A Perfect Bun Tutorial to Try Today: The Elegant Winding Bun

This elegant winding bun is one of those flawless, classic hairstyles that works for any type of formal event. Not only is it super easy to recreate, it’s the kind of hairstyle that evokes a sense of timelessness and sophistication. I like to imagine that if Grace Kelly were still alive, she’d sport this classy bun in a heartbeat.

Of course, you can wear this hairstyle anywhere your heart desires, but we think it’s especially appropriate for all those snazzy events. You know, the kind that usually requires an RSVP or an in-advance invite. For example, you can wear this winding bun to a summer wedding (or two!), a fancy cocktail hour, prom or wherever else you’re going that requires you to dress things up a little bit.

Below we’ve written out all the steps and, additionally, have included corresponding pictures. We’ve also got a video tutorial for you should you desire even more visual guidance. Basically, we’re gonna make sure you knock this bun tutorial out of the park! Let’s get started.

The Elegant Winding Bun Tutorial:

The Elegant Winding Bun Tutorial

Step 1: Pull Hair Half Up
To really amp up that winding effect, we recommend starting with straight hair. You can also apply an anti-frizz or glossing serum to make hair extra shiny. Once you’ve done all that, comb it out and then pull it into a half up, half down do. Secure with a clip and set aside for later.

Step 2: Create a Low, Off-Center Ponytail
Pull your hair into a low ponytail that leans a little to the right. A clear elastic works best since it’s tiny and discreet.

Step 3: Make a Bun
Next you’re going to create a bun out of your ponytail. To get that swept, winding effect, take one piece of hair from your ponytail and wrap it around the base. Secure with a bobby pin and then repeat with another section of hair, this time wrapping around the opposite way. Continue with sections of hair until it’s all wrapped in the bun. If you have any hairs that stick out (hello, fellow layered hair ladies), just use a few extra bobby pins and some hairspray to finesse everything.

Step 4: Wrap Remaining Hair
Release your hair that was pulled aside and comb it back and to the right. Take time to ensure your hair is smooth and fluid-looking. Once you’ve worked your hair down and over, wrap it around your bun and secure with bobby pins. If you have hair that escapes in the front, use bobby pins to pull it back and discreetly secure near the bun.

Step 5: Polish and Spray
Finish the look with a little bit of flexible hold hairspray so it lasts through the night.

Watch the Video:

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