29 Best Champagne Blonde Hair Color Ideas for Every Skin Tone

champagne blonde hair
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Like a fizzing glass of bubbly, champagne blonde is the go-to hair hue for women wanting to be shiny and classy. This popular shade of blonde hair has a golden blonde hue with a rosy undertone.

Having a blush of rose in it doesn’t overwhelm the blonde in any way, making it a perfect blend. It suits women with pale skin the best but is customizable for almost all skin tones.

Going for a champagne blonde shade needs great care and maintenance. “Make sure you know you can afford it and the recommended upkeep,” says Attie Beck, a hairstylist from Springfield, MO.

“Haircare means using good hair products and defending them from chlorine and the sun,” says Beck. “Do regular haircuts as blonde hues will be drier than normal and need more upkeep to keep it healthy.”

Beck suggests the use of Hairstory’s New Wash. She explains, “It’s a cleanser/conditioner for the hair that doesn’t have sulfates/detergents. It doesn’t pull out the toner in the hair so it will keep the color longer.”

Before your next hair color appointment, check out these popular photos of champagne blonde hair color ideas.

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#1: Medium-Length Bubbly Blonde Hair

Bubbly blonde hair is also known as a champagne blonde. It’s a beautiful mixture of golden blonde and pale pink tint.

This bubbly blonde is a great choice for women with medium-length hair who want a shiny finish to their blonde, almost iridescent look.

Champagne Blonde Tones on a Blunt Cut
Instagram @m.albernaz
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#2: Champagne Blonde Tones on a Blunt Cut

If you’re seeking a fresh hair color idea, try the champagne blonde tone on a blunt cut. This haircut and color combination is perfect for creating a beachy blonde style. This style works best with naturally blonde hair and can be curly or straight. Request your stylist for a textured lob cut with a razor or point cut for added texture. Ask for a partial highlight to enhance the depth and dimension of your hair color. To keep your hair looking healthy and maintain the style, it’s recommended that you do a gloss treatment and trim every 8 weeks.

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#3: Champagne Beige Blonde

Warm up your cool blonde hair with a champagne beige blonde tone all over. The pearlescent undertones add shine and depth overall. Finish this look with a texture spray for added definition!

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#4: Champagne Creamy Blonde

A simple method to enhance your blonde hair is to add a creamy champagne highlight. To let your hair grow out with no apparent root line, don’t apply the highlight directly to the roots. The creamy champagne highlight, a soft blonde tone, adds a subtle but noticeable brightness and significant shine to your hair.

Rich White Champagne Blonde with Root Smudge on Mid-Length Haircut
Instagram @la.rosesalon
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#5: Rich White Blonde with Root Smudge

Consider applying a root smudge to your lush white-blonde hair! This process can soften the contrast of your growing roots. It also adds brightness to your blonde hair!

Champagne-Toned Natural Blonde Blend for Longer Hair
Instagram @georgiafoxhair
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#6: Champagne-Toned Natural Blonde Blend

Add a blend of champagne-toned highlights to your blonde hair. Using different shades of blonde will add depth and make your hair appear brighter. A good, shiny finishing spray is recommended for added radiance.

Champagne Cool Blonde Medium Hair
Instagram @hairbykirsik
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#7: Cool Blonde Medium Hair

Try a cool blonde tone on your medium-length hair. The straight and blunt cut helps to enhance the blonde shades in this look. To maintain the brightness and coolness of the blonde shades, I recommend using a purple shampoo once a week.

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#8: Dimensional Champagne Blonde

Dimensional champagne blonde shades are ideal for dense hair. The tones, depth, and dimension combination break up the thickness and keep the hair from looking flat. For an edgier finish, style the locks with soft curls.

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#9: Dark Champagne Blonde

A dark champagne blonde has warm, cool tones that offer enough gloss to brighten up brunette hair. Thanks to the dark roots, this beautiful balayage is easy to grow out of.

Bright champagne blonde color
Instagram @elixierph
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#10: Bright Champagne Blonde Color

Bright champagne blonde color is the perfect color for fall. It is a neutral tone that is not too warm nor too ashy. With a rosy undertone, this champagne hair color is a brilliant way to brighten sun-deprived skin and warm your overall look.

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#11: Platinum Champagne Blonde

Platinum champagne blonde is an even combo of bright, icy, smooth blondes. Platinum blonde tends to look best on cooler complexions. Platinum blonde requires extra maintenance as the growth line will appear rather quickly.

Champagne blonde highlights
Instagram @artbyjoe_
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#12: Champagne Blonde Highlights

Champagne blonde highlights with a shadow root allow for a natural glow and easy maintenance. Champagne highlights are soft and buttery. If you crave dimension, ask your stylist to add some brighter pieces to add the gorgeous pop you’re looking for!

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#13: Darker Champagne Blonde

To create dimension, a darker champagne blonde is beautifully blended with a few brighter pieces. Champagne blonde is perfect for ladies wanting a subtle, more natural change on their tresses.

