25 Gorgeous Ways to Style an Updo with Bangs

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Curtain Bangs for High Updo

Adding curtain bangs to a high updo is a sophisticated way to enhance your style. This updo keeps your hair smooth and the bangs sharp for a clean, crisp look.

Soft Messy Updo with Side-Swept Bangs
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#2: Soft Messy Updo with Side-Swept Bangs

Try a soft, messy updo with side-swept bangs. If you have long, thick hair, style it into a gorgeous, messy curly look like Pamela Anderson for your event. Use bobby pins to secure your beachy waves. Make sure to leave some strands loose to show off the texture.

#3: Sleek Bun with Hair Accessories and Fringe

Pair a sleek bun with hair accessories and a fringe. Formal hairstyles always look great with embellishments. Creating a high bun pony by pinning up curls and adorning it with pearls and jewels achieves a fancy style requiring minimal effort. Use a flat iron to create a bend in your side bangs. This helps them follow the shape of your face. It will create a beautiful upstyle and compliment your evening gown with all matching accessories.

#4: Loose Updo on Dark Hair

The loose updo is styled on hair, similar to a fern’s texture. The style, formal yet casual, manifests as a full and lightly tense upstyle. It’s as if you styled your loose updo a day prior and slept in it. This gives a soft feminine look and will match the bohemian vibe.

#5: Brunette Soft Upstyle with Curtain Fringe

An elegant and sophisticated vibe is shown with a brunette hairstyle styled upwards with a curtained fringe. The upward-styled brunette hairstyle is perfect for any special occasion, including weddings. If you have face-framing bangs or shorter layers, integrating them into an updo like this highlights your haircut or style.

Loose Bun Updo Style with Full Bangs
Instagram @kellyrene.hair

#6: Loose Bun Style with Full Bangs

A loose bun style with full bangs is the perfect hairstyle for fall. This hairstyle has long layers and short sections that frame the face, with a blunt bang that complements it all. This hairstyle is ideal for women who want to tie their hair up and still look stylish.

High French Twist Updo with Front Layers and Bangs
Instagram @natasha.astylist

#7: High French Twist with Front Layers

The hairstyle is a high French twist with front layers. This hairstyle offers a trendy, modern, and effortless look, perfect for formal updos. To achieve this look, a stylist would use a Samvillahair Texture Iron at the roots and mid-length to provide lift, volume, and texture. You should try the Moroccan Oil Texture Spray all over to create grit in the hair and use Luminous Hairspray for a bit of hold.

Top Knot Bun Updo with Middle Part Bangs
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#8: Top Knot Bun with Middle Part Bangs

The top knot bun can have middle part bangs. The fairy-inspired updo is suitable for hair that is shoulder-length or longer. A modern style can be achieved by pulling your hair into a high bun, leaving out face-framing bangs, and creating a middle part in the bangs. The top knot bun and updo look good on round, pear, oval, and long face shapes. For the final touch, use a hairspray for shine and a reflective finish.

#9: Soft Textured High Bun with Straight Bangs

Create a soft-textured high bun paired with straight bangs. A popular high bun for formal style is uncomplicated yet elegant. Leave your bangs to frame your face and pull the remainder of your hair into a high ponytail. If you have a fibrous hair texture, you can use a hair donut. Slip it over your ponytail to add volume to your bun. Curl the end of your hair and pin it into a high bun. You can do this with or without the hair donut. Lastly, finish off your style with some hairspray to ensure it holds.

#10: Thick Bun with Face-Framing Bangs and Layers

Practice this style of a high bun with face-framing bangs and layers to add style and volume to your thick hair. Creating a high bun emphasizes the fullness of your hair, yielding a breathtaking sight. To create a high ponytail, tilt your head back. This simple step builds tension in the hair and helps attain a higher ponytail. Next, wrap your hair into a bun around the ponytail and keep it in place using bobby pins. For a more feminine and romantic look, allow your bangs to hang outside the bun and frame your face. Here’s a pro tip: Get accustomed to a high ponytail by trying it out a few weeks prior to your event. This ensures you avoid headaches from tying the ponytail too tight or too high.

Pinned Updo with Eye-Grazing Fringe
Instagram @_hair_b

#11: Pinned Updo with Eye-Grazing Fringe

Consider a pinned updo hairstyle that includes an eye-grazing fringe. For a soft and elegant updo, begin by pinning your hair into a bun. Then, sweep your hair up and away from your face to create an uplifting effect. To add extra shine to this style, start by smoothing out your hair with a flat iron. You can also use big hot rollers to heat and smooth the cuticle. Finish with a strong hairspray to keep the style in place all night.

#12: Blonde Messy Bun Updo

Ask for a blonde updo with a messy bun. A stylish way to create an updo is to braid your hair on the sides and tie it into a bun. Curl the ends of your hair and shape them into pin curls. Use bobby pins to maintain the shape. Let some face-framing bangs hang loose to give this hairstyle dynamism and distinction.

Braided Bun Updo with Green Face Frame and Fringe
Instagram @hnt.hair

#13: Braided Bun with Green Face Frame

Consider a braided bun with a green face frame. This hairdo, the braided bun, radiates a heavenly allure with a full crown braid. The full crown braid creation begins on one side of your head and involves gradually adding strands, as in a French Braid, while tracing the shape of your head. Always leave some hair strands loose to frame your face. So, you end up with a beautiful braided bun with face-frame benefits.

