50+ Trendiest Long Shag Haircuts for The Ultimate Textured Look

Picture of long shag haircuts
Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Long shag haircuts are still trending in 2024! This ’70s and ’80s-inspired hairstyle continues to take the spotlight from some of the top hair salons. Here, I’ve put together pictures of some of the best ways you can pull off a modern shag for long hair. I’ll also share my best tips and advice on how you can choose and style your long shaggy cut.

fluffy hair with a middle part
Instagram @jhair_stylist

#1: Modern Fluffy Long Shag with a Middle Part

A long shag is a great way to achieve fluffy layered volume without putting extreme amounts of effort into styling. Fluffy hair with a middle part creates perfectly balanced volume with little to no styling efforts, especially if you have fine hair.  Dry texture spray works well to add even more fluffy volume with a workable hold.

Long and Shaggy Cut for Round Faces

#2 Long and Shaggy Cut for Round Faces

A long shag haircut can work well on a round face if you get face-framing layers. The hairdo looks chic, feminine, and somehow edgy. It works best with loose waves, short layers, and extra texture. The style’s softness complements the fullness of a round face shape. Plus, it works on any hair type.

Lived-in long layered shag

#3 Lived-In Long Layered Shag

This long shag cut has lived-in layers. Pull off a lived-in long layered shag and own that effortless beauty! This is the style that Anh Co Tran originally mastered and coined. A shaggy style is ideal for hair with a fine density. It gives maximum movement without creating frizz from over-layering. Enhance the texture with soft waves to give it extra body.

long shag with swoopy curtain bangs

#4 Swoopy Curtain Bangs with a Long Shag

Long shags will suit dense or thick hair if you get lots of layers. Consider a long shag with swoopy curtain bangs if you have thick hair. Lots of layering helps debulk dense hair while allowing you to preserve length. Frame your face with shorter pieces and a curtain bang for a trendy, low-maintenance style.

Shaggy Long Seamless Layers with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @nothingobvious

#5: Long Seamless Layers with Curtain Bangs

Add long, seamless layers and a curtain bang to change the look of your shag haircut. The layers will give your hair a longer look, and the fringe will provide some softness around your face. A texture spray is one of the best styling products for this look, as it adds extra grit.

Long Light Brown Face-Framing Shag with layers and choppy ends
Instagram @salsalhair

#6: Light Brown Face-Framing Shag

A light brown face-framing shag is a perfect cut for girls! You can style easily since the cut is detailed to move with your waves. Adding subtle highlights always does the trick when you want a little more definition to the cut. Style using a volumizing mousse and either air-dry or blow-dry. Finish with a texture spray, and if you have heavier hair, use a pomade to smooth the ends and add shine.

Shaggy Long Layered Cut
Instagram @tesseghair

#7: Shaggy Long Layered Cut

This long shag haircut is a great way to try out this style without making a big commitment. A shaggy long layered cut is similar to the classic shag cut, but the layers are much longer. If the short layers of traditional shag styles scare you, consider longer layers with the same wispy ends. The longer layers require less daily maintenance; you can go longer between haircuts. This hairstyle is perfect for women who want to try a low-maintenance shag before getting a big chop.

#8: Modern Long Shag Hairstyle

Long shags can easily be modernized to fit your polished style. Some of the best long shag hairstyles have a curtain bang and a middle part. This is the perfect haircut option for women with long hair that want a shag style but don’t want to commit to a full bang. Curtain bangs with a long shag are perfect if you have a triangular, pear-shaped, or oblong face shape.

#9: Long Choppy Shag

I’m constantly asked what the new trends are by my clients. Currently, everyone is growing out their curtain bangs. Which has led to long curtain bangs becoming one of the hottest trends. Curtain bangs on long shags combine the two hottest things on the market. They tend to take the super cool shag haircut to the next level. This cut is great for all face shapes because it can be custom tailored per person.

