How To Do A Twist Out: 25 Best Examples

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Short Natural Coil Out Style

A short natural coil-out style is perfect for Black women who love a short, twist-out hairstyle.

#2: Single Strand Twist Out Hairstyle

Looking for the perfect twist? Try a single-strand twist-out hairstyle. The best part about the look is that a little frizz can give the style a more natural appearance.

#3: Chunky Twist Out Hair with Center Part

Go big or go home! This chunky twist-out hairstyle with a center part is the epitome of big, beautiful curls.

One-Side Updo for Twisted Short Curls
Instagram @chareyjackson

#4: One-Side Updo for Short Curls

Short-haired ladies can wear updos too! This one-side updo is perfect for dressing up short curls.

Shoulder-Length Natural Curly Twists with Layers and Middle Part
Instagram @lovelyv123

#5: Shoulder-Length Natural Curly Twists with Layers

Shoulder-length natural curly twist out with layers is a must-try style for a more youthful look. Adding a center part also balances the volume of your curls and your facial features.

Mid-Length Black Twist out Curls with Swooped Edges
Instagram @jewejewebee

#6: Mid-Length Black Curls with Swooped Edges

A mid-length black curly style with swooped edges is a sharp take on a twist out. Adding slightly blunt cut ends gives this a very fashion-forward appearance.

Short Flat Twist Out with Layers
Instagram @rosesovaj

#7: Short Flat Twist Out

Short hair looks stunning with a flat twist out. This natural style will make you look magical due to its beautiful qualities.

#8: Twist Out Style with Natural Frizz and Curls

Like a little edge? Try a twist-out style and let your natural frizz and curls shine! A little frizz can go a long way in creating an effortless hairstyle.

Short Twist Out Coils with Fringe for African-American Women
Instagram @fifi_cm

#9: Short Twist Out Coils with Fringe

Short twist-out coils with fringe are a total showstopper. These miniature coils and twists will highlight your hair’s natural density and body.

Twist Out Medium Curls with Brown Color
Instagram @leilasalomee

#10: Twist Out Medium Curls

Moisture and definition are the keys to creating twist-out medium curls. To keep the hair defined at home, opt for a satin wrap or pillowcase, a rehydrating serum, mist, or hair lotion.

Ear-Length Curly Twist Out with Bangs for Older Ladies
Instagram @versussalon

#11: Ear-Length Curly Twist Out with Bangs

Did you hear? Fringe is in! Try an ear-length curly twist out with bangs for a bold look.

Mid-length Layered Twist Out Hairstyle with Volume
Instagram @tee.da.g

#12: Twist Out Hairstyle with Volume

Don’t be afraid of the comb! That’s where this twist-out hairstyle gets its volume from. Often, a wide-tooth to medium-tooth comb is exactly what you need to create a fluffy, voluminous look.

Neck-Length Natural Twist Out Afro
Instagram @wambui.k._

#13: Neck-Length Twist Out Afro

A neck-length twist-out Afro is a flattering hairstyle. Twist-outs are for women who prefer a natural hairstyle.

Short Half-Up Twist out Curly Hair with Face Frame
Instagram @_f.uraha

#14: Short Half-Up Curly Hair with Face Frame

Take your twist out to the next level! This curly hairstyle with face-framing is the perfect way to transform your twist out for a date.

#15: Defined Twist Out with Copper Hair Color

A defined twist out with copper hair color is the best way to create waves in your mane. This warm, voluminous look is perfect for summer but can be worn anytime.

#16: Natural Hairstyle with Middle-Parted Curls

Try a natural hairstyle with middle-parted curls. It’s for ladies you’re looking to create volume from roots to tips.

#17: Side-Parted Voluminous Natural Twists

These side-parted voluminous natural twists are the bouncy style that everyone is trying. Invest in a detangle comb to keep curls defined and separated if you want to try this look.

Twist Out for Collarbone-Length Thick Curly Hair
Instagram @the.natural.breona

#18: Twist Out for Thick Curly Hair

It’s luxurious and luscious. This twist out for thick curly hair is one of the most gorgeous ways to let your natural texture shine.

#19: Kinky Twists with Side Bangs

Kinky twists with side bangs are a must-try natural hairstyle. The key to keeping this look on point at home is to keep your scalp and length moisturized.

#20: Flat Twist Hairstyle with Deep Side Part

A flat twist hairstyle with a deep side part is the mermaid hairstyle of your dreams! To get this look in the salon, after setting, ask your stylist to start at the bottom of your lengths. He or she should slowly pull and twist out to achieve a beachy look.

Side-Parted Soft Twist Out for Short Hair

#21: Side-Parted Soft Twist Out Hair

The best way to achieve this side-parted curl-defining soft twist-out hairstyle is in the salon. Find a stylist who can help you achieve this style.

#22: Two-Toned Twist Out Curls

Two-toned twist out curls is a gorgeous natural hairstyle for a more defined look.

Very Long Burgundy Marley Twists
Instagram @baiana_braids

#23: Long Burgundy Marley Twists

These gorgeous long burgundy Marley twists are a fantastic option for low or high-porosity hair.

Fluffy Twist Out High Bun Updo
Instagram @rosesovaj

#24: Fluffy Twist Out Updo

A fluffy twist-out updo is a great way to style your mane as your twists unravel. To achieve this look, moisturize with a leave-in conditioner before sleeping. You could also choose to pull it into a high pony or bun.

#25: Side-Swept Short Chunky Twist Out

Love a natural pattern? Try this side-swept short chunky twist out to flatter your coils.

Twist out hairstyles are a beautiful way to showcase natural curls. They blend elegance with simplicity. Jemima Clarke, a renowned stylist, shares her insights. Her guidance turns twist outs into an art form. Whether you have tight curls or loose waves, her tips make it easy and fun.

Meet The Expert

Jemima Clarke
Jemima Clarke
Jemima is a protective hairstylist with over 9 years of experience.
You can find her at JC Glam Hair in Caribbean Island of Trinidad and Tobago

Mastering the Twist Out

Jemima says anyone can pull off a twist out. All you need is the right product, knowledge, and method. She adds that this style suits hair types between 3C and 4C best. The texture and thickness of your hair will shape the final look.

Size Does Not Matter

When asked about the right hair length, Jemima shares her view that there is no “best” length. In fact, even if your hair is just 4 inches long, you can still style it into a beautiful twist out.

Pro Tricks and Products

Jemima shares three key tips for a proper twist out. First, begin with clean, untangled, and stretched hair. She recommends blow-drying your hair for added fluff and volume.

Next, use a great foaming wrap lotion or mousse. The brands she suggests are The Doux, Design Essentials, Eden Bodyworks, and Nairobi. A tip she gives is to apply it thoroughly, make sure the hair is fully detangled, and not borrow hair during the twisting process. Being consistent is key.

The last tip she gives is to dry the hair under a hooded dryer. Let it dry for 30-45 minutes. When unraveling the twists, use an oil of choice and be gentle. After that, fluff up the roots with a pick comb, and you are good to go.

With her many years of experience, Jemima knows just how to guide you in the art of twist out. Her techniques and tips will help you to achieve a chic twist-out look, no matter your hair type or length.

Photos of the Most Beautiful Twist Out Hairstyles