Wavy High Bun with Framing Layers and Bangs
Instagram @bymichellebeauty.de

#14: Wavy High Bun with Framing Layers

Ask about a wavy high bun with framing layers. It’s not stressful to have an updo, even if you have bangs. Just a slight curve to your bangs makes them look elegant and frames the face beautifully. To achieve this style, first, add curls to your hair. Then, use hot rollers to pull your hair into a high ponytail. Next, pin the curls into a twisted bun. Finally, gently pull at the bun to add body and texture.

Romantic Loose Bun Upstyle with Long Bangs
Instagram @lucja.bridalstylist

#15: Romantic Loose Bun with Long Bangs

Begin with a chic loose bun partnered with lengthy bangs. This hairstyle might seem involved, but it consists of two distinct ponytails set vertically in the back of the neck. Using a flat iron, you can form sections of hair to bend and secure like flower petals with bobby pins. Don’t forget, you should leave out a section of the bangs to finalize the hairstyle.

#16: Formal Blonde Ballerina Bun with Thin Bangs

A formal blonde ballerina bun with thin bangs is a simple hairstyle you can easily do at home. When creating this hairstyle, leave a few strands out to frame your face it enhances the look of your cheeks and jawline.

#17: Smooth Knot Updo with Blunt Bangs

The smooth knot updo with blunt bangs is truly stunning! The balance of a feminine touch and blunt edge makes this a hairstyle we want to wear daily.

Voluminous High Bun Updo with Side Bangs
Instagram @arita.cimermane

#18: Voluminous High Bun with Side Bangs

The voluminous high bun with side bangs is a chic and romantic classic updo that can’t go wrong. Ladies with blonde hair will love the voluminous high bun with side bangs as it showcases the multiple highlights and dimensions throughout their hair.

Simple Top Knot Updo with Straight Bangs
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#19: Top Knot with Straight Bangs

If a sleek hairstyle is your preference, we suggest you try a top knot coupled with straight bangs. Maintaining a smooth updo like this takes some practice. However, using a good shine spray or serum before pinning your hair up can enhance the final result.

#20: Loose Updo with Wispy Bangs

loose updo with wispy bangs is a marvelous choice for a formal event. We can recommend this hairstyle for any hair texture or color. And it helps to carry a few extra bobby pins to tighten loose tresses.

Big Bun Updo with Full Fringe
Instagram @emilyroopsalon

#21: Big Bun with Full Fringe

A big bun with a full fringe is a simple and elegant way to channel your inner mod goddess for any event. This style also looks gorgeous when worn to the office or a night out!

Soft Updo with Face-Framing Layers and Bangs
Instagram @josiemorgan.hair

#22: Soft Updo with Face-Framing Layers

This popular soft updo with face-framing layers gives off a pretty yet effortless vibe for formal occasions.

Parted Bangs on Simple Updo
Instagram @ricardoqr74

#23: Parted Bangs on Simple Updo

For a more edgy formal look, try parted bangs on a simple updo. If you have short hair, this updo style also works well. It can bring focus to the longer tresses around your face.

'90s Upstyle with Bottleneck Bangs
Instagram @bella.hope.bridal

#24: ’90s Upstyle with Bottleneck Bangs

Need a simple yet cute updo idea? Try a 90s upstyle with bottleneck bangs! This beautiful updo is casual enough for a day off but fancy enough for a big event.

#25: Tousled Upstyle with Long Bangs

Go glamorous with a tousled upstyle with long bangs! This hairstyle is full of texture and volume, making it a sultry way to wear your hair up.

Updos with bangs are a timeless trend that can bring a unique touch to any look. They offer a playful yet sophisticated style, perfect for various occasions. Renowned hairstylist Alexie Marie Blount shares her insights on achieving the perfect updo with bangs for different hair types and face shapes.

Meet The Expert

Alexie Marie Blount
Alexie Marie Blount
Alexie is a hairstylist with over 5 years of experience.
You can find Alexie in her own studio in Orange County & Phoenix, AZ

Expert Tips for Different Hair Types

“For thin or fine hair, creating volume is key,” advises Alexie. She suggests using backcombing and texture powders to add grit and volume. When styling bangs, she emphasizes the importance of texture and leaving out enough hair to avoid a sparse look. Alexie adds, “Round the bangs with a large curling iron or blow dryer to blend them into your style.”

For those with thick hair, Alexie points out that volume isn’t as much of an issue. However, she warns against leaving too much hair out in the front. “Layer your bangs to reduce bulk,” she recommends, to integrate them smoothly into your updo.

Aging hair requires special attention, Alexie notes. She advises smoothing out the bangs and face-framing pieces with a flat iron before curling. This technique enhances the style’s overall look, especially for softer, face-framing bangs.

Styling for Different Face Shapes

Side-swept or asymmetrical bangs work best for round faces, Alexie suggests. These styles add angles and elongate the face. “Pair with volume at the crown for a more vertical line,” she advises.

For square faces, Alexie recommends soft, wispy tendrils and textured bangs to soften the jawline. Side-swept styles can also be effective in this case.

Long faces can benefit from balanced volume, both on top and at the sides. Wispy or side-swept bangs add softness and break the face’s length.

Oval faces have the most flexibility, according to Alexie. “Any type of bangs works, but keep them longer towards the corners,” she says, ensuring a seamless blend with the updo.

For heart-shaped faces, Alexie suggests side-swept or layered bangs to balance the broader forehead and narrower chin.

Styling Products and Tricks

Alexie recommends several products for styling updos with bangs:

“Use texture powder at the root for volume and control,” Alexie advises. She emphasizes starting with clean hair and blow-drying bangs in the desired direction. “Prepping your bangs correctly is crucial,” she notes. Alexie concludes with a reminder that personal style plays a significant role in styling choices.

Pictures of the Most Charming Updos with Bangs