63 Pictures That Prove Goddess Braids Are Still Trending

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Goddess braids are larger and thicker cornrows that most ethnic women wear to protect their natural hair. I know that choosing a protective style can be overwhelming, so here, I wanted to help you find your inner goddess with one of these fashionable goddess braid hairstyles. It’s one of the most popular choices for women with natural or relaxed hair who want to protect their locks and look amazing at the same time.

Make it a priority to condition your hair well before going through the process for a healthy turn-out. As a beneficial hairstyle, these braids can greatly reduce your salon appointments and at-home styling time because they only require low upkeep and manipulation.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these inspiring photos of divine goddess braids hairstyles!

Medium Goddess Bohemian Knotless Braids
Instagram @__hairbymani__

#1: Medium Bohemian Knotless Braids

Medium knotless braids are a common go-to style because it offers variety in styling. Remember that part of the longevity depends on the type of hair used for the curls. Human hair is always best to recreate these goddess knotless braids.

Dark Blonde Goddess Braids Tresses for long hair
Instagram @suzankarlly.trancista

#2: Dark Blonde Goddess Tresses

Looking to switch up your long hair with a chic and eye-catching hairstyle? Consider dark blonde goddess tresses. This hairstyle features intricate braids in a dark blonde shade, offering a striking contrast that enhances your overall look. Ideal for women with long hair, these braids can be styled in various ways, including a high ponytail with a few braids wrapped around the base for added flair. With regular maintenance and care, this hairstyle can last for 6 to 8 weeks, ensuring that your hair remains healthy and protected. Upgrade your look with these stunning blonde goddess braids today.

Goddess Boho Queen Braided Locs
Instagram @mandy_jacobz

#3: Boho Queen Locs

If you’re ready to change up your standard braided style, you should try boho queen locs! This sultry style is a beautiful way to transform your overall look.

#4: Honey Blonde on Long and Large Goddess Braids

Have fun with many honey blonde curls on long, large goddess braids. Curly styles are gorgeous but require some additional upkeep day to day. With a lot of curls, a human hair blend must be used. Keep your friends and onlookers in awe by switching it to a curly ponytail, half up/down, and much more.

Long Face-Framing Curly Cut with Goddess Braids
Instagram @ths.haiir

#5: Long Face-Framing Curly Cut with Goddess Braids

Something I’ve found that works well for long face-framing curly cuts is the goddess braids style. It’s a flattering look; you can wear it in a ponytail or let it hang loose – the result is always stunning! Add some texture to the braid with light curls or waves to add volume and body. For extra hold, use a hairspray designed specifically for braided styles. With this style, you’ll be sure to turn heads!

Hair Cuffs on Thick Braided Goddess Hair
Instagram @letsbraids

#6: Hair Cuffs on Thick-Braided Hair

Although goddess braids are a timeless classic, they can be taken to the next level with hair cuffs. This look is perfect for women who want their hairstyle to stand out in pictures and person. The thick braided hair combined with the added flair of the cuffs creates an eye-catching appearance that will turn heads. I’ve found that this style is particularly flattering on all face shapes, and it’s easy enough for any experienced hairstylist to recreate.

Black Goddess Braided Hair with Textured Curls
Instagram @braidsmaefilha

#7: Black Braided Hair with Textured Curls

One look sure to turn heads and make a statement is goddess braids. These beautiful, intricate braids are perfect for any occasion and can last several weeks with proper care. I’ve found that black hair with textured curls works best for this style, adding extra dimension and depth. Opt for larger sections of hair when creating your braid pattern to get the most flattering look. Use a volumizing product before styling, or add some extensions for added volume.

Goddess Box-Braided Hair with Waves
Instagram @studiodias_

#8: Box-Braided Hair with Waves

Look at this gorgeous box-braided hair with waves! The look is flattering and can be colored to match any mane. This style offers an effortless yet elegant aesthetic that will turn heads wherever you go. For a more voluminous look, I recommend adding curls or waves to the ends of your braids. To maintain this hairstyle, use a lightweight argan or coconut oil for added shine and moisture.

