40 Gorgeous Wedding Updos for Every Type of Bride

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Wedding updos are chic, formal styles worn by brides and maids of honor when their hair is pushed away from the face. Variations include a bun, chignon, French twist, and ponytail.

Annmarie is a bridal hairstylist in New York, and these are her must-know facts regarding updos.

💡 Key Things to Know First

  • How to choose the right look?
    • Select a hairstyle that works best with your dress and must make you feel comfortable.
    • If you don’t feel like yourself with your hair all up, wear a half-up, half-down hairstyle.
  • Are you getting a haircut before the event?
    • When opting for a chop before the wedding, consult an expert thoroughly.
    • Talk about what specific haircut you want and how much length you like to chop off.
  • Bonus tip:
    • If you want to maintain the cut, schedule regular trims every two months to avoid split ends and keep it healthy.

Brides and bridesmaids, feel free to steal ideas from these pictures of gorgeous and modern wedding updos to plan for the big day!


#1: Low Bun Updo with a Dutch Braid and Accessories

This low bun updo with a Dutch braid and accessories is a sophisticated and elegant choice for a wedding hairstyle. It combines the timeless appeal of a classic bun with the intricate detail of a Dutch braid, creating a look that is both romantic and stylish. The low bun sits at the nape of the neck, giving a polished and refined appearance. Adding a Dutch braid adds texture and interest to the overall look.

#2: Braided Updo with Flower Piece

Highlight your enchanting braided wedding updos with cute floral details for a more beautiful look! This long wedding hair updo is perfect for off-shoulder gowns to expose your neck and shoulders.

Wedding updo with balayage highlights and curls

#3 Balayage Beauty Updo

This balayage beauty updo is an exquisite choice for the contemporary bride, merging classic curls with a twist to create a modern masterpiece. Long, thick hair is ideal to achieve this level of fullness, while the balayage highlights add a dimensional allure that enhances the visual complexity of the style. This updo presents an airy feel without compromising structure. However, it may require more frequent checks to ensure strands stay in place. For those with finer hair, a volumizing mousse, coupled with strategic pinning, can replicate this voluptuous look. The unique feature of this style is the balayage technique that not only enriches the color but also accentuates the layers of the updo, making it a stunning focus point for wedding photography.

Elegant low bun updo with sparkling hair accessory for brides

#4 Glamorous Twirl Low Bun

This bun is a testament to understated elegance. The medium to long hair has been fashioned into a smooth, twisted bun at the nape. The lustrous ash-blonde tones catch the light, enhancing the dimensional twirls of the bun. This style is perfect for those seeking a polished look, courtesy of the ornate hairpiece. Although this updo offers an aura of sophistication, it may require a bit of maintenance to keep those stray hairs in check. It’s best executed on hair with some natural texture for grip, and using a texturizing product can add the needed structure.

Twisted espresso to caramel updo for brides

#5 Elegantly Twisted Espresso Updo

This updo showcases a tasteful twist on the classic bun, with a blend of espresso roots melting into caramel tips that bring out the depth and richness of the style. It’s crafted for medium to long hair, ideal for showcasing the complexity of its twists and turns. What’s particularly striking is the interplay of color, adding a visual pop that would complement a bride’s ensemble without overshadowing it. While the style may require more time to fashion and could be challenging for those with finer strands, with the right products and expertise, it holds beautifully, providing a seamless and distinguished look for the big day. A hidden advantage is the color transition, which can give the illusion of volume and structure even in less dense hair.

Romantic bridal updo with braids and white floral accessories

#6 Braided Blossom Bridal Updo

For brides seeking romance, this braided bridal updo combines the timeless elegance of braids with the delicate charm of floral accents. Crafted for long, thick hair, the intricate braid work requires patience and skill, resulting in a captivatingly detailed look that endures throughout the wedding festivities. The added length from the cascading tendrils softens the silhouette, giving it a modern twist that’s both fashionable and photogenic.

#7: Crown Braid Updo for Mother of the Groom

A braided crown updo is an excellent selection for the mother of the groom. Consult with your hairdresser to achieve plenty of texture and volume before starting the braid to avoid a flattened look. If you have a fringe, your stylist can commence the braid a bit lower, then place the bulk of your hair to one side. This hairstyle is quite adaptable, and there are numerous options for braid positioning.

