17 Drip Middle Part Bob Hairstyles, Weaves and Sew-Ins

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A middle part bob is a type of bob parted down from the center of the head. It creates a flattering, dramatic change not just to your hairstyle but also to your face because of its face-framing prowess!

Constantly present in red carpet events as worn by models Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Gwyneth Paltrow, this snazzy styling technique on short hair is well known to have a balancing, slimming, and elongating effect on faces with sharp angles and short or round shapes.

A center part can also spotlight the nose and your eyes, making your makeup appear more glamorous and effective! It would be best to find out which style, cut, and length of the bob will work for you.

This year is the time to be confident and powerful and seize a bold, short haircut that will take you places! Say goodbye to your dull hair and hello to one of these super edgy and modern middle part bobs!


#1: Sew-In Bob

This middle-parted bob has a delicate, feminine look that says, ‘I’m the boss.’ Fix your edges for a primmed appearance.

Middle-Parted Short Straight One-Length Bob for Black Women
Instagram @miasxperience

#2: Straight One-Length Bob for Black Women

A straight one-length bob is a striking option for black women. This smooth, sleek style is simple to keep in shape overnight due to its shorter length, which makes it more convenient to wrap.

#3: Blonde A-Line Middle Part Bob

A strong bob consists of platinum hair, an asymmetrical cut, and a straight middle part. Black women will look glamorous with this bright middle part bob with highlights.

Amazing Boho Knotless Braided Middle-Part Long Bob
Instagram @hairpreto2022

#4: Amazing Boho Knotless Braided Long Bob

The amazing boho knotless braided long bob is a stylish and easy-to-wear look. This hairstyle can be achieved with minimal effort, making it perfect for those always on the go. Communicate your desired length and texture to your hair professional to get this look. If you have the best tools available, you’ll achieve an even more stunning result!

Short Middle Part Bob Haircut
Instagram @thecutlife

#5: Short Bob

Try this middle-parted short bob haircut at least once in your lifetime. You will never regret going classy and modern at the same time.

Middle part Layered bob
Instagram @brendageehair

#6: Layered Bob

Worn by thick hair gals as this layered bob makes full hair more manageable. It creates a nice fluff and swag to it too. Style this long middle part bob with bangs to flatter whatever face shape you have.

Curled middle parted bob
Instagram @_dawnixx

#7: Curled Bob

The highlights! The kink! The cut! Stylist Dawn did not miss a spot to make this young woman glow up. This layered middle part bob for natural curls creates a nice face-framing look.

long bob with middle part
Instagram @ericagcuts

#8: Long Bob (LOB)

A silk curtain to reveal your gorgeous face. Long middle part bob hairstyles elongate the face, perfect for round and oval faces.

Middle Part Wavy Bob for Black Women
Instagram @mindyhair_andy

#9: Wavy Bob

Cutting your hair at shoulder length while giving it some texture provides a form for your hair. This wavy bob middle part is a go-to if you want a modern and voluminous style.

Curly middle part bob
Instagram @andys_hair

#10: Curly Bob

It’s best to deep condition your hair before letting your curls down into this curly middle part bob on natural hair.

#11: Middle Part Bob Wig

You can get that instant glam by donning a wig over your head. It keeps natural hair at bay while giving you a nice appearance change in a wink.

Middle Part Closure Bob
Instagram @sonicacreation

#12: Closure Bob

These bad girls are ready to serve you looks! This easy-to-style middle part closure bob is readily available and handy in cases where your natural hair wants a little pick-me-up.

#13: Shoulder Length Bob

Bobs are in, and you can’t deny the power a middle part instantly gives your look. Great for emphasizing your facial features and being a versatile hairstyle that you can modify.

Blunt Cut Bob Parted in the Middle
Instagram @hairbellah

#14: Blunt Cut Bob Parted in the Middle

Make your hair follow your every whim with a gorgeous straight neck-length middle part blunt bob. Hide those puffy cheeks and give your face a most defining jawline!

#15: Burgundy Red Ombre

Q&A with style creator, Fieona Jaria
Stylist @ Prettyigurl Hair & More in Gainesville, FL

How would you describe this look?

This look is a high cut, middle part, ombré black & cherry red-colored bob.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Clients looking to get this style would be able to achieve this look with three packs of Sensual Mink black & gold packs 10, 12 & 14″ from local hair stores.

Quick Weave Bob
Instagram @buhle.ntokazi

#16: Quick Weave Bob

This middle part bob quick weave is clean and chic. The best thing about it is its simplicity. Although it’s simple, it still grabs attention. Consider their face shape. The middle part isn’t for everyone. Also, I would tell them to consider their lifestyle. If they are very active and can’t maintain their own hair, then quick middle-part bob weave hairstyles may be your best option.

Middle Part Asymmetrical Bob for Black Ladies
Instagram @hdhair.nyc

#17: Asymmetrical Bob

What an incredible job with this middle part bob hairstyle and cut. Straight hair cut unevenly creates motion and directs eyes to the face. A great way to showcase your beauty!