25 Y2k Hairstyles That Actually Look Cute in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Classic Y2K Center-Parted Long Wavy Hair with Ribbons and Strands Framing the Face
Instagram @wut_hair19

#1: Center-Parted Long Wavy Hair with Ribbons

Are you looking for a fun way to style your long locks? Try this center-parted long wavy hair with ribbons. This style is perfect for any music festival or a fun night out! To re-create this loose wave, I recommend a 1-and-a-half-inch barrel curling iron. A styling aid like foam or a mousse beforehand is always great for extra hold. Before adding the bows, you’ll then want to secure the two ponytails with gummy bands.

#2: Middle-Parted Beach Waves with Hair Clips

Try this middle-parted look with beach wave hairstyles. You can add cute hair clips to add some additional texture and fun.

#3: Two-Toned Long Waves with Butterfly Clips

These two-toned long waves with butterfly clips are so fun! This hairstyle consists of a low-maintenance version of a highlight called a peekaboo. Your hairdresser places a peekaboo in the temple or occipital area to hide harsh grow out. It can be left blonde, natural, or in a fashion tone. This cute trend is fun for your Y2K style!

#4: Mini Swirled Buns with Middle Part Bangs

Give this swirled mini buns updo a try with middle parties bangs. This style would be good for thick and fine hair. Be sure to use a strong-hold hairspray to finish this look!

Vintage y2k Brown Soft Waves with Half Mini Ponytails for Long Hair
Instagram @wut_hair19

#5: Brown Soft Waves with Half Mini Ponytails

I love these soft waves with half-mini ponytails! This is a good option for thick and fine hair. You can also wear this look if you have straight hair as well.

Y2K Braided Pigtails with Face-Framing Layers and White Bows for Mid-Length Hair
Instagram @maxy.makeupandhair

#6: Braided Pigtails with Face-Framing Layers

Try these braided pigtails with face-framing layers. This is a trendy style for a fun everyday look or a night out.

2000-Inspired Sleek Spiky Updo for Dark Hair
Instagram @nicole.bellani

#7: Sleek Spiky Updo

Give this sleek spiky updo a try. This is a very versatile upstyle. You can wear it for a dressy night out or just a casual everyday look.

Y2K Half-Up Ponytail with Antenna Bangs for Long Straight Hair
Instagram @wut_hair19

#8: Half-Up Ponytail with Antenna Bangs

This half-up ponytail with antenna bangs is a stylish tiktok trend. It’s easy to achieve with longer hair. Have your hairbrush, a rubber band, favorite hair tie, a can of hairspray, and a comb ready. It’s as simple as throwing your hair up in a high pony. But you’ll use the rubber band as a sticky anchor to avoid slipping throughout the day and a hair tie for fun. Use hairspray to conceal flyaways, and section your antennas with your comb. Simple as 1,2,3!

Y2K Vintage Style with Two Swirl Buns for Straight Locks
Instagram @wut_hair19

#9: Vintage Style with Two Swirl Buns

Try this vintage style with two swirl buns for a romantic hairstyle with an edge. Hair can be used as an expression of your personality. And these buns perfectly combine a soft, sweet look with an edgy look. After twisting your buns, leave out the ends and put the bobby pin in place. Use wax on the ends to create the style you are looking for. Use a strong-hold hairspray to hold them for the longevity of style.

Classic y2k Face-Framing Half Updo for Straight Long Bob Cut
Instagram @wut_hair19

#10: Face-Framing Half Updo for Long Bob

If you are looking for an upstyle for your long bob, try this half-up style. This is a great option to add volume while keeping your hair in place all day!

#11: Low Updo with Swirls and Spikes

Feel the nostalgia with this low updo with swirls and spikes. The sleek bun gives a classic look, while the spikes and twists add an edge to the overall look. If you are looking to go even further with this Y2K hairstyle, leave out some pieces at the front hairline. For sharp, defined spikes, use wax to place them and hairspray to hold them in place.

#12: Medium Razor Cut with Pink Money Piece

Try this razor cut if you’re looking for a trendy mid-length haircut! You can add a fun pink money piece to give this look some fun dimension. Use a texture spray to give this cut a messy textured finish.

Y2K Long Half-Up Pigtails with Side Part and Flicked Ends
Instagram @lili_looks_mua

#13: Half-Up Pigtails with Flicked Ends

Try these half-up pigtails look with flicked ends! This is a great everyday look. Be sure to use styling products with a hold to help hold their shape all day.

#14: Blonde and Burgundy Hair with Blunt Bangs

If you’re looking for a super dimensional y2k color, give this blonde and burgundy hair a go! You can add some blunt bangs and face-framing layers to add texture.