Loose Curls with Medium Goddess Braids
Instagram @raissabraids

#9: Loose Curls with Medium Goddess Braids

Try loose curls with medium goddess braids to match your relaxed vibe. The looser the curl, the more length will be kept in your style. The best thing about goddess braids is the variety of curl patterns, sizes, and lengths.

#10: Gray Ombre Braids with Twists

An up-to-date braid style perfect for the mature black woman is gray ombre braids with twists. Twisting the ends before curling will add longevity and softness to your style. Short braid styles allow you to go about your day and take on an active lifestyle.

Fulani Brown Goddess Braids with Lighter Ends
Instagram @voazin_atelier

#11: Fulani Brown Braids with Lighter Ends

A favorite among youth is Fulani brown braids with lighter ends. Ombre ends allow you to explore multi-tone colors with a seamless blend. The ombre color selection is steadily growing, so you can rock bright colors to cool tones to warm colors.

#12: Big Goddess Braids with Wavy Ends

You can always get big goddess braids if you need more time to get traditional small Fulani braids. Because the feed-in braids are huge, the ends are made wavy differently. Ask your braider to give you wavy ends by curling the braids themselves.

#13: Tribal Braids on Long-Coiled Hair

Goddess tribal braids on long coiled hair can be achieved with natural hair or installed weave. Your hair doesn’t have to be long and curly naturally. Your stylist can install a crochet or sew-in weave with the curl pattern and length you desire. You can get creative with baby hair designs along your edges to make these tribal goddess braids extra cute.

Goddess Box Braids and Curls on Dark Hair
Instagram @lacassemiira

#14: Box Braids and Curls on Dark Hair

Box braids and curls on dark hair are a hip braid style for young adult women. It’s playful, flirty and can be achieved with several curl patterns and colors. The curls can be added throughout with either crochet hair or human hair. I suggest a human hair blend to be manipulated with heat and product as needed.

Goddess Long Braids with Tight Curls
Instagram @studio.queenstrancas

#15: Goddess Long Braids with Tight Curls

Consider long goddess braids with tight curls if you’re young and active. This braid style can easily be pulled back into a bun or ponytail. All while you have a light, playful style with the curls throughout. Ask your braider for brick-lay partings for consistency in where and how the braids fall.

Center-Parted Goddess Braids with Face-Framing Pieces
Instagram @savsstyles

#16: Center-Parted Braids with Face-Framing Pieces

Center-parted braids with face-framing pieces are the latest twist to braid styles. Inspired by the Bohemian style, add a couple of fine pieces. It will give you a modern twist of braids and soft curls mashing into one style.

#17: Mini Goddess Braids with Bright Blonde Color

Consider mini goddess braids if you are okay with sitting in the braid chair for a while. Because they’re small yet timeless beauty, the time to complete them takes a bit. But the style lasts quite a while. Knotless mini braids tend to be more comfortable than standard box braids. So ask your braider for the knotless option of box braids. You’ll also want to show them images of the blonde tones you’re looking for since there are so many blondes.

#18: Stitched Goddess Braids with Voluminous Ends

With this stitched goddess braid style, you can create a look that is both flattering and unique. I’ve found that adding different colors to the locks creates an even more eye-catching effect. To achieve voluminous ends, go for small braids and use styling products like mousse or hairspray on the tips of your hair. You may also consider using a curling iron for extra volume at the end!

Chestnut Brown Hair with Goddess Braids and Soft Curls
Instagram @mandy_jacobz

#19: Chestnut Brown Hair with Braids and Soft Curls

For a more reserved style, think about warm chestnut brown hair with braids and soft curls. Curly ends on Flexi or perm rods will always look beautiful and soften your braid style. But they won’t have longevity. Because the braid hair is synthetic, heat and product can be manipulated. Keep them protected in a bonnet at night and out of humidity for the best upkeep.

