34 Best Maroon Hair Color Ideas of 2024

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist
Braided Dark Red Maroon Grape
Instagram @robindeltoro

#1: Braided Dark Red Maroon Grape

This dark red maroon grape makes a luscious shade perfect for thick tresses. Finish it off with a braided style plus soft waves at the ends for a stunning result.

Braided Mauve Maroon with Dark Brown Roots

#2 Braided Mauve Maroon with Dark Brown Roots

A mauve maroon color melt like this is such a hair gem. Women who have dark brown roots would enjoy this shade, for sure!

Short maroon-burgundy bob for women over 50

#3 Short Maroon-Burgundy Bob for Women Over 50

A short maroon-burgundy bob for women over 50 is a fun and well-shaped hairstyle to make you feel younger than ever. To get this color, ask your hairdresser for a deep maroon red and layered bob.

Full Glossy Maroon-Brown Color for Long Hair
Instagram @amarrabeautybar.mekarwangi

#4: Full Glossy Maroon-Brown Hair Color

Maroon hair provides a great gloss due to its perfect light reflection. For this shine to last, it’s crucial to keep the hair healthy using salon-approved home care products. Maroon falls under the red color scale and can fade quickly.

Cool-Toned Maroon Babylights for Medium Layered Hair
Instagram @chandlerkhair

#5: Cool-Toned Maroon Babylights

Maroon hair usually has a cool violet-red tone, and it can vary in intensity from level 2 to level 6. Adding lighter shades helps to create a reflection in dark tones, and babylights are a great technique for achieving this effect. Babylights are small, seamless highlights positioned to enhance the hair, and they can provide a multi-dimensional appearance to any hair tone.

Dimensional Autumn Maroon Plum on Mid-Length Hair
Instagram @keylonhyn

#6: Dimensional Autumn Plum

Introducing the dimensional autumn plum color. The hues of plums, maroons, purples, and reds can all be rich and vibrant, just like blonde shades. Adding dark roots with lowlights will enhance the depth of your future autumn plum color, making it stand out more. To preserve the rich plum color, use color-safe cleansers. Regular touch-ups on gloss and roots are needed every 6-8 weeks.

#7: Stylish Maroon Highlights on Black Hair

Flaunt some maroon highlights on your black hair if you wish to wear a red color in a subtle yet unique way!

Mesmerizing Maroon Ombre
Instagram @xostylistxo

#8: Mesmerizing Maroon Ombre

If you want to try red color on your dark hair, here’s a maroon ombre inspiration for you! It’s low-maintenance and will look great on any hair length.

#9: Copper Maroon for Older Women

Copper maroon for older women is a perfect vibrant tone to achieve a youthful look. To get this color, ask your colorist for a solid copper maroon hair hue.

#10: Dark Hair with Maroon Underneath

Dark hair with maroon underneath is perfect for women who want some low-maintenance color. To get this color, ask your colorist for a rooty balayage with a red gloss on the ends.

Dark burgundy and maroon balayage
Instagram @envied.ends

#11: Dark Burgundy and Maroon Balayage

Try a dark burgundy and maroon balayage for a more fashionable yet lived-in look. Dark burgundy highlights or base will add shine and help the maroon balayage pieces look uninformed as if they were a natural hair hue. To help care for and maintain this tone, try Alchemic Red Shampoo from Davines.

#12: Bright Maroon Burgundy Balayage

A bright maroon burgundy balayage is blended seamlessly. Darker roots allow for better growth maintenance. Brighter ends with a hint of pink, creating extra dimension and a gorgeous pop of color.

Maroon hair with burgundy highlights
Instagram @hairbylylaa

#13: Maroon Hair with Burgundy Highlights

Maroon hair with burgundy highlights and dark shadow roots is bright, vibrant, and flawless. Maroon hair looks gorgeous on lighter skin tones with peachy undertones.

Copper maroon
Instagram @_royalvisions_

#14: Auburn Maroon

looks stunning for fair to medium skin with yellow or olive undertones. Adding in streaks of brighter red tones helps create a more in-depth dimension. Auburn-maroon hair color grows out beautifully on naturally brunette hair for easier maintenance.

Before and after maroon hair transformation
Instagram @hairbyleenova

#15: Before and After Maroon Hair Transformation

Before and after maroon hair transformation is very satisfying but will need extra care afterward. To achieve vibrant maroon hair, your stylist will have to bleach your hair and then apply the maroon color that best suits your complexion. This process is damaging and drying, so be sure to deep condition to restore the hair’s moisture.

Short maroon-burgundy bob
Instagram @bangsforhair

#16: Short Maroon-Burgundy Bob

A short maroon-burgundy bob combines precisely cut layers, usually shorter in the back, with an eye-catching maroon-burgundy hue. Warmer shades of maroon and burgundy create a beautiful hair color that usually suits ladies with a peachy or golden complexion.

Maroon on blonde hair
Instagram @loxbytayler

#17: Maroon on Blonde Hair

Maroon on blonde hair adds depth and a fun pop of color to all-over blonde hair. Using a color-blocking technique, your stylist can use a burgundy wine color underneath the panels of your hair. Try adding layers to your haircut, allowing the burgundy color underneath to show through and stand out.

#18: Deep Burgundy Maroon Red Hair Color

Maroon burgundy red hair color adds depth, dimension, and warmth to dark hair. Try a shampoo and conditioner designed for color-treated hair to maintain beautiful hues.

