33 Easy & Cute Curly Hair Updos in Trending in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Tucked Grecian Curls Updo
Instagram @readcurl

#1: Tucked Grecian Curls

This Grecian upstyle could be better for a formal event. If you already have curly or wavy hair, you will save time and have a great daily look.  Pinning your hair up can be beautiful for those who can’t stand their frizzy curls on that second day. This easy curly updo was prepped with a triple barrel waver on pin-straight hair with my favorite KMS products!

Stunning Updo for Curls and women with longer hair
Instagram @theupdodarling

#2: Stunning Updo for Curls

This stunning updo is perfect for women with longer hair and curls. You should style it with voluminous curls. This approach creates a beautiful, bouncy effect that adds drama and movement to the look.

#3: Face-Framing Updo with Curly Bangs

There is a diverse array of curly hair updos. Look at this updo with curly bangs that frame the face. This updo puts half the curls up and the other half down. The fringe and sides in front of the ears are left loose. The back is pinned up in a beautiful style.

Cute Curly Updo with Tendrils for girls attending a formal event
Instagram @theupdodarling

#4: Cute Curly Updo with Tendrils

A cute curly updo with tendrils can be executed easily with your natural ringlets. Start by diffusing your curls with a gel or volume booster. Grab a hair tie and gently pull the hair into a ponytail on your head with your hands. It’s better to avoid using a brush or comb so that your natural waves stay defined. Use a few hair pins to dress the hair around the ponytail. When you are finished, use a bit of spray to hold your hair in place.

Hawaiian Two-Toned Puff Curl Updo
Instagram @curly.glorii

#5: Two-Toned Puff Curl Updo

The puff curl updo emphasizes the richness of the two-toned colors. If you have many natural curls, it’s best to style this look. If needed, you can create curls with a small iron. To make your hair shiny and give it depth, use a quality shine spray while styling.

#6: Curls ‘N Sheen

Glam curls and highlights make this hairstyle one you and all your friends will love! This style is best for women with oval, heart, round, and square faces with thick, naturally wavy, or curly hair. To style, try Bed Head Foxy Curls Mousse, an extreme curl mousse designed to condition and soften hair while maintaining shape. Try Bed Head Foxy Curls Mousse, an extreme curl mousse designed to condition and soften these curly updo hairstyles while maintaining shape!

#7: Curly Low Bun Textured Twist

Go for an option with a formal or not formal style with so much natural texture. Make sure you have a good hairspray that holds down your curly flyaways. I prefer Kenra hairspray. Also, pick elastics and bobby pins that match your hair color. These curly hair up styles keep your hair out of your face with secure twists. Give it a fun, playful style to match your personality.

#8: Enhanced

Enhance your natural curls with a simple yet brilliant updo. Awesome for any occasion, this up do for curly hair is perfect for a date night or a casual walk out on the beach!

#9: Romantic Curly Low Updo

Try a sophisticated romantic low updo because it truly embraces your natural curls. I also love how this style is very versatile. If you wanted it to be more boho, we could let a few tendrils down or make it tighter for something more structured. It has options.

This style is perfect for clients with naturally curly hair who want to love their curls on their big day. It’s a very secure style, so it’ll be perfectly intact by the end of the evening, even if she dances the night away. Styling tools I used: 1″ curling iron from Pro Tools, Diane Teasing Comb, Olivia Garden Teasing Brush, and Diane Bobby and Hair Pins. The accessory is from Hair Comes The Bride.

#10: Stunning Curly Braided Bun

This feminine bun updo hairstyle was achieved by creating wispy curls providing immense depth and volume. Then, holding them up in a big low bun.

Curly Low Braided Updo
Instagram @guilhermeviega

#11: Curly Low Braided Updo

Braids are the chicest way to do it if you’re looking to tuck up all your curly locks easily. This ‘do for curly hair can be as formal or casual and boho as you want!

#12: Beautiful Curly French Twist

Hair stylist Stephanie created this attractive French twist updo with many textures suitable for girls with medium hair. The texture and volume create the illusion of having lengthy hair while feeling lightweight at the same time.

