34 Fun & Creative Hairstyles for Black Kids in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Hairstyles for black kids are as diverse as their culture, ranging from updos to braids for girls and short crops to lengthy curls for boys. Depending on the kids’ lifestyle and preferences, various alternatives exist.

Here are the basics and some tips for choosing the best hairdo for your children, as recommended by Brooklyn-based hairdresser Marcia Gittens.

💡 Key Things to Know First

  • These styles promote healthier and more manageable hair for youngsters.
  • The disadvantage may become apparent after realizing they don’t like how it looks or works for them.
  • Have a detailed consultation with an expert. Show the stylist a picture of a hairstyle they like to wear.
  • Ask if the cut and style will look great on your child and if there’s a care routine you can follow.
  • Keep the kid’s face shape in mind while deciding on a haircut.

For more hair ideas, check out these images of cute and trendy hairstyles for black kids!


#1: Beyoncé Lemonade Braids

In past years, this style was called “around the way girl braids,” but in more recent times, they are called “Beyoncé lemonade braids.” My favorite thing about this look is that it’s perfect on short hair or long hair. It all depends on preference.

Knotless Gypsy Braids for Black Girls
Instagram @hairpreto2022

#2: Knotless Gypsy Braids for Girls

Knotless gypsy braids for girls could be the perfect option if your little Black girl wants to wear her braids in a new way. Knotless braids do not have the bulky knot at the base unlike traditional box braids. They use a weaving technique for a natural look. The result is a sleek and chic hairstyle that works well for any occasion. Knotless braids are a great option for delicate hair as they are less likely to cause pulling or breakage without a knot.

The cutest loose curls for black girls with medium-length hair
Instagram @bbybailei

#3: The Cutest Loose Curls

Are you a black girl with medium-length hair? Are you looking for a cute, easy-to-do hairstyle? Consider loose curls. Loose curls are a versatile hairstyle. You can dress them up or down, making them perfect for any occasion. The best part? You don’t need to take time out of your morning and spend hours in front of the mirror to get these curls. If you know the right hair products and have a few reliable styling techniques, you can get soft, bouncy curls that last all day.

Head-Turning Braids for Black Kids
Instagram @voazin_atelier

#4: Head-Turning Braids

Head-turning braids are perfect for young girls! The best part? Braids don’t take long to create. Any kid will be grateful for spending less time in the salon chair!

Twisted pigtails for little black girls
Instagram @koily_kali

#5: Twisted Pigtails

A twisted pigtails look is perfect for your little one if you care about comfort and style! This easy-to-maintain hairstyle will keep hair out of their face during playtime. And it will keep their tresses protected all day.

Adorable Braided High Bun for Black Girls with beads
Instagram @manidabraider

#6: Adorable Braided High Bun

Get into this adorable braided high bun for little girls. It’s smart to have a few single-box braids hang out so that you can have fun with styling and beads. Or you can flip them back and pull them up into the bun when you need them out of the way. You have to ensure her hair is blown out very well from the roots in order to get neat and stable braids. Otherwise, the base will buckle, and the style won’t last. You can use a little braid hair for the single box braids in the front for thickness if needed.

Cute Stitch Braids Style for Black Kids
Instagram @braidbya97

#7: Cute Stitch Braids Style

When getting a cute stitch braids style for black kids, the design options seem endless. One popular style for little girls is to create two large buns or pigtails with their hair. Ask for colorful beads or elastics to jazz it up. Stitch braids are a stylish option. But they also protect your child’s natural hair from damage and breakage. As with any protective style, it’s important to maintain the braids. Make sure not to leave them in for too long to avoid any potential harm.

#8: Unique Braided Design

Children are the most optimal clients when crafting a unique braided design. This is a great style choice for children because of the different vibrant colors and accessories kids love to wear. If you need help with something special, seek a professional braider. They specialize in children’s hair and do well with freestyle design work.

Natural Cornrows with Twist Extensions for Black Girls
Instagram @ajrxhdesignz_

#9: Natural Cornrows with Twist Extensions

Natural cornrow hairstyles for black kids are trending. These eye-catching styles involve two-strand twist extensions braided from the scalp. They’re in an intricate pattern of small rows down the entire head. Twisted hairstyles last longer than many natural hairstyles when the upkeep is maintained regularly. With proper maintenance, natural cornrows with twists help protect kids’ curls.

#10: Cornrow Braids

Black power prevails with a distinguished set of cornrows. For little black girls, hairstyles that are braided keep their black hair healthy with the purpose of keeping them looking good.

#11: Adorable Braids with Braided Bangs

Check out these adorable braids with braided bangs! I’ve found that it’s a great way to keep hair neat while still having fun. It’s also very flattering, so you can be sure your daughter will look her best. Getting the style done will take a little while – just an hour or two should do the trick. To ensure your daughter’s hair looks perfect, don’t hesitate to contact your stylist if you get stuck on any part of the process.

High Bun
Instagram @hairbyclipperz

#12: High Bun

An easy option for your busy kiddo is a high bun. Whether they are running around the playground or it’s picture day at school, high buns are a cute and efficient option. These hairstyles keep their hair out of the face without spending too much time styling!

Protective Brick Braids for Black Kids
Instagram @hairbyclipperz

#13: Protective Brick Braids

For kids, protective brick braids are a great option because it doesn’t take long to braid, and there’s no braid hair added. “Brick,” stemming from the brick lay pattern, is advice I provide when determining style choices because it leaves no hard lines of demarcation. Don’t forget to pick up cute barrette accessories for such hairstyles.

Sleek High Bun with Accessories for Black Girls
Instagram @hairbyclipperz

#14: Sleek High Bun with Accessories

Consider a sleek high bun with accessories if you have a highly active little one. Keeping the little girls cute and classy, a bun is a great way to keep their hair neatly styled and out of the way. One of the best and cutest ways to add to the look is by adding hair accessories like beads or tiaras.

