30 Hottest Long Shag Haircuts to Try This Year

The best long shag haircuts

A long shag haircut is a heavily layered and textured cut on long hair. This long haircut became popular from the 70’s and 80’s by rockstars like Joan Jett, Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger and Jane Fonda.

The long shag can be a bit controversial in appearance. However, it’s neither a mullet nor a long-layered hairdo . Its subtle complexity is aptly attributed to its rock-n-roll and revolution sensibility.

It’s easy to see why the shag haircut for long hair is unique. With a superb versatility that’s apparent and perfectly suited for a variety of hair types and textures. Short shag haircuts transition well into lovely long shags.

If you have trouble growing your hair long, a longer shag haircut is also a fantastic style for fine hair. Wear it big and messy or simply sleek and join the hair revolution!

See these long shag haircuts and hairstyles pictures for your inspiration.

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The Long Razor Cut Shag

Q&A with style creator, Melanie Stipdonk
Master Hairstylist @ Pomme Salon in Kelowna, BC

How would you describe this?

This is a modern longer shag meets Brigitte Bardow haircut.

What I love most about this layered razor cut, and razored shags in general, are all the cute and sexy bits that are carved and personalized around the face.

This shaggy long hairstyle will look great in an easy, swept-up messy bun with all the fringe left out.

What’s your best advice for it?

Most of the layering is done around the face and crown, so it is really suitable for every hair type.

Long shag hairstyles are very versatile and can be worn with natural, air-dried texture, or blown out with volume in the crown and curled with an iron.

The best products to use for a natural air-dry are a saltwater spray for gritty, bodifying texture, and a curl cream through the ends.

For blow-drying and hot tools, use volumizers at the roots and heat protectors for the mid-lengths and shaggy ends.

Long Blunt Shag with a Middle Part

Blunt long shag hairstyle
Instagram @salsalhair

Blunt cut ends and handpainted hues make this long length bronde shaggy haircut super feminine and oh so trendy.

Strawberry Blonde Shag for Long Thick Hair

Strawberry Blonde long shag cut for Thick Hair
Instagram @emmatrottierhair

This timeless long shag on sweet strawberry blonde hair has a modern take.

Remember to use the best color-safe products to keep the hair vibrant and shiny under any kind of lighting.

Long Red Shag with Bangs

Red long shag hair with bangs
Instagram @hairstorystudio

Take your long hair to the next level with a vibrant red hue and long shaggy layers for days.

Center Part Choppy Shag

long shaggy haircut with center part
Instagram @nohairpicss

Q&A with style creator, Kaylee
Color Specialist @ Chromatique in Bellevue, WA

How would you describe this?

This long shaggy haircut is boho glam. This choppy cut screams shagginess!

What’s your best advice for it?

To style this layered shag hair, use everyone’s favorite Dry by Oribe and do a beach wave look or use R+Co Badlands Styling Paste and make it very Patti Smith edgy.

These bangs are a huge commitment and not low-maintenance.

Textured Shag for Long Wavy Hair

Long Shaggy locks with wavy hair
Instagram @jameyonmelrose

Q&A with style creator, Jamey Meyers
Senior Stylist @ Stag Hair Parlor in Los Angeles, CA

How would you describe this?

This long textured shag hairstyle is effortless, beach hair. Think air dried after swimming in the ocean.

The best thing about this shaggy long cut with layers is that it is meant to embrace one’s natural wave/curl. It’s not for those who enjoy a more polished look.

What’s your best advice for it?

I love salt spray on finer textures (Davines salt spray) and a texturing cream on thicker hair (Davines invisible serum.)

On some curlier textures, a little blow drying in front helps smooth out the fringe, but maintains the tousled effect.

Dark Cherry Long Shag with Bangs

Dark Cherry Long Shag with Bangs
Instagram @amberlyrhair

The dimensional long shag painted with a sweet dark cherry and orange undertones elevates the modern shag a step further.

This shade is perfect for skin types with warm undertones, while the thick cut with flawless fringe is best for oval or oblong face.

Long Shaggy Layers for Thick Hair

Layered shaggy hairstyle for long hair
Instagram @michelle.sun.shine

This super fiery hot modern long shag haircut is so on-point.

For long shags, add long feathery layers and straight-cut fringe to add movement and texture all over your hair.

Let’s not miss this beautifully done vibrant red hue that suits pale skin and cool undertone. Long shaggy hairstyles for thick hair work well with all face shapes.

Long and Shaggy for Round Faces

Shaggy haircut for long hair and round faces
Instagram @ofhairandhide

The long shag hairdo has been around for a really long time and we never stop loving it.

Adding some bangs to long layered hair would not just fill in the space if you have a long rounded face shape, but also give you that edgy factor.

