Faux Sho: 6 Faux Hairstyles to Shake Things Up

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she just wants to throw up her hands and try something completely different with her hair. Maybe it’s fringe on a typically bare forehead, or an otherwise reserved woman who wants to channel her innerĀ feistiness with, say, a mohawk.

Or maybe it’s someone who wants to create the illusion of shorter — or longer — hair. Whatever the case may be, you can totally fake it when it comes to your coiffure, and the bloggers below not only prove it, but show you how. Peep these faux hairstyles and get inspired for a change!

Faux Hawk

Oh, child. You’ll be turning lots of heads wearing this “look at me” faux hawk by Jamie of the Glam Latte blog. This hairstyle requires a bit of teasing on the top, then you’ll create two French braids on either side of your head. The end result is Beyonce level fierceness, so prepare yourselves (and the neighborhood).

Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Three Ways to Fake Fringe

Our own Kayley Melissa is delivering some major adorableness with her most recent YouTube video. In the video, she teaches you how to get faux fringe not just one way, but three different ways. Each version is fabulous, and the perfect way to experiment with bangs if you’re either a) not ready to commit to fringe or b) simply want to change up your look for a day.

Fake a Blowout

Who doesn’t love that “I feel fabulous!” feeling after you’ve just received an amazing blowout at the salon? The honest truth: it’s hard to achieve that same look in your own bathroom. Fortunately for you, the Verily blog is giving you the low down on how to “simplify the seemingly intimidating process with rollers and a boar-bristle brush.” Best part? No blow dryer needed.

How to Fake a Blowout

Knotted Faux Hawk

Is the above faux hawk just a little too much for your everyday life? We feel ya. This knotted version, by Jenny at the Confessions of a Hairstylist blog, takes a more formal updo approach, versus a street style approach, to the faux hawk. You’ll need bobby pins, hair elastics, and some time. This elegant ‘do is definitely a statement hairstyle, that’s for sure.

Faux Hairstyles - The Knotted Faux Hawk

Faux Bob

Long haired ladies are often tempted by the thought of just chopping off all that length. Actually doing so, though, is pretty nerve racking. If you’re just looking to mix things up, or you’re considering a cropped ‘do, we recommend recreating this faux bob hairstyle posted at StoryboardWedding.com. The tutorial is thorough and works for all hair textures.

Faux Bob

Faux Length

We often want what we don’t have. While those with long hair may want to try something short, those with short hair may crave a little length. Courteney at The Titled Blog is here to save the day with her “Hair Extensions for Short Hair” tutorial, which teaches you how to achieve more length with just a few wefts. We love the side pony and think it’d look lovely as is or dressed up with accessories.

Hair Extensions for Short Hair

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