Voluminous High Updo for Mother of the Bride
Instagram @stanekstyles

#8: Voluminous High Updo for Mother of the Bride

The mother of the bride will look stunning with a voluminous and high updo. The mother can wear her fringe down or can incorporate it into the updo style. First, set the hair with a 1 curling iron. Then, use a setting product like Tres Set by Oribe. This gives the updo style definition and longevity.

Wedding Twisted Low Bun Updo with Accessories
Instagram @moskvichkainfo

#9: Twisted Low Bun with Accessories

A twisted low bun with accessories is an elegant hairstyle for any wedding. The twisted method makes the traditional bun modern and creates a unique, eye-catching look. Apply a dry texture spray to add grip and volume to the hair. Then, use a small teasing brush to backcomb sections of the hair, thus forming a cushion that makes pinning easier. Not only does this technique add height and volume, but it also ensures that the bun stays in place throughout the day. Add a soft, romantic touch by allowing some loose bits of hair to fall out effortlessly around the hairline.

Elegant Short Updo with Accessories for a Wedding
Instagram @moskvichkainfo

#10: Elegant Short Updo with Accessories

For a chic look during a wedding, consider an elegant short updo with accessories. This hairstyle can be done with accessories to match the bride’s dress or any guest’s outfit. The updo features a neat and structured style. It’s perfect for anyone aiming for a classic and timeless appearance. It also works well with short hair, giving a flattering illusion of length. Avoid washing your hair the day off as your curls may not hold well. A helpful tip to achieve this look is to use light hairspray to hold everything in place. Complement it with small, subtle hair accessories such as dainty hair clips, small hair combs, or even a headband.

Heavily Textured Updo for a Wedding
Instagram @natasha.astylist

#11: Heavily Textured Updo

Struggling to find the perfect hairstyle for your big day? This heavily textured updo is perfect for a wedding guest or bride. Seek out a stylist specializing in wedding updos and book a trial run to ensure this style is right for you!

Beehive-Inspired Updo for Weddings and for women with long blonde hair
Instagram @hairbyhatem

#12: Beehive-Inspired Updo

This beehive-inspired updo is the perfect hairstyle choice for weddings or formal events. Regarding updos, this look is a classic yet modern style that works best for women with long blonde hair. To achieve this look, start by teasing the roots of your hair and creating a cushion for easy pinning. Use hairpins and a light hairspray to hold sections of hair in place. For an added touch of elegance, you can add hair accessories like a crystal or pearl headband. This updo will keep your hair securely in place while you dance the night away. It’s the perfect choice for any special occasion.

Simple and Modern Updo with Flowers for a Wedding
Instagram @natasha.astylist

#13: Simple and Modern Updo with Flowers

A simple modern updo with flowers is elegant. Give your simple bun a fun texture by doing a two-rope twist and pinning them around like a bun. Depending on your facial profile, avoid updos for weddings that are too low or too high for bun placement. Add some decorative flowers to dress up your style and compliment your outfit. These are usually pinned in with bobby pins, or you can find ones connected with a clip/comb.

Natural Bridal Hairdo Updo
Instagram @dl_bridal

#14: Natural Bridal Hairdo

A natural bridal hairdo is elegant and classic for the chic and stylish bride. Opt for a bridal hairpiece instead of a traditional veil if you want to. Doing so will create a statement hair style like this one. Aim for a sleek bun with high volume for an extra drama boost.

Cute Bun Updo with Face-Framing Tendrils and Accessories for a Wedding
Instagram @moskvichkainfo

#15: Cute Bun Updo with Face-Framing Tendrils

A cute bun updo with face-framing tendrils is perfect for the romantic yet glam bride. Updo wedding hairstyles can be an overwhelming task to choose from, but the classic bun is a safe updo style. Adding a few tendrils around the face makes this traditional bun more flirty and modern. Feel free to add hair pieces or gems to complete the up ‘dos.

High Bun Wedding Updo
Instagram @laismartins.oficial

#16: High Bun

Be a modern bride and enjoy an effortless-looking knot accentuated by beautiful espresso and warm brown hair color. This is called a high bun and provides you with that “messy but neat” wedding updo. Such heightened bun wedding updo hairstyles are for modern brides who dare to wear a statement look. Higher buns look great with accessories such as a hair comb, crystal pins, pearls, or real flowers.

#17: Low Blonde Chignon

The low blonde chignon is one of the best, most classic wedding updos. If you’re planning on wearing this up ‘do for a wedding, it can be helpful to have your stylist on-site to help touch up your chignon after putting your dress on.