Long Choppy Style with Long Curtain Bangs

Long shag haircut with long curtain bangs
Instagram @youcoulduseahaircut

Long curtain bangs on long shags are an adorable way to brighten up your square face and bring the attention towards your eyes.

Those trendy long blonde shaggy waves also do their work perfectly by providing texture and movement to this shaggy long cut.

Long Curly Shag with Bangs

Long curly shag with bangs
Instagram @mikaylaperkshai

You can always try an effortless long curly shag with bangs like this if you don’t wanna let go of your dreamy natural curls.

Just be really dedicated to moisturizing those pretty locks to keep your hair healthy all the time.

Shag for Long Straight Hair

Long shag for straight hair
Instagram @celine_piquette

One of the coolest straight long shag hairstyles to rock today is this long and straight layered cut hair.

The hot red base and those babylights on straight hair are definitely worth the high maintenance when you get a super edgy look like this in return.

Long Curly Blonde Shag with Bangs

Long curly blonde shag with bangs
Instagram @timm.morrison

A long shag with bangs and lots of choppy layers creates super long textured layers that look great on naturally blonde hair.

This long shaggy cut is super low maintenance when you go natural all the way with your color and hair type.

Perfect Shag for Long Thin Hair

Long shag for thin hair
Instagram @maverickwestsalon

A fresh shaggy hairstyle with long layers are always so flattering on long thin hair making it look light, yet, dimensional.

To easily complete this long shag haircut, add a stylish side fringe.

Long Shaggy Bob with Blonde Ombre

Long shaggy bob with blonde ombre
Instagram @zoey_virtuesalon

A thin yet textured long shaggy bob complements wide faces.

The blonde ombre on those gorgeous layers lightens up the face and gives you a radiant vibe.

Long and Shaggy Choppy Layers

Q&A with style creator, Amanda Mongiello
Hairstylist @ Roots Hair Devotion in Brick Township, NJ

How would you describe this?

This shag with curtain bangs looks modern on a long haircut.

The fringe is meant to look almost grown out and frame your face. From cut to color it is a very free and natural style. I love that it is extremely versatile and can be worn with natural texture or very styled. It truly is your choice!

What’s your best advice for it?

If you are looking to completely change and have a fresh new style, a great way to do that is by getting a fringe. I call this type of fringe a risk-free fringe because again it is meant to have a grown outlook and can easily be blended in with layers if you do choose to grow them out.

Long shag hairstyles can be made customized to your texture and your face shape.

Long Brown Shag with Side-Swept Bangs

Brown shag haircut on long hair with Side-Swept Bangs
Instagram @kellyhursh

Q&A with style creator, Kelly Hursh
Haircutting Specialist @ Herringbone Salon in Philadelphia, PA

How would you describe this?

The hairstyle on this long shag is as a face-framing straight razor cut.

What’s your best advice for it?

I would ask them to be more open to a product, to embrace and enhance the ease of their natural hair, and put less focus on styling. I feel like most people want to air dry and feel confident.

Long, shaggy locks can also serve as a source of weight relief for very heavy hair or faces being weighed down or swamped by their hair!

Long Choppy Cut with Shaggy Layers

Long Choppy Cut with Shaggy Layers
Instagram @andie_jones

Q&A with style creator, Andie Jones
Color Specialist & Session Stylist @ DNa Lab in Frederick, MD

How would you describe this?

Shag hairstyles for long hair are effortless and fun because of all the layers and movement!

A long gypsy shag cut allows stylists to freestyle their haircutting technique.

What’s your best advice for it?

Long shag haircuts are definitely the cut for women looking to let out their inner seventies rocker!

Cute Center Part Shag for Long Hair

Long haircut shag with center part
Instagram @sodadasalon

Q&A with style creator, Solange Sarria
Founder @ Sodada Salon in Miami, FL

How would you describe this?

This is a romantic cut with long shaggy layers. It’s layered enough to remove weight but not too much to go into mullet territory!

A shag for long hair is perfect for women with really thick, coarse hair who are looking for lightness and flow.

What’s your best advice for it?

If you enjoy letting your long hair do its thing with little to no effort, this razored shaggy haircut long is for you.

All you need is some curl cream evenly finger-combed throughout all your locks and allow to air dry without touching!

Long Hair with Shaggy Layers

Q&A with style creator, TeriAnne Kemnitz
Founder / Master Hairstylist @ Style Color Groom in Austin, TX

How would you describe this?

This long layered shag cut is soft, effortless, and wash-and-go.

I used a mixture of techniques to achieve these messy shaggy layers: both razor and shear cutting along with hand-drying techniques.

A heavy, piecey fringe just brushing the eyebrows pulls this 70’s bohemian style together along with a simple, soft balayage.

