your stylist can use padding to give your hair more volume.

#14: Face-Framing Brunette Bun

Airy, loose updos are the look right now. A low knot gives a sophisticated class. Ask for volume at the crown to provide a softer shape and leave strands loosely curled around the face to frame it. For long hair, remember your bun will look full. But the position may need to be brought up to allow for the clothes neckline.

#15: Relaxed Chignon with a Face Frame

A relaxed chignon is a vibe for any formal occasion. Add a point of detail by crossing the hair and weaving it into a great shape if you’re not into accessories. Applying padding to the nape for the hair to sit around will give the look foundation and fullness. I recommend styling these quick updos with a loose soft face frame for a feminine take.

Dashing Dark Brunette Twisted Bun
Instagram @ilonadajworska.hairstylist

#16: Dashing Dark Brunette Twisted Bun

This is the love child of a knot and a chignon. I love the simplicity of the overall look combined with the detail in the back. I like the stray flyaways that go out from the knot. The flyaways give your hair a soft, natural, real feel.

#17: Pretty Loose and Messy Low Chignon

This pretty low chignon paired with a few dainty pearl hair pins is a romantic hairstyle. In my experience with this type of low updo, I prep the hair with texturizing spray to create a gritty base. When you plan to start to form your chignon, begin by curling in sections. Do this with a big barrel curling iron and hold the curl in your hand until it has cooled down, then drop. Separate and wrap into a loose bun, pinching and pulling pieces for an airy effect.

Simple Sweet Low Updo for Brunette Hair
Instagram @moskvichkainfo

#18: Sweet Low Updo for Brunette Hair

A sweet low updo works beautifully on collarbone-length hair or longer. If you wear shorter hair, I suggest adding some clip-in extensions. Or, try hair padding for more fullness in your bun. Leave out a couple of random tresses around your face for softness. A guaranteed hold for your elegant look will require a strong hold finishing spray.

Easy French Twist
Instagram @ir.risch

#19: Easy French Twist

Tuck in those dimensional strands into a straightforward, elegant bun! Gorgeous for any casual or red-carpet event.

Golden brown low updo for prom formal simple updos
Instagram @artistrybymai

#20: Golden Brown Low Updo for Prom

This is a stunning updo for prom. My favorite thing is how fast it was to create this look, as they don’t have to be complicated. I suggest using second-day hair without washing to have a bit of texture and not get so frizzy when you pull it apart to make the updo fuller. Dry shampoo is also highly recommended.

#21: Alluring Twisted Updo

It’s an elegant updo with a beautiful undone feel to it. This style is for the girl who doesn’t like her hair to be too structured. I like doing a little backcombing at the crown to add height. I use a texturizing spray like Joico Hair Shake to add texture and grip to the twisted sections.

Romantic Quick Twist for Natural Hair
Instagram @sandy.shimmer

#22: Romantic Quick Twist for Natural Hair

Go for an updo that can be done for any occasion when you want your hair out of your face. It could also be great for a romantic dinner or special occasion if you add a few accessories. My favorite thing about this updo is that you can easily do it in 5 to 10 minutes.

A Romantic Low Bun
Instagram @hair_vera

#23: A Romantic Low Bun

I’ve been seeing variations of these romantic low buns all over the internet lately, and I love them! I love how soft and classic they are. This is a timeless look that will not go out of style. For the most beautiful finish, you’ll want to curl your hair first, give a light tease to your roots, and ensure it’s smooth.

#24: Cutest Side Bun

This look is meant to be effortless and flow harmoniously with your hair. We wanted something that looked classy and polished without structure or detail. This hairstyle will work if you want a flowy, romantic, loose hairstyle. This is if you want a classy, elegant hairstyle that looks modern and creative.

Classic French Braid Updo
Instagram @hairbylexc

#25: Classic French Braid Updo

This inside-out weave ends in an exquisite twisted low bun with a bohemian finish. Match with flowing lacey dresses, and you will receive endless compliments.

Picture of a trendsetting high bun simple updo
Instagram @lovejackro

#26: Trendsetting High Bun

This trendsetting high bun makes the most gorgeous but easy updos for long hair. It’s appropriate for any woman to wear, day or night!

The Easiest High Bun
Instagram @juliafratichelli.bridalstylist

#27: The Easiest High Bun

I love the simple updo look very much. Updo buns make the woman naturally younger and simply much more elegant. Sometimes, wearing hair bands or flowers is unnecessary, but it makes you attractive. To me, limited hair accessories are the best. An updo bun is suitable for women who want to look younger. You can wear it to parties, prom, or birthdays, such as a quinceanera. It’s also a good choice for brides.

#28: Smooth and Big Bun

This is a soft, elegant, high-top, big bun. You will want a body-building spray for added volume and hold to achieve this style. The perfect product to use is Texture Wave from Shu Uemura. Spray all over dry hair before securing it into a high ponytail. Back-brush the ponytail, softly twist it around the base of the elastic band and pin it into place. Spray Sheer Lacquer from Shu Uemura to hold it into place.

#29: Must-Try Messy Bun Wedding Updo

This is a messy yet simple style. If you have limited hair, find a stylist who works well with baby, fine hair. It’s all in the teasing and twisting! Also, use a lot of dry shampoos. That helps to add texture and grit to your hair.

#30: Fantastically Twisted Braids for Mid-Length Hair

This elegant look gives your hair volume and texture without looking messy. It’s perfect for bridal or special occasions like a classy or boho look. My favorite thing about this style is that the curls you create are the foundation for the look.

#31: Classy Bun with a Bow

This look is a simple yet flirty style. It shows the elegance of a classic bun, but the bow gives it that extra sass. This look is perfect for any wedding party member needing a little classy spice!

Wearable braided bun updo
Instagram @diana.millere

#32: Wearable Braided Bun

This is a hairstyle created with wavy hair. It looks light and elegant and can be worn for special occasions like theatre or classical concerts. This hairstyle is also suitable for a wedding. Add some fresh flowers or an elegant accessory, and it will look even more beautiful.

Soft & Feminine Braided Updo Hairstyle
Instagram @sydneyhair3125

#33: Soft & Feminine Braided Updo

My favorite part of this look is the braid. This client has thick hair with a coarse texture, making for a great full braid. Start with curling or smoothing out your hair and some teasing around the crown. Always pull out your braids to make them appear fuller. I do this on every braid, even when clients have full-textured hair.

Classic Chignon hairstyle
Instagram @zanashairstudio

#34: Simple Chignon Updo

This look would best describe the classic chignon or low bun. My favorite thing about this upstyle is that it’s elegant and effortless. It’s also simple to do. With just a few steps, you can achieve this timeless look!

Classic full updo
Instagram @mia.makeup.and.hair

#35: Classic Full Updo

This is an elegant but simple look. Creating such a smooth style is tough because only some people’s hair has a perfect texture. As a stylist, you must know your stuff and prep the hair as much as possible. My favorite thing is how smooth the hairline is and how full the bun is.

Timeless Upstyle hairstyle
Instagram @shelbywhite_hmu

#36: Timeless & Simple Updo

This upstyle is classic yet romantic. It has simplicity and softness to make it a timeless look. My favorite things about this style are the twisting sides, which anyone can wear.

Bohemian Bun hairstyle
Instagram @kathrynhouser

#37: Bohemian Bun Updo

I love this bohemian bun because it’s so versatile. My favorite thing is that you can dress it up for formal or everyday wear. You can achieve this look in just a few minutes!