16 Gorgeous Braided Bun Hairstyle Ideas That Are Easy to Do

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A braided bun is a hairstyle where the hair is gathered towards the back or top of the head and then braided into a knot—got straight, curly, or wavy locks? Step up your hair game without hassle in only a few minutes!

Any day you want to look presentable, the bun with a braid is your best friend! No need to worry about those unruly strands. Incorporating braids into an updo will set your hair stylishly in place.

The bun is amazing if you consider the many ways to do it. Add in the tens of braid designs you can choose from, and you’ll have fun styling and creating your own ‘do! The braid-and-bun hybrid is the perfect style to master to enjoy your day without worry.

Hairstylist Casey Veda from New Jersey spills her best advice for braided buns. “Blowdry your hair smooth with a slight bend in the ends to promote shine. Keeping the ends curled will help them lay nicely into the bun rather than sticking out.”

Veda suggests using serums, styling balms, and hairsprays for a smooth bun. “Serums will keep the hair shiny and smooth. The balms or pomades will give a slight hold and taming effect without dulling the shine. Use hairspray while working and to finish,” she notes.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these popular, easy-to-do photos of braided bun hairstyles!


#1: French-Braided Bun Chignon

Consider this gorgeous French-braided chignon bun if you’re attending any formal event. Though it works best on long and dark tresses, you can use golden brown hair extensions to recreate the look. Leave a few strands on both sides of your face for a softer look.

This braided bun up-style was created by stylist and braider Megan Ellis of Windsor, ON. Her favorite part of this look is the braid and how it’s been pulled out and styled.

“With a braided bun style like this, there are many tricks to help with creating the braid and to help create the illusion of thickness,” says Ellis. “Depending on the client’s vision, I would recommend extensions to help the stylist when the client has overly soft or short hair.”

#2: Braided Ballerina Bun

A braided ballerina bun makes perfect and easy bun hairstyles for anyone who likes to have their hair up out of their face but doesn’t want just a ponytail. Young girls and athletic women would be the perfect candidate for using braids in buns as it keeps the hair in place and adds extra detail to break away from the same upstyled hairdo daily. A shine spray or hairspray is essential when tying your braid into bun hair styles to smooth flyaways and make the look more sleek and elegant.

#3: Braided Bun With Bangs For Black Woman

A braided bun with bangs for a black woman is something you wear high and proud! The braided bun hairstyle comes with straight bangs, giving it more edge and chicness. These braids in a bun work on both a casual and formal date night.

Big Braided Bun With Weave
Instagram @braidsbydesign

#4: Big Braided Bun With Weave

You can achieve a big braided bun with a weave. The intricacy of this braided hairstyle adds edginess to a woman’s vibe. When deciding where to place the high bun, it’s best always to align it with the cheekbones. This is the ultimate braided bun black girl would love to wear!

Stylish Double Braided Bun Updo Hairstyle
Instagram @ecbridalglow

#5: Stylish Double Braided Bun Updo

One plait is enough, but you can also go for two braided buns! Consider a stylish double-braided bun updo for an elegant finish. Such side braid buns are simple to create yet have a lasting impression all day.

#6: Braided Bun With Loose Side Braids

Display your naturally textured blonde with a braided bun with loose side braids. Braids with bun look effortless if you pull a few strands lightly. This messy and simple bun hairstyle with braids is perfect for your wedding day.

Braided Half Up Half Down Bun
Instagram @rachel.justine

#7: Braided Half Up Half Down Bun

Twist your hair back and pin it into this braided half-up, half-down bun style. Add extra volume and texture with curls and face-framing strands.

👉 See more half up half down hairstyles.

Easy to Wear Braided Bun Hairstyle
Instagram @sasha__esenina

#8: Easy-to-Wear Braided Bun

Here’s an easy-to-wear braided bun style that works best on fine, blonde tresses with face-framing pieces. Form a flow in your hairstyle by combing the strands to certain sides until you make it a bun.

Cornrow Braids Into a Bun Hairstyle
Instagram @baje_hair

#9: Cornrow Braids Into a Bun Hairstyle

Turn your cornrow braids into a bun hairstyle, and combine them with Marley twists. These braid bun hairstyles are easy to manage and very fashionable. You won’t find more neat braided bun hairstyles for black hair anywhere else!

#10: Gorgeous Braided Low Bun for Long Hair

Pull off a gorgeous braided low bun to highlight your bronde color melt. You don’t need texture or waves to achieve elegance in a braided bun hairstyle. But having long hair is crucial as it makes it easier to create bun braids.

Box Braids Bun For Natural Hair
Instagram @braidsbyrah_

#11: Box Braids Bun For Natural Hair

Add some streaks of blonde to your box braids bun for natural hair. The best thing about braided protective hairstyles is that they add length to your mane. Plus, it’s versatile enough to wear up.

#12: Cute Braided Bun for Little Black Girl

Opt for a cute braided bun for your little black girl! The feed-in braids and plaits are one size, following certain directions for a creative finish. Forming braids into bun styles will surely upgrade your usual updos!

braided up bun hairstyle for black hair
Instagram @thevicstyles

#13: Braided-Up Bun for Black Hair

A braided-up bun for black hair looks gorgeous, especially with your natural texture. Ask your stylist or professional braider which products to maintain a bun with braids at home.

#14: Braided Top Bun for an African-American Woman

If having buns with braids is your thing, ask your stylist about an updo. A braided top bun for an African-American woman lets you flaunt your black curls nicely.

Double-Braided Messy Bun
Instagram @sabrinadijkman

#15: Double-Braided Messy Bun

Romantic braided hairstyles like a double-braided messy bun will make your light brown tresses shine bright. A bun braided into a textured updo works well with face-framing pieces.

#16: Lace Braided Bun For Kids

The lace braided bun was created by hairstylist Serena Einarsson of Vancouver, WA.

She says, “It’s called such because the braid is created like a French braid where small sections of hair are added with each row until every section of hair is incorporated. This bun is braided, but it’s a simple style with something extra to make it look more put together.”

You’ll need bobby pins, hair elastic, a braid bun maker (matching the hair color you’re working with), medium to strong hold pomade (matte or shiny), and hairspray. These hair bun styles are quick and simple – it took about 10 minutes.