6 Ways to Add Pizzazz To Your Ponytail

While ponytails often get a bad rap for being boring and mundane, that’s not always the case. In fact, you can dress up a ponytail a bajillion different ways. For example, you can wear it high, wear it low, wear it textured, wear it sleek, or wear it with your favorite bauble or accessory. Your options are truly limitless.

Lately, ponytails are making a serious comeback. They were all over the New York Fashion Week Autumn/Winter runway and style icons and celebs are donning them, as well. You can always go with a classic pony, but feel free to spruce things up a bit. We’ve rounded up a few ideas to add a little pizzazz to your pony.

Bubble Ponytail

We wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve seen or tried a bubble ponytail that simply uses a series of elastics all the way down the ponytail’s length. This video tutorial by YouTube user Bebexo is the same idea, only she takes it one step further by wrapping hair around each kink. The result is a super finessed, seamless version of the former and we dig it.

’60s Inspired Bouffant Ponytail

Volume will never go out of style. Even when sleek is trending, you can bet your bottom dollar that somewhere out there someone’s rocking a voluminous ‘do and getting accolades for it. Daniela of Nany’s Klozet has detailed a fab ’60s bouffant ponytail with some impressive volume. To really build up that volume and texture, she used a body foaming mouse  and then teased her hair before completing the hairstyle. It’s a very thorough and extensive tutorial with many pictures, so head over to the blog for more info.

60s Bouffant Ponytail

Mohawk Ponytail

Nicole Kidman is one celebrity who brings it at every red carpet. At the Cannes Film Festival last spring, Nicole wore this intense ponytail-meets-mohawk hairstyle that was definitely an attention grabber. We love that it’s sleek and sophisticated, but still funky and modern. Renee from the Hair By Renee blog loved the look so much that she created a tutorial for anyone else who wanted to attempt it.

Mohawk Ponytail

Pin-Up Ponytail

We’ve got hair from the ’60s, why not add a ‘do from the pin-up era? This stunning hairstyle, featured on Sea of Shoes, is definitely a show stopper. Step one teaches you how to get a really voluminous ponytail, which is something you’ll want to know whether you’re wearing a pin-up ponytail or not. Step two moves on to teaching you how to create that classic pin-up “swirl.” Prepare for an onslaught of oohs and ahhs from passers-by!

PIN-UP PonytailPIN-UP Tutorial

Celtic Knot Ponytail

There’s something about a Celtic knot in your hair that’s so, so beautiful. It looks complicated, but YouTube user Kayley Melissa breaks it down into really easy-to-follow steps. While we love the half-up Celtic knot, the ponytail version is just so cool and definitely less common. Kayley shows you how to do both, so make sure to watch the whole video. It’s only three minutes long!

Braided Bang Side Ponytail

This type of braid is technically referred to as a “lace braid,” explains Christina of the Hair Romance Blog. A lace braid is when you only add hair from one side of the braid and is typically placed around the face to create a sort of frame. This lace braid — which stretches from one side of the face all the way down the other — does just that. Christina secures hers into a side ponytail, wrapping the end of the braid around the base to create a fluid and pretty end result.

Hair Romance Lace Braid Ponytail Hairstyle

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