Rose gold champagne blonde
Instagram @wellanordic
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#14: Rose Gold Champagne Blonde

Rose gold champagne blonde is the color for you if you’re looking for a new, classy blonde! The warmth in its tone will brighten your tresses, offering a healthy glow. When talking to your stylist about this color, bring in pictures or request to look at hair color swatches to ensure you and your stylist are on the same page.

Champagne blonde hair with lowlights
Instagram @skultsweden
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#15: Champagne Blonde with Lowlights

Ask your stylist for a champagne blonde with lowlights to create a soft, dimensional hair color. It gives the root area a sandy hue, making it low maintenance. This blonde hair is best for women with straight or wavy hair.

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#16: Champagne Blonde on Brown Hair

Hints of champagne blonde on brown hair reveal a chic, subtle dimension. The result seems like a natural sun-kissed color. Such a hair color is perfect for women with thick tresses. It’s the dimension that helps the hair to look healthier.

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#17: Champagne with Shadow Roots

Paint a shade of champagne with shadow roots on your hair for low-maintenance blonde color. This is how you go light while saving yourself a few salon visits. The shadow roots also keep the radiance of the champagne blonde hue.

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#18: Blush Champagne Blonde

Try wearing a blush champagne blonde with a long haircut. The pastel pink undertone appears chic on ladies with pale skin tones. This champagne blonde hair dye looks cute with a straight style and glamorous when wavy.

Champagne Blonde on Dark Brown Hair
Instagram @un.rooted
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#19: Champagne Blonde on Dark Brown Hair

Splashes of champagne blonde on dark brown hair are one way to brighten up a brunette’s hair. This champagne bronde has a combination of shades that carries out a warm dimension, perfect for ladies with a warm skin tone.

Champagne Highlights on Blonde Hair
Instagram @beautymarkbylo
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#20: Champagne Highlights on Blonde Hair

Champagne highlights on blonde hair create a subtle dimension. Look at the perfect balance of depth and brightness. It makes the color suitable for most ladies. This blonde hair trend can also make thin, fine hair seem thicker.

Light Champagne Blonde Hair Color
Instagram @crhairdressing
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#21: Light Champagne Blonde Hair

A shade of light champagne blonde gives hair a brighter, cooler tone. It flatters women with a cool complexion and pink undertone. Color like this may fade and turn into a brassy hue. Avoid the brassiness by using purple shampoo.

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#22: Pink Champagne Blonde Hair

A pink champagne blonde hair gives off a very girlish vibe. The shade works on straight hair with slight waves. Achieve a romantic look by styling it with a braided half updo.

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Champagne Blonde with Highlights
Instagram @morethanhairr
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#23: Champagne Blonde with Highlights

Opting for a warm champagne blonde with highlights is a chic way to achieve a dimensional color. Wear it with or without waves.

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#24: Champagne Blonde Ombre

Match a champagne blonde ombre with long, curly hair to see how the tones combine. This hair color is the best choice for natural brunettes. The strands from the roots to the crown area are darker for an easier grow-out. Style the mid-lengths with waves to emphasize the blonde hue.

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#25: Champagne Blonde Balayage

Go for a champagne blonde balayage to brighten up your tresses. The hue is vivid, which adds softness to the hair. This idea is a gorgeous way to freshen up an old, grown-out balayage.

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#26: Champagne Blond Hair Color

Champagne blonde hair colors work on both warm and cool skin complexions. To achieve this, lowlights and babylights play an essential role. Ask for shadow roots so the mid-lengths and ends pop brighter.

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#27: Ashy Champagne Blonde

An ashy champagne blonde adds life to tresses, offering a healthier-looking effect. This one, in particular, was created by colorist Bryley Lougher of Cardiff, UK.

She explains, “This shade of champagne blonde was created using a global lightening service (scalp bleach). The champagne blonde streaks are high-maintenance. The color needs to be done every 4 to 5 weeks with professional homecare treatments and products. Thermal styling must be kept to a minimum to ensure the condition of the hair is maintained.”

This champagne blonde color is especially suited to fair skin with pink undertones. Add a shadow root or opt for babylights for an olive skin tone.

champagne blonde with babylights
Instagram @hairbykysa
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#28: Champagne Blonde with Babylights

A champagne blonde with detailed babylights is a creamy, bright tone that balances warm and cool tones in harmony. Ultra-fine weaves soften the blend at the root with just the right depth. The elaborate foil work requires precision, so expect several hours (and possibly multiple sessions) behind the chair with your stylist to achieve a champagne blonde. Remember, you’ll need frequent salon visits and proper at-home care to maintain the tone and health of your hair.

gorgeous champagne blonde long hair
Instagram @envied.ends
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#29: Gorgeous Champagne Blonde Long Hair

Gorgeous champagne blonde long hair is one of the most requested blonde tones. Hairstyles with champagne blonde hair color have a creamy beige balance of warm and cool with a bright reflection. Seek out inspirational photos with the same natural root color and texture as your own so you can have realistic expectations for your hair, and consider adding extensions for added length.