Stunning Wedding Updo for Long Hair
Instagram @moskvichkainfo

#18: Stunning Wedding Updo for Long Hair

This stunning wedding updo for long hair is more helpful than you think. Having an all-up hairstyle on the big day can save you a lot of time in the dressing room and keep your hair off your neck and face all night. A pro tip for these wedding updos for long hair — don’t forget to carry extra bobby pins on you to keep any rogue strands from falling out of place.

#19: Lovely Updo with Side Twists

Enchant everyone with golden blonde hair that glistens at every twist and turn in this cute bridal upstyle. If you’re looking for a marvelous idea to wear a wedding updo with a veil, this is the one.

Low twisted bun updo for weddings
Instagram @lucja.bridalstylist

#20: Low Twisted Bun Updo

Perfection doesn’t have to be complicated. A soft and simple yet elegant low bun accessorized with or without a pretty headband would make for a gorgeous bridal updo.

Glamorous Tousled Wedding Updo
Instagram @moskvichkainfo

#21: Glamorous Tousled Updo

This is it if you want a classic and timeless style for your big day. Wear your hair up if your dress has details on it you’d like to highlight or show off your neckline. Personalizing your wedding hair up styles is important. So play with pulling tendrils out and shifting the placement of your chignon.

Stunning Textured Blonde Updo for a Wedding
Instagram @tonyastylist

#22: Stunning Textured Blonde Updo

A stunning blonde boho textured updo is gorgeous. One of the best ways to add body and hold to an updo is to create some waves that give it enough texture for ties, pins, and clips to hold onto. Boho waves are simply looser waves and give the style a romantic vibe. Remember that you can always add temporary hair pieces to give your updo more volume and length.

#23: Crown Braid Updo

Messy in the right places – this loosely done hairstyle looks magnificent with that simple braid that holds it together. Leaving some loose wavy pieces from the low bun makes it a classy and fun look at the same time!

Dimensional Twisted Bun Updo for a Wedding
Instagram @moskvichkainfo

#24: Dimensional Twisted Bun

Look so elegant with a dimensional twisted bun. A beautiful twisted bun is one of the best updo hairstyles for weddings because of its classic and timeless look. Show off your dimensional pops of color and be ready for any occasion.

Gorgeous Bridal Updo
Instagram @sabrinadijkman

#25: Gorgeous Bridal Updo

A gorgeous bridal updo may be what you’re looking for if you want a timeless look. Sometimes less is more, and the simplicity of this style makes this hair even more gorgeous. Combining the twists, curls, and gems pulls this beautiful look together.

#26: Low Updo

A low updo is a classic style for a traditional bride. Its sleekness and beauty will keep all eyes on you during your wedding day. Plus, it’s a great choice for any bride wanting a lower updo look.

Blonde Wedding Updo with Texture
Instagram @tonyastylist

#27: Blonde Updo with Texture

An updo with texture makes a beautiful, light, and airy hairstyle that can be easily transformed from casual to classy with a few simple pins. Textured updos are becoming increasingly popular as more and more women move away from the polished and perfect look. For more volume and texture, add a dry texture spray before pinning hair and lightly rough up any areas that are too sleek and perfect.

#28: Loose French Braid Low Bun

Consider a loose French braid into a low bun because it’s a classic low style for the bride who wants to wear hair away from the face. This style works great for medium to long hair but can also work well on short hair with quick clip-in extensions to give a little length.

#29: Polished Low Chignon

This bridal updo hairstyle is a simple and polished low bun or chignon. I love the crisscross detail and how shiny the hair is. It radiates elegance! This classic style would look great on any face shape and work with most hair types. However, a longer hair length is necessary to achieve fullness in the bun.

Prep the hair with loose curls and use a texture spray at the roots for volume, then use a medium hairspray for hold while styling. Finish the look with a shine spray to control flyaways.

#30: French Braid Updo with Loose Bangs

This one features a super romantic braided updo that starts on top with a loose French braid and ends in a desirable bun decorated with flowers. Leave some pieces of hair in front to highlight your pretty face.

#31: Rose-Toned Loose Updo

Make your dream wedding come true with this totally cute hairstyle! The enchanting pink with peach undertones gives the bun a fun and edgy look.

Romantic Pull-Through Braided Updo
Instagram @lalasupdos

#32: Romantic Pull-Through Braided Updo

This is a romantic, undone, pull-through braided updo. Pull-through braids offer brides a boho vibe with a romantic twist. If you love boho style or love braids, don’t be afraid to get a pull-through braid on your wedding day. Fine or medium hair with a lot of density works best for this bridal upstyle, as well as a light finishing spray, small elastics, dry shampoo, a 1-inch curling iron, and a dry texture spray!