Very Cute Top Knot with Beads for Little Black Girls
Instagram @hairbyclipperz

#15: Very Cute Top Knot with Beads

I’ve found that hairstyles for black kids can be a great way to express creativity and individuality. A very cute top knot with beads is one example of this, as it’s eye-catching. To achieve this hairstyle, gather her hair into a high ponytail and then twist it into a bun. Secure with bobby pins or an elastic band, then add colorful beads around her bun’s base for extra flair! Remember to ask your stylist for product recommendations for your daughter.

Braided Ponytail
Instagram @hairforittt

#16: Braided Ponytail

This look is a braided Genie ponytail. What I love about this hairstyle are the gold band and the curls. For these braided hairstyles, take your time when adding in the extensions and make sure it’s being braided into the correct desired spot in the middle of the head and not the side.

Protective Box Braids
Instagram @simply_mie08

#17: Protective Box Braids

What she loves about the style for black kids is that you can add colorful strings and hair jewelry. It makes the box braids hairstyle for kids truly unique when you add your touches. What I love about the hairstyle is once her hair is braided, it’s low maintenance, and her natural hair is protected.

Low Skin Fade Side Part Pomp hairstyle
Instagram @_thefinalcut

#18: Low Skin Fade Side Part Pomp

This haircut for black boys is a low skin fade side part pomp. What I like about this haircut is that with his texture hair, most barber stylists would not recommend it, but I thought it came out awesome.

Mohawk Fade hairstyle
Instagram @shaveandgroove

#19: Mohawk Fade

I would describe this black boy’s cut as sleek and modern. My favorite things about it are the two dimensions. From the front view, it would appear as just a regular fade with medium-length hair on top. From the side view, it’s not just a fade but a burst fade, accenting the idea of a mohawk.

#20: Protective and Pretty

The hairstyle for black kids featured below is a protective hairstyle. I love how you can have a different look and color while protecting your natural hair!

Cute Bantu Knots
Instagram @herown.beauty

#21: Cute Bantu Knots

There is freedom in creating scalp patterns and accessorizing your mini top bantu knots. For a black little girl, hairstyles like this are extraordinary when added with a gold sheen in each knot.

Curly Top Fade hairstyle
Instagram @quedabarber_

#22: Curly Top Fade

This look is a curly top Fade. It’s a bald fade with the new generation twist to it. Aside from being my favorite go-to style, my favorite thing about this look is that it’s very playful! You can rock out with your curls at this length, or you can let your curls grow and transition into the “man bun” look, which is becoming increasingly popular by the day.

#23: Fancy Braided Updo

A traditional black kids style celebrating a rich culture. The twisted braids in a bun take you back to your African roots.

High Top Fade hairstyle
Instagram @miguelqstylez

#24: High Top Fade

This particular black boy’s style is known as a low blend high top fade. My favorite aspect of the cut is the rainbow part which complements the blend perfectly.

Line Up with 360 Waves
Instagram @360jeezy

#25: Line Up with 360 Waves

No to simple hairstyles, and transform your kinky curls into spellbinding waves! Maintaining that finesse may require constant brushing, moisturizing, and dragging.

Braid and twist hairstyle for little black girls
Instagram @royald_braidz

#26: Braid and Twist

This is a braid and twist, a protective style for little black girls. To maintain this style, wear a satin bonnet at night. One would also need to apply oil to the scalp and on the ends as needed. Additionally, smooth the edges with Edge Control.

High Taper With Length hairstyle
Instagram @stevethebarber

#27: High Taper With Length

This is a high taper on the sides and back.  This particular client has a lot of length on top. Today’s youth like the length. It’s clean on the sides and back with length to style in many ways.

Carefree and Cute hairstyle
Instagram @blush_by_bre

#28: Carefree and Cute

This hairstyle is carefree and cute! My favorite part is that even though she has extensions, it’s still age-appropriate. This style helped me change the way my client felt about herself without society’s perception or her changing.

The Wave Cut hairstyle
Instagram @keilalabarbera

#29: The Wave Cut

This is a very popular haircut in the urban culture called “the wave cut” or “waves.” Just like some women envy the curly hair look, many men envy the “wave” look because it is hard for most men to obtain if their hair is not the proper texture.

#30: Half Up Half Down Crochet

This style is a half-up half-down crochet look, with the front being braided up with crochet curling hair and the back flowing down. For young black girls, hairstyles that look so natural are a nice touch. They don’t have to worry about waking up every morning to restyle as they would their hair.

Old Fashioned Flat Top hairstyle
Instagram @yattedjaydee

#31: Old Fashioned Flat Top

This is the old-fashioned flat top with a high fade on the side. My favorite thing about this haircut is that it’s not only one of the hardest cuts to achieve, but it symbolizes a lot coming from the African-American culture, including fashion and music.

Braids & Twisted Bun hairstyle
Instagram @haircandy2017

#32: Braids & Twisted Bun

This look is a braided style with a twisted bun. What I like about this style is that it is a protective style, meaning you do not have to do anything but spray a little braiding sheen to your hair and go on with your day.

Modern Mohawk hairstyle
Instagram @10stackss

#33: Modern Mohawk

This black kid’s haircut is a style derived from the traditional mohawk. The cut has evolved, but the thing I like about this cut is seeing my client’s eyes light up after he’s been blessed with a cut.

On-The-Go Braids hairstyle
Instagram @bellebraidshtx

#34: Medium Box Braids for Kids

Braids for kids can be tough if not appropriately managed. I love this box braid style because it is versatile with curls. Many of my clients love these medium braid hairstyles due to them being low-maintenance, which makes them a great option for kids.