High Bun
Instagram @st_biton

#13: High Bun Updo

This updo is my ideal look. It’s impressive and effortless. The curls are noticeable, and it is very comfortable to wear. The most important thing when you create curls is to keep their shape for a long time, and wearing your hair up like this helps retain the curls’ texture. This curly up style will complement full and thick hair, but it’s also a great solution for thin hair. The processing of the hair and the volume create the illusion of full hair.

You have to consider that the result is natural and effortless, but it takes quite a bit of time to spray hairspray each section of hair and then curl it. This process helps to hold the curls in place. These updo hairstyles for curly hair are a great style for every woman who wants a clean, natural look and still feels like herself.

Twisted Buns
Instagram @traehowardhair

#14: Twisted Buns

This is a voluminous braided chignon with expanded twists on curly hair. My sweet bride wanted a clean and elegant upstyle with pretty details. I used Kenra Airgrip spray for texture. I found that this helped control any frizz from her natural curl. I took small sections on the top part of the head, created loose twists, and expanded them while securing them in a crisscross pattern. I divided the bottom of the style into three braids, sprayed Puff Me onto each one, fanned them out to make them look full, and secured them to create the low chignon look. I finished with Redken 32.

#15: High Ponytail

This look is an effortless, voluminous textured ponytail – the perfect balance between an upstyle and a downstyle that showcases length while keeping hair out of the face. The loveliest thing about this look is that it feels romantic, carefree, and feminine. This style is so flexible and once compete fairly low-maintenance and long-lasting.

I like the use of texture powder to achieve and maintain the look, as well as sea salt sprays and dry shampoo as a substitute for hairspray, so it keeps that light and airy look. I think curly updos are perfect for the woman who loves that effortless unstructured style instead of the very “done” sleek and polished looks. If you don’t have the length and volume naturally, clip-in extensions are a great cost-effective way to give you more hair to work with. This can be achieved on most hair types with the right preparation!

#16: Loose Curly Updo

This look is an undone romantic curly hair updo for women with naturally curly hair. It’s perfect for a naturally curly girl going to a fancy event but wants to avoid straightening her hair out and go through putting it up that way.

Curly updos are perfect for a girl with texture in her hair who wants something different for a formal event. Straight-haired girls can also achieve this look by curling and adding texture, then slowly raking the front to make a softer, more romantic look to the hair.

#17: Prom Worthy Pinned Curls

This textured updo is a romantic, effortless style. My favorite thing about it is that it’s anything but effortless for the stylist! It’s a challenge! Pinning the curls specifically is crucial in creating a soft waterfall effect. Everyone’s head and hair are completely different, so a technique that works for one person may only work for another. Always come into the salon with dry, unwashed hair for any formal style or updo. Dirty hair is better, so go as many days without washing your hair. Feel free to use dry shampoo during those days. It’ll help the teasing process for us! Don’t worry. Our stylists will do the work of making your hair not look dirty for the big occasion.

For curly-haired clients wanting an updo like this or similar, expect to get your hair flat ironed before the curling begins! Unless you have perfect, structured curls, we would prefer to smooth them out and then curl them with a curling iron to create a softer look without frizz. Many young women turn to this effortless updo because of its texture. It’s always a go-to for prom and weddings. These updo curly hairstyles add more “personality” than an elegant, sleek style.

Effortless Curly Half Updo
Instagram @becky1hair

#18: Effortless Curly Half Updo

This look is effortless, fun, and versatile. My favorite thing about this hairstyle is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s a hairstyle that looks like you might have put a lot of work into it, but it’s super easy! I also love that you can wear it casually or fancy it by adding jewels or tiny flowers. The most important part of this hairstyle is the curls you start with. This hairstyle works best with medium to thick, curly, or wavy hair. If you try this look with natural curls, ensure enough product in your hair before starting. That way, it doesn’t frizz, and it’s easier to work with as you pin it up. You can try this curly hair up do with freshly washed hair or second-day curls. If your hair is wavy with minimal curl, you could touch up a few pieces with a small curling wand or iron before pinning up. Just make sure your curls are dry before pinning everything up!