Long-Length Goddess Crochet Braids with Warm Blonde Tones
Instagram @trancistata

#20: Long-Length Crochet Braids with Warm Blonde Tones

Whether you are looking for a stylish way to switch up your look or want something new, goddess braids are perfect. I’ve found that this one, with its long-length crochet goddess braids and warm blonde tones, is particularly flattering. It’s a classy style that looks beautifully put together with minimal effort. For extra definition and texture, try lightly curling some of the ends of the braid before styling it into place. With these tips in mind, you can create a beautiful hairstyle.

Long Box Goddess Braids and Thin Curls
Instagram @trancistata

#21: Long Box Braids and Thin Curls

Long box braids and thin curls can be done at home with basic braid knowledge. So it’s an easy idea that doesn’t have to be expensive. Make the ends thick enough, as you want the braid style to look balanced. On the other hand, thinner ends make it much easier to wrap into a bun.

Chocolate Brown Goddess Braids with Versatile Partings
Instagram @qthebraider

#22: Chocolate Brown Braids with Versatile Partings

Chocolate brown braids with versatile partings to switch up the look are a nice braid choice. A standard brick lay parting will allow you to flip the braids to whichever side you want. And you can even add some gold cuffs to spruce it up. A neat technique to ask your braider for is to ensure the ends are tied. It keeps the ends secure without losing their softness.

Very Long Caramel Goddess Braids
Instagram @dublackafro

#23: Very Long Caramel Goddess Braids

If your height is taller, consider very long caramel goddess braids. The longer length works better for tall women, as shorter women can look shorter than they truly are. But you can opt for fewer or more curls with your boho design, depending on your style choice.

Goddess Black Lemonade Braids with Curled Pieces
Instagram @_trancasatelie

#24: Black Lemonade Braids with Curled Pieces

You can take advantage of the statement-making goddess braids. This look is flattering and will add a touch of glamour to your mane. Ask your stylist for black lemonade braids with curled pieces to achieve this pattern style. Use small elastics to secure each braid for extra texture and definition. If you want longer-lasting curls, try using Flexi or perm rods before styling the finished product with hairspray for extra hold.

#25: Cornrow Style with Feed In Braids

A simple cornrow style with feed in goddess braids is neat stitch braids. If you like precision, combine goddess braids, cornrows, and a stitch technique that all pair well together for a chic finish.

Gypsy Box Goddess Braids with Layers
Instagram @voazin_atelier

#26: Gypsy Box Braids with Layers

Gypsy box braids with layers are the perfect mashup style of curls and knotless braids. Differentiating from boho knotless, tighter curly hair is used more throughout the braids. This makes the curls much more visible. Keep in mind that if crochet hair is used for the gypsy curls, the style won’t be long-lasting. Human hair is always best.

#27: Medium-Length Knotless Braids with Curly Pieces

Medium-length knotless braids with curly pieces are a cute version of a bob haircut for black women. Instead of standard box braids, knotless to the scalp helps keep the style from being too heavy. And it allows you to flip the braids to the side or the middle. You can complete your look with hair jewelry when you want a little extra jazz.

#28: Middle Part Goddess Box Braids with Curly Ends

If you want braids accentuating your face, try middle part goddess box braids with curly ends. Use human hair wavy ends to make standard box braids softer and more majestic looking. The middle part says you’re not insecure about your forehead. And a high ponytail can make you look youthful!

Super Long Gypsy Goddess Braids on Blonde Hair
Instagram @camifbraids

#29: Super Long Gypsy Braids on Blonde Hair

A soft spin on large knotless braids is super long gypsy braids. Ask your braider to add your favorite curl pattern (human hair is always best) with your braids. And you’ll get an elegant hairstyle. A fun variation is to pull them up in a messy high bun, allow the curls to fall, and do the styling naturally.