Curly Long Shag
Instagram @hairabee

#10: Curly Long Shag

Long shag haircuts can be a curly girl’s best friend. This long curly shag is perfect for fine, looser curls. The long layers underneath with gradually shorter layers help your looser curls bounce up and look fuller. Before asking for a shag cut, look at many long shag pictures and see what you think suits you best. A brow-length fringe looks great with most curly shag haircuts but might require daily styling if you have a cowlick.

#11: Shaggy Long Hair with Curtain Fringe

Your long shag haircut can be personalized to be more timeless or more on-trend. Shaggy long hair is the newest trend, and for a good reason. This shag haircut for women with long hair is perfect if you want a more textured look that long layers don’t give. If you need to pull your hair into a bun or ponytail often, ask your stylist not to take your layers too short.

#12: Extra Long Shag with Heavy Bangs

An extra-long shag haircut is a retro style, modernized! This long layered haircut can compliment bangs framing the face and the distribution of layers for bodybuilding volume while still creating ease for a style like a long straight shag. This haircut is only ideal if you have curly hair, the longer layers will add more or coily hair shape to your hair.

Flattering Shag for Long Fine Hair
Instagram @bareeminimum

#13: Flattering Shag for Long Fine Hair

A long shag haircut with textured bangs won’t require much daily styling or upkeep if you have straight or slightly wavy hair. And if you want a flattering shag for long fine hair, you can still have a strong choppy bang. Long shaggy hairstyles for fine hair won’t require much texturizing, so don’t be afraid of your hair feeling too thin!

Face-Framing Shaggy Layers for Long Hair
Instagram @hirohair

#14: Face-Framing Layers

Face-framing layers are a beautiful way to bring focus to the face and keep your haircut from looking too blunt. If you have fine hair, you may want to do fewer face-framing layers than someone with thick hair. This will ensure the ends don’t look transparent in your layered haircut.

Flattering Shag for Slightly Curly and Long Hair
Instagram @hairbydsuarez

#15: Flattering Shag for Slightly Curly Hair

A flattering long shag haircut for slightly curly hair will include lots of face-framing layers and soft ends. Longer, curly hair can look heavy without proper texturizing. This is especially important for a shag, so ask your stylist for a textured style. You should also ask your stylist not to use a razor for your long shag haircut if you have slightly curly hair. Razor-cut shags can cause more frizz and tangles in curly hair than a scissor-cut shag.

#16: Ultra Long Shag

This version of a long shag haircut offers versatility without requiring frequent haircuts or lots of time for daily styling. Women that love long hair but are looking for a new style will love an ultra-long shag. A brow-length choppy bang will complete your new layered shaggy cut.

Classic Long Shag Haircut
Instagram @hairolines

#17: Classic Long Shag Haircut

If you’re looking for photos for long shag haircut ideas for longer-length hair, consider adding a fun visual interest like layers. Long layered hair is perfect for those who want to keep the length but want to add soft feathery texture.

Bright Long Blonde Shag
Instagram @randa.rivera

#18: Bright Long Blonde Shag

This long shag haircut is perfect if you have grey or lightened hair. A bright long shag is an attractive way to add layers and texture. Long blonde or grey shaggy hair can help rid damage or just add fun texture. The longer layers add style and direction to your tresses without making them too short, wispy, or unmanageable.

Long Shaggy and Wispy
Instagram @jpattonsalon

#19: Long Shaggy and Wispy

A long, shaggy, and wispy cut is a stylish way to keep the length. Ask for a textured cut but keep the length. Long shaggy wispy haircuts are perfect for any hair type and texture.

Long Shag with Side Bangs
Instagram @randa.rivera

#20: Shag with Side Bangs

Try a shag with side bangs to get a fun look for longer hair. To keep a shag cut long, ask for a longer version of a traditional feathered cut haircut.