For the next part, pull the top half of your hair into a ponytail. Make sure to leave a few pieces out in the front for later. I like to divide the ponytail into two sections, twist each, and wrap them into a soft bun. Pin it very securely. You can gently tug on your bun after it’s secured to loosen things. Touch up those pieces you left out in the front with a curling wand to give everything a softer look, and you’re done! Finish off with a light hairspray. I like to use something with a soft hold so that the curls stay natural-looking and don’t feel sticky or hard. My favorite is Soy Touchable Hairspray. The most important thing to remember is that these easy curly hairstyles don’t have to look perfect. The more effortless and soft it looks, the better!

Textured Curly Chignon
Instagram @ringletts

#19: Textured Curly Chignon

I love this look because it is full and effortless. The current upstyles at Ringletts Salon are softer and easier now. This look exemplifies the texture and simplicity that we embrace. This look is great because it can be done on any texture, from straight/fine hair to the most coiled curls, with proper preparation and styling tools. This look was created on a naturally curly girl. When dry, we polished her with a gloss serum, then twisted and molded the perfect shape into a very textured chignon.

#20: Soft & Organic Natural Curls

I love working with curly hair! My client attended her sister’s wedding, and we decided to work with her natural curls. I love how soft and organic this looks. If you plan on having a natural curly upstyle, a great way to prep your hair on the day of is to wash or condition your hair. Use a curl cream or light gel to reduce frizz and twist small, inch-by-inch sections to form your curls while wet. Make sure you diffuse your hair or have enough time to dry it naturally before meeting your stylist!

Tousled and Elegant Updo
Instagram @makeupdoji

#21: Tousled and Elegant Updo

This tousled and elegant updo is perfect for the carefree, boho bride that allows the curls to do all the work. I adore how this style seems so effortless. For this look, we started freshly washed curls co-washed with Aveda Be Curly CoWash. I styled it with the BeCurly Style Prep and Curl Enhancer, along with a few spritzes of the Aveda Texture Tonic for volume and added texture. I dried her hair for same-day volume using my CurlyCo. Diffuser.

The diffusing allowed her fine texture to have as much volume as possible with minimum teasing. I highly recommend spiral or corkscrew hairpins if someone wants to attempt this style. They gather plenty of hair with minimal pins. Finishing this style with some hairspray will keep the flyaways at bay.

Romantic Chic Updo hairstyle
Instagram @abbietko

#22: Romantic Chic Updo with Curls

This is a romantic chic updo. I love it because this look looks intricate, but it took a little while to create. What I love most are the little curls in the front and the tousled texture that brings out the romantic feel. It would be best to have a 2C or 3A curl type at about medium length to get this look. Day two hair is great for a little more tousled and natural look, so a little frizz is GOOD! If you’re the type who isn’t too high maintenance but loves to dress your hair up, this is a great ‘do for you! Updos for curly hair medium-length are romantic, trendy, and easy to recreate.

Effortless & Natural hairstyle
Instagram @danipiszczek

#23: Effortless & Natural

I love this look and would describe it as effortless and natural. Her hair was made for this style! I’m not a fan of forced updos, so when this fell into place, it was meant to be. My advice to someone who wants this style would be that they should have some natural texture. It could work with naturally straight hair, but achieving this look requires more preparation. Curls are fun and wild, so if you are blessed with this hair texture, go with your hair’s natural desire.

#24: Soft Updo for Tight Curls

This is a great upstyle for a bride, bridesmaid, or any special event. What I love most about this look is the softness. We could create a more polished look without losing its authenticity by taking a small curling iron (about the size of the curl pattern) to the client’s natural curl.

