15 Best Maroon Hair Color Ideas – Dark, Black & Ombre Colors

Maroon hair color ideas

OMG, I’m absolutely in love with maroon hair right now! I’ve found some of the most incredible shades of this gorgeous plum, wine, and cherry-inspired color. Go enchanting with an ombre. Subtle with highlights. Tending with a balayage. With either color technique, you’ll look hot. The amazing thing about maroon is that it will go with almost any skin tone, hair texture, and length. From short pixies to shoulder length bobs and to beachy long hair, you’ll find a color that works for you. Check out the pictures below of this year’s most popular maroons by world-famous colorists. Oh, and get ready to make take some screenshots on your phone and show them to your colorist on your next appointment!

Mesmerizing Maroon Ombre

Mesmerizing Maroon Ombre Hair Color
Instagram @xostylistxo

Must-Try Maroon Mahogany Blend

Must-Try Maroon Mahogany Blend Hair Color
Instagram @hairmakeupbyliz

Stellar Maroon to Subtle Blonde

Stellar Maroon to Subtle Blonde Hair Color
Instagram @evalam_

Gorgeous Deep Maroon

Gorgeous Deep Maroon Hair Color
Instagram @styled_by_carolynn

Beautiful Dark Maroon

Beautiful Dark Maroon Hair Color
Instagram @guy_tang

Stylish Maroon Highlights on Black Hair

Stylish Maroon Highlights Hair Color
Instagram @roxxstar_roxy

Black and Red Maroon Blend

Red Maroon Blend Hair Color
Instagram @danette_legacyrl

Radiant Plum Brown Maroon

Radiant Plum Hair Color
Instagram @jenniferlopiccolo_hair

Sizzling Maroon Balayage

Sizzling Balayage Hair Color
Instagram @serrinasanchez

Yummy Red Wine Maroon

Yummy Red Wine Hair Color
Instagram @guy_tang

Trendsetting Cherry Maroon

Trendsetting Cherry Hair Color
Instagram @neythebae_sa

Hot Braided Dark Red Grape

Hot Braided Dark Red Grape Hair Color
Instagram @robindeltoro

Smoking-Hot Short Maroon Hair

Smoking-Hot Short Maroon Hair Color
Instagram @davidsolis22

Amazing Maroon Purple Blend

Amazing Maroon Purple Blend Hair Color
Instagram @muse.hl

Incredible Braided Mauve

Incredible Braided Mauve Hair Color
Instagram @hair.by.lisa.p