Maroon-burgundy hair color idea for curly tresses
Instagram @devon_guthrie

#19: Maroon-Burgundy Hair Color Idea for Curly Tresses

Maroon-burgundy hair color idea for curly tresses is perfect for ladies looking to spice up their fall color. The warmer, maroon-burgundy hue looks beautiful on the complexion on the spectrum of peachy and golden.

Maroon purple balayage
Instagram @patolovive

#20: Maroon Purple Balayage

A maroon purple balayage is a beautifully blended mix of dark brunette and purple throughout. This is a simple and subtle way to add purple to your hair while still looking professional. Darker roots allow for better growth maintenance and blending.

Hints of maroon and blue
Instagram @samihairmagic

#21: Hints of Maroon and Blue

Try hints of maroon and blue for a bolder and more festive look. This look was achieved with a color-blocking technique as the hair beautifully blends, although they’re two completely different colors.

#22: Medium-Length Maroon-Mahogany Blend

That maroon-mahogany blend jazzes up a medium-length haircut. Maroon hair ombre is in, and you must try it.

Stellar Maroon to Subtle Blonde Hairstyle
Instagram @evalam_

#23: Stellar Maroon to Subtle Blonde Hairstyle

Whether you have curly, wavy, or straight hair, this maroon-to-blonde color melt makes one of the marvelous hair color ideas that catches everyone’s attention! This is an alternative if you want dark burgundy hair with highlights.

#24: Gorgeous Deep Maroon Hair with Highlights

Recreate that deep maroon color by adding streaks of red tone to your brown hair. What’s cute about this hair with highlights is the accents look like bright burgundy hair dye when hit by the sunlight.

Beautiful Dark Maroon Hair
Instagram @guy_tang

#25: Beautiful Dark Maroon Hair

Here’s a dark maroon hair color for our edgy and stunning ladies! Its red velvet hue is ideal for thick, shiny hair.

#26: Black and Red Maroon Locks

Such beautiful black and red maroon hair is worth a shot! Add some loose curls when styling for extra dimension, too.

Radiant Plum Brown Maroon-ish Hair
Instagram @roxanne_rihan

#27: Radiant Plum Brown Maroon-ish Hair

Radiant plum-brown maroon-ish hair is a gorgeous deep purple. Great with darker black roots, a deep plum is a forever stylish and trending tone. Color-safe shampoo and conditioner would be best for fashionably cute hair colors.

Wavy Maroon Balayage Hair
Instagram @serrinasanchez

#28: Wavy Maroon Balayage Hair

Maroon balayage hair color never fails to appear so ravishing on long, wavy hair!

Yummy Red Wine Maroon for Long Hair
Instagram @guy_tang

#29: Yummy Red Wine Maroon for Long Hair

A maroon-toned red wine hair color appears so luscious and shiny on thick hair. Red hair colors like this are a must-try for a long haircut.

Trendsetting Cherry Maroon on Thick Hair
Instagram @neythebae_sa

#30: Trendsetting Cherry Maroon on Thick Hair

A cherry maroon shade is sure to create a marvelous hair trend! Its deep tone would be perfect for ladies with a warm skin complexion.

Smoking-Hot Short Maroon Hair
Instagram @davidsolis22

#31: Smoking-Hot Short Maroon Hair

Short hair plus a maroon hair color dye? Why not! Maroon and burgundy hair colors like this will offer an edgy yet feminine style.

Amazing Maroon-Purple Blend
Instagram @muse.hl

#32: Amazing Maroon-Purple Blend

Let’s amp up your natural hair color with this blend of maroon hair dye and subtle purple hues! Keeping your burgundy hair dark makes it easier to manage.

#33: Maroon and Magenta Blend

The maroon and magenta blend on hair makes a fun, vivid color perfect for the summer. Fashion colors like this are what stylist Jessica Watts of Illinois loves to do.

For the upkeep, Watts suggests washing the hair with cold water. “Product-wise, I’d recommend purchasing a colored conditioner between services at home. This keeps the hue vibrant,” she adds.

Maroon with brown highlights
Instagram @briellebotta

#34: Maroon with Brown Highlights

A tone of maroon with brown highlights creates a vivid, low-maintenance hair color. How’s that possible? Colorist Gabrielle Botta of Denver, CO, tells us more.

“This was a two-step process—the first being a balayage with a base color to prep the hair. Then, I did a vivid color melt over the pre-lightened mane,” states Botta.

She adds, “The color will grow out seamlessly and will only need to be retouched every 3-4 months compared to typical 8-week turnarounds for toning and bleach sessions.”

A maroon hair color is a blend of red and brown colors. Maroon is a close color to burgundy, with the difference being that the burgundy color is a blend of red and purple hair tones. If you’re considering getting a maroon hue, you’re in the right place.

Today, you’ll see some of the most incredible shades of this gorgeous plum, wine, and cherry-inspired color. There are so many ways you can add maroon to your hair. For a sleek, modern-looking, go with an ombre. For something simpler, try adding subtle highlights. For something more casual and longer-lasting, try a balayage.

The amazing thing about maroons is that they will go on most women with almost any skin tone, hair texture, and length. From short pixies to shoulder-length bobs and to beachy long hair, you’ll find a maroon color that works for you.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these pictures of the most popular maroon hair color ideas.