15 Mohawk Braids For a High Key Look

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A mohawk braid is a protective hairstyle for black women where the hair is braided from the sides towards the middle of the head and down to the nape. The braids’ height and volume at the center give an illusion of the mohawk style – which is extremely rock-chic incredible!

showcase this totally cool look that’s upgraded with gorgeous braids. All of these in one commitment-free hairstyle!

Remember to work with a professional braider to get impressive results that match your personality. If you need major inspo, check out the exquisite works of IG-famous natural hair braider Nisa Raye from Maryland.

Find your inspiration from one of these pictures of stunning mohawk braid hairstyles trending right now.

dutch mohawk braid for black women
Instagram @ateliebadu

#1: Dutch Mohawk

A dutch mohawk like this is a hairstyle that leaves a strong impression. The intricate design of the combined braids makes a fashionable statement. It even offers extra length and density to tresses. How can you not be a head-turner when wearing this long-length mohawk with braids?

black woman's french mohawk braid
Instagram @blackhairideas

#2: French Mohawk

If you expect that there’s no other thing to do with your natural black curls, that isn’t right. Rock this french mohawk style that offers an intricate braided design on the scalp. The edginess and stylishness it screams are unbeatable!

black woman's mohawk braids with weave
Instagram @soglossy

#3: Mohawk and Weave

No doubt, a combo of mohawk and weave creates a very stylish outcome for African-American women! The fullness of braid and the sleekness of the sides form a gorgeous contrast perfect for black hair. To boost its glossiness, a shine spray will do the trick.

#4: The Viking Mohawk

Uniqueness is one of the advantages of pulling off this epic long braided hairstyle. A Viking mohawk for black girls that looks so chic and fierce. Opt for red mini braids to go with the entire style for an added touch of punkiness.

mohawk braid design for black women
Instagram @fancy_claws

#5: Designed Mohawk

Yes, no need to shave your sides to achieve such a modern and bold transformation. Here’s a designed mohawk that looks foxy on every angle. Wear it with your everyday getup or on a special day, and come out with so much flair.

natural faux mohawk braid for a black woman
Instagram @maiaboitrago

#6: Natural Faux Hawk

Boost your beauty and edginess by wearing this natural faux hawk braid hairstyle! The neat and intricate design will suit the simplicity of your black kinks. With such braided mohawk styles for black females, hints of blonde add a subtle dimension and brightness. Apply oil in case your scalp needs to hydrate.

#7: A Short Mohawk

A short mohawk hairstyle that’s looking edgy from any angle! Braids and twists are a great combination to bring out a new texture. The added bright brown hue can make any black mohawk braids styles look more dashing, too!

#8: Mohawk Top Knot

What better look than this mohawk top knot to match your sophistication? With all those twists and shaved lines from side to side, this is the kind of style you’ll love to show off. Reddish-brown shade on your black tresses is sure an excellent addition.

#9: Easy Mohawk

Gear yourself up to flaunt polished and easy mohawk braided hair like this! Cornrows for natural black hair will be your friend to achieve this look. Add streaks of blonde to your long, dark tresses to brighten them up a bit.

black woman's mohawk with side braids
Instagram @ajleojamal

#10: Mohawk with Side Braids

It ain’t striking without the fusion of defined blonde curls and delicate plaits. Try a mohawk with side braids in case you’re brave enough for a daring makeover.

#11: Mohawk Braid Black Hair

Amp up your long protective style for a change! This mohawk braid black hair will give you a bold effect, perfect for your strong personality.

#12: Shaved Sides Mohawk

Go fearless as you wear a shaved sides mohawk style like this! Opt for Marley twists as your protective hairstyle to go nifty with vivid rubber bands.

mohawk braid bun for black women
Instagram @devinerootz

#13: Mohawk and Bun

Wear your black tresses up, and make it the most captivating as possible! Explore a mohawk and bun as these two will work wonders with your twists. A few streaks of blonde shade plus the side bangs will add thrill to the entire look.

Q&A with style creator, Uju Ozumba
Hair Stylist @ Rootz Hairdressing in Enfield, London

How would you describe this look?

On this particular occasion, my client came to me and told me she had a busy schedule ahead and would be making an appearance on national TV and hence, needed a low-maintenance yet elegant look. I have always loved the combination of skill and creativity that is required within my field and embraced the challenge head-on. This hairstyle encompasses everything she wanted without jeopardizing its elegance and simplicity, ensuring she was camera ready at all times and most importantly, from all angles!

Any advice for someone considering it?

Just go for it! One of my favorite things about this hairstyle is just how easy it is to put it into different styles, making it the perfect hairstyle whether you’re constantly on the go or are wanting a low maintenance hairstyle for your next holiday.

Such mohawk hairstyles for black women can be washed and can last between 4-6 weeks.

#14: Mohawk Ponytail

This fishtail braid on a mohawk ponytail makes a sleek updo for your innate black hair. A sew-in weave will be reasonable to add length to your tresses.

Q&A with style creator, Emma Sue Kahler
Hair Stylist @ Curly Sue Hair in Duluth, GA

How would you describe this look?

This look is described in two words, fiercely elegant.

My favorite thing about the mohawk fish braid look is the slick sophisticated ponytail that separates itself from this edgy mohawk braid.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This look works best if they are not trying to deal with their hair on a night out.

Avoid using gels because you want to accomplish a smooth finish. Moroccan Oil Luminous Extra Strong Finish works well with keeping the style in place, and it also adds shine.

#15: Mohawk Braid for African American Hair

Seize the elegance of a braid and the edginess of mohawk in one hairstyle! This is a mohawk braid for African-American hair, accessorized with pearls. No need to shave your sides as plaits on scalp will do the trick.

Q&A with style creator, Wendy Southwell
Hair Stylist @ Tory Hammond Unisex Salon Inc. in Brooklyn, NY

How would you describe this look?

This style is called the braided fishtail mohawk. It can be worn on natural or relaxed hair. I describe it as a unique braided mohawk with sides braided great for formal wear as well as for the everyday woman who is on the go. It’s a unique style that will turn heads.

Any advice for someone considering it?

A natural (meaning that there is no chemical on your hair), relaxed, or any hair type can achieve this style. We used shampoo, conditioner, and a leave-in treatment since the client will be braided. We then finished with hair pomade and some shine spray.

Mohawk braid styles are for a person who is fun and wants a bit of an edge. Braids are very popular and trending, so it can fit any woman who dares to be different. It can be worn by a career woman or a person who loves going to the gym. It’s easy to maintain.