32 Volumizing Haircuts for Thin Long Hair (Before & After Makeovers)

Haircuts for long thin hair are cut in a specific way to add volume. Long hair can weigh down thin tresses and make them look lifeless, but with techniques such as layering and razor cutting, it’s possible for fine-haired women to wear long hairstyles without the hair looking flat.

Got thin long locks? First of all, to boost finely textured strands you need a volumizing mousse, a thickening spray, and a dry shampoo. You don’t necessarily have to use all three at once, but any combination will help your hair from falling flat. Big, babelicious curls and a bit of backcombing are also a great option that works wonders to maximize your style.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these pictures of gorgeous and easy hairstyles for long thin hair:

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Long Length Thin Hair

Long length thin hair
Instagram @igorkhonin

A long-length thin hair is doable without looking stringy. In handling long thin hairstyles, make sure to ask your stylist for minimal layering and to keep a blunt cut. If you would like a little face-framing feature, you can add some layers from the mid-length down to get more movement and shape.

Long Front Layered Cut with Wispy Bangs

Long front layered cut for thin hair with wispy bangs
Instagram @elenicrisshair

Try a long front layered cut with wispy bangs to add more shape, movement, and body to hair. Layers can make the hair appear fuller and thicker and gives more to the style. When blow-drying and styling the fringe, use low heat to help the style set better, and blow-dry from side to side.

Ponytail with Braid for Long Thin Hair

Ponytail with braid for long thin hair
Instagram @hairamusement

A ponytail with braid for long thin hair works best on the second-day hair. That’s when the hair has gathered natural oils and stays in place a lot easier.

To make a long braid appear thicker, use a thickening tonic from Aveda. Then, gently pull apart each section to expand the braid. Lightly spritz hairspray like Aveda Air Control throughout for a finishing touch. The style looks perfect for a prom!

Half Up Updo for Long Hair

Half up updo for long thin hair
Instagram @3teemakeup

A half-up updo for long hair is a great way to change up your style without it feeling too dramatic. Play around with different braids or twists and pull this out for a thicker feel. Leave some hair to fall around the face for extra softness.

Flipped Ends for Longer Hair

Flipped ends for longer hair
Instagram @beautybymorganmoffit

Flipped ends for longer hair will put life back into your finer locks. Styling the hair to add a little flip with a curling iron creates a stacked wave effect. The result? Hair appears wider and fuller. When styling, ensure to add some heat protection like Aveda Shampure Thermal Dry Conditioner. It can be used on wet and dry hair.

Long Hair Messy Bun for the Wedding Day

Messy bun for the wedding day for long thin hair
Instagram @polishedstylejustine

Choose an elegant long hair messy bun for your wedding day, which will be timeless when you look back on your big day’s photos. It looks so soft and chic, with ribbons of hair falling around the face. The bun is placed symmetrically, which works perfectly with most dresses.

Brown Blonde Balayage for Long Thin Hair

Brown Blonde Balayage for Long Thin Hair
Instagram @beccajoyhair

Be amazed by how much dimension and structure a beautiful bronde balayage can add to your hair! This is one of the simplest ways to make your long luscious brown hair look picture perfect all the time.

Long and Layered

Long Layered Root Shadow
Instagram @sammi_situ

Long and layered hair is another classic cut for women who like to keep their long tresses. This long layered hair is a great way to create instant movement and remove weight if the hair is too thick. Complete the look with loose waves and a few spritzes of texture tonic from Aveda.

Dark Magenta Color Melt on Long Curly Hair

Dark magenta color melt on long curly hair
Instagram @steph.p.hair

Try a dark magenta color melt on long curly hair for full-blown vibrancy without the crazy maintenance. Achieving a magenta hair color requires a lightening process, however allowing your roots to take a darker base, and melting the contrast of these colors allows low-maintenance roots, and all the vibrancy you need.

Curly Long Hair Style

Curly Long Hair Style
Instagram @ouidadnyc

The curly long hair style is for women who want to flaunt their natural texture. The trick to maintaining the style in this hair type is using the right moisturizing products such as Aveda’s Be Curly line. Refrain from shampooing daily. Instead, try to wash your hair every week. For styling, use Curl Enhancer by Aveda and diffuse on low heat bending over to create voluminous curls.

Blonde Babylights with Curled Ends on Long Fine Hair

Blonde babylights with curled ends on long fine hair
Instagram @lilysbeautysalon_

Transform your hair with blonde babylights and curled ends on long fine hair to give a fuller dimension. Fine hair absolutely loves the fine weaves of a babylight. This way of micro-lighting allows a bright appearance but supernatural, allowing the contrast of your natural color to flow through. Finish off your new color by curling the ends to add some bounce and volume.