Long Gypsy Shag
Instagram @ernestomeneses

#21: Gypsy Shag

A long gypsy shag is a freeing style of fun and youthfulness. A gypsy haircut is a new-age rendition of the classic shaggy haircut for long hair. It creates a ton of texture for straight to wavy or even curly hair to debulk weight while adding volume.

the long razor cut shag
Instagram @yukistylist

#22: The Long Razor Cut Shag

Long shag hairstyles are versatile and can be worn with natural, air-dried texture or blown out with volume in the crown and curled with an iron. Opt for a modern, longer shag meets Brigitte Bardot haircut. The best thing about this layered razor cut, and razored shags in general, are all the cute and lovely bits carved and personalized around the face. This shaggy long hairstyle will look great in an easy, swept-up messy bun with all the fringe left out.

#23: Bronde Long Blunt Shag with a Middle Part

A long shag hairstyle can make blonde, and bronde hair colors sing. Blunt-cut wispy ends and handpainted hues make this long-length bronde shaggy haircut super feminine and trendy. To get this modern shag haircut, ask your hairstylist for a combination of longer and shorter layers.

Brunette Shag for Long Thick Hair
Instagram @maggie.cuts

#24: Brunette Shag for Long Thick Hair

A long shag haircut paired with brunette hair was popular in 2018 and is starting to come back. Remember to use the best color-safe products to keep the hair vibrant and shiny under any lighting. This color and hairstyle pair ideally because both make your hair look thicker without any extremely short, drastic, or high-maintenance layers.

long red shag with curtain bangs
Instagram @davidwbullen

#25: Long Red Shag with Curtain Bangs

Take your long hair to the next level with a vibrant red hue and long shaggy layers. This layered hairstyle is best for ladies with thicker hair. You can apply mousse or volumizing spray to the roots when you need an instant lift.

#26: Center Part Choppy Shag

Long shaggy haircuts are great for round and square-shaped faces. Opt for a  razor cut for the ultimate rocker shag look with a choppy texture. Round brush back or throw in some barrel waves to compliment the layers. If you have a round face, ask your stylist for layers that add volume on top but stay sleek around your face. If your face is more square, ask for softness around your temples and a little volume near your cheekbones.

Long textured shag for wavy hair
Instagram @treehousehair

#27: Textured Shag for Long Wavy Hair

A long textured shag hairstyle is effortless, beach hair. The best thing about this shaggy long cut with layers is that it is meant to embrace one’s natural wave/curl. It’s not for those who enjoy a more polished look. Use a salt spray on finer textures (Davine’s salt spray) and a texturing cream on thicker hair (Davine’s invisible serum).

#28: Dark Cherry Long Shag with Bangs

A well-executed long shag haircut pairs perfectly with any red hue. A dark cherry, longer shag with bangs is low-maintenance and the perfect take on a modern shag. Curtain bangs and soft waves away from the face work with all face shapes with the right length of bang and layering. Carving out the texture to soften the ends gives it the modern shag style.

long shaggy layers for thick hair
Instagram @hairbymickk

#29: Long Shaggy Layers for Thick Hair

For long shag haircut cuts, add long feathery layers that adds movement and texture all over your hair. Long shaggy hairstyles for thick hair work well with all face shapes.

Long shag haircut with long curtain bangs
Instagram @salonsassafras

#30: Long Choppy Style with Long Curtain Bangs

A long choppy style with long curtain bangs opens the face and accents facial features. This shaggy brown hair idea is from stylists Jennifer Golden and Sophia Deininger. “For a fine hair type, the razor cut technique was ideal,” they mention. The stylists also added a heavily layered fringe to such a shaggy long cut. “The long curtain bangs on long shags create beautiful texture and movement around the eyes and cheekbone,” they state.

Long Curly Shag with Fringe
Instagram @skipdoeshair

#31: Long Curly Shag with Bangs

Try adding bangs to a long curly to pull off a major transformation. It enhances a curly mane’s volume, allowing it to appear bouncier.  A long curly shag with a fringe is a modern take on a classic 80’s shag on naturally curly hair. Most of the layering is focused around the face, from the bangs to the face frame.