#30: Curly Goddess Faux Locs

If you want dreadlocks, try curly goddess faux locs as a temporary style. Faux locs are perfect when you want to see how a permanent loc style would suit you. To add to the distressed locs, adding wavy human hair is an incredible way to soften the style even more. And it gives you an extra distressed look. As with all individual braids and locs, a goddess braids ponytail is an option for styling.

Goddess Boho Braids with Wispy Wavy Strands
Instagram @cicistylesny

#31: Goddess Boho Braids with Wispy Wavy Strands

Soften your braid style by rocking goddess boho braids with wispy wavy strands. The best way to make your boho style is by adding human hair or human hair blend wavy pieces to the braids. To make the hairdo last, remember that human hair is best. Synthetic waves can’t be manipulated with heat or product.

#32: Fulani Braids with Subtle Sleek Edges

While goddess braids are timeless, Fulani braids with subtle, sleek edges offer an updated twist. This look is flattering and can be styled to suit any occasion. I’ve found that adding small, sleek edges to the ends of each braid creates a modern feel without taking away from the traditional elements of this hairstyle. To achieve this look, start by sectioning your hair into several parts before cornrowing each piece. Continue until all sections have been completed.

#33: No-Fuss Knotless Box Braids

If you want low maintenance, consider knotless box braids. This is an easy solution for protection and a braid style perfect for all ages. To create goddess braids, you can amp them up with curly ends or boho waves. The beauty and creativity of goddess braids are endless with lightweight knots.

#34: Mid-Length Boho Locks

Mid-length boho locs are an excellent option for women wanting to experience a goddess braid hairstyle without the dramatics of long length. One of the best ways to get a beautiful curl is to ensure your stylist installs human hair or a human hair blend.

Extra Long Goddess Braids Style for Black Ladies
Instagram @thamy_melchior

#35: Extra Long Goddess Braids Style

What makes these dazzling, extra-long goddess braids so special is that you can wear them in various styles. The individual strands can be worn down, twisted, or arranged half up/half down. Although knotless braids are more popular, traditional box braids offer greater stability at the root and can still be combined with goddess curls. Remember to add mousse from time to time – it protects the coils from becoming dry and frizzy.

#36: Messy Boho Braids

Messy boho braids or boho faux locs are a great protective style for active young women who stay on the go. Added loose curls throughout will create a goddess hairstyle from the boho style. What’s great about this style is its longevity and requires minimal maintenance. The older this style gets, the more natural the faux locs or messy braids become.

#37: Black and Blue Peekaboo Goddess Braids

A fun spin on adding color to your braids is black and blue peekaboo goddess braids. When you swing your braids around, your hair will make others do a double take and a pop of blue shows. The thing about these peekaboo braids is you can choose any color you like to match your mood and personality.

#38: Goddess Braids With a Weave

You can wear these stunning African goddess braids with weave extensions for a long, thick, and more beautiful result! They are incredibly easy to maintain and are super versatile to style. Feel free to level up these goddess braids with curls at the ends for a softer edge.

Goddess braids with kanekalon hair
Instagram @dadabraids_

#39: Goddess Braids Hairstyle with Kanekalon Hair

Goddess braids with Kanekalon hair are a traditional braid style with a ton of versatility. Because of the individual small braids, you can pull them up or down and style them to fit any occasion. Ask your braider to install with Kanekalon hair so the braids can be curled, crimped, or straightened smooth with a hot water setting.

Feed-in goddess braids
Instagram @dmvprobraids

#40: Feed-in Goddess Braids

Feed-in goddess braids for a carefree style that is simple and effective. Slayed edges and playful curls let your youthfulness shine through with these goddess braids styles.

Goddess braids style with low pigtails
Instagram @braidzbynadz

#41: Goddess Braids Style with Low Pigtails

Goddess braids with low pigtails secured just behind the ears can cascade over the shoulders playfully. It is a youthful protective hairstyle that is quick and easy to install and wear. Curl the ends for added fun and fullness to this braided hairstyle.

