22 Snatched Sew-In Hairstyles for Black Women

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A sew-in hairstyle is a protective hairstyle made of hair extensions sewn into the natural hair. The extensions can be sewn directly to the hair, braids, or net. Three words – style, practicality, and versatility are what you’ll get with this superb hair innovation!

If you desire to try a new hairstyle but don’t have enough length or density, sew-in extensions are guaranteed to add a new definition to your hair upgrade. The process incorporates either natural or synthetic extensions to the hair. These pieces are sewed and not glued so they won’t fall off.

More benefits of sewing extensions into your natural locks include allowing your hair to grow naturally and causing less damage. Pro hairstylist Brandy Thierry from Missouri loves transforming her clients’ manes into beautifully thick locks that look natural from all angles!

Whether it’s straight or textured strands that you want, anything is achievable when you use sew-in extensions. Keep it secure and clean by washing it occasionally, and it will last for a long time!

Work up this new season with any of these sassy sew-in hairstyles for black women!

short sew in bob with invisible part
Instagram @___iamkerra___

#1: Short Bob with Invisible Part

Sport a short bob with an invisible part to pull off a flawless, sleek-looking style. This sew-in hair takes only a minimal effort to jazz up. As a black beauty who wants a go-to style, you shouldn’t miss it. Have fun with the sew-in bob. It’s beautiful for any occasion!

#2: Side Parted Sew Ins

If you’ve had a natural black or curly hairstyle all your life, give it a break. You can still slay like a diva with side-parted sew-ins hairstyles of considerable length.

no leave out sew in hairstyle

#3 No Leave Out

Black girls, raise your hand if you need a hairstyle with no leave out. This traditional sew-in weave grants you curls that go well with long, dark locks. The side part style on this no-leave-out hairstyle lets you have those wavy strands placed on the side of your face.

#4: The 12-Inch Weave

Are you prepping for an evening out? The 12-inch weave can give you a sleek look, perfect for your glam outfit. Its length above the shoulders plus the black color both bring out a fuller look. If you want a bit of embellishment, you can attach a few sparkling hairpins to your hair.

Straight sew in weave hairstyle
Instagram @malibusmanes

#5: Straight Sew In

It’s impossible not to have the right poise when wearing this long, straight sew-in style. There’s always a soft spot in every lady’s heart for a middle-parted trend, too. It frames the face without having to chop off some curtain bangs or paint a money piece. It’s considered a protective hairstyle, meaning the client’s real hair is shampooed, conditioned, blow-dried, and braided down underneath the weave.

Sew In Style with Bangs
Instagram @hair_rking

#6: Sew In Style with Bangs

Who’s ready to get a sew-in style with bangs? You’ll love this if you’re into playing around with a look that gives you a sweet and youthful edge. The texturized half updo creates fake layers while it flaunts more of the waves in this haircut.

weave hairstyle for a round face
Instagram @tia.did.it

#7: Weave Style for a Round Face

Here’s the ultimate weave style for African-American women with a round face! Its length is extended and even parted in the middle to bring out a slimming effect, ideal for your cheeky face. Soft waves create a subtle movement for a black hairstyle full of life.

brazilian body wave weave
Instagram @lexisdidit_

#8: Brazilian Body Wave

Why pull this hairstyle off? It’s long, voluminous, and above all, it’s classy. Offering a natural-looking beauty, this Brazilian body wave weave is worth the shot!

sew in style with braids
Instagram @kikiornaw

#9: Sew In Braids

Are you craving a not-so-ordinary lengthy, straight hairstyle? These sew-in braids with on-fleek edges are stylish, and you should go for them. Opt for a lace frontal wig that can help you easily achieve these sew-in styles.

sew in updo hairstyle
Instagram @controlthecool

#10: Sew In Updo

Crown yourself with this stunning sew-in updo for your black hair! The texture of the braids and the curly sideburns make everything glamorous at any angle. For such black girl hairstyles with weave, no need for any added hair color, but classy make-up will be charming to gaze at.

#11: Middle Part Weave

Here’s a middle-part weave to make your wish for a long, straight hairstyle come true. Its plain and divine-looking edge will only be complete with laying down your baby hair. These sew-in hair styles are timeless classics that will always look trendy.

#12: Wet and Wavy

If you believe that volume is everything, you must check this out. This wet and wavy long hairstyle on black hair will turn out aesthetically pleasing on you. Install a black sew-in weave because that’s how you get the both flawless and dramatic payoff.

loose deep wave sew in style
Instagram @azzystyles.nyc

#13: Loose Deep Wave

Yet another dashing sew-in hairstyle is when you incorporate loose, deep waves in it. Pay attention to how the voluminous curls make this black mane so pleasant to stare at. You’ll never realize that lengthy, side-parted hairstyles for black girls with weave like this must be unveiled to the world.

sew in black hairstyle
Instagram @taylorluxhair

#14: Black Hair Weave

A long, straight mane that follows your moves means you got a natural-looking black hair weave. It may seem minimal and straightforward, but its stylishness is way noticeable.

weave hairstyle with closure
Instagram @all.about.slay

#15: Sew In with Closure

This sew-in with closure appears genuine in all fairness. The middle-parted style and on fleek edges complement one another to spice things up a bit.

blonde sew in hairstyle
Instagram @stylesbykay_

#16: Blonde Weave

Trying out a new hair color is always exciting, but seeing it fits you is much more electrifying! Opt for this blonde weave to let you expose your shoulders, giving you the utter bombshell aura. If you live for all bob haircuts, such cute sew-in hairstyles in neck-length cuts look so flattering.

#17: The 10 Inch Weave

The 10-inch weave is your best option to achieve a classy look. Here’s the chin-length sew-in bob cut to help you gear up for any occasion.

#18: Long Sew In

A traditional long sew-in hair will never fade its beauty. It’s so versatile as your mood that you can style it in an updo today or leave it as it is for the next day. It’ll also be one sweet change for you, switching from a natural black hairstyle to using a weave.

#19: Lace Frontal Style

Pull off some soft but voluminous curls in a snap with this stunning sew-in! This lace frontal style can offer you that polished finish, and it’s very easy on the eyes. These sew-in weave hairstyles will protect your natural kinks and, at the same time, will let you have one gorgeous lengthy strands. Who doesn’t want that?

cute curly sew in hairstyle
Instagram @crescentstyles

#20: Cute Curly Sew-In

These cute curly sew-ins are so defined that you should do this ASAP! This half updo, plus those on fleek edges, gives a sense of sophistication to your long, dark tresses. These black sew-in hairstyles will give you a new appearance you’ll love.

#21: Sew In Pony

Everything about this sew-in pony is exquisite. Black tresses look so fine in this long, wavy updo. Notice how the curtain bangs can frame your face. That, beyond any doubt, is what you need to emphasize your best facial features.

full sew in with a middle part
Instagram @kthestylistb

#22: Full Sew-In with a Middle Part

A full sew-in lets you skip the commitment and try that on-trend middle part! Even better, you can go for that short crop too!