#32: Shag for Long Straight Hair

Shaggy long hairstyles are versatile. They can be worn messy or sleek. Here’s a shag cut to give your long straight hair extra volume and body! It has front layers that bring out a framing effect around the face. Featuring long curtain bangs, this hair idea offers a younger-looking image.

long shaggy cut with bangs for women
Instagram @bareeminimum

#33: Long Shag with Bangs

A long shag haircut with bangs and lots of choppy layers creates super long textured layers that look great on naturally brown-blonde hair. Long shaggy cuts are super low-maintenance when you go natural with your color and hair type. This hairstyle is also great for bringing out any natural wave or curl in your hair– no blow drying or heat styling required.

Perfect Shag for Long Thin Hair
Instagram @g_deodato

#34: Perfect Shag for Long Thin Hair

Opt for a long shag hairstyle that offers layers like in this picture. Ask for the perfect shag for this, long hair, and transform into a goddess quickly! Fine, thin locks could look flat, and no one wants that—no need to chop too much hair off. Intensify the style with soft waves for a very feminine vibe.

long shaggy bob haircut
Instagram @hairby_chrissy

#35: Long Shaggy Bob

Really Long hair isn’t required to rock a long shag haircut. A long shaggy bob is great for achieving a beachy vibe. It looks way too stunning with loose waves and texture. It’s also a plus if your hair has a bright blonde color. This lob is easy to style, so women with a busy schedule will love it. But keep in mind that you’ll need a trim every 2-3 months to maintain the shape. At the same time, growing out this haircut is easy and low-maintenance.

Long and Shaggy Choppy Layers
Instagram @g_deodato

#36: Long and Shaggy Choppy Layers

One of the benefits of long shag hairstyles is how they can be customized. When merged with a wavy style, this long haircut creates a next-level glam. By wearing these long and shaggy choppy layers, you’ll be ready for a night out. Consider the hair texture and face shape to see which shag is best for you.

Long Brown Shag with Side-Swept Bangs
Instagram @vswaynos

#37: Long Brown Shag with Side-Swept Bangs

Flaunt a brunette long shag with side-swept bangs for a flattering hair trend that suits most ladies. This haircut features a lot of layers to carry out extra volume and movement to tresses. Long, shaggy hair also serves as a source of weight relief for very heavy hair. It’s the chop that makes the hair appear weightless. When drying it, use a diffuser to protect its texture.

Long choppy cut with shaggy layers
Instagram @rachelwstylist

#38: Long Choppy Cut with Shaggy Layers

Try this long shag haircut to highlight your cheekbones, and eyes and add symmetry to your appearance. Shag hairstyles for long hair create softness throughout the hair with lots of texture and layers around the face that look amazing when curled back with a round brush or iron. A long choppy cut with shaggy layers is a good choice for those who want an edgy style.

Cute Center Part Shag for Long Hair
Instagram @g_deodato

#39: Cute Center Part Shag

This is a cute center-part shag for longer hair. Modern and very flattering—these long shaggy layers are to die for! A shaggy cut for long hair is perfect for women with thick, coarse hair looking for lightness and flow. If you enjoy letting your long hair do its thing with little effort, this razored, shaggy haircut is for you.

#40: Long Hair with Shaggy Layers

This long layered shag cut is best with waves. Long hair with shaggy layers makes a pretty hairstyle that boosts a feminine vibe. Such a classic shag is a very wearable long hairstyle for every woman. The layers are customizable and can suit a specific face shape and hair type. Add a few fringe pieces to finish it with a younger shaggy look.

#41: Long Choppy Shag

This long choppy shag is a very versatile look. Long shags are for women who want to keep the length but want natural volume and movement in their hair.

Long Shag with Choppy Layers
Instagram @mollybakerhair

#42: Long Choppy Layers

1970’s Stevie Nicks inspires a razored long shag haircut.  This is the world’s easiest cut to wear and can bring out all your natural waves. The face-framing, soft layers open up and accentuate cheekbones. This cut can last for months, taking on different shapes as weeks for by.