#42: Halo Goddess Braid

The halo goddess braid is a one-plait braid laid flat against the head or hanging and then wrapped around to create a crown. Halo braids are a great style for any event but can also be worn as an everyday protective hairstyle.

Goddess braids with low buns
Instagram @thedessystylez

#43: Goddess Braids with Low Buns

Goddess braids with low buns are a simple, timeless piece. It is a hairstyle that is easy to wear, with little to no maintenance. Lay the edges for an enhanced flair.

Long goddess braids with curls
Instagram @adorabeautys

#44: Long Goddess Braids with Curls

Long goddess braids with curls incorporate braids and curls that create volume without the additional weight. Goddess braids are youthful and have lots of styling options. Adding accessories can offer this hairstyle an added oomph factor.

Goddess french braids
Instagram @_jazitup

#45: Goddess French Braids

Goddess french braids range in size from medium to thick. Creative placement of rows for the braids can take your hairstyle to another level. Keep frizz at bay with a hair mousse to hold the style in place.

#46: Formal Goddess Braids in a Low Bun

A chic low bun with goddess braids is similar to a French braid. Wrap them bunned at the neck for a modern and feminine touch.

#47: Simple Side Design for Goddess Braids

Hair designs like these fashionable side goddess braids will complement your beautiful facial features.

Goddess Braids Updo with an Elegant Top Knot
Instagram @braidsbychinia

#48: Goddess Braids Updo with an Elegant Top Knot

A super high braided top knot is perfect for cute and round faces. Talk to your stylist or braider about adding jaw-dropping sophisticated goddess braids to your natural hairstyle.

Cute Half-Up Goddess Braids With Cornrows
Instagram @braidsbybah

#49: Half-Up Goddess Braids With Cornrows

Try these super cute goddess braids with cornrows on long hair, and style them with a high knot. Leave out some braids to fall.

#50: Cute Goddess Braids with High Pigtail Buns

Little ladies shine with cute, fabulous goddess braids and pigtail buns like this. Play with some zigzag twisted cornrows and part them into adorable pigtails for a sweet finish!

Long Goddess Braids with Faux Hawk
Instagram @nisaraye

#51: Long Goddess Braids with Faux Hawk

From those intricate clean side braids to that great large braid – this goddess braid has an edgy faux hawk effect! You will set the trend when you rock this thick braided style!

#52: Jumbo Goddess Braids

A goddess braid hairstyle works for any hair type if there is some length. If you want to look neat and simple yet bold, amp up your African-American hairstyle with these easy thick braids!

#53: Goddess Braids in a Chignon

If you prefer owning a jumbo braid style, you can style the goddess plaits by wrapping the tips into an elegant low-braided bun. These goddess braids in a bun are super hot right now.

#54: Four Goddess Braids with Red Accents

Pump up those long and effortless four goddess braids by blending deep red highlights into your naturally black hair. Added with a few accessories, that contrast will give your braided hair a head-turning look!

#55: Goddess Braids in a Ponytail

These chunky goddess braids in a ponytail are neat and sleek, allowing the nape of your neck to breathe free! Achieve it by flicking those braids and securing them high and tight. Add some thin cornrows in between those big goddess braids for contrast.

#56: Brown and Blonde Goddess Braids with a Crown Bun

Brighten your pretty face by wearing a goddess braid top knot and leaving some locks down for you to accessorize! A lot is going on with this look – beads, strings, exquisite cornrows, and that lovely blend of brown and blonde. Amazing how they work perfectly together! Goddess feed-in braids updo styles are chic for any casual or formal event.

Side parted goddess braids
Instagram @mandy_jacobz

#57: Side-Parted Goddess Braids

Here’s a Ghana braids style that is a prime example of how you add a side part to your goddess braids’ hairstyles. Take the focus on those big pieces by coloring them with different shades of brown in an ombre and putting most of them on one side of your face.