Low Maintenance Face-Framing Layers and Side Swept Bangs

Low Maintenance Face-Framing Layers and Side Swept Bangs
Instagram @kendallxfire

The haircut has long layers, side swept bangs, and some face-framing layers which are very low maintenance. It was creaed by hair artist Kendall Marie of North Augusta, SC.

“The layers will give someone with thin, long hair a little more movement and body without taking out too much of the weight at the ends that you want to keep for added thickness,” explains Kendall.

To style your hair like this, Kandall says you need a 1-inch curling iron, IGK Detox dry shampoo as a texture spray, a little It’s a 10 miracle Styling Potion for the ends, and some hairspray! “Curl the hair away from the face until you get behind the ears, then start switching directions for a more undone and messy look,” she adds.

For extra body, leave in the curls until the whole head is curled, then finger through and shake them out! Leave a little of the ends out when curling to make your hair look more undone and a little longer. Finish with a texturizing spray!

Long Beachy Curls

Beachy curls for long thin hair
Instagram @eyesenberg_

Long beachy curls are every girl’s dream. Get long layers and textured ends to soften the hairstyle. Use a 1 1/2 inch curling wand or standard curling iron. Take one-inch sections, this will give you more waves. Two-inch sections will result in fewer waves. Finish it off with a beach spray to achieve textured beach waves.

Dimensional Blonde Layers on Long Fine Hair

Dimensional Blonde Layers on Long Fine Hair
Instagram @erika.congdon

“Bright highlights complement the beige blonde undertone to create the illusion of thicker hair on a long thin hairstyle,” says hairstylist Erika Congdon of Portland, OR. “Adding face-framing, but very little layering throughout, allows her long fine hair to still have movement and length,” she adds.

If the hair is a bit finer and tends to wilt easily as the day goes on, adding highlights can help create a bit of texture and allow the style to stay longer.

Finer hair can also be a bit trickier when trying to have a lot of length. Thin and fine hair might have to be cut a bit shorter, say collarbone-length, to keep looking fuller. Fine and thicker hair can definitely make it to the longer side, however. Stick with light layering, consistent haircuts, and great at-home hair care products when rocking hairstyles for long fine hair.

Congdon’s favorite product for keeping hair healthy is Kerastase Ciment Thermique. “It’s a leave-in thermal protectant that also helps strengthen the hair.”

Soft Face Framing Layers on Long Straight Hair

Soft face-fraing layers on long straight hair
Instagram @jgraystyle

A soft face framing layers on long straight hair is the perfect blend of symmetry. To style a long straight hair with fine thin hair, adding layers should be the key point. Face-framing layers are added to create a more refined definition of your overall appearance.

Soft Long Layers for Thin Haired Women

Soft long layers for thin haired women
Instagram @hair.by.jessv

Soft long layers for thin-haired women exude effortless elegance. A long layered haircut for thin hair can be great for the appearance of fullness & body to the hair. Keeping long thin haircuts with the added layer won’t take too much weight away from the ends. This makes it appear voluminous. If you layer too much it will make your hair thinner. Keep the layers within 45-90 degrees.

Rooty Cool Balayage for Long Choppy Hair

This rooty cool balayage for long choppy hair was created by hairstylist Caleigh Giarra of Nashville, TN.

“I recommend a hydrating or repairing shampoo/conditioner such as Kevin Murphy’s Hydrate Me Wash & Rinse, or Repair Me Wash & Rinse,” says Giarra.

This choppy cut is very low maintenance and if you opt for it, you won’t have noticeable regrowth for quite some time. This look for women that want a change without having to commit to appointments every six weeks.

Messy Long Modern Shag Hairstyle

Messy Long Modern Shag Hairstyle
Instagram @sagebrush.inspiredbeauty

A messy long modern shag hairstyle is a perfect style for ladies who need texture and movement when those tresses want to lay flat. It also creates a dimension when a style is added. Adding layers to a haircut for long thin hair creates movement and gives a great shape to the hair. When jazzing up, consider a sea salt spray such as Evo’s Salty Dog to create a cute beachy look.

Simple Long Layers

Simple long layers hairstyle
Instagram @mikihair11o1

Simple long layers make one of the best haircuts for thin long hair. Stylist Miki of Upper East Side, NY says this style is for fine and wavy hair who blow dry by themselves sometimes. “This hairstyle adds a volume and a rich texture to the locks,” she adds.

The technique used for this is the blunt cut. “I often use this technique for fine hair to make fuller and thicker on the bottom,” Miki explains. She also added face-framing layers to the haircut.

