27 Elegant Mother of the Groom Hairstyles for Your Son’s Big Day

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Textured Chignon Style with Long Bangs for Groom Mothers in Wedding
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#1: Textured Chignon Style

Check out this textured chignon style if you’re preparing to attend a wedding! This look is best for medium to long-length hair and works wonders for anyone with fine hair looking for a style that will add density to their locks. You’ll want to curl your hair throughout and add plenty of a flexible hold hairspray before beginning to braid and pin the hair up in your desired fashion. For extra volume, lightly and safely backcomb the hair around the top of your head.

#2: Upstyle for Long Blonde Hair

If you prefer feminine, romantic styles, request styles that are fully textured and soft, with natural height and width. Avoid styles that appear rigid or overly arranged, they may seem outdated. If you need a bit more length, clip-in extensions are a good solution. They also provide a solid base for various styles and contribute to their durability.

Elegant golden Hollywood waves for the mother of the groom

#3 Golden Hollywood Waves

For the mother of the groom, this hairstyle exudes a sense of timeless elegance that’s just right for such a cherished occasion. The soft, rolling waves are styled to frame the face beautifully, with each strand catching the light to showcase the rich, multi-dimensional blonde tones. It’s a look that speaks of grace and poise, achieved with a skilled hand using a combination of round brushing and carefully placed curling iron techniques to give a soft yet structured finish.

#4: Medium Waves with Flower Hair Pin

These medium waves with a flower hairpin are a beautiful hair choice for your next formal occasion. After curling your hair, apply a generous amount of a No. 4 Styling Spray. Then, for added elegance, place a floral hairpin of your choice. This is an easy-to-achieve style that works well with varying lengths of hair.

Side-Parted Long Bangs on Updo for Mothers of the Groom
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#5: Side-Parted Long Bangs on Updo

A side-parted long bang with an updo is a fabulous hairstyle. The mother of the groom is here. She is important and wants to look fabulous. For finer hair textures, a sleek updo can be easily accomplished and secured into a low bun. The highlight of this style is the face-framing bangs. They frame your face and give a beautiful shape. You can achieve this look without adding too many bobby pins or hair pieces.

#6: Brushed-Back Blowout for Short Hair

A blowout on short hair that is brushed back is a very versatile look. This style works well for older women because it can be styled without falling in the face. This hairstyle can fit both casual and formal appearances.

#7: Side-Swept Medium Hair

This hairstyle with a side-swept looks trendy and easy to maintain. Soft, brushed-out curls you wear down on one side characterize this look, unlike an updo. This style is a great choice for anyone who feels a traditional updo isn’t their thing.

#8: Low Bun with Ribbon and Bangs

If you have short to medium hair and are looking for a stylish updo, this is for you. Your stylist can add more value by increasing the volume at the crown of your hair. They can use your bangs to frame your face and enhance your style. A low bun adorned with ribbons or jewels significantly enhances the style and shape of the updo.

Wavy Short Hair with Side Braid for Mothers of the Groom
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#9: Wavy Short Hair with Side Braid

Ask about a wavy short hair style with a side braid. For a wedding, try enhancing your beautiful inverted bob style by adding texture. You can use a curling wand or iron. They can provide texture from the roots to the mid-lengths and a straighter texture at the ends. The side braid not only adds extra style but also gives a lift to the cheekbones.

Groom's Mom Shoulder-Length Waves with Hair Pins
Instagram @bymargrethek

#10: Shoulder-Length Waves with Hair Pins

Shoulder-length waves with stunning hairpins will give you an elegant appearance. These pins are like jewelry for your hair, and they can really boost your style. You’ll want to spray your hair with a light hold product and then curl it. Using a product will give you extra hold, and remember to spray again after you curl. Let your hair cool. If your hair is extra stubborn, try not combing through the curls before you pin them.