Long Wispy Shag with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @anhcotran

#43: Long Wispy Shag with Blonde Highlights

Your long shag haircut doesn’t have to scream “retro.” You can customize it to match your style. This long wispy shag haircut has an effortless, lived-in feel. This long wispy shag with blonde highlights screams gorgeousness! It has a more modern vibe—thanks to its rich dimension. A razored shag gives softness and creates that perfect “grown in” look everyone loves.

Long wavy shag with wispy bangs
Instagram @skipdoeshair

#44: Long Wavy Shag with Wispy Bangs

Long shag hairstyles that are extra choppy add movement to wavy hair texture. Try a long wavy shag haircut with wispy bangs that will create and add movement while retaining length. Style this wavy shag haircut for long hair with a 1 ½’’ barrel curling iron and texture with a texture powder like Evo Haze.

#45: Long Shaggy Hair with Curtain Bangs

Pair long, shaggy hair with curtain bangs for an extra dramatic look. This shaggy layered long hair is best with a lot of waves and texture. With a messy shag, you can manipulate the long layers framing the face. This makes it easily suitable for many face shapes. Before getting a fringe, it’s best to consult a stylist.

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face-framing long blunt shag
Instagram @hairbyelvisp

#46: Face-Framing Long Blunt Shag

A long shag haircut that’s blunt cut will frame the face, and the layering gives movement and body. When considering shaggy long bangs and face-framing layering, consider your facial features to see what should be enhanced and softened. Go-to products for this trendy look are a few spritzes of Davines Sea Salt Spray and drops of Davines Oi Oil to give the hair some texture and definition on the jagged ends!

Long Choppy Shag with Blunt Bangs
Instagram @jhair_stylist

#47: Long Choppy Shag with Blunt Bangs

A long choppy shag with blunt bangs looks soft on square and heart face shapes. The beachy waves go well with the sleekness of the fringe. To achieve the same killer style, use Brooklyn Bombshell Blowout Spray. Mist an Un.Done texture spray to enhance the tousled effect, too. The finish can make a statement that impresses everyone!

Choppy long layers with disconnected fringe
Instagram @alysia.carmen

#48: Choppy Long Layers with Disconnected Fringe

A long shag haircut creates a custom-tailored and edgy look without needing much maintenance. This modern long shag hairstyle has choppy long and shorter layers with disconnected short bangs. It’s low maintenance, thanks to shortening the layers and keeping the fringe disconnected.  This long shag haircut is a little too extreme for straight hair. But if you have natural waves, curls, or curl your hair every day, it’s the perfect modern hairstyle.

Long beach waves messy shag
Instagram @fernanducruz

#49: Beach Waves Messy Shag

Look no further. The most popular long shag hairstyles are here. To give lightness to a long shag, add beach waves and choppy ends. To style, use salt spray for more movement to this layered hairstyle. If you also need to make this haircut look sleek for certain occasions, ask your stylist to add extra texturizing throughout your layers and ends.

#50: Medium-to-Long Feathered Shag with Brow-Grazing Bangs

The long shag hairstyle reigned supreme as the trendy ’70s and ’80s hairstyle. In fact, it always stayed on the trend list. Now that it has a modern touch, a long shag is more feminine and versatile. And the best thing about this great option is that it suits women of all ages!

#51: Cute Long Shag for Fine Hair

A long shag haircut for fine hair looks much better when full of texture. Here’s a sample of a Farrah Fawcett-inspired chic haircut. Be mindful of your face shape to choose the best feathered shag bangs for this. The layers create a square look, and you want the weight of the fringe to be a smaller part of your face to widen it,

#52: Textured Ombre Shag for Thin Hair

Long shag hairstyles often require upkeep. It’s best to wear a textured ombre shag for thin hair. A shag for thin long hair has a natural, lived-in shape that creates movement. When styling shags, use volumizers, powders, and spray waxes or pomades. They help emphasize movement and volume. Before you get a look, please consider the maintenance.