#15: Neat and Easy Twisted Bun

Try this neat and easy twisted bun. This look is so chic and classic. This style is great for a fancy night out or an on-the-go upstyle.

#16: Two Half Buns and Baby Braids

If you want a super fun half-up look, try these two half-buns with mini braids. You can wear this look with any texture and length!

Y2K Half-Up Top Knot with Burgundy Curls for Gorgeous Black Ladies
Instagram @klaiyihair_no1

#17: Half-Up Top Knot with Burgundy Curls

Try this half-up top knot look! This is a great option if you like having your hair down but need something to give you volume. And it’s perfect for keeping your hair out of your face.

Y2K Mini Bow Buns and Flipped Ends for Black Mid-Length Hair with Pink Accent
Instagram @carina_hair1

#18: Mini Bow Buns and Flipped Ends

I recommend these mini bow buns and flipped ends if you want a fun up style. It’s a modern look that would be great for someone wanting a young, hip look.

#19: Sleek Deep Side Part and Top Bun

Try this sleek deep side part and top bun for a super fun style. This look is easy to achieve and will hold up all day.

#20: Big Low Bun with Micro Twists

Try this fun upstyle this summer. It will stay in place all day! It’s an early 2000’s style comeback that you won’t regret!

2000-inspired Sleek, Low Spiky Bun with Zigzag Part
Instagram @___her.vision___

#21: Low Spiky Bun with Zigzag Part

The 2000s are back and are just in time for Coachella. This low-spiky bun with a zigzag part can be the perfect style for your y2k-inspired look. Having fun with your hairstyle is important. A fun part line can add extra interest to your basic low bun. I love these nods to the early 2000s. Try using a heavy-hold, water-based gel for this optimum sleek look. I recommend the Number 4 High Performance Hair Care Firm Hold Gel.

#22: Mid-Length Hair with Space Buns and Money Pieces

Check out this cut and style combo – mid-length hair with space buns and a money piece! Money pieces have been popular for anyone looking for brightness around the face. As for the space buns, this popular 90s and Y2K fashion style has reemerged into the hair scene. The combo of both together gives you a fun style for summer!

2000's Double Spiky Buns with Long Face Frame for Dark Hair
Instagram @lupeherxo

#23: Double Spiky Buns with Long Face Frame

Try this double-spiky bun look with a face frame! This would be a great look for a fun night out! This look would hold up well throughout the day with the proper styling products!

Medium-Length Y2K Jellyfish Haircut with Middle Part and Green Chunky Highlights
Instagram @tender_round2

#24: Medium Jellyfish Haircut with Green Chunky Highlights

Check out this medium jellyfish haircut with green chunky highlights! What is a jellyfish haircut, you may ask? This haircut is a ’90s throwback that is a softer version of a shag and creates its natural texture. Throw in some fashion-toned peekaboos, and you have a trendy Gen-Z hairstyle!

2000-Inspired Double Bun Hairstyle with Face-Framing Pieces for Long Faces
Instagram @nennaroosahair

#25: Double Bun Hairstyle with Face-Framing Pieces

This double bun hairstyle would be great for the hot summer months. You can add some face-framing pieces to give additional movement around your face. This look would be best with straight hair.

If you want to spice up your look, Y2K hairstyles offer some inspiration with their playful, experimental, and eclectic looks. But how do you know which styles suit your hair type, face shape, and lifestyle? To shed some light on the topic, we interviewed Natalie Palomino, a seasoned hairstylist with over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry. Here’s what she had to say.

Meet The Expert

Natalie Palomino
Natalie Palomino
Natalie is a master stylist with over 12 years of experience.
She is also a clean hair expert & founder of North Authentic.

Pros: Works with Every Hair Type and Texture

According to Natalie, Y2K hairstyles are versatile enough to suit all hair types and textures, from fine to thick, straight to curly, and everything in between. While some styles may be easier to achieve with certain hair types, such as the spiky bun for fine to medium straight hair, you can still experiment with different looks regardless of your natural texture. As Natalie says, “Take that Y2K style and put your own twist on it that highlights your natural texture.”

Working With Your Face Shape

When choosing a hairstyle that flatters your face shape, Natalie advises creating balance by adding width or length to your hair. For instance, if you have a long face shape, you can create a horizontal silhouette by adding volume around the center of your face, such as space buns. On the other hand, if you have a round face shape, you can create a vertical silhouette by elongating your hair, such as with half up high ponytail or a deep side part. Natalie also recommends the deep side part for the heart and inverted triangle face shapes as it narrows the forehead and creates balance.

Photos of The Most Popular Y2K Hairstyle Ideas