13 Hottest Havana Twist Hairstyle Ideas Right Now

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A Havana twist is a protective style created by twisting the natural hair and chunky Havana extensions together, giving a lighter but more voluminous effect. It’s a hassle-free way to diversify your image.

That’s why braiding expert Andrea Carter of Beau Monde Salon in Louisiana gets a lot of clients opting for Havana twists. She proves how uncomplicated it is to install hair extensions in exchange for a long-lasting protective style. Havana twists typically last eight weeks on average. Havana hair should be used when installing twists.

From cute buns to sleek ponytails to side-swept designs, well-placed twists always favor unique hairdos without much effort! Other styles use popping colors and fancy hair accessories, allowing you to style while owning a low-upkeep ‘do.

Before your next hair appointment, check out our inspiring photo collection of Havana twist hairstyles for women.

Sexy small havana twist
Instagram @monaxbanks

#1: Small Havana Twist

Within the small Havanna twist, the artificial hair is hardly recognized. Once incorporated into your tresses, you’ll enjoy styling your Havana braids any way you want.

#2: Goddess Havana Twists with Curly Ends

Goddess Havana twists with curly ends provide a unique style that all age groups can wear. Enjoy light wavy curls with easy movement that can be fashioned in various colors for your styling needs.

#3: Modern Havana Twist in a Ponytail

A Havana twist in a ponytail is one way to enjoy the versatility of this easy-to-wear hairstyle. Achieve volume with the twist pulled up and secured while the soft curl pattern cascades over your shoulders. These Havana curls look so youthful and attractive!

Popular Havana twists with cornrows
Instagram @aeonstyles

#4: Popular Havana Twists with Cornrows

A Havana twist with cornrows to the front gives a fuller version of your natural hair. A twisting hair style feels lightweight and blends well with your afro hair. Cornrows to the front can also be refreshed for a switch-up and to extend the life of your hairstyle.

#5: Havana Twist Crochet

Looking from the roots, you wouldn’t notice that these locks are crocheted and intertwined with real hair. Havana twists hairstyles are subtle yet striking in creating your own identity. If you want this Havana hair with a more natural look, ask your barber/stylist to use the Invisible Twist Method or the Invisible Root Method. Both methods give your locks a natural look while crocheting in your hair twists.

Stunning long havana twist
Instagram @thelabailey

#6: Stunning Long Havana Twist

Blow out your hair before installing these twists. Use a cream-based product at the root, and always wrap your style up with a satin scarf. Also, oil your scalp frequently with long, twist hairstyles to avoid dryness.

#7: Classic Short Havana Twist

Did you know you can have a protective style without using wigs or extensions? With these short Havana twist braids, you’ll have a sassy hairstyle that protects your locks. Added hair accessories can jazz up your Havana hair even more.

Dreamy havana twist bob
Instagram @afro_dreamz

#8: Dreamy Havana Twist Bob

The Havana twisted braids and a shoulder-length bob cut work great together on African-American hair like a dream. These protective and twisted hairstyles can be parted on any side of the head for a preferable view of one’s best facial features.

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#9: Low-Maintenance Mini Havana Twists

Parade those mini twisted locks all around! The upkeep for different twist hairstyles may depend on their size. For little plaits like these, it’s super easy to maintain. Use your favorite oil, and you’re ready to flaunt your micro braids!

havana mambo twist
Instagram @braidsmafia

#10: Havana Mambo Twist

Given its funky name, you can expect an equally funky hairstyle! Get with the program with twisting hairstyles like these Havana mambo twists.

Stylish large havana twist
Instagram @queenveehair

#11: Stylish Large Havana Twist

These rope-like strands are the main feature of the larger Havana twists. And big twist hair styles make your hair more manageable, not to mention it’s stylish and protective too.

#12: Gorgeous Jumbo Havana Twist

Wear them jumbo and chunky! When you’ve got hair this gorgeous, flaunt a Havana twist and look as proud as you can. Add highlights like this deep red twist that blended inconspicuously among the jet black twist.

#13: Jeweled Medium Havana Twist

These medium Havana twists are braided with braiding hair and twisted down to the ends. You can do any updos or style them any way you desire, and you’ll still have a great hairdo. This hairstyle is meant for women with a 3B-4C black hair type. This Havana hairstyle is a protective style as it uses many heavy-holding products. These are different from braids, but you can care for them the same way! Keep your jeweled Havana twists away from water, or your whole life will unravel on the ground, literally!