What’s your best advice for it?

The classic shag is a very wearable long hairstyle for every woman.

This soft, up-to-date shagged cut is recommended if you’re looking for effortless hair.

Don’t be afraid to bring out the texture and body of your hair, and embrace your wave/curls!

Long Choppy Shag

Q&A with style creator, Collin Martin-Sark
National Educator @ Hattori Hanzo Shears in Ft. Wayne, IN

How would you describe this?

This shaggy haircut for long hair is perfect for women who want to enhance their face shape and accentuate their eyes.

The great thing about a long shaggy hair cut correctly is its effortlessness. When you want to, or have time to, put the extra effort into your hair, it will look amazing.

What’s your best advice for it?

If you have very long layers or even a solid haircut, discuss with your stylist the commitment of having long hair with layers, and the possibility of some of those tousled layers being very short.

For long shaggy hairstyles, add a bit of texturizing spray never hurts for a tousled look that bends to last through long days.

Long Choppy Layers

shag haircut for long hair with Choppy Layers
Instagram @sigmasquaredsalon

A choppy long shag haircut gives you that big hair drama!

Long wavy hair cut into a shag with stacked up layers creates balance.

Long Wispy Shag with Blonde Highlights

Q&A with style creator, Mary Jane Serrano
Senior Creative Director & Educator @ Vanis Salon and Day Spa in Schererville, IN

How would you describe this?

This long wispy shag haircut has an effortless, lived-in feel.

A razored shag gives softness and creates that perfect “grown in” look that everyone loves.

The layers are cut shorter in the crown and kept longer around the face to keep it modern.

What’s your best advice for it?

This layered haircut would be easiest for women with naturally wavy hair. Just add a dab of curl cream and a sea salt spray (Aveda texture tonic) then air dry or diffuse.

Long Wavy Shag with Wispy Bangs

Long Wavy Shag with Wispy Bangs
Instagram @bam_balayage

Q&A with style creator, Beth Laffin
Designer @ YOU Salon in Ellicott City, MD

How would you describe this?

The long wavy shag haircut with fringe is a texture cut that creates body and interest. All without compromising the length.

What’s your best advice for it?

Choppy long shag cuts adds movement to long hair and allows for a lot of versatility when styling.

Long shag hairstyles with long bangs are great for balancing out a long face or camouflaging a large forehead.

The products used for long shag hairstyles for women are fairly minimal because you want to keep the shape looking airy and textured, not overly weighed down.

Long Shaggy Hair with Curtain Bangs

Long Shaggy Layers with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @nelsonstylist

Q&A with style creator, Nelson Aguiar
Master Hairstylist @ Brennen Demelo Studio in Toronto, ON

How would you describe this?

This shaggy layered hairstyle had only the visible layers and a textured layers cut.

This cutting technique allows long layered hairstyles to move, take shape, and be easily manipulated.

What’s your best advice for it?

With a messy shag, you can manipulate the long layers that are face-framing. This makes it easily suitable for many face shapes.

Take your stylist’s advice with the longer length and amount of fringe. This is important because they know how your hair lives and how they can cut it so that you have the most control.

How to style this long choppy shag:

  1.  Once you have the product in your hair, take large sections of your hair, twist the section over and over.
  2.  Then slightly pull apart the section to create an easy wave.
  3.  You can also take a large barrel curling iron and wrap a few pieces in different directions to create a more flipped texture.

Face Framing Long Blunt Shag

Face Framing Long Blunt Shag Style
Instagram @_missmarilyn

Q&A with style creator, Marilyn Lizardo
Stylist @ Bomane Salon in Beverly Hills, CA

How would you describe this?

This long blunt shag frames the face perfectly and using this technique in the layering gives movement and body.

What’s your best advice for it?

When considering shaggy long bangs and face-framing layering, consider your facial features to see what should be enhanced and/or softened.

Go-to products for this style are a few spritzes of Davines Sea Salt Spray and some drops of Davines Oi Oil to give the hair some texture and definition on the jagged ends!

Long Choppy Shag with Blunt Bangs

Long Choppy Hair with Blunt Bangs
Instagram @smallstrom.hair

A straight shag with long shaggy bangs makes for an edgy haircut to match the personality.

Choppy Long Layers with Disconnected Fringe

Choppy Long Layers with Disconnected Fringe
Instagram @cirruspaints

Q&A with style creator, Cirrus Blaafjell
Blonde & Corrective Color Specialist @ Salt Salon in San Francisco, CA

How would you describe this?

This is a modern long shag haircut with a disconnected fringe that’s easy to grow out and brings attention to the cheekbones which open up the face.

What’s your best advice for it?