Done But Undone Long Cut for Women

Done but undone long cut for women
Instagram @timpascoe_hair

A done but undone long cut for women shows off an effortlessly elegant vibe. A long layered haircut that frames the face with some added texture is great for hair on the thinner side. Face-framing from mid-length down adds in volume, texture, and movement. Add some soft and messy waves with some salt spray to complete the style.

Soft Brown Waves for Thin Long Hair

Soft Brown Waves for Thin Long Hair
Instagram @jonny_salon

Soft brown waves for thin long hair are always a beautiful option. When a woman has hair that’s more on the finer side, softer colors that blend well together help give a more seamless and full effect. Big waves are always a good option to have fullness and volume to more fine hair.

Large Spiral Curls for Thin Hair

Large Spiral Curls for Thin Hair
Instagram @graleyhannah

The large spiral curls for thin hair are great for women who want to try curly hair without committing to a perm. Try using a thin curling rod and set the curl with pins. Curls in this hairstyle for long thin hair will hold better once they’re cooled down and styled with a flexible hold hairspray like Aveda Control Force.

For Longer Thinning Hair

Long hairstyle for thinning hair
Instagram @igorkhonin

For longer thinning hair, incorporating medium-length layers with soft waves is a must to achieve a fuller style for those with long thin hair. The waves add a lot of volume to the hair. Using a curling wand with a heat protection spray, you can achieve some soft waves. Mid-length layers allow texture and movement without taking away too much weight from the hair. Ask your stylist for the best length and layering that would suit you best.

Long Volume Adding Wavy Hair

Long Volume Adding Wavy Hair
Instagram @lyudmila_lurie

Long volume-adding wavy hair is sometimes difficult to get but knowing your product and styling options will help. Add large waves with round brushes and style with a great setting spray and finishing spray. These will help to achieve a beautiful, long, wavy hairstyle.

Long Waves with Highlights

Long Waves with Highlights
Instagram @teganphelps_hair

Long waves with copper highlights are a great addition to long thin locks. When a woman has long, thin or fine locks, the hair can be made to look fuller by adding dimension. Long, thinning hair needs regular trims to keep it in great shape. Adding highlights and beach waves can also give us the illusion of thicker, fuller hair.

Long Hair for Women Over 40

Long Hair for Women Over 40 with thin hair
Instagram @rodrigues_ricardo

Long hair for women over 40 years of age can still be amazing! Whoever said women must go shorter as they get older never had awesome hair. Women often think they can’t have long hair at an older age, especially if it’s thin. Long, thin hair for over 40 women can still be beautiful when maintained with regular trims and color appointments throughout to keep a more updated style.

Long Textured Layers

Long Textured Layers
Instagram @romeufelipe

Having long, textured layers can be a huge help to ladies with thin locks. Women with long, thin hair can benefit from having extra movement throughout the ends. It helps give volume and shape to the hair that’s otherwise sometimes more difficult to style. Be careful by adding too many layers to fine hair, as one could have areas that get too see-through.

Long Beach Waves with Ombre

Long Beach Waves with Ombre
Instagram @c_lahtekilla

Long beach waves with an ombré can be a great advantage for someone with thin, long hair. The ombré gives depth and dimension throughout, so it appears thicker and denser. Styling in beach waves gives it the volume and can accentuate the color.

Long Sleek Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Long Sleek Hairstyle for Thin Hair
Instagram @chloeswiftstylist

A long sleek hairstyle for thin, blonde hair doesn’t need to be flat. We don’t want to overly layer thin locks as it removes weight from the length. However, adding some long bangs and a loose wave creates width, bringing life back to your long thin hair. Try using a curling tong, which is 1.5 inches, for a loose “S” shape.

Melted Long Layers

Melted long layers hairstyle
Instagram @slh_designs

Melted long layers offer a low-maintenance color for ladies with thin hair. Michigan stylist Shannon is the one behind this hair idea. “This gives the tresses a dimension and some brightness,” she notes.

This is a full balayage with soft waves. “I used a tease and weave technique. I applied my shadow root to the base and feathered it down to create extra softness. I left the front blonde pieces out to make them pop more,” she adds.

Long Feathered Hairstyle for Thin Hair

A long feathered hairstyle for thin hair has face-framing layers to soften any face shape. Georgia-based stylist Amanda Medlin created this flattering cut with added color.

Babylights are the key to achieving this natural lived-in dimension. Plus it’s super low-maintenance, too.

When styling, Medlin uses a root lift spray. “My favorite is Moroccan oil. Blow-dry the roots first and then use a large round brush to style.”

Long Waves with Side Part

Long Waves with Side Part
Instagram @abram0vamasha

Wearing voluminous long waves with a side part is one of many ways to style thin or fine hair. Looking for hairstyles for long, thin hair can be tricky. But by giving the illusion of full, thick hair with beautiful waves and the added volume with a side part will always be eye-catching.