A curl-enhancing regimen of shampoo, conditioner, and mousse was used to achieve this updo for curly hair. I love the Living Proof curl line because it works wonders for fine/density-challenged hair such as this. Before curling, I layered Living Proof’s Dry Volume Blast and Control hairspray. If humidity is a factor, layer Living Proof’s Humidity Control. To finish, I added another round or two of Control hairspray. TIP: Use more hairpins than bobby pins to achieve a softer look. They tend not to disrupt the curls as much, either! Since I believe in enhancing one’s natural beauty, this look is a great and flattering option for naturally curly girls. The iron size should vary based on the curl pattern, and the hair should always be wrapped around the barrel for a more authentic look. The final product is in the details. By considering the client’s features and face shape, we created softness by framing her face with cheekbone-grazing curls and neck-brushing tendrils.

#25: Relaxed and Textured Messy Updo

This is a relaxed, textured updo. My favorite thing about it is that it’s a very versatile style. It can be worn simply by itself, or you can add several accessories. You can try a band as pictured. A hair vine, small pins, or fresh flowers would suit this updo. This look was created by mainly using the client’s natural curls. I used various products, including Redken All Soft Argan-6 Oil and Kenra Matte Texture Putty. I mixed the two and used them to define the curls.

My tips would be not to be too neat and structured when creating this style. It’s supposed to look effortless, as if it has been put up in a few minutes. Another tip is that a small curling wand is a great tool to define the curls further. It curls the hair in a way that still gives a natural effect. I recommend this hairstyle to anyone looking for a soft, relaxed style. It is suitable for a bride, adding fresh flowers and a veil, but equally suitable without accessories if you go to dinner with friends.

#26: Soft & Timeless Updo

This look is a soft, romantic, and timeless updo that embraces her beautiful natural curls. It’s delicate yet elegant and beautiful for a wedding or a graduation. I love the texture in upstyled hair because it adds such softness. I loved working with the hair vine as well. It was my first time using one, and it allowed so much room for creativity.

I asked her to come in with her natural curls dry and set with her usual curl cream. I love Redavid Orchid Oil, and I used it to smooth over her dry hair. I also used Protect Me Hot Tool Protection Spray and wrapped each curl around a 1/2-inch curling iron, alternating directions. I created a low bun and pinned the ringlets into the base as a cushion. I pinned the vine in at the end and sprayed it with shine spray.

#27: Romantically Braided Curly Updo

This look is a romantic curly hair updo. My favorite thing about it is how the curls give it a soft yet elegant look. Start by prepping the hair with light oil to eliminate flyaways and give the hair some shine. I used a small amount of the Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser Invisible Oil. To finish, I set it with a light hairspray so the curls stay in place but don’t look crunchy or stiff. I used Bumble and Bumble Does It All Hairspray with her because she has fine hair, but you can always use something with a little more hold, depending on the hair type.

Curly Top Knot
Instagram @rentedhair

#28: Curly Top Knot

This messy yet awesomely done high knot is surely eye candy! You can leave soft curls down your face for a flirty vibe and a framing effect.

Messy Bun
Instagram @curlmaestro

#29: Messy Bun

Simple, natural, yet grand! This tousled hairdo is ideal for ladies fearless in embracing their God-given gifts of beauty.

Subtle Side Curls Updo
Instagram @hairbyreema

#30: Subtle Side Curls

Softly defined curls are the perfect complement for this flowing style and two-toned blonde color! Try So Touchable Hairspray, a light hairspray that supplies hydration to nourish and repair hair while offering UV and heat protection. These gorgeous curly bun hairstyles may also work on naturally wavy or straight hair and those with an oval, square, diamond, or heart-shaped face.

#31: Braid Bun

Start creating loose braids and work around the nape, perfecting a bun that is fit for a goddess. This low bun updo makes one of the loveliest formal hairstyles for curly hair.

#32: Curly French Twist

A beautiful upstyle on naturally curly hair is all you need to slay the day. Play with your hair’s natural texture and definition for a great result. These easy curly hair updos would also appear more stunning with added accessories.

Sweet Simple Curly Updo

#33 Sweet ‘N Simple

This style may look difficult, but it’s about simple weaving and pinning!

We’ve got love for all the curly girls out there! Check out these amazing curly hair updos. Whether it’s your natural curl or you added it with a curling iron, we promise not to tell!