Goddess braids in a fishtail
Instagram @trancistata

#58: Two Goddess Braids into a Big Fishtail

Try a flirty, stylish fishtail goddess braids style to feel fresh and light. Wear this crown braid finished with a charming fishtail for a vintage look! These two braids are connected into a fishtail braid with extensions. The fishtail with extensions and the fact that this two goddess braids style only takes 35 minutes is ideal for stylish, busy black women. It gives a little bit of spice outside of just the two regular Dutch braids while being able to add the length we all crave.

Prepping your hair before arrival is very important. The hair has to be completely washed and product free. Detangling the hair is also a key point, but most stylists have no problem brushing through the hair. Having a hair product free allows my products to work their best.

#59: High Goddess Box Braids Bun

Instead of letting them run down, why not twirl those fun goddess braids into a top knot for that unique and beautiful finish? You can also highlight it by putting in some cuffs!

This braiding hair style idea is called goddess box braids by Esther, a stylist and salon owner from Worthing, West Sussex. The mixed blonde color used in this braided bun hairstyle looks so gorgeous!

👉 See more blonde box braids hairstyles.

When considering goddess braids in a bun, you have options for size and length. Esther states, “You can choose to have long extensions. This goddess braids hairstyle is good for a woman who wants easy, carefree, wake-up-and-go hair.”

Underbraided Style for Natural black Hair
Instagram @_jazitup

#60: Under Braid Style for Natural Black Hair

A goddess braid mohawk updo gives a clean and elegant effect of a well-kept hairstyle. Finish these goddess cornrows into a single braid for a fresh and easy feeling. I love how it gives an illusion of a mohawk. The under braids on the sides give a flat look similar to a taper cut, and the large cornrow down the middle gives volume. I

Small Goddess Braids With Bangs
Instagram @esterkeri

#61: Small Goddess Braids With Bangs

If you’re craving that natural hair vibe, these super thin and carefully created small goddess braids will satisfy you! These blunt bangs suit you if you have a long or square face.

Stylist Estissy of Lagos, Nigeria, makes these edgy, long fishtail braids with thick blunt long bangs.

If you’re ready for perfect braids bangs, you’d need to choose the best bangs to flatter your face shape. Estissy explains, “To get the bangs off your face, you’ll need a curling iron on very low heat to achieve the curly style. You can use any spray-on to give it a glossy look.”

#62: Three Goddess Braids for Natural Hair

Get showered with compliments when you wear three goddess braids featuring a few contrasting thin and jumbo braids!

This three goddess braids style has a touch of added flair with the mini braids. As hairstylist Shennan Scott of North Carolina states, “Don’t ever be afraid to add a little twist to a classic style. I love this style because although it’s simple, it’s bold!”

This style is a great protective style for natural hair. Retaining moisture while giving your hair a break from daily styling is a perfect way to ensure health and growth for your natural hair.

Scott suggests, “Choose a stylist who genuinely cares about your hair’s health. No pulling, not tight on edges, and no drying products!”

yellow and black colored box braids
Instagram / @queenveehair

#63: Goddess Braids

Q&A with Style Creator Victoria Davis
Hairstylist @ Cut Creaters Salon Suites in Atlanta, GA

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This look is referred to as “Goddess Braids.” It is unique in its difference from a traditional scalp braid, where you braid underhand because you braid overhand, causing the hair to bulge out.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate these?

For these large knotless box braids, you can use any holding substance like edge control, gel, or jam. I like to use Loc n’ Gel by Cut Creators Salon Suites. Mousse is an excellent maintaining molder for this style to last longer.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

I’d recommend these Goddess braids with pops of blonde to women of all ages and lifestyles. It looks great for any occasion. The uniqueness of this particular braid makes it suitable for classy and elegant events.