#53: Choppy Light Brown Shag with Side Swept Bangs

A shag that’s lighter brown with side-swept bangs is an appealing option for babes with a warmer skin tone. Added hints of blonde can show off the layers better. This long choppy haircut can be edgy with a little waxy product. Or give it a blown-out style using a large round brush for a more polished finish. But, if aiming for effortless texture, air-dry the mane.

#54: Copper Shaggy Cut and Color

Check out this updated textured, chest-length, long shag hair that looks so feminine and carefree! In recent years, this has been one of the best shag haircuts for long hair. The messy layers easily add dimension and volume to long locks with a single shade. A texture spray or paste on towel-dried hair works best when styling. Let the hair air dry or blast it upside down with a dryer, squishing hair in your hands as you dry.

#55: Long Razored Shag with Baby Bangs

A long shag hairstyle isn’t complete without the bangs. A micro fringe goes well with it, for sure! This haircut rides the fine line between a shag and a shullet, leaning towards being more of a shag. A Shullet is a hybrid of a mullet and a shag that leans towards being more of a mullet.

long-to-medium blonde shag with fringe
Instagram @hirohair

#56: Long-to-Medium Blonde Shag with Fringe

A long-to-medium blonde shag with fringe is low-maintenance and a great way to add lots of texture. If your soul belongs in the 70s and your style screams boho, this is the cut for you. A shag is better suited for women with long-to-medium hair length and medium-to-thick density.

long brown shag with long bangs
Instagram @singi.vo

#57: Long Brown Shag with Long Bangs

Long shag haircuts aren’t almost extreme and edgy. You can achieve boho-inspired long shag hairstyles with lots of long layering and texturizing. A brown shag with long bangs gives all the throwback vibes that are making their way back into the fashion world. To add even more bohemian flair, talk to your stylist about adding blonde balayage or babylights. These hair color options are low-maintenance and high-impact, especially when paired with a shag.

#58: Long Shag Cut for Thick Hair

A long shag helps thick hair reduce frizz and bulk throughout the hair while maintaining length. A long shag cut works well on all hair textures, from straight to wavy and curly. Ideal for women looking for low-maintenance hairstyles and likes very texturized or tousled hair. A great styling tip is to spritz sea salt spray into hair and scrunch to accentuate your texture.

messy curly shag for blondes
Instagram @rachelwstylist

#59: Messy Curly Shag for Blondes

A long shag haircut is perfect for hiding frizz when you opt for a messy look. Blondes rejoice! The messy curly shag haircut is the perfect look for flaxen tones. The multitude of layers and full fringe will help showcase the dimension of your hue and give off an angelic yet boho vibe. This long shag haircut is ideal for women who lighten or bleach their hair. Tons of layers help reduce split ends and frizz, which tend to affect bleached hair.

long shaggy mullet with bangs
Instagram @drethings

#60: Long Shaggy Mullet with Bangs

Try a modern take on a long shaggy mullet with bangs for a fun way to keep the length but change up your look. Most face shapes suit this haircut, but avoid this look if you have a particularly round face – the fringe and heavy layering will make your face look shorter. This cut requires an experienced stylist. When executed correctly, your hair should air dry with lightweight waves, body, and texture. A texture cream like Velvet Curtain by R&Co will enhance the shape. Work the cream through towel-dried hair in sections for soft volume with light hold.

long shag with no bangs
Instagram @hirohair

#61: Long Shag with No Bangs

A long shag haircut still looks amazing without bangs. Ask your stylist for layers that start at the chin, blending long to maintain length in a straight shag. Adding these layers will give your hair volume and a stunning texture. You will then be able to curl your hair with a big iron for a soft, voluminous, and rock-star finish. Try Pureology soft finish hair spray for a messy and moveable hold.