This messy shag is great for women with long hair who want a more lived-in, low maintenance vibe. It can be worn styled with finger drying or air-dried with a few loose waves.

Beach Waves Messy Shag

Long Beach Waves Messy Shag
Instagram @nadiachatshair

Get that sun-kissed long shag haircut with choppy ends with beautiful blonde highlights on a soft blonde base.

Medium-to-Long Feathered Shag with Bangs

Q&A with style creator, Martine Le Blanc
Hair and Make-up Artist @ Salon Republic West Hollywood in West Hollywood, CA

How would you describe this?

The long feathered shag reigned supreme as the trendy 70s and 80s hairstyle, but this modern cut is much more feminine and versatile.

An old-school long shag haircut with bangs traditionally hits between the collarbone and upper chest, but face shape and hair texture should really determine your most flattering length. A shaggy hairstyle with feathered layers will give you an extra dimension.

What’s your best advice for it?

A shag style on long lengths, adding bangs can make or break long haircuts for women. So along with your stylist, find the right shaggy bangs that best suits your lifestyle and face shape.

For a more textured, beachy shag, spray in Coconut Texture Spray from the Liquid Luxxe Island Collection. It is 98% natural and contains organic ingredients.

Cute Long Shag for Fine Hair

Cute long shag for fine hair
Instagram @jikaiahstylist

Q&A with style creator, Jikaiah Stevens
Hairstylist @ Edo Salon and Gallery in San Francisco, CA

How would you describe this?

This long shag hair cut for fine hair is full of texture and fun and adds so much style to long hair that can sometimes get boring. Adding bangs to a feathered shag for fine hair pulls this style together nicely.

What’s your best advice?

It is all about the little bangs and bits pieces that are hand-carved out with a straight blade razor to hit the individual client’s cheekbones or desired highlighted features.

This shaggy layered long hair is also great for a busy gal on the go who wants an air-dry style or one who can throw it up in a messy bun or pony, but make it look in style and on purpose.

Ombre Shag for Thin Hair

Chocolate Brown to Blonde Ombre Long Shag for Thin Hair
Instagram @ladylotus_

Q&A with style creator, Trish Deleon
Owner/ Hairdresser @ White Lotus in Geneva, IL

How would you describe this?

A voluminous shag for long thin hair has a natural, lived-in shape that creates movement.

What’s your best advice for it?

Style your shag with volumizers, powders, and spray waxes or pomades to emphasize movement, volume, and wearability.

Pro Tip: Long shag hairstyles often need maintenance. So, always layer your matte and shine products for the balance!

I recommend this shaggy long hair for women with natural texture or bend in their hair.

Light Brown Shag with Side Swept Bangs

Long Light Brown Shag with Side Swept Bangs
Instagram @lisahair212

Q&A with style creator, Lisa Caccavale
Hairstylist / Make-up Artist @ JC Salon in New York, NY

How would you describe this?

This shag on long hair is soft with face-framing layers and textured ends that create a beautiful shape.

What’s your best advice?

This long choppy haircut can be edgy with a waxy product, blown out with a large round brush for a more polished finish, or simply air-dried for effortless texture.

Lived-In Long Layered Shag

Lived-In Long Layered Shag hairdo
Instagram @superbasic.hair

Q&A with style creator, Debra Parkinson
Hairstylist @ Deborah Parkinson Hair Studio in San Jose, CA

How would you describe this?

This long shag cut is called lived-in layers, the look that Anh Co Tran originally mastered and coined.

This shaggy hairstyle is great because it gives maximum movement to the hair without creating frizz from over layering on textured hair, as well as gives extra body and movement to limp hair.

What’s your best advice for it?

Product recommendations include a smoothing cream for textured hair while using the large bristle Ibiza brush. Use a mousse at the root for fine or limp hair, as well as round brush with natural bristle large Ibiza brush.

Copper Shaggy Cut and Color

Timeless chopper shaggy cut and color on longer hair
Instagram @alissasmithhair

Check out this trendsetting textured chest-length long shag hair that looks so feminine and carefree! It’s a classic and easy way to add dimension and volume to long locks with a single shade.

A texture spray or paste on towel-dried hair works best. Either let the hair air dry or blast it upside down with dryer, squishing hair in your hands as you dry.

Save your favorite long shag haircuts from these photos and show them to your hairdresser at your next appointment. Don’t you just love long shag hairstyles for women?

Long Razored Shag with Baby Bangs

Razored Long Shaggy Cut With Baby Bangs
Instagram @edenfabbs

If the choppy long shag hairstyle isn’t risky enough for you, add a pair of super-short razored bangs. Maybe add a dark hue, too, to amp up the edge factor. A brunette shag hairstyle with bangs is super trendy!