60s-Inspired Double Chignon
Instagram @rokkelvin

#33: 60s-Inspired Double Chignon

This is a 1960s-inspired double chignon. In the 1960s, ladies used hair fall extensions and wigs to help them accomplish this hairdo. This wedding upstyle is for a bride wanting a timeless look with a modern retro feel. Hair length needs to be below the collarbone with medium density. This double chignon works best if the bride has bangs/fringe. Hair fall extensions and wigs can be used for length, fullness, or both.

clean, soft and classy wedding updo hairstyle
Instagram @tonyastylist

#34: Clean, Soft & Classy

Show off your favorite wedding hair accessories with a clean, soft, and classy wedding updo hairstyle. Tell your stylist more about your personality to help them create a suitable updo for you. This classy wedding updo works best on medium to long hair. Use a flower hair accessory to pull it together.

#35: Textured Middle Height Bun

This is a texture middle-height bun that’s romantic and elegant. Leaving loose strands of hair adds softness around the face and volume in the heightened bun area. It’s perfect for when the bride is being photographed from all angles.

This textured middle-height bun would be a great fit for a bride who loves lots of texture and has density to their natural hair. For brides with very thin hair, using extensions will help with fullness. Once the bun was completed, I used Sebastian Shaper Fierce for a stronger hold.

Four Braid Messy Updo
Instagram @frizerskisalon.cherie

#36: Four Braid Messy Updo

This look is messy but put-together, with the possibility to fit any woman’s style! What I love most about this look is that it can be done on anyone for any occasion. This could be worn for a casual day at work, a date night out, or as a style for your wedding day! It’s a simple look that can easily be glammed up. If you want a hairstyle that makes you feel great, is pulled back from your face, and is comfortable for a full day of activities, then this would be a great option. The braids keep your hair up and in place, but they are loose enough that you won’t feel like it is being pulled back too tightly.

#37: Undone Done, Casual Updo

This is an “undone done” look in right now. You see similar looks on the runway where the hair is slightly flyaway and wispy but elegant. The look is natural, and I love the softness it can bring to a bridal look.

A dry aerosol hairspray and salt spray are highly recommended for this look. I used Aveda Air Control hairspray and Aveda’s new Texture Tonic salt and sugar spray. Most brides I have had who ask for a look like this generally have a free-flowing look or theme for their big day. Farm weddings, beach weddings, etc. This look is also very versatile for any hair type.

Elegant French Braided Twist hairstyle
Instagram @lauraslookbook

#38: Elegant French Braided Twist

I love this hairstyle!  The style I created is an elegant upstyle French braid with a French twist. The structure of the braid and the volume on top are my favorite things about the style. I love how softly the side parts flow into the French twist, making it more modern but elegant.

The best tip I can give you is to prep the hair! I used a 2-inch curling iron to get the much-needed volume. Afterward, I used dry shampoo from Kenra on the roots and a little bit into the middle section of the hair to get a good grip. Next, I divided the hair into the top section (braided part), the sides, and the down section (French twist). With the help of a clear elastic band, I French braided the top part and used a root-lifting powder mist (Puff Me from Design Me), pulling the braided hair out and up to get the volume and the structure. This hairstyle is best for clients with medium to medium long hair.

#39: Intricate Low Chignon

This look is an intricate and romantic low chignon. One of my favorite things about this style is the color of the client’s hair. When looking for an updo, the person needs to stay true and realistic to themselves. Details will show less than someone with light-colored hair if one has dark hair. Creating bridal updos on textured hair is always easier, so I prefer that clients wash their hair the day before and not use much conditioner. You don’t want the hair to be too silky as that will take longer to style and fall apart faster.

This look will work for anyone with medium-length hair. As long as the client feels comfortable with hair away from their body and somewhat away from their face, this updo is perfect! I like to frame the face with some hair to make it more romantic.

Messy Updo Hairstyle
Instagram @lalasupdos

#40: Messy Updo

Modern wedding updos are a loose and romantic style that incorporates a lot of added texture and volume. My favorite thing about it is the messy but still-polished appearance. This style is perfect for anyone seeking a soft and effortless updo for any special occasion. Volume and texture are two things that are always customizable. It’s ideal if the client has medium-long hair for this look.