#11: Accessorized Braid Updo

Here is an accessorized braided updo. At a mother-of-the-groom event, adding jeweled and crystal hair accessories is a great idea. A crown braid, combined with a French braid and low bun, is already intricate. Using a delicate, feminine jewelry piece can enhance its detail.

#12: Half-Up Half-Down with Side Bangs

Ask for a half-up-half-down style with side bangs. If you have long hair and want to show it off, a half-up/down style is suitable. This style might also highlight a beautiful dress that matches well with some loose hair. The half-up section keeps your hairstyle tidy and prevents it from falling into your face. It stays good-looking all day and night. Pinned away from your face, this style endures disruptors like sweat and tears. So, you can have a hairstyle that lasts yet still offer a glimpse of your beautiful hair.

Wedding Mom of the Groom Side Part Hairstyle with Bouncy Curls
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#13: Side Part Hairstyle with Bouncy Curls

The hairstyle has a deep side part and bouncy curls. This style is both simple and beautiful, making it ideal for the mother of the groom. Adding more balance to this style, one can style hair back away from the face. The deep side part creates an uplifting effect. Adornments chosen for your style bring an element of elegance. Finally, to keep curls perfect and lasting all night, use a stronger hairspray.

Low Textured Messy Knot for the Groom's Mother
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#14: Low Textured Messy Knot

Consider a messy knot with low texture. Adding twists and waves to your hair is a chic way to dress up this messy knot. You start by curling your hair with a 1-inch barrel. This will create fullness and texture. Next, split the hair horizontally at the occipital bone. Create the bun using the lower half of your hair. The upper half can then be twisted and pinned into the lower bun. This will give you a beautiful finish that suits your head shape.

#15: Edgy Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

An edgy pixie with side-swept bangs is a style that can keep you looking youthful. Its sleek shape, asymmetrical fringe, and soft wispy pieces around the face offer a modern, elegant flair. Avoid adding volume to maintain this dramatic look. To style, blow-dry using a vent brush from side to side, ensuring the roots stay dry and close to the head. Finish with a soft hold hairspray for a soft, delightful touch.

#16: Textured Wavy High Updo

A wavy high updo with texture is a great choice for anyone who prefers modern styles that are light and have volume. In contrast to a slicked-back updo, this style features airy, brushed-out curls for an effortless look. You or your wedding stylist should create curls on clean, dry hair. Next, begin to pin sections of hair up toward the crown. Finally, leave some curls loose around the face for a more elongated, structured look.

Grooms Mom Soft Messy Bun with Face-Framing Layers
Instagram @gk_bridal

#17: Soft Messy Bun with Face-Framing Layers

If you’re preparing your hair for a wedding, here’s some inspiration. You could consider a soft messy bun with face-framing layers. This style includes a tousled bun at the back of your head. It also has a curled fringe that frames your face for more dimension and coverage. Your wedding stylist will hold this style with hair pins and rubber bands. It’s finished off with flexible hairspray.

Grooms Mother Wedding-Perfect Wavy Pinned Updo
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#18: Wavy Pinned Updo

A beautiful updo for the mother of the groom adds loose wavy curls into a mid-level style. Buns and rolls add volume and texture to the hairstyle. Twists and waves contribute to the overall flow of the style.

#19: Tousled Top Knot with Fringe

This tousled top knot with fringe is perfect for a wedding attendee. Putting your hair up in curls can create a beautiful, elegant look. Your stylist will shape your clean hair into curls. Then, they’ll braid and pin your hair up, styling it how you want. They’ll use professional products to make sure the style holds all day or night.

#20: Soft Voluminous Upstyle

The hairstyle, a soft voluminous upstyle, captures attention. This hairstyle for a mother of the groom expresses a soft, feminine, matriarchal quality. This style includes curled locks of hair pinned around a large bun. Using a hair donut can add volume to the style. It also provides more places to secure hair with bobby pins. A loosely styled hairdo softens the facial features.

Grooms Mother Loose Updo with Face Frame
Instagram @hairbybrogain

#21: Loose Updo with Face Frame

Try a loose updo with face-framing strands. It’s an elegant mother-of-the-groom hairstyle that complements beautiful earrings and gowns. Try the Pamela Anderson-style messy bun for a subtly stunning and sophisticated look. Pull out some face-framing strands to accentuate your features. For a long-lasting hold on your updo, use Oway sculpting mist.

#22: Braided Half Up with Waves and Bangs

A braided half-up with waves and bangs is chic and classy. Crown braids are not only for the trending youth but compliment the mother of the groom perfectly as well. Raising the crown height gives a more formal look. Add textured curls for softness and movement.

Easy Low Twisted Bun with Face-Framing Pieces for Older Mothers of the Groom
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#23: Easy Low Twisted Bun with Face-Framing Pieces

Creating a low bun with twists is easy and includes pieces that frame the face. This textured low bun offers an effortless romantic style, versatile for many occasions. To enhance the boho vibe, add some twists to the hair. Pull out some pieces to frame the face and gently blend them using an iron.

#24: Soft Knotted Bun

A soft-knotted bun is an elegant hairstyle choice for your next wedding event. This hairstyle works well for medium to long-length hair. It’s a modern take on the classic updo and is unique compared to typical braided styles often chosen for wedding hair.

#25: Wavy Short Bob with Soft Bangs

If you think your hair is too short for your usual updo, think about a wavy short bob with soft bangs. Easily prep your bob-length haircut, curl it with a medium-sized iron, and hold it all day or night with a flexible hairspray.

Brunette High Bun for Grooms Mothers with Thick Hair
Instagram @adelamiranda

#26: Brunette High Bun for Thick Hair

A brunette high bun for thick hair is a classic and sleek style option for your next event. This simple hairstyle can be quickly assembled on most straight-to-wavy hair types and generally gives a more relaxed and minimalist vibe than a braided or curled updo.

#27: Curled French Twist

On your son’s wedding day, you should consider a curled French twist hairstyle. If you are attending a wedding with a fun hat theme, consider this hairstyle. It is easy to style and pairs well with hats. Creating a side French twist is also straightforward. For this style, it’s best to leave out the ends of the hair. To add texture and create volume that will last all day, the hair should be curled, especially at the ends, before starting.

If you’re the mother of the groom, choosing the right hairstyle for the big day can be a fun yet daunting task. Renowned stylist, Tara McCutchen, lends her expertise on this topic to help us navigate through the process.

Meet The Expert

Tara McCutchen
Tara McCutchen
Tara is a wedding hairstylist with over 5 years of experience.
You can find her at Absolute Strength Stylist in Salem, OR.

Aligning with the Wedding Theme

McCutchen urges that understanding the wedding theme is key when choosing your hairstyle. “It is best to learn what this theme is from the bride; boho, modern, classic, etc., and use this in your search,” she says. For instance, searching for a “classic MOG updo” or “boho MOG half-up hairstyle” can guide you toward the right style. Then, individualize this look to match your personality.

Key Factors to Consider

When selecting a hairstyle, it’s important to consider your hair type. Tara advises taking your hair texture, density, and length into account, as these will impact the final look you’re aiming for. Another crucial factor is your gown. Tara mentions that the style of your dress, particularly the neckline, may influence your hairstyle choice. For instance, an updo often works best with a high-neck dress.

Complementing the Bridal Party’s Hairstyles

Well-curated hairstyle palette includes the bridal party and both mothers. McCutchen shares that “I have had MOB and MOG hairstyles match and/or compliment each other, and it has turned out beautifully.” Matching or enhancing bridal party hairstyles can create a unified look.

Planning Timeline for the Perfect Hairdo

McCutchen suggests starting your hairstyle search once you have your attire picked out. In this way, you can get the most suitable hairstyle. “You can also ask for suggestions from your current hairdresser or the bride/groom and your family to help pick out the perfect hairstyle,” adds McCutchen.

Photos of Gorgeous